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Forum / Stories from Long Long Ago

If you find any true stories from long long ago please say what it is.

Posted by: Somebody 27 April 14:00 pm
Theres this myth or legend in oakwell hall.I cant really remember it all.On a cold winter night,this man who went to London for gambling, he told his mum he would come back. But he never did.He had an accident (i think it was a crash with the horse carts) and the door opened and blood footsteps came to the bedroom and stopped. and thats all i know :)

this was dated 1400-1600
Posted by: Myths and Legends Team 08 November 19:07 pm
Dont you think that you use some of your imaganation so a little bit fiction?
Mabye copy some little ideas of the past like the Great Fire Of London!
That would make a perfect story!

From Connie
P.S: I wanna be an author when I’m older and illustrate my OWN books!
Posted by: Erin 09 June 13:24 pm
Hi im Erin i think you should do a lot more stories from years ago and put some non fiction in it.

Erin x
Posted by: Myths and Legends Team 29 January 09:52 am
hi my name is katie i would like to suggest that you should put more stories from long ago

thx for reading by
from katie lorrison


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