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Do you believe in mermaids? And what about dragons, do you think they once actually lived. Tell us your opinion.

Posted by: Victoria 02 October 16:31 pm
right, ok kemi, I guess your right about that... but still...... Anyways! Where do you mostly go when your a merman?
Posted by: kemi 24 September 10:18 am
victoria... sometimes i wonder if i should have asked the mermaid to be a merman. sometimes it has disvantages
Posted by: Victoria 23 September 14:33 pm
Wow Kemi, sometimes I wish I was a dragon. Just like you're a merman, I wish I could just fly over mountains and the sea feeling the air and wind brush across my face, to glide freely over the land. Feeling free!
Posted by: kemi 17 September 17:10 pm
victoria....being a merman is like living freely off the land around feel so free and you just want to be a merman everyday.
Posted by: Victoria 04 September 13:01 pm
Ok Kemi, if you believe it then I can believe you, besides, just because you havn't seen it, doesn't mean its not real.... right? By the ways..... If you can turn into a merman, whats it like?
Posted by: kemi 02 August 12:03 pm
victoria becuase i have to stay with my family but i would love to live with my fellow mermen
Posted by: Victoria 30 July 18:14 pm
Really Damon? You've seen a dragon?
Posted by: damon 16 July 01:34 am
i might have seen a dragon or too

Posted by: carly and fatmah 16 July 01:27 am
i dont think mermaids are real
Posted by: carly and fatmah 16 July 01:26 am
mermaids are awsome, but i dont no if it is true thier wierd
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