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Do you believe in mermaids? And what about dragons, do you think they once actually lived. Tell us your opinion.

Posted by: Kemi 12 January 22:45 pm
It's true!! He he, we DO talk like we are really good freinds, this has been going on for years!
Posted by: Victoria 23 October 20:16 pm
Wow, thanks Rimsha
Posted by: Rimsha Noor 15 October 21:19 pm
You two talk like, as if your friends! Wow! It's all most like your nice friends! And I'm going to go with, Victoria! Sorry, Kemi!
Posted by: Victoria 31 December 18:44 pm
What you say about being a mermaid is cool! I wish I could see them all!
Posted by: kemi 08 December 19:11 pm
thats really cool victoria
Posted by: Victoria 08 November 20:04 pm
Well, the time I saw the dragon was when I was out walking my dog with my friend. It was quite a long time ag, proebly about a couple of years of ago or so. We went by the stream and on the bank we saw a headless rat, litraly, it was gross! My friend said there were some wild dogs that lived around there so she wasn't surprised so I believed her. We went twice in a big circle around the main lake and when we came back the rat was gone. I swear I saw some big footprints in the mud by the bank, I told my friend but when I looked back they seemed to have been smudged out.
We started to move back home then and I looked upwards, I don't know why really, but I just did, and I could belive what I saw! It was a outlined figure of a long thin body with four legs and horns and huge wings! I swear thats what I saw! I yelled at my friend to look and she said it could have been a bird for all we know.
I don't know weather it was a bird or not, prahps it was, maybe it was just a kestel or something that had hunted the rat. But it don't matter. All the evedience is gone now anyway so I have no proof, heck! I dodn't even know if it really WAS a dragon! Lol.
Posted by: kemi 06 November 11:37 am
kewl a dragon,i sometimes see things floating around in the sky to big to be birds or airoplanes but i werent sure what they were they might not be dragons but i never know.
Posted by: Victoria 15 October 18:08 pm
Hey Kemi, u know that ur a mermaid? I've seen a dragon! REALLY! No lie!
Posted by: Victoria 14 October 09:33 am
cool, i guess u have to stay on land a while then tanks for telling me!
Posted by: kemi 03 October 19:34 pm
victoria...i spend most of my time on land with my family but in the sea as a merman i swim out so far i cant see land and then i swim to a cave of mermen.thats where i usually spend my time.
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