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Persephone and the Pomegranate Seeds

Name: Sandi 18th July 2011
very good but i thougt that persephone ate 6 pomegrante seeds from the 12 that hades gave her and she had to 6 months on earth ( that's summer and spring time) and 6 months in hades (that's winter and autnm)
Name: Vina 18th October 2011
Name: Tim 22nd November 2011
this is cool and nice well done
Name: Lorenzo 12th January 2012
You din't make that up ive heard it somewhere else
Name: Liv 19th January 2012
It was a bit confusing, but still helped me get the basic idea. Thank You!!!
Name: Jennifer 22nd January 2012
I'm doing this myth for my homework and it has really helped me understand it much more so thank you!
Name: Prest 13th February 2012
it help a lot
Name: An Awsome Person 13th February 2012
this is so cool,i used it for my homework and even thought its not a lot it tells you just enough.
please keep putting myths!!!
Name: Imsocool 13th March 2012
this was the biggest help ever! people are right . . . keep putting myths on . . . please . . . we need them for homework!
Name: Cool Person 13th March 2012
Thank you for this fantastic website!
Name: Loubylou 26th March 2012
its alright but there are better ones then this but it helps in schoolx
Name: Bob 23rd April 2012
ta thankyou for helping us wiv our homework
Name: Priscil 17th June 2012
i love this story so much you spelt everything right
Name: Sana 28th June 2012
thanx for the story
Name: Kayla 10th September 2012
interesting! i luv it , it was great!
Name: Emily 14th September 2012
i luv it to great story !!! :-D
Name: This_is_my_name 17th September 2012
its great thnx
Name: None Of Your Buisness 2nd October 2012
This helped loads with work at school THX!!!!!!!
Name: Persephone 11th October 2012
My name is persephone so that is why I read it
Name: Alannah 27th October 2012
i love persephone she is so nice
Name: Revews 2nd November 2012
This is good!
Name: Kesha 3rd November 2012
It is a great story but I am still not quit sure I get it!!!
Name: Raina 11th November 2012
loved it very good
Name: Taffy 21st November 2012
I'm a little confused...I always thought she could only eat pomegranates in Hades, and the amount of seeds she ingested was the amount of days she had to spend there each year after Hades released her? For example, for the sake of argument, say she ate 3 seeds, she would have to spend 3 days a year in Hades ever after. (I can't remember the exact number of seeds she allegedly ate) I probably have it wrong though.:)
Name: Bethan 29th November 2012
This story is just about correct. I am 13 and know this story of by heart. You have got some things wrong. And to Taffy you a very very wrong.
Name: Ashton Bundy 21st December 2012
She at 6 pomagranite seeds and stade with Demeter on earth for 6 months of the years and 6 with hades
Name: Luqmaan 7th January 2013
she had 4 pomegrant seeds not six
Name: George 9th January 2013
I\'m using it for homework but I thought it was six of twelve he offered her I used the beggining but changed the end
Name: Emily 21st January 2013
i love thi s story
Name: Lol 7th March 2013
gorge it would have been 4 out of 12 months
Name: Kate 26th March 2013
I love this story
Name: Hgsa 13th April 2013
good story, how long was persephone in the underworld?
Name: Jewels 16th April 2013
Name: Anonymous 18th April 2013
weird story
Name: Stephanie 18th April 2013
i love your website
Name: Anahi 26th April 2013
great web keep it up
Name: Corey Tronchin 7th May 2013
Great perception story on Winter 3 months of sorrow!
Name: Tori Young 16th May 2013
this story is great
Name: Jessica 16th May 2013
Name: Helen 17th May 2013
This is a beautifully sad story, if properly told. Please read more carefully & get a new scribe when doing the rewrite. I felt only confusion while reading this version.
Name: Tim 18th May 2013
um it was kinda confusing and in a different story i heard that she came back because she ate the seeds not because Zeus said she had to
Name: Abbie 19th May 2013
your story is epic xx
Name: Autumn 23rd May 2013
It was really good but also really sad
Name: Andrnae 6th June 2013
that is awesome thanx for telling i really enjoyed reading it and may god bless you have a wonderful day.
Name: Fifi 11th June 2013
it was nice
Name: Anne 6th July 2013
I enjoyed reading the story.

But, you know, I never understood why Persephone had to return to Hades because she had eaten some pomegranate seeds.

Can you understand this?
Name: Jasmine 15th July 2013
Name: Cynthia 21st July 2013
It is a rule of the underworld that if a living being were to consume a fruit of the underworld, their soul would be trapped. It's the reason why Zeus couldn't just take Persephone back, he had to comply with the rule and make a compromise. The story fails to mention that Hades was already in love with Persephone because he was shot by Cupid's arrow while Persephone was picking flowers from a meadow. When she was separated from her attendant, a crack was formed in the earth and out of it came Hades in a black chariot. He took Persephone, holding her tightly to him, and dragged her back to the underworld. Also, Zeus ruled that half the year would be spent with Demeter (Summer and Spring) and half with Hades (Fall and Winter).
Name: Anita Rotteglia 5th August 2013
I am in love with Greek myths and always will be but I have 2 favorite stories 1\"persephone and the pomegranate seeds and Pandora\'s box\" (I am 12 years old and I love Greek myths)
Name: SAm 26th August 2013

Name: Ncihole 17th September 2013
I love all greek stuff. I like to read about it and my favorite god is Zues.
Name: DIANA 24th October 2013
my favorite person is persephone
Name: Safa 5th November 2013
Persephone and the pomegranate seeds are one of my favourite myth books ever
Name: Sanaa 6th November 2013
This is by far the best version of Persephone and the pomegranate seeds
Name: Cameron 23rd November 2013
I love this version, Thanks soo much for the help!
Name: Kendra 18th December 2013
i love this story i read it in school
Name: Jennifer 18th December 2013
i have not read it yet but i want to
Name: Victoria 21st December 2013
I think this story is really cool!
Name: Fizzy 9th January 2014
really awesome i hope i read part II
Name: Ruranpodo 15th January 2014
it was a great story hope to read more! :D
Name: Elo G 16th January 2014
its actually 6 months not 3
Name: Mrs K 17th January 2014
I don't think this story is very clear at all, it lacks important detail and doesn't really make sense at all. I had to look at another version to understand what it is really about. Sorry.
Name: Riina 4th February 2014
Some versions say 6 months, some say three. It all depended on how long winter lasted in the place the story was told.
Name: Bob 4th February 2014
I didn\'t like it at all
Name: Amy 13th February 2014
This is a good story, but it has too little information on what happened while Persephone was in the underworld and how she was found. Also, the last paragraph is very confusing.
Name: Holly 29th March 2014
I think it should have a lot more information for example how many pomegranate seeds and also the last paragraph is quite bad and confusing, it needs a lot of work over all
Name: Hannah 30th March 2014
There is not any information about why the pomegranate made Persephone stay in the Underworld and I did not understand the last paragraph.
Name: Francesca 23rd April 2014
this story does not tell us why persephone ate the pomergranate but ok for the rest.
Name: Janessa 25th April 2014
this is to short to be a actual story.....
Name: Briyonna 12th May 2014
This story better be real because I'm turning it in as my project and better get good grade
Name: Charlie 15th May 2014
I got this for homework so it better give me a good mark
Name: Heheme 19th May 2014
this is a real story. Is it greek mythology?
Name: EvilSuperjoker 21st May 2014
She ate 6 pomegranate seeds and spent 6 months on land and 6 months in the underworld.
Name: Batman 21st May 2014
There was winter for 6 months a year
Name: The Lollypopers 26th May 2014
We really like this story, and it really is a greek legend!
Name: Hi 29th May 2014
I like this story
Name: Isla 2nd June 2014
I like this story because it sounds very interesting and fun
Name: Chimay 3rd June 2014
I am going to be Persephone for a report for school. This is a very interesting story and explained a lot for me. Thank You :D
Name: Year 12 11th June 2014
This story is incorrect and not accurate
Name: G (don\'t Feel Like Giving That) 30th June 2014
This version of the myth is highly inaccurate, please correct it.
Name: Yr7 26th September 2014
Not sure if I like it.
Name: PrincessLuna 15th October 2014
I like this story, but there are some mistakes in this variant. Do add the missing detail! ^-^ over all, it was written well.
Name: N 2nd November 2014
very nice
Name: Nana 5th November 2014
Hi i love persephone.
Name: Nana 7th November 2014
I am playing a part as persephone and it is so cool plus i am loving the look
Name: Braderz 8th November 2014
Name: Shanisse 12th November 2014
What is the underworld
Name: E 12th November 2014
very good story!!
Name: C.RONALDO 30th November 2014
It is a precise story but could have some speech
Name: Joseph 2nd December 2014
A great story! something for you though, i think that the last paragraph shouldn't be there though.
Name: Tily 3rd December 2014
it good but doesn't say why she ate the seeds
Name: Tilly 3rd December 2014
good but didn't say about the seeds
Name: BOB 10th December 2014
interesting, but did not tell a lot about Persephone and pomegranates.
Name: Ella 14th December 2014
good loved it needs to say why he ate the seeds but creative and inferesting
Name: Kaitlin 15th January 2015
Very good but the story didn\'t mention about Hades begging Persephone to have some pomegranate seeds because if Persephone did she would have stay with Hades.
Name: Malee The Wale 19th January 2015
this story is great, very specific, and is a good source for school projects
Name: Jagoda 1st February 2015
I love this myth so much!
Name: JJ 21st February 2015
I have loved this story ever since my mum told it to me when I was little, I used this for my school project and it was very informing
Name: Ariella 21st February 2015
Thanks for providing me with an understanding of one of Persephone's major roles in mythology.
Name: Ariana 24th March 2015
I love this myth so much. It\'s so interesting and makes me want to learn more myths.
Name: Chuntierra 1st April 2015
I love this myth.
Name: Jack 21st April 2015
she ate 6 pomegranate seed
Name: Watkned 28th April 2015
There are so many different versions of this myth. Some say she fell in love with Hades and willing ate the seeds knowing the consequences. Some say she hated him.
Name: Awakened 13th May 2015
I thought she ate three seeds but that fall, winter and summer was a result of Demeter being sad her daughter was gone.
Name: Mimi Habib 16th May 2015
hi, to settle an argument with my friend- was the pomegranate picked from a tree in the under world or the upper world? Thanks :)
Name: Dignity 7th June 2015
Not very informative, although helpful
Name: Hi (Not My Real Name) 4th August 2015
I need to know what will happen if someone eat 4 pomegranate seeds.
Name: JimmyJam 18th August 2015
Yeah, it\'s pretty good. I like it. 3/5 stars
Name: Leah May 7th October 2015
you have missed half the story
Name: Lizziebeth 13th October 2015
In the book i'm reading Persephone falls in love with Hades so she runs away to the underworld because Demeter, Athena, Aphrodite, and Artemis don't like him.
Name: Unicorn 2nd November 2015
thanks this helped my homework:)
Name: Unicorns I Love Them 16th November 2015
Thx That helped me with my homeowork
Name: Koozy 19th November 2015
wneat and reasonable, acceptable story
Name: Thug Life😎 30th November 2015
Thanks you!! This will seriouslyhelp me with my dumb homes works!
Name: Swagster 7th December 2015
Name: Minnymøuse 2nd January 2016
This is wrong! Persephone was meant to eat 6 pomegranate seeds out of the 12 and stayed there for 6 months not 3! Because the original story said that if you ate anything then you would have to stay there. This is wrong I don't know who came up with this but it is NOT right!!!?????😡
Name: Emily 12th January 2016
this description fails to mention that Persephone chose to eat the pomegranate seeds after Hades offered her equal rulership over his domain, which was unheard of at this time. Also, the Iliad tells us that gods don\'t need bread and wine like humans do, so we know that she didn\'t eat the seeds because she was hungry. She was fearsome and incredibly intelligent, knowing that she would not have had the power and honor of queen if she stayed above ground.
Name: Lenny 16th January 2016
This is the wrongest story of Persephone I've ever heard. This is wrong.
Name: What 17th January 2016
What is the myth
Name: Roma 19th January 2016
this is awesome
Name: Sir Terreth 3rd February 2016
Lenny, first of all "wrongest" would not be used there improper grammar is key on the internet. Second of all how many Persephone myths have you read, and how do you know that this one is the "wrongest" for all you know all the stories that you have read could be lies. Think about it.
Name: Persephone Is My Queen 17th February 2016
I loved this story but why was Zeus so mean to Persephone >:U That made me mad!!!!!!!!! I ship Hades and Persphone because they are so cute!
Name: Sophia 16th March 2016
Name: Joe 17th March 2016
this still dosent answer my question, WHY did she eat pomagranetes
Name: Idek 29th March 2016
This didn\'t answer my questions, at all. Why did she eat the pomegranate seeds? How/Why do they represent her?
Name: Brieana 7th April 2016
this is not accurate at all.... first of all, it was SIX pomegranate seeds and she felt sorry for Hades that she ate the seeds.. and she had to stay in the Underworld for SIX months, not three, because there were SIX seeds instead of three...
Name: Alannah 8th April 2016
helped with reports
Name: Madihah 13th April 2016
I think it is a very good website it helped me a lot with my work I would rate it 10/10.
Name: Mazz 20th April 2016
this story is like totally different to the one I read on a different website. it just sounds stupid
Name: Hannah 25th April 2016
thanks for the help!
Name: Mazaffar Rahman 8th May 2016
It is really a helpful tips on The Pomegranate Seeds on basis of western myths.
Name: Lol 4th June 2016
thank you
Name: Justin Lopez 12th June 2016
Wow... This helped so much on my hw thank you so much. I recommend this to everyone!!
Name: Maya 20th June 2016
ugh its ok
Name: Lkkjl 13th August 2016
Not really detailed and wasn't the best help with my home work!
Name: Ben 26th August 2016
I love this story, great website, so helpful
Name: Nina 28th August 2016
It's okay but not to helpful. I think it's to short
Name: Joy 16th September 2016
It's a good story but not much details and it didn't help me at all for my research.
Name: Bob 21st September 2016
I think this is quit helpful but maybe a bit longer!!
Name: Husna Ahmadi 28th September 2016
did not help with my homrwork
Name: Isaac Newton 5th October 2016
awsome i can do my homework -h.w or hw fast
Name: Jimmy Nutrin 18th October 2016
Hey this is pretty dank but I've sen sum b8ter content from others. 11/10 would read again
Name: Ginny 25th October 2016
This was really helpful with my homework, really brief and to the point, if anything a little bland, but still gives all the information needed.
4 out of 5
Name: Rosina Wachtel 6th November 2016
A current commercial ad claims that Persepone was punished for eating 4 pomegranate seeds. What is the full saga?
Name: Roxana Pop 11th November 2016
what a fascinating story but she had seven pomegranates seeds
Name: Trolllolololololololol 14th November 2016
its ok
Name: Insta:y_a_z_i_e 22nd November 2016
this story is cool ig. My teacher is making me to do a project of the 12 importnat gods and here i am only for hades LOL who says lol now? ;-; bye O_O
Name: InstaHomework 15th December 2016
I love this and using the shot but great summary of this to do extra- credit homework-Well- i hope it's gonna get me extra credit... "3 theories on why seasons change."
Name: InstaHomework 15th December 2016
sawesome! (so awesome!)
Name: Mimi 21st December 2016
Thank yo. That was just what i wanted & perfect for grandkids level of understanding.
Name: BQ 23rd December 2016
Great are you able to date this story? It is similar to others I have read but brief and to the point.
Name: Miss Ravenwell 4th January 2017
I would really like a comparison to other retellings of the same myth.
Name: Jim Bob 25th January 2017
cool ;)
Name: DUDDEE 9th March 2017
Name: Jackie Chun 16th March 2017
Name: CHUCK NORRIS 16th March 2017
Thank you. This really cleared things up when it came to this myth. Thanks for the story!
Name: Oliver 21st March 2017
Hi Musamod, I think you have muddled the sequence of the paragraphs up a bit here, it doesn't seem to make sense as its written, and I'm not sure why it is tagged with Zimbabwe.
Name: SheepGal 24th March 2017
I don't understand the paragraphing here, and also I feel it was not detailed enough. I don't mean to be rude!
Name: Dipandita Das 7th April 2017
It's not detailed enough:(
Name: Hannah 8th April 2017
this was really helpful! Although i think you might have paragraphed things a tiny bit wrong.
Thank you for the help on this myth,
Name: Cc Visnesky 15th April 2017
The story details are mixed was Hades, god of the underworld (darkness, cold, etc) who stole Persephone, and the grief of the mother (sometimes told as goddess Ceres i.e. "cereal grains") stopping all growing things until she was rescued..the hunger drove her to swallow just six seeds (sometimes told as 3 seeds) and for that she had to return to Hades for 6 months each year..the sadness of the mother of the fate caused her to stop all growing things for one month for each 6 months of fall and winter. Since Zeus was the god over ALL the others the mother would not have been able to stop plants growing, and get away with that.
Name: Alexa 21st April 2017
No offense, but the last two paragraphs are NOT explained well at all. I am a true Ancient Greek nerd, and I was seriously cringing at the lack of detail. If I had written this, it would be AT LEAST twice as long. As Cc Visnesky has already explained, many of your facts are wrong. Next time please do more research before you publish. ευχαριστω ΤΕΛΟΣ παντων, Alexa. (That means thanks anyway)
Name: Ariel 25th April 2017
Im not trying to be rude or anything but I didn't really get the last paragraph but this site helped me a lot thank you
Name: Olivia 3rd May 2017
the story isn't true because i am in sixth grade and we are learning about her and that story about her isn't true because she wasn't out and alone when hades got her and her mother wasn't the one who made the plants not grow it was persephone since she wasn't there in the real world
Name: Nutintoseehere 3rd May 2017
this was somewhat helpful.plz add a little more detail;]
Name: Brooklyn 14th May 2017
Its not telling me about why she ATE the pomegranate seeds please explain!!!
Name: Makalah 16th May 2017
that cool
Name: Chyenna 19th May 2017
I need to knoe how long persephone was in the underworld, after she ate 6 pomogranate seeds. I think it is 6 months, but i dont know. I really need answers cause i have a project due in a week and i honestky dont know if it was 4 or 6 months.

Thank you,
Name: Fiona 23rd May 2017
I also have a project due!thank you for this information!
Name: Melissa 27th May 2017
I agree with Brooklyn! I need more explanation
Name: Suzanne 9th June 2017
This is incorrect on so many levels, but to begin; Persephone ate 6 pomegranate seeds, not 3. For 6 months out of the year she resides in the underworld, as Hades wife. During these 6 months her mother Demeter is in mourning and allows nothing to bloom or grow on earth. After she has completed her 6 months in the underworld and returns to earth, Demeter rejoices and gifts the earth with green meadows, flowers, blooming trees and plants. The earth is once again filled with life and vibrant colors.Spring marks the return of Persephone, while Autumn signifies her return to Hades and the underworld.
Name: Jeff 19th June 2017
this is too long for a story !
Name: Jasmine 21st June 2017
soooooooo why dont u look it up some where else :)(:
Name: Harambe 22nd June 2017
this was great and memey
-Colin and Tyler
Name: Rex M 28th June 2017
The details of the myth are all present, however the chronology is off.

1. Abduction
2. Demeter is upset and informs Zeus.
3. Zeus decides Persephone should return home but under the condition that she does not eat while in the underworld.
4. She is tricked by Hades and eats the pomegranate seeds.
5. Zeus finds out and rules that she return to Hades for 3 months of the year.
6. Demeter is upset during those 3months and refuses to allow crops to grow... Explaining the seasons.
Name: Corey 4th July 2017
this is cool
Name: D 4th September 2017
This whole story is off. It doesn't explain the actual details the right way.
Name: Marylyn 28th September 2017
Why pomegrangate seeds. And how did four seasons come out of three months with Hades?
Name: Marin (Liza) 2nd November 2017
This story inspired my favorite series Everneath
Name: Anonim 14th November 2017
is not even the real story .The real story is with persephone and Pluto
Name: Yiji 19th November 2017
I like this book because Demeter found her daughter after 6 months
Name: None 28th November 2017
Name: Your Mum 9th January 2018
it was kind of boring,because there was not much detail
Name: Kitty 13th January 2018
Wait hold up isnt it that Hades made the compromise not Zeus and let her go up for 3-4 months and then the rest was spend with Hades? o.o
Name: Emma Is Awesome 20th January 2018
rly nice! it helped me alot for my project. thx
Name: Fluffbal 28th January 2018
I really like it thanks !
Name: Jay 11th February 2018
it was 6 muths not 3
Name: Sikha Mani Kakati 24th February 2018
Thank u so much


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