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Posted by: Rimsha 07 April 17:25 pm
Some stories from story creator 2 have took a long time to be published. Well you did explained it's hard to look at them all and then publish them and it could take about 5 or 4 days till our story's can be published. But some of my stories took more then about a month to be published. And one is still taking to long. Hope you figure it out. By the way the stories name is, "Sam". From Rimsha
Posted by: Myths and Legends Team 05 April 17:14 pm
From Rimsha
Hi, Myths and Legends team, sorry for being a bit to rude! I really didn't mean to be that rude. Any way thanks for your lovely comments! And I still love this site! Thanks!!!xxx

That's ok Rimsha, you were right to point out that we did not reply - The Myths Team
Posted by: Fiza Noor 04 April 19:03 pm
I agree with Rimsha you should look at the comments and give the answers. All the children have been waiting to get their answers back so please try to comment us back.
Posted by: Myths and Legends Team 02 April 17:45 pm
From Alice
I think when you press the backspace button when you are creating a story it should not go back a page cause you lose all that you have written and it is very annoying! Thanks Please reply soon.

Hi Alice we can't change this as it is the way the main backspace button works in general not just on our site, it takes you out of the flash application, which is what storycreator is programmed with, and retuns you to the previous page. However, if you use the 'next' and 'back' buttons in the actual storycreator itself (on the right-hand side) you can look through your story without any problems.
The Myths Team

Posted by: Myths and Legends Team 02 April 13:56 pm
From Rimsha
I'm fed up!! Whenever I ASK something and ask for a reply nobody answers from Myths and Legend team! I think the first good thing you should do is to look at the questions the children have asked you and then do a reply! Please try to reply this time!

Hello Rimsha,
Our sincere apologies for not replying to your questions and suggestion sooner. You are right, and we will not let this lapse in the future.

In response to the question about sound, the stories are all recorded by actors in a professional sound studio. The spoken pages are then fitted to the written and picture pages, by the website programmers and then the story can be made live.

If you use Story Creator, have you seen the button you can click to record your own sound to your stories if you wish?

We would very much like to have another competition, but it takes a lot of people's time and organisation - and we need people who are willing to donate the prizes and who are willing to be judges - they need to read lots of stories and selecting winners can be very difficult. So you see, this has not been an easy one for us to answer. However, we do hope to be able to organise another competition again in the future - do you have any ideas for a theme?

We hope you will continue to use and enjoy the site - and please be assured that we do want your feedback .. and we will respond rather more quickly in the future.

The Myths and Legend team

Posted by: Rimsha Noor 29 November 18:35 pm
Can we have a anther competition? The one like the Christmas, competition. Please, try to reply.
Posted by: Rimsha Noor 10 October 12:09 pm
I would really like to know that how do you do the sound of the person who's telling the story.
Posted by: Ellie-Mae Jones 27 April 21:32 pm
hiya i like sophies idea of things being able to pose nd stuff y'know? Anyway i was gona say tha.
Posted by: kemi 25 June 20:57 pm
you should make a bar when you read a myth that shows all the myths so you can jus choose wich one to go on.
Posted by: Victoria 28 March 19:27 pm
i thnk you should put up a search bar so you can type in a peticular stoy you want to see and then the ones that are called by that name or related will come up, it'll be easyer to find the story you ether did or if you want to see a perticular story someone else has done. Thank-you.
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