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Sound Gallery

The Sound Gallery
The Sound Gallery

The E2BN myths and legends sound gallery includes a range of sounds, from owls hooting to creaking doors, suitable for illustrating myths and legends. All are copyright free and can be downloaded, edited and used to illustrate your stories.

Sound Gallery
Filename Description File Size
mp3arrow_fly.mp3 Arrow Flying 9.4 KB
mp3axe_chop.mp3 Axe chop 7 KB
mp3bag_of_coins.mp3 Bag of coins 35.9 KB
mp3bell_tolling.mp3 Bell tolling 190.4 KB
mp3bells_wedding.mp3 Bells - wedding 194.8 KB
mp3birds_wings.mp3 Birds wings flapping 52.7 KB
mp3birds_wings_faster.mp3 Birds wings flapping faster 58.1 KB
mp3birds_wings_faster_b.mp3 Brids wings flapping faster alternative 71.1 KB
mp3body_falling_to_floor.mp3 Body falling to floor 16 KB
mp3body_falls_in_water.mp3 Body falling into water 70.2 KB
mp3booms_distant.mp3 Booms / cannon fire in the distance 154.8 KB
mp3bubbles.mp3 Bubbles 45.3 KB
mp3cannons.mp3 Cannons 195.1 KB
mp3cannons_single_shot.mp3 Cannon - single shot 106.5 KB
mp3cave_dripping_2.mp3 Cave dripping 121.3 KB
mp3celtic_music.mp3 Celtic music 376 KB
mp3chains_rattling.mp3 Chains rattling 153 KB
mp3clock_tic_toc.mp3 Clock - tic toc 131.5 KB
mp3countryside.mp3 Countryside 198.4 KB
mp3creaking_door_coffin.mp3 Creaking door or coffin 58.4 KB
mp3crowd_angry.mp3 Crowd - angry 232.3 KB
mp3crowd_cheering.mp3 Crowd cheering 167.4 KB
mp3demon_babble.mp3 Demon babbling 94.3 KB
mp3dog_growl_barking.mp3 Dog growling and barking 145.7 KB
mp3door_slam.mp3 Door slam 44.1 KB
mp3doorlock.mp3 Door being locked 79.2 KB
mp3dragon_fiery_breath.mp3 Dragon fiery breath 69.1 KB
mp3dragon_beast_scream.mp3 Dragon or beast scream 116.4 KB
mp3drum_beat_1.mp3 Drum beat 1 196.7 KB
mp3drum_beat_2.mp3 Drum beat 2 233.5 KB
mp3eating_sound.mp3 Eating sound 78.4 KB
mp3evil_fog.mp3 Evil fog 190.2 KB
mp3fire_.mp3 Fire 440.5 KB
mp3fist_fight.mp3 Fist fight 239.6 KB
mp3gale.mp3 Gale 235.9 KB
mp3glass_break_1.mp3 Glass breaking 29.1 KB
mp3foot_advance_outdoors.mp3 Footsteps advancing - outdoors 194.3 KB
mp3footsteps_in_hallway.mp3 Footsteps - hallway 122.9 KB
mp3foot_recede_outdoors.mp3 Footsteps receding - outside 119.9 KB
mp3foot_running_hallway.mp3 Footsteps running - hallway 98 KB
mp3foot_running_outdoors.mp3 Footsteps running - outdoors 98.9 KB
mp3gossiping_whispering.mp3 Gossiping / whispering 134.8 KB
mp3gun_fight.mp3 Gun fight 181.7 KB
mp3gunshot_single.mp3 Gunshot - single 13.5 KB
mp3hanging_swinging.mp3 Hanging swing 158.8 KB
mp3head_drop.mp3 Head drop after execution 8.6 KB
mp3heart_beat_long.mp3 Heart beat - long 233.5 KB
mp3heart_beat_short.mp3 Heart beat - short 130.2 KB
mp3heavy_breathing.mp3 Heavy breathing 73.1 KB
mp3house_smash_searched.mp3 House smashed up or searched 117.2 KB
mp3laugh_insane.mp3 Laughter - insane 151.5 KB
mp3lightening_strike.mp3 Lightening strike 130.2 KB
mp3man_larking_about.mp3 Man larking about 64.9 KB
mp3men_at_supper.mp3 Men at supper 243.3 KB
mp3men_talking.mp3 men talking 144.6 KB
mp3mist_fog_seeping_in.mp3 Mist / fog seeping in 190.2 KB
mp3monster_beast_growl.mp3 Monster / beast growl 76 KB
mp3rain_storm.mp3 Rain storm 256 KB
mp3rats_scratching.mp3 Rats scratching 194.7 KB
mp3river.mp3 River 222.9 KB
mp3rustle_1.mp3 Rustle 1 78.2 KB
mp3rustle_2.mp3 Rustle 2 133.9 KB
mp3squeaky_floorboard.mp3 Squeaky floorboard 15.2 KB
mp3scared_dog.mp3 Scared dog 83.8 KB
mp3scratching.mp3 Scratching 164.1 KB
mp3scream_pain_1.mp3 Scream of pain 1 26.2 KB
mp3scream_pain_2.mp3 Sream of pain 2 35.5 KB
mp3scream_terror.mp3 Scream of terror 23.7 KB
mp3screams_woman.mp3 Scream - woman 69.8 KB
mp3stormy_sea.mp3 Stormy seas 187.4 KB
mp3strange_spacey_hum.mp3 Strange spacey hum 149 KB
mp3swipe_and_glass_break.mp3 Swipe glass and breaking 33.5 KB
mp3thunder.mp3 Thunder 193.1 KB
mp3whimpering.mp3 Whimpering 107 KB
mp3wind.mp3 Wind 164.9 KB
mp3witch_laugh_a.mp3 Witch laugh 1 68.6 KB
mp3witch_laugh_b.mp3 Witch laugh 2 52.6 KB
mp3wolf_howling.mp3 Wolf howling 169.4 KB

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