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Forum / New facilities on the site, -what would you like to see?

A rating system for stories contributed to the site has been added after requests from users for this facility. Are there any other developments you would like to see included in the website?

Posted by: carlie blevins 18 May 13:17 pm
thank you guys for making this website it is so awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted by: Lauren Greer 16 May 15:14 pm
Put Some New Scary Stories In Myths And Legends
Lauren Greer

Posted by: Lauren Rae Greer 16 May 13:33 pm
Can u pls pls pls make a book about Tanki

Posted by: christian 12 May 15:07 pm
can u make a book about tanki

Posted by: christian allen reynolds 09 May 15:24 pm
"can u pls pls pls pls pls pls make a book about minecraft and a game about minecraft pls pls pls pls"thank u love christian alen reynolds
Posted by: christian allen reynolds 09 May 15:19 pm
hello and pls add a bunch of games o this website pls pls pls pls pls and thank u i love this website so may stories and i love them all
Posted by: eli clark 06 May 15:16 pm
add a game to this website please and thank you
Posted by: christian allen reynolds 06 May 15:16 pm
can you make a book about left 4 dead 2
Posted by: eli clark 06 May 15:12 pm
hello and thank you for making this website
Posted by: Myths and Legends Team 14 May 09:10 am
it shouldn't just be myths and legends it should be fairy tales and there should be more sounds and effects
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