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Do you know of a myth or legend which you'd like to see on this site? Please use this forum to suggest any which you'd like us to investigate, and if we think it's suitable, then we'll give it the full treatment!

Posted by: Flora 17 June 09:47 am
Why humans can talk

write about this topic
Posted by: Fiza Noor 12 October 17:34 pm
I'm not saying that other people can rub stories of the people who wrote I'm just saying that the person who wrote the story could only rub out the words that they did wrong and want to rub. It would not be better if you could do that.
Posted by: Riham 10 September 19:08 pm
PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ reply myths and Legends team can you post a mermaid story ok? I will tell you the story and you follow and plz publish it on the site!!!!!! It is this mermaid that marries a man. you make up anyway for them to fall in love ok? Then what happens is that the human man dies and the mermaid lives then borns a beautiful mermaid boy that has a adventure. You make up the adventure because I know I could count on you! I will allways be lokking for the story!

P.S. Please pass this infomaition to the creater of your stories and please let him reply!!! Sorry if I am windding you up but I really want the story to come up.

PP.S. I know he is busy creating stories but when available tell him this message!!!

Please reply soon bye!
Posted by: Angleena 28 August 19:03 pm
Please I think you need a story from India I don't live there but there is not a single story from there. U done Africa and America but not India. You got thousads of stories from scotland!
Posted by: Charles 05 March 09:05 am
Please add more stories from Asia,Greece & the Americas,please because i'm from Asia and i would like to know more stories from my culture,also because i love Greek stories and also i would really like to know about american myths.I also think there is too much stories from England but i'm not saying you should delete them.Thank You!!
Posted by: Ben Williams 06 February 18:50 pm
I think you should have myths in north and south America, and more in Asia and Australia.
Posted by: Jayne Conqueror 08 November 06:32 am
Myths that invovle heros and heroines on a quest, like the quest of Jason and the Argonauts, Hercules would be fantasitc. Love the resources already though!
Posted by: karen 30 May 16:43 pm
How about the story of Romulus and Remus. It' hard to find a version suitable for showing in school, so it would be a rela help.
Posted by: Victoria 04 April 11:32 am
Could you PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, get some egyptain stories, I love listening to all that achient stuff like that, and I think I know this aztech story but don't know the name, its something about them killing people for the sun god but the eclipse suddunly came and they thought the sun god was happy with the sacrafises now. please? thanks
Posted by: omar 20 February 11:02 am
Do you know any interesting Asian Myths or Legends? Could you please do a version of one? I would love to see one!
Thank you, Myths Team!
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