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Hilot Turned to be The Aswang

Name: Adarsh 30th March 2011
i love this story
Name: Angelique 3rd April 2011
I am from the philippines too and I think your story is cool
Name: Fiza Noor 7th April 2011
This is a very scary story!First I looked at your title of the story then I looked at your comments and the people that commented your story said they loved it so I thought I should read it and it really does sound like a horror story to me!!!
Name: Pupa 8th April 2011
To the Readers, I thanked you for liking my story.This really happens and the persons involved in this story were our neighbors before.Enjoy reading.
Name: Aisha 24th April 2011
WOW loved it,it wasn't that scary Fiza Noor I have seen and heard much more scarier ones then this story
Name: Mariya 29th May 2011
Name: Corderious Jessie 30th September 2011
i didnt even knoww that was the ending
Name: Michelle 3rd February 2013
i love myth legends
Name: Mili 27th September 2013
Hmm, this is an interesting legend though it does not tell the origin of the Aswang "Hilot" or why she does suck blood etc. Still pretty awesome!


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