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Persephone and the Pomegranate Seeds

i dont get it
21st May 2018
Persephone did love Hades the only person unhappy about their relationship was Demeter, because god of the underworld doesn't exactly sound like prince charming.17th May 2018
Interesting story!! :)15th May 2018
Did you know that some stories saw that Persephone ate a 1/4 of the pomegranate, so she had to stay a 1'4 of the year? 14th May 2018
Good story
9th May 2018
Cool story!8th May 2018
good3rd May 2018
it is a good sad story
26th April 2018
they did not know that she had the poagraint seeds18th April 2018
What is the significance Of The pomagranate seeds as opposed to Another fruit seed or other food13th April 2018
they already knew she had had the pomegranate seeds so thats why zeus said she had to stay down there three months that's why.3rd April 2018
Thank you2nd April 2018
This really helped me prepare for a greek play im doing for school. ( we are acting out this scene )27th March 2018
There are 6 months unaccounted for, they are the 3 months of fall that is Persephone journey to the underworld, and then there was 3 months of winter when she was in the underworld, then 3 months of spring when she was returning from the underworld, then 3 months of summer. 14th March 2018
Thank u so much24th February 2018
it was 6 muths not 311th February 2018
I really like it thanks !28th January 2018
rly nice! it helped me alot for my project. thx
20th January 2018
Wait hold up isnt it that Hades made the compromise not Zeus and let her go up for 3-4 months and then the rest was spend with Hades? o.o13th January 2018
it was kind of boring,because there was not much detail 9th January 2018
cool28th November 2017
I like this book because Demeter found her daughter after 6 months
19th November 2017
is not even the real story .The real story is with persephone and Pluto14th November 2017
This story inspired my favorite series Everneath2nd November 2017
Why pomegrangate seeds. And how did four seasons come out of three months with Hades?
28th September 2017
This whole story is off. It doesn't explain the actual details the right way. 4th September 2017
this is cool4th July 2017
The details of the myth are all present, however the chronology is off.

1. Abduction
2. Demeter is upset and informs Zeus.
3. Zeus decides Persephone should return home but under the condition that she does not eat while in the underworld.
4. She is tricked by Hades and eats the pomegranate seeds.
5. Zeus finds out and rules that she return to Hades for 3 months of the year.
6. Demeter is upset during those 3months and refuses to allow crops to grow... Explaining the seasons.
28th June 2017
this was great and memey
-Colin and Tyler
22nd June 2017
soooooooo why dont u look it up some where else :)(:21st June 2017
this is too long for a story !19th June 2017
This is incorrect on so many levels, but to begin; Persephone ate 6 pomegranate seeds, not 3. For 6 months out of the year she resides in the underworld, as Hades wife. During these 6 months her mother Demeter is in mourning and allows nothing to bloom or grow on earth. After she has completed her 6 months in the underworld and returns to earth, Demeter rejoices and gifts the earth with green meadows, flowers, blooming trees and plants. The earth is once again filled with life and vibrant colors.Spring marks the return of Persephone, while Autumn signifies her return to Hades and the underworld.9th June 2017
I agree with Brooklyn! I need more explanation27th May 2017
I also have a project due!thank you for this information!23rd May 2017
I need to knoe how long persephone was in the underworld, after she ate 6 pomogranate seeds. I think it is 6 months, but i dont know. I really need answers cause i have a project due in a week and i honestky dont know if it was 4 or 6 months.

Thank you,
19th May 2017
that cool16th May 2017
Its not telling me about why she ATE the pomegranate seeds please explain!!!14th May 2017
this was somewhat helpful.plz add a little more detail;]3rd May 2017
the story isn't true because i am in sixth grade and we are learning about her and that story about her isn't true because she wasn't out and alone when hades got her and her mother wasn't the one who made the plants not grow it was persephone since she wasn't there in the real world3rd May 2017
Im not trying to be rude or anything but I didn't really get the last paragraph but this site helped me a lot thank you25th April 2017
No offense, but the last two paragraphs are NOT explained well at all. I am a true Ancient Greek nerd, and I was seriously cringing at the lack of detail. If I had written this, it would be AT LEAST twice as long. As Cc Visnesky has already explained, many of your facts are wrong. Next time please do more research before you publish. ευχαριστω ΤΕΛΟΣ παντων, Alexa. (That means thanks anyway)21st April 2017
The story details are mixed was Hades, god of the underworld (darkness, cold, etc) who stole Persephone, and the grief of the mother (sometimes told as goddess Ceres i.e. "cereal grains") stopping all growing things until she was rescued..the hunger drove her to swallow just six seeds (sometimes told as 3 seeds) and for that she had to return to Hades for 6 months each year..the sadness of the mother of the fate caused her to stop all growing things for one month for each 6 months of fall and winter. Since Zeus was the god over ALL the others the mother would not have been able to stop plants growing, and get away with that.15th April 2017
this was really helpful! Although i think you might have paragraphed things a tiny bit wrong.
Thank you for the help on this myth,
8th April 2017
It's not detailed enough:(7th April 2017
I don't understand the paragraphing here, and also I feel it was not detailed enough. I don't mean to be rude!
24th March 2017
Hi Musamod, I think you have muddled the sequence of the paragraphs up a bit here, it doesn't seem to make sense as its written, and I'm not sure why it is tagged with Zimbabwe.21st March 2017
Thank you. This really cleared things up when it came to this myth. Thanks for the story!16th March 2017
THIS DIDN'T HELP ME!!9th March 2017
cool ;)25th January 2017
I would really like a comparison to other retellings of the same myth. 4th January 2017
Great are you able to date this story? It is similar to others I have read but brief and to the point. 23rd December 2016
Thank yo. That was just what i wanted & perfect for grandkids level of understanding.21st December 2016
sawesome! (so awesome!)15th December 2016
I love this and using the shot but great summary of this to do extra- credit homework-Well- i hope it's gonna get me extra credit... "3 theories on why seasons change."15th December 2016


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