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Hilot Turned to be The Aswang

Name: Adarsh 30th March 2011
i love this story
Name: Angelique 3rd April 2011
I am from the philippines too and I think your story is cool
Name: Fiza Noor 7th April 2011
This is a very scary story!First I looked at your title of the story then I looked at your comments and the people that commented your story said they loved it so I thought I should read it and it really does sound like a horror story to me!!!
Name: Pupa 8th April 2011
To the Readers, I thanked you for liking my story.This really happens and the persons involved in this story were our neighbors before.Enjoy reading.
Name: Aisha 24th April 2011
WOW loved it,it wasn't that scary Fiza Noor I have seen and heard much more scarier ones then this story
Name: Mariya 29th May 2011
Name: Corderious Jessie 30th September 2011
i didnt even knoww that was the ending
Name: Michelle 3rd February 2013
i love myth legends
Name: Mili 27th September 2013
Hmm, this is an interesting legend though it does not tell the origin of the Aswang "Hilot" or why she does suck blood etc. Still pretty awesome!
Name: Mataripis 2nd May 2014
Maraming ganyan sa Pilipinas lalu na sa mga nagmula pa sa bikol at bisaya. May nakita akong orasyon laban sa aswang at ayon sa nakasulat duon pampatay siya ng aswang! Baliktad ang sistema ng aswang kaya dapat listo.pag mahina ang huni malapit yaan. Ang nasa itaas nasa lupa yan.ayon sa matatanda ang matulis na buho ay pangsugat sa aswang at kapag ang ipinang sugat sa aswang ay sinunog at sinabayan ng orasyon tiyak manghihina ang aswang hanggang matuluyan.ang pisi ay pang huli ng aswang pag marunong kang maglagay sa nilalakaran ng aswang.
Name: Zyariea Parks 14th May 2014
wow kinda creppy
Name: Dakila Hernan 25th August 2014
Aswang is not an urban legend as I have an encounter with one when I was pregnant with my first child year 2005. Our electric meter got busted so we had no electricity for two weeks while we were processing the replacement of the meter with Meralco. Fortunately for me, our neighbor was kind enough to allow us to connect one to two bulbs and outlet so we could have electricity supply. But the rest of our house was in darkness. Since I was pregnant I followed the advise of my relatives and colleagues to always have counter-remedies just in case. So I always had charcoal, incense, myrrh, and palaspas cuttings(blessed palm fronds during Palm Sunday)on hand. One night, around 8:30p.m. to 9:00p.m. while my househelp was busy ironing clothes we both heard something fall in our kitchen rooftop and then we heard steps, at first it was light like that of a cat\'s but eventually the steps got heavier like that of a human. My househelp asked me \"Ate ano yun, bakit ganun.\" The surrounding suddenly seemed very hot for me. I immediately lighted our stovetop and put some charcoal in a barbeque grill. When the charcoals were burning I put it in a leche flan metal cookware. I put on the cookware incense,myrrh and palaspas cuttings as well and I asked my husband and househelp to bring it on the dark second floor of our house. While they were bringing it upstairs my husband said that he felt the hair behind his neck stood up. He was followed by my househelp carrying a lighted candle. They said that when they reached the second floor while the smoke of the charcoal, incense, myrrh and palaspas cuttings was heavy, they felt a presence that seemed to flew out of the room with open jalousies very fast. The visits did not stop from there. So what my husband did to counter it was to burn a tire which was left burning overnight (sorry if we polluted the environment then). From then on the nocturnal visits stopped. By the way, I am from Southern Tagalog.
Name: Kittykat 3rd October 2014
Wow thanks for the history lesson guys!
Name: Christine Mae Diaz 7th November 2014
wow i love creppy stories
Name: CreppyTrippy 29th December 2014
Name: Omg 22nd January 2015
wow that was cool
Name: Elyka 2nd November 2015
Name: Aprilleen 30th December 2015
Wow what a horrible story!maybe the aswang was still alive nowadays...
Name: Jayrell 9th June 2016
So sad for Ben
Name: Samishii 21st October 2016
Like the story thank you hope more true story to come..
Name: Lise 7th March 2017
Hilot is a healer but why Hilot sucked the blood of the mother and the baby. That doesn't even make sense at all.
Name: William 24th July 2017
Make sense to me. Im from phil. And this happens often.
I cant blame anybody that it does not make sense because of the new era today.
If you believe in god, then also must believe that there is evil. And some things cant be explain with common science.


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