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The Lantern Man and the Wherryman

Name: Lorne 15th October 2006
This story has some definate connections to the Irish myth of Jack-O'-Lantern. Its an interesting story. I'm sure you can find it on the web. Just look around. It would be a cool addition to this website.
Name: Emma D 24th October 2008
realy coool x
Name: Daniel M. Dude 12th January 2009
What a wierd story man but cool and scary
Name: Caylie 14th July 2009
Im SOO Scared I Mean What If Yuu Had To Go There For A Day And Yuu Saw Those Lights? Yuu Mite Be Attracted By Them...What If Yuu Hav A Light? What If Yuu Whistle? What If Yuu Can't Hold Yuur Breath For Long? What If Yuur Housemate Mocked Them? VERY Scary

Name: Ashley 11th November 2009
it was fantastic (y) :)
Name: Rinu 11th April 2010
Name: Girl 6th June 2010
It is one of the best stories I have ever read it is superb,it is awesome and it is so cool
Name: Tim 4th October 2010
It is coooooooll
Name: Millie 13th October 2010
i thought this was scary who ever made this must of been a person that likes to write horror storys
Name: Tom 15th April 2011
the narrator is class!
Name: Ceri 18th April 2011
I realy liked the story about the lantern masn and th werryman it was quite sad and exiting to i would realy want to know some more about the lantern man and the werryman i told my sister about the story and she liked the sound about the story so she went on the internet to read thje story she liked it the same as me and she was very very exited about the story.
Name: Riham 14th May 2011
The story was sad and scare a bit I use to have night mares from this but now I am grown and am not scared of it any more. It was foolish of the Werryman so I blame it on him self and I don't belive this story no even a bit. Very good keep it up!!!
Name: R.. 8th June 2011
I thought that it wasn,t that scary but it still is a good story.
Name: Kirsty M 25th November 2011
I was looking for some myth to do my talk on and found this website! It's helped me a lot and the story is sure to scare some people! :)
Name: Alison Kay 29th January 2012
I must say i have seen better scary stories than this. But it's still on my top 30 list. So ill say it's no.1 30
Name: Sarlota Moskalova 13th March 2012
Ilove myths and legends
Name: Louise 24th May 2012
wow amazing :)
Name: Abbey 30th June 2012
i really enjoy this story because the stars are butafull and so is the sky
Name: Legends 5th August 2012
amazing. This story was a bit scary!
Name: Paul 2nd January 2013
An interesting myth and one I need to explore further.
Name: Laura 8th January 2013
that was TOO CREEPY
Name: Heebeejeebees Dude 18th April 2013
Im NEVER going there,way too creepy.
Not even for a BILLION pounds
Name: Sebastian 5th July 2013
OMG i have been there and i thought a hear a little noise, creppy!
Name: Oliver 9th January 2014
Woah! Super-creepy! I live in East Anglia
Name: Kyran 13th May 2014
Woh I'm learning about it in school
It's super creepy and have a look at black shuck now I know more advise if I ever go there which won't happen!!!!!!!!
Name: Izzfizz12 30th July 2014
I like this story. Its super creepy to!!!
Name: Finn 5th November 2014
OMG so creepy
Jack'O'Lantern coming to swallow you d:
Name: Anwaya And Anvathya 23rd May 2015
Name: Naiya 15th May 2016
A nice story before I go camping in the woods :l
Name: Chloe Maxwell Roberts 29th June 2016
I loved this story even though it kinda creeped me out.
I just love love your website.
please publish more myths and legends because I read practically all of the myths and legends thrice
Name: Nikki Maxwell 14th July 2016

Name: Mary 8th June 2017
Cool I'm going sailing there!!!


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