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These stories have been chosen because they are examples of different types of myths and legends or have features that make stories interesting for others to read. There is a brief explanation that tells you why each story is here. We hope they will give you some ideas when you have a go yourself.

Story title Information
Made with Story CreatorLegs Of Thunder
This is a well constructed myth - simple and direct. It follows the tradition of explaining the human condition and contains a character, often found in myths, who is pitting himself against the gods creating not only his own downfall but that of his fellow humans. It has been carefully written - well done.
Name: scotster
Submitted: 21st June 2011
Made with Story CreatorThe Volcano Dragon
A very well thought through story. A warm hearted hero 'monster' (with a lot of aaah factor) who, it looks like, won't be able to receive his reward. Clear, well written, lots of description and good pictures. Well done.
Name: ros7
Submitted: 05th February 2011
Made with Story CreatorHow the Rainbow Came to Be
This is a well written story in the mythic tradition of explaining how things came about. Great care has been taken, both with the visual presentation and the story text.
Name: jjkool
Submitted: 16th August 2010
Made with Story CreatorLife in the Reservation
While not a myth in itself, this piece of work has been carefully and delightfully created, with traditional tales also in mind, that we thought you would like to see it.
Name: dave01
Submitted: 07th June 2010
Made with Story CreatorMy Magical Melting Snowman
This is joint winner of the Story Creator stories, under 12 category of the Myths and Legends Christmas and winter competition.
Name: Megan Stapley
Submitted: 17th November 2009
Made with Story CreatorThe Christmas I Got A Horse
This is joint winner of the Christmas and Winter competition, Story Creator stories, under 12 category.
Name: ecarberry759
Submitted: 07th December 2009
Made with Story CreatorTwo Turtle Doves - The Legend of White Dove and Nanokarsi
This is the winner of the Christmas and Winter competition, category 12-16, Story Creator.
Name: nishnashno
Submitted: 12th December 2009
Made with Story CreatorStorm princess
This story makes a very good attempt at using mythic language to engage the reader and listener - for it is very well read.
Name: amilaya
Submitted: 11th December 2009
Made with Story CreatorThe lonely farmer.
This is an enjoyable story in true 'fairy story' tradition (although no fairies are involved) of rags to riches and true love across the 'social divide'. The story is simply and clearly written and illustrated.
Name: ellass
Submitted: 25th November 2009
Made with Story CreatorA Knight's Tale
A sort of traditional quest with sound effects and a touch of gentle humour. The story has been well thought out and carried through to a satisfying ending.
Name: JessicaT17
Submitted: 10th November 2009
Made with Story CreatorThe mystery of the moon, by Alani Emery
This story shows really well how you can use your own drawings creatively for illustration. For example, the author has shown only part of her picture in some of the screens, because just that part was needed to illustrate that page of the story. She has also made good use of material available in the E2BN Gallery for other scenes - all carefully chosen. Additionally, the story is well thought out and care has been taken with the spelling and punctuation. Well done!
Name: Alaeme
Submitted: 09th November 2009
Made with Story CreatorThe Mewstone
A well written story in the true mythic style of stories passed down to explain some local phenomenon.
Name: theresewilliams1983
Submitted: 16th May 2009
Made with Story CreatorThe Last Evil Dragon
Almost an epic struggle between good and evil in two ways - resolved very satisfactorily.
Name: eruiz
Submitted: 21st November 2008
Made with Story CreatorTom's Mystery Adventure
This story follows the quest pattern, with someone who turns out not to be what they seem! There is a good use of language and also some sound effects are used quite well.
Name: springmeadow
Submitted: 16th June 2008
Made with Story CreatorThe Pumpkin Boy
This is the winner of the 11 - 13 category of the Halloween competition.
Name: Sorrelle O
Submitted: 23rd October 2008
Made with Story CreatorThe phantom hitch-hiker
This is an interesting telling of an urban myth - note how the author has carefully not shown either of the more 'recent' characters who pick up the hitch-hiker.
Name: Leandra
Submitted: 12th June 2008
Made with Story CreatorKing Midas and the Golden Touch
An old Greek legend well retold in a pleasant chatty, manner making use of the Story Creator graphics to illustrate.
Name: Rawk Hawk
Submitted: 26th June 2008
Made with Story CreatorThe Highwayman
This story is a straightforward example of how the Story Creator can be used to retell a well known tale, in your own words and pictures - in this case the inspiration has been a poem which is a great favourite with many people.
Name: mayhemgirl
Submitted: 21st February 2008
Made with Story CreatorNatural Disasters
This story uses well known characters, but in a different storyline, to explain how the world is the way it is. Simply and neatly done.
Name: Jedah1212
Submitted: 03rd June 2008
Made with Story CreatorEvelyn's Foolishness
A fairy story in which good and innocence triumph over evil, with some magical help. There is a lot of conversatonal detail which helps bring the characters to life and win our sympathy for 'right'.
Name: Kamille
Submitted: 26th April 2008
Made with Story CreatorHow the sun and the moon came to be
This story mixes well two frequent themes found in myths and legends - the finding of a magic power, and how some natural phenomenon came about.
Name: king123
Submitted: 14th April 2008
Made with Story CreatorAngel in Disguise
This is a well-rounded story - in the old folk tale tradition. The story stays on track - each page taking us forward to a well thought out conclusion.
Name: JamberJay
Submitted: 04th April 2008
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