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The people who make the website share what they are working on and what has been done.

Posted by: Jordan Alessa Graham 06 May 15:17 pm
can you make more stories for elder
Posted by: Angelica 04 April 19:47 pm
I think u should try do a more stories for the elder section.
Posted by: Images 19 December 11:43 am
Remove violent images
I noticed a lot of very violent images (beheaded dogs, pools of blood). It would be nice to see these removed as I have younger students who use this.

Posted by: Pixey and Fiza 12 October 19:40 pm
Why can't we have another competition?
Posted by: Fiza Noor 12 October 19:25 pm
I think there should be a box in which you can write that what sort of picture you want and then you see the results.
Posted by: Myths and Legends Team 28 August 18:28 pm
To Myths and Legeds Team:

I really want you to do a other story I beg you I really got bored of these stories I seen them all. Please can you make more myths and Legeds in the older student myths and Legeds because you hardly put anything on it! You know I have asked you guys lots of questions but no use you would not answer me why?

P.S. Please ryple tommorow.

Some new stories will be coming online at the end of September - The Myths Team
Posted by: Myths and Legends Team 27 August 16:03 pm
Hi Myths and Leged team I really want my story to come I published it is 2010 and now is 2011 and it is not yet published!!!!
It is called 'The curius baby' I made it again and again but whats the use it never came up!

P.S. Love your stories and plz ryple and I still haven't found out how to make charctars move I think it will look Brill if I did make chactars move!!!!! Please ryple I really want the answer!!!! And to make Myths and Legeds Better by making in the make story place is that you can have like you can paint instead of chosing the pictures.

Hi Riham I have looked for your story but can't find it, so I dont know what has happened but I will pass it to technical. We are also bringing out a new animator sotrycreator that will allow you to make full animated movies shortly so please look for this - The Myths Team
Posted by: Riham 07 May 12:52 pm
Please would you tell me how to make new s
sounds I have tried but it was no use!


If you can tell me the answer to morrow.
Posted by: Rimsha Noor 01 May 11:44 am
I think there should be a delete button to, delete the comments you don't like. But there should be a login box too, so the person the story belongs to can only delete, it. Thank you
Posted by: Rimsha 20 April 13:18 pm
I still looked and I couldn't find my story named "Sam" anywhere! If you need more information, my school's name is, Vernon Terrace Primary School. Please try to find it now!
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