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Forum / Ideas for Story Creator 3

Please use this forum to discuss ideas which could be added into the next version of the Story Creator software.

Posted by: Mark 28 January 13:50 pm
I would also request what Will noted -- the ability to print out my students' storybooks for use in the classroom.

It also would be nice if we could upload gifs as well as jpegs.

Thanks for a great tool even as it stands!
Posted by: Myths and Legends Team 01 January 07:57 am
Looking at myths and legends.
When you put your story in, you can hardly see it. I suggest you put your stories into boxes so we can see the work we have done.
Posted by: Nicola 01 January 03:00 am
Put more monsters on it !!!
Posted by: Victoria 27 November 20:23 pm
I think we should be able to make our own videos and submit them onto the site, myth and legend wise or maybe we can do animations?
Posted by: beth 08 November 11:35 am
Let us take bits of objects then delete the other bit.
Posted by: kemi 14 May 17:39 pm
we should beable to make a video and put it on the site
Posted by: Charlotte 07 May 08:56 am
when you write myths you like have to design a moster and hero. You can do losts of execitement in the battle scene!
Posted by: Will 30 April 14:24 pm
The option to print, so it can be put into best books, or used in the classrooms to help write a more detailed story.
Posted by: kemi 21 June 16:59 pm
Why dont you let us put xtra things on the object that we have already chosen eg spots like volcaneoes.
Posted by: tagusiegolfa 10 May 20:15 pm
when are you goning to start story creator 3.
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