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The Pedlar of Swaffham

Name: Nikhil 26th February 2007
It is good clip and lots of stuff on this i like it.
Name: Liya Sara Ajith 24th June 2007
This site and section-myths and legends is very interesting.This site has helped me improve my vocabulary.Thankyou
Name: Mazie 15th November 2007
very good and funny
Name: Nadia 18th November 2007
I lliked the story because the woker followed his dream.
Name: Angel 20th November 2007
it was cool and fun
Name: Laura Bainbridge 11th December 2007
i think it is really good i played the hole way threw

Name: Megan 29th February 2008
oh my god thats so cool i will try and to another story as good as my other one .
Name: Glyn Morris 20th May 2008
I was amazed to realise this old english tale is the same story that Paulo Coelho tells in 'The Alchemist' written in 1988 I believe.
And doesn't it just tell us that both our dreams and our wisdom can be found much closer to home.
Name: Sophie 26th November 2008
Is this story true?
Name: Samantha 30th November 2008
it was great!
Name: Amber 7th January 2009
This story/legend is very good, has anyone heard of The Stiffkey Cockler? I have, you should read it!!!
Name: Ciara I 2nd March 2009
This was a brillant legend
Name: Kayla 2nd February 2010
great story
Name: Jarrett 8th May 2010
My name is Jarrett Pedlar .. :/
Name: Rimsha 20th September 2010
okay not bad
Name: Marx165 15th December 2010
Ive been working on this in school this was so helpful thanks for publishing it
Name: Amber 15th March 2011
This is a great story!
Name: Sana 25th March 2011
a nice story
Name: James 28th March 2011

it it very interesting i
Name: Nabil Rahman 24th June 2011
Nice Story, I like the description of it.
Name: Gooderstone Primary School 6th July 2011
All our class really liked the story. We are learning about the Swaffham Pedlar as we live near Swaffham. We have made models of him from clay, we have painted pictures and written our own versions of the story and we are going to do a play of it as well.
From Class One
Name: Algleena 26th August 2011
Yep thats right follow ur dreams if u wish no one can stand in ur way but u!
Name: Natasha 24th February 2012
We read this story at school
Name: Jodhi 7th February 2014
my fav
Name: Lucy 29th March 2014
lovely story
Name: Fatiha 27th October 2014
It is very interesting
Name: Michael 12th November 2014
Good Story. I liked it
Name: Abbas 29th April 2015
worst story ever
Name: Mohammed Saif 29th April 2015
lovely story
Name: Mieyari Brittian 1st May 2015
i think it is sad because he work so hard but it is so sad but over all the book is good
Name: Ali 6th May 2015
Name: Sherine Teoh Xue Ying 30th May 2015
the pedler is smart
Name: Ben 29th September 2015
It is very very interesting because I live in Swaffham
Name: Ashley Summers 24th October 2015
It looks interesting and sounds interesting as well. Great choosing of your story! And also, have fun!
Name: James S 2nd February 2018


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