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The Girl Who Married A Bear

Name: Laura 17th October 2011
great story vally
Name: Zainab 22nd October 2011
i love it
Name: Taya 22nd October 2011
It was a really good story Vally and I loved it well done.
Name: Raida 24th October 2011
i love it it was wonderfull,
Name: Chantelle Rosina Hardiman 24th October 2011
Good story what a well made up story
Name: Amro 24th October 2011
nice job
Name: Emmy 25th October 2011
Very well done Vally I found it very interesting and very creative. I ecspecially liked the description of her long brown hair
Name: Emily ... 31st October 2011
13 words. That is the best legend i have ever read that is made up! you are a VERY VERY VERY talented writer and you should keep up the wonderful work! i am looking forward to reading more of your legends!

~Emily ...
Name: Precious And Phaedra 14th January 2012
it was very good great story i was feeling so sad about the girl it was a mavelous story u should be proud of yourself
Name: Akshaya 15th January 2012
that was really good vally but u should really make the first paragraph a bit more intrusting and not drag it on do much but it was good well done.
Name: Rad 4th April 2012
cool ! awsome
Name: Eloise 12th June 2012
Amazing. Truly amazing
Name: Angela 12th June 2012
this was a good story i really liked it it helped me with my homework.THANKS!!!
Name: Kaitlyn 6th October 2012
I loved the story and the message it portrays and it Helped me out with my book report...
Name: Gloria AB 31st January 2013
I so much love this story,its very educative
Name: Chudierdiew 12th February 2013
Name: Supershark 18th June 2013
i like your story!
Name: Vanessa Escario 9th September 2013
how so beautiful enging......\\\\
Name: Kitty 14th November 2013
too long to read
Name: Melanie 14th December 2014
very long but good
Name: Addhayan 4th July 2015
the story is meaning and soothing
Name: Ruthie 5th July 2015
Although this was a sad story we enjoyed it and liked the meaningful ending
Name: Abbigail 31st May 2016
Name: Mahdia.ely 17th November 2016
i love it
Name: Abby 21st November 2016
I like how traditional it is. You did an awesome job.
Name: Abby 22nd November 2016
Uh... you stole it. Google "the girl who married a bear" and you'll find the original which is EXACTLY the same as the one you wrote, except the girls name is Peasunt! WHAT!!!
Name: Sarah O Neill 26th December 2016
beautiful folk tale and with moral lesson as in tradition of best fairy tales
Name: Max 25th April 2017
i know this story as the girl Peasunt
but it does not matter because everyone is different
Name: Kandi 26th June 2017
Nice and interesting though it seems similar to the peasant girl


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