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North American ?
I was surprised on the map that there are no North American Myths/Legends with such rich traditional cultures with our First Nations people and Mexican heritage. Would be great to see these also represented.
0 Danielle Scissons
Students choice
I'm not sure whether this already exists or not but I can't find it. Is there any place where anyone can create your own story. If this isn't possible at the moment please make it able to happen. if it already exists please could you reply to this comment telling me where and how you find it and do it. Thank you xxx Hi, this is the Myths Team. You can create your own stories in Myths Club. You can find out how to do that on the home page of Myths and Legends: We look forward to seeing your stories there soon :)
1 Rhianna Boat
27 September
10:59 am
Myths and Legends Team
epsilon squared
i liiked the cool name of the website with math symbols e2bn, like some function. i suggest a section explaining these math symbols for people like me who know very little about these symbols thanks.+ i appreciate the possibility of using pictures to write my own myth i started writing two before i knew your site and now i see it is possible to illustrate i hope to do that soon +i support including the detail that the green children are remembered in the church which shows that although many consider it myth those with the tradition keep the story in their holy place as a serious record of events- thank you for revealing they keep it in the church and not hiding that for them it is like th beginning of the video lord of the rings "history became myth"
0 noam
Why no Japanese folklore!?
I searched the nekomata and it was not there. Am I doing something wrong, or do you not have Japanese folklore on this site? If you don't, then please add it, because I find Japanese folklore interesting. From: William AKA: EpicEnderGaming
0 William
Haunted house
u should make a haunted house legend.thank u
1 myles
08 September
10:09 am
Romulus and Remus
You should do this because I think that it would be cool to learn about the founders of Rome since you have so many Roman myths
0 Andrew
Home Schoolers
Because home schoolers do not have Local Authority IDs we are unable to register and fully utilise your excellent site. Can something be done about this please? Home schoolers need sites like yours more than anyone!
3 Shelagh Connor
02 January
21:10 pm
How Can U Make A Text Story
U Had It Before,Please Add It Again That StoryCreator Thingy! I Hate So Please
6 CEyeU
06 March
18:11 pm
harmony bonse
I was wondering if we could do animations of people or something in the "create your own" section. Thanks :)
4 dragontail
09 May
15:35 pm
Jordan Alessa Graham
how to tutorials
It would be realy helpful for some tutorials like how to attract the grim reaper, what grendal doesnt like etc. The reason this would be good is because I and most of my friends love spooky stuff and experienced it and I do the research. I spend most of my time on your website instead of researching. I will stick with you either way but I would love you even more!!! Plz add how to tutorials. Thanks Chloe xxx
0 chloe
why not add a question page
if you add a question page you could answer questions about the story you just read.
2 Amy
18 January
11:48 am
All About Stories
Hey, could you please publish something that is all about different types of stories and the good value of them
2 Isabel
26 April
16:26 pm
Embedding stories created by children into the school web site
I would like to know where I can find the link to embed stories created by my classes into a lesson or a school web site. At the moment I see that we can only publish our stories into your website and this is not exactly what we need. Thanks in advance for your reply|
0 Francesca
Why not have a quiz between myths and legends after the story finishes? Or maybe you could make your own version of the story and draw all the characters in it after it finished or in a separate section?
3 Charlotte
26 May
13:22 pm
Lauren Greer
Design our own myth or legand.
Instead of having myths and legends given to us to chose I think it might be cool to be abele to design our own so that thy can go in our own story and also maybe design our own backgrounds and other objects.
3 Emily*
19 July
17:37 pm
The 13 tasks please can you make it I'm doing a project on the chimera could you please publish it as soon as possible .
0 Patrick
Here users of the Myths.e2bn forum can post tutorials on how to do things on the site for example even just teaching users how to create their own Myths and Legends. -Mythman
0 Mythman
Flash Player
Change this site so it can be accessed on an iPad.
3 Paris
08 July
20:14 pm
New myths everyday
make a myth every single day.
1 Deric
13 February
19:48 pm
Why don't we have competitions more often so why not add a comment if you want to win
1 Holly
21 March
22:09 pm
olivia bozzi
Stories from Long Long Ago
If you find any true stories from long long ago please say what it is.
4 sophie
27 April
14:00 pm
A new competition
I think, we should, have a new competition, because not all the people that started on myths and legends site now, got the turn to sent a story on the christmas competition. So for my opinion, we should have a new competition.
3 Rimsha Noor
28 August
18:51 pm
Add fairy tales
I think the site would be enriched with the addition of some popular fairy tales. We learn how to write fairy tales in school and it would be useful to have some audio-visual stories to inspire the children.
2 Mark Halliday
18 November
14:17 pm
typing a story!
instead of creating stories by pictures and sounds, why not type it out, so you can publish it on this website, and other people can enjoy reading it, just as much as you did writing it!
5 hatttie
16 April
12:59 pm
More stories from Africa, South America
This is a great site, but there is a shortage of stories from Africa and North and South America.
5 S Orr
28 August
18:54 pm
I think it would be a good idea to have voices you can pick to either: Tell the story or actually be the charictor its only a suggestion but i think it would be cool!xx
3 Irishlily
10 December
21:25 pm
Rimsha Noor
New items for you
With this section you can tell us the new things you would like for the site.
7 Kemi Clarke
29 June
05:27 am
Ask advice for stories!
Ask for ideas or help on stories, also on myths and legends.
10 Victoria
15 December
17:00 pm
Keeley Craft
tallking online
threy shold be a place online were yu can chat
1 tilly
28 August
18:56 pm
Are Myths True
Do you believe in mermaids? And what about dragons, do you think they once actually lived. Tell us your opinion.
31 Myths and Legends Team
12 January
22:45 pm
Ideas for Story Creator 3
Please use this forum to discuss ideas which could be added into the next version of the Story Creator software.
35 Myths and Legends Team
08 January
20:17 pm
Making Myths and Legends Better
The people who make the website share what they are working on and what has been done.
27 Myths and Legends Team
06 May
15:17 pm
Jordan Alessa Graham
New facilities on the site, -what would you like to see?
A rating system for stories contributed to the site has been added after requests from users for this facility. Are there any other developments you would like to see included in the website?
19 Myths and Legends Team
18 May
13:17 pm
carlie blevins
Suggest a Myth or Legend
Do you know of a myth or legend which you'd like to see on this site? Please use this forum to suggest any which you'd like us to investigate, and if we think it's suitable, then we'll give it the full treatment!
32 Myths and Legends Team
13 February
17:25 pm

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