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Send us a Myth or Legend

To send in your Myth or Legend, please use the form below. All stories are reviewed by our team before they are published on the website. We welcome story tellers from all over the world. Please do NOT copy and paste your story from another site - we can only publish stories written in YOUR OWN WORDS. Remember that you can also add pictures or other files if you have them, but they do need to be your own work, not downloaded from another website.

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Please tell us a little bit about yourself
Your name will be published with your story, you can use a
nickname or make one up if you like.

Your email address will not be published, we will only use it to
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Your Myth or Legend

The title is very important, sometimes it will be the only thing people see before
reading your myth or legend - please remember to start it with a capital letter.

Put your story text below. It's a good idea to write your story in Word or another program first, read it through, spell check it, then copy and paste the text into the box below.

Add a picture

Have you drawn, painted or used the computer to make a picture to go with your story? Maybe you have a photograph of a place in the story? If you have, please upload it here so we can display it with the story. (Please do not use pictures you have downloaded from the internet). Images may be up to 6Mb in size

Where does your story come from?

Is this story one that you have found out about maybe in your local area or one you have made up? We like both types but if it's real, you might like to tell us a bit about where it comes from.

Please enter the year (it can be a guess)
that your story is set in

Please tell us the name of the place that your story is set in.

The country your story comes from

If you researched your Myth or Legend and know some of the history behined the story please tell us about it below.


You can attach any files you may wish to send us like extra pictures or if you have made a presentation or video upload them here.

IMPORTANT: Please make sure that you do not send us pictures or text that have been copied from somewhere else and that you do not have permission to use - we cannot publish them because it would break copyright laws.

Add an attachment
You can upload these kinds of file:

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Images and attachments may be up to 6Mb in size
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