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Forum / Ideas for Story Creator 3

Please use this forum to discuss ideas which could be added into the next version of the Story Creator software.

Posted by: Holly 08 January 20:17 pm
I have been on the creator and I think you should have lots of more beds, people, inside homes to.and when you make an account for your school you should have one for each class member of the class
Posted by: New Creator 19 December 11:44 am
A New Story Creator
I think it would be better to create another story creator that lets the user type out their story like a book and add pictures were they want. I think it would look much more interesting and more fun to do.

Posted by: new pictures 19 December 11:41 am
Could you please try to make more picture on Create your own?
Posted by: Fiza Noor 12 October 20:04 pm
I don't know how to bring a picture if you write a story on the word one. Please can you tell me how to get pictures on the word one?
Posted by: Fiza Noor 12 October 19:58 pm
If you sent some body's story on showcase what happens?
Posted by: Anne Croft 11 May 13:34 pm
I would like embedding code please. I have tried downloading the stories but it doesn't work. It downloads a random story and not the one requested. Could you sort that out please
Posted by: Charles 05 March 08:57 am
Hi.Please make more characters,scenes,items,speech bubbles & unlimited chapters.I also think you should be able to to design your own people & items.Thank You for your time !
Posted by: Rian 28 November 23:05 pm
Story Creator 3 should allow you to have more than 4 lines of text.I myself have had to use other programs to make my story fit. Also, there should be up to 20 chapters as not all Myths and Legends are as short as others.
Posted by: abbey 02 November 13:31 pm
i think we should have a box were we can type in monsters the there would be all the monsters on the website and be able to make them talk
Posted by: Cats 55 23 July 13:13 pm
u need faster moderation
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