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About Myths and Legends

Myths Club is for users aged 16 years and under
Myths Club is for users aged 16 years and under

About Myths Club

Myths Club is for children (16 years and under) who want to create and share stories using the StoryCreator tool at home without involving their schools. Pay as you go monthly for 5.00GBP or annually 15.00GBP

Register for Myths Club

Information for Parents and Carers

Once registration and payment is complete, your child will be able to save the stories they create and have them published on the Myths and Legends/Myths Club site.

Published stories are viewable by anyone anywhere in the world. This gives your child a real audience for their writing. Many children find this really motivates them to work to their best ability. It also means that you need to encourage your child to be mindful that what they write needs to be appropriate. Their readers could be any age and they will not be aware of what their sensitivities might be.

We moderate stories before they are published to make sure they aren't likely to offend anyone. We will not publish stories that are in our opinion likely to cause offence or that contain content that may be unsuitable for younger children to view. If you find a story on the site that that you think is inappropriate please let us know (politely) and we will review it.

Sometimes people who read your child's story will leave a comment about how much they enjoyed the story or maybe a tip for improving it. This is something that children find very exciting and rewarding. We ask that comments are polite and constructive. We moderate these comments and we will not publish any that are abusive or rude.

Register for Myths Club here

There is a small fee so you will need your credit/debit card or Paypal details to hand.

Teachers who wish to use Story Creator 2 with students as part of a school project must register their school here.

Once registered, the teacher will be able to create student accounts and they will be responsible for moderating student work before publication. Many schools have free access thanks to their RBC or LA.

Information for Children and Young People

Writing stories is a lot of fun and creating stories with pictures, sound effects and a narration using the StoryCreator tool is really cool!

When you have finished your story you can publish it on the website so that other people can read it.

Sometimes other people will write a comment about your story saying how much they liked it or how they think that you could improve it. You can take the advice offered or you can ignore it – it's up to you!

Before your story or a comment about a story appears on the website a member of the Myths club team will read it first. They won't be checking your spelling or use of capital letters; they will be making sure that your story isn't going to upset anyone so please don't use bad or offensive language.

We hope that you enjoy using Myths Club!


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