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Forum / New facilities on the site, -what would you like to see?

A rating system for stories contributed to the site has been added after requests from users for this facility. Are there any other developments you would like to see included in the website?

Posted by: Tyler 28 November 17:18 pm
It'd be nice if you could post your topics, stories and more without having to wait for the staff to check it over. It would be nice if there was some sort of auto-filter. This could be something very nice for the future.
Posted by: Rob 24 January 04:17 am
Please add the capability to "draw/paint" on a layer of the frame: to be able to add simple shapes or annotations would be helpful.
Posted by: Alice 18 May 00:03 am
Please consider adding the following;

1. The ability to delete stories.
2. Renaming a story without making a duplicate copy.
3. The ability to embed a story onto another website.
4. Ability to search for specific stories
5. Ability to search for specific pics and/or sound from the sound library....instead of surfing through every item.
6. Consider updating the site during summer months and not during the school year...It would be helpful.
7. The ability to right click on a frame and copy it anywhere....especially if students need to move the frame to another chapter.

8.More sounds in the library...


Posted by: Mark 12 May 03:37 am
Would be nice if you could edit the text and also removed violent images
Posted by: kemi 25 June 21:01 pm
you should let us make our own game and let everyone who goes on the myths and legends website go on them.
Posted by: liv 17 May 08:48 am
i think that u should b able 2 add any animation that u want to.
like u can have any movement thing and select what u want to do 2 that character and so on.
Posted by: imogen 13 April 13:27 pm
i think you should put more fighting men and more mythical beasts on story creator2
Posted by: mariana 02 February 16:46 pm
you should put a game where you can mix and match mythical beasts!
Posted by: sue 11 October 18:19 pm
I think it would be great if there was a facility to print the stories from the site or at the very least save them to the computer so that they can be printed from there. I am using this in a school but unfortunately, there s no way of the students retaining a copy of their work.
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