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The Legend of Bear Rock

Name: Isabella Francis 6th October 2012
i know a story similar to this, called grace and the eagle.
Name: Laura 9th October 2012
cool story this is not my fave though
Name: Lewis Pope 11th October 2012
hello, sorry didn't really like this, but urmm.... cool story bro, needs some more dragons and that:) but keep up the good work:D xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Name: Lily 16th October 2012
This story left me wondering but really cool story.I liked it a lot!:)
Name: Jessica 16th October 2012
i like this story its awesome
Name: Hdhdkdsj 17th October 2012
yes the story of the boy on a journey
Name: Ogina 19th October 2012
i loved the story sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much
Name: Dorie 21st October 2012
thankyou it helped me with my homework x
Name: Kila 23rd October 2012
Name: Thisali 27th October 2012
It was a great story!!!!
Name: Alexis 30th October 2012
It was a very great story.
Name: Dee 30th October 2012
good story
Name: Fatniss Evergreen 7th November 2012
I really loved this story. As an intellectual genius this made my brain feel thoroughly stimulated. I felt that the animations were primitive and didn't do justice to this amazing legend
Name: Abbi 9th November 2012
i loved that story it was really good
Name: Zuhal 13th November 2012
It was really good i totally love every part!
Name: Damanni 27th November 2012
its good but not that good
Name: Matilda 27th November 2012
i think this story was good but not the best
Name: Susan 3rd December 2012
It was great but not the end
Name: Amber 7th December 2012
it was ok,but i preferd 'snegyaroshka',but
thats just me.
Name: Ummna 8th December 2012
hmmm i think this story is good but not the best the huge bear was so scarey
Name: Piae 18th December 2012
it was good
Name: Muna 23rd December 2012
i loved it
Name: Laura 8th January 2013
this story is so cool and yes i can think of several other ways the gouges in the side made a path for the boys to climb down
Name: Hamza 9th January 2013
i liked it a little bit
Name: NAEMAN 13th January 2013
IT was a perfect got me indulged.
Name: Grace Puntha 13th January 2013
It was sort of good. It was sort of weird - the people, the stuff, everything (Grace aged 6).
Name: Lucy 16th January 2013
well it was okay though it was pretty good because at the introduction or the front of the story it got me a little bored but the giant bear thing trying to catch them was awesome a for awesome w for wow e for exellent s for super o for i dont know whats for o or m and e for exellent again
Name: Ellie Mobbs 29th January 2013
I needed to read a myth or legend for my homework. I read The legend of bear rock but need to know the Author & the date but I can't seem to find it. Please can you help :) (Brendan Routledge, 2012 The Myths Team)
Name: Cody (9) 8th February 2013
this story is fantastic
Name: Eleanor 9th February 2013
I like this tale but the beginning was a little boreing and I can think of a better ending : They use their arrows to fire them into the ground with a peice of rope tied to them and they use the rope to climb down. (I do not know where they would get the rope from
.p.s I like the narrators accent. :-)
Name: Sagara 16th February 2013
that was very good you are very
good story teller
Name: Sydney 19th February 2013
i liked this story because it was being told to me but it would be better if it didnt repeat its self as much as it did and it was a bit more realistic.

thank you.
Name: Zarra 2nd March 2013
its really interesting and kind of like a mystery because of how they got down. in my own opinion, maybe they jumped to the fluffy fur of the tired bear and ran as fast as they could.
Name: Eloise 3rd March 2013
Very good, nice to learm a few facts about the legand of bear rovk. :) Thumbs up!
Name: Chloe 4th March 2013
awesome story tells you alot of facts!
Name: Stacey 6th March 2013
awsome story
Name: Holly 7th March 2013
i think that they will slide down the markes of the bear's claws.
Name: Chelsey 9th March 2013
this story is awsome to me if you like it right back
Name: Molly 17th March 2013
I think it was awsome but it just needed speech!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Name: Shannen 18th April 2013
i thought this was rather boring !
Name: Lacy And Sophie 23rd May 2013
Well done top marks it really good and interesting I would give it 10/10
Name: Emma Calie 23rd May 2013
Name: Kian And Georgie 23rd May 2013
The stone was a weird name because it was called bear.
Name: Jake Ben Harrison 23rd May 2013
It wasn\'t very interesting so I wouldn\'t recommend it to other people
Name: Tamara And Grace 23rd May 2013
I thought it had good adjectives in it
Name: Kai & Antonia 23rd May 2013
Kai:It was AWESOME :-)!
Antonia:I think it was an exciting legend but I think it needs some speech:-)!
Name: Jonathan&Jessica C 23rd May 2013
We through it was good
Name: Ursula 25th May 2013
Name: Izzy 22nd August 2013
I think they got down by rolling down the hill, then calling the eagle to take them back to the village
Name: Molly 2nd September 2013
Name: Ousand 20th October 2013
Ok story but add a little more detail
Name: Terry Stag 11th November 2013
I noticed that the Boys are Indians. And on the other side of the hill there were some Bison. And they\'re in North America.
Name: Cool Kid 21st April 2014
I went there so i now that story
Name: Loren 21st April 2014
This will help me with my homework
Name: Alina 17th June 2014
Cool story!
Name: Hiya 26th October 2014
Really nice story it will definatley help me with my homework
Name: Ariana 18th December 2014
Thought that it was kinda boring. I think that it could have been better. Other than that it was good!!!!
Name: Stephanie 12th July 2015
it was kina boring i think u should improve but it was quite great other from that!!!
Name: Adriel 29th July 2015
Name: Len 20th January 2016
Nice loved it!
Name: Lily 5th May 2016
Name: Emem 3rd July 2016
It was so nice!
Name: Afnan 29th July 2016
I loved it.It made me cry
Name: Katie 21st November 2016
Not the best, but it was ok
Name: Brooke 25th January 2017
i didn't really like it that much
Name: Mia 24th March 2017
i know a story called kelpie the seamonser and the boy who had no story and merlin and the dragons
Name: Nat 2nd April 2017
it was not the best story ,but it as ok
Name: Charlene Wensley 30th May 2017
I hated sorry.
Name: Harmony 22nd August 2017
How I think the boys got down was the bear got a lot taller in 3 years (the rock had holes in it so they got water from that and food from wanblee the eagle) in that time mato released the boys were no good to him because they were to small.


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