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Ask for ideas or help on stories, also on myths and legends.

Posted by: Keeley Craft 15 December 17:00 pm
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Posted by: aiden 18 May 13:30 pm
I need suggestents for a brittish story
Posted by: ash 13 January 18:29 pm
Can you help with some ideas for Irish stories ?
I also think this is a good idea.
Posted by: Rimsha Noor 14 December 17:57 pm
I think it's a good idea, Victoria.
Posted by: Rimsha Noor 14 December 17:57 pm
I think it's a good idea, Victoria.
Posted by: bryn 27 October 14:31 pm
i look up a legend about the bunny run monster and there wasn't anything i need help to get more information
Posted by: Victoria 26 June 20:47 pm
Kemi, did you mean merman? Well I might just have one for you. I know this legend of a beautiful princess who would never marry any of her suitors. All the men kept coming and asking her to marry them, each time she refused. Sometimes though she wanted some quiet and went with her maids to the sea-shore. One day, she and her maids were splashing in the water happily when the sea god (a merman) named Poseidon saw the princess and fell in love with her. He was invisable to all humans though, he grew jelous of all the suitors who came to ask her to marry and one day, swept her off the beach and took her away. All the princesses suitors who she refused to, grew angry and went to the island where Posidon was said to live. When they got there, they could find nothing, only hundreds and hundreds of sheep. No people. One of the men killed a sheep and the others soon followed his lead and began to roast the sheep on a fire. Meanwhile, on a hill a great ram stood watching them with a beautiful white ewe next to him. Suddunly the ram reared and when he landed, sparks erupted from his hooves, lightening came down and struck its horns that then aimed them at the men on the beach. The lightening hit them and each of them gaped in horror as each of them turned into wolves! Both of the sheep on the hill, the ram and the ewe, took thier true forms as Poseidon and the princess. Poseidon had desguised all the humans and himself as sheep and was angry at the men and so cursed them to live as wolves forever.
I hoped this helped you Kemi?
Posted by: Kemi 08 May 20:30 pm
Victoria, can oyu give me an idea of a myth about a woman and a nerman that date?
Posted by: Victoria 13 February 21:36 pm
Which ones are myths and legends? Theres not much of a diffrence but I think they say that is it is a legend it might have been real and if its myth it wasn't, but many may be real, on here some people just create they're own stories up but if your looking for real myths and legends click on the bar on the top that says that. If you want to find out weather a story someones submitted is a proper myth or legend search up the name on google or yahoo or something. okay?
Posted by: Sarah 10 February 16:14 pm
How do we know are myths or legends?


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