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Baba-Yaga and Vasilisa the Fair

Name: CHECHE 17th October 2006
You must have some story teller and must have sone exciting pictures to attract the audience. Please also have fairy tales with corresponsing pictures. If I dont see it next month I will complain and I will say: you guy are fools...(EDITED).... but so far I like your stories. Well done!!!!!!!!
Name: Jacqueline Montague 22nd March 2007
Great story
Name: Ade 29th October 2007
these story are tooooooooooo scary what are you trying to do kill us with fear
Name: Talea,Olivia 20th November 2007
We liked the part where the horsemans came and made the sky go diferent colours.

from Talea and Olivia
Name: Lexi 20th November 2007
Very good but a bit short so nine outof ten so good yeah.
Name: Rebecca 26th January 2008
Nice story, but it is a little off key.
Name: Eliza 28th January 2008
A fantastic story really well told
Name: Charlotte 29th January 2008
Name: Nicolle 23rd February 2008
Name: TyanNe 24th February 2008
i luv dis story..and so i used it for my buk review..its nice:)
Name: Shaznai 2nd March 2008
Name: Sarah 6th March 2008
this website is very good it helps me learn a lot
Name: Aimz 5th June 2008
I like this story and I'm using it for an assignment that I have although I'm obviously having trouble finding sources. But does anyone know the type of doll that Vasilisa would have had at that period and from that region? I really need to find a pic of one.
Name: Hannah 10th June 2008
baba yaga is a really good story we have been learning about her
Name: Jessica 17th June 2008
very good
Name: Sophie 26th June 2008
hi guys! you ok? i havn't been on this website for an awful long time because my computer crashed and soi've just got a new one with internet and all that cool stuff! Can't wait til' July for the improvements of Story creator 2! Plz comment back...i'm desperate for a hello and info.
Name: Sophie 1st July 2008
you havn't replied to my last message! Why?
Remember when you see this, send a good reply back with info. of like when the improvements will proceed.

Name: Sophie 13th July 2008
Name: Aaleen 17th August 2008
fantastic story
Name: Robyn Hull 3rd September 2008
great story i loved it thank you to the myths and legends team you do some exelent work finding , publishing and delivering these wounderful myths and leegends great job keep it up
Name: Harry Richardson 17th September 2008
That was a beautiful story.
The best yet.
Name: Millie 12th November 2008
that was freaky but the best yet cause it was scary and i like scary stuff
Name: Habibah 13th November 2008
it was long. i showed it to my friend. she had her eyes glued to the screen. Well if geen is the colour of excelence then i give this story Green.
Name: Raahema 13th November 2008
gr8 story it was not scary at all and it was interesting and COOL keep it up
(p.s- can u make like REAL scary story plz!)
Name: Alina 19th November 2008
gr8 video loved it
Name: Joanna 22nd November 2008
It was fantastic and me and my sister read the story together and none of us were scared! I wish I can write stories like that because sometimes,I write my own Myths and Legends! Thank You!
Name: Natasha Hargrave 26th November 2008
I thought the myth was a very good but i thought it would have been better if it was a little shorter.
Name: Georgette Hughes 26th November 2008
i thout baba-yaga and vasilisa the fair was excellent and it is suitible for all ages i especially liked the bit where she went to baba yagas house and she was doing the chores also i like the start were her daughter gaves her the doll
Name: Jojo 26th November 2008
love this myth
Name: Rahul 4th December 2008
i like your acting i enjoy it
Name: Rahul 4th December 2008
I like the story an also the acting is so good tell me some more about it , ba ba yanga voice so keep it up
Name: Lil T 9th December 2008
I love this myth i find it intrestint becaus it is good story to tell children
Name: Abigail Thompson 19th December 2008
This was very good and it explaines the story very well.
I recomend this to anyone.
It is very good.
Name: Danielle 16th January 2009
hi i thaught it was very good i loved it.
Name: Alice 19th January 2009
I think its a godd story and I like the horseman part its very nice but thats just obviously me beacuase i love horses.
Name: Grant 21st January 2009
I really liked it , but at first I had it as an assignment.BEST ASSIGNMENT EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Name: Freya 25th January 2009
You know what,I made my mother watch this and we both said it was sooo superb!!!!!
Name: Kate 31st January 2009
great but need more pictures
Name: кролик 31st January 2009
отлично (from our translator we think this means well done, fine - The Myths Team)
Name: Rhjkbr 31st January 2009
Name: Declan 2nd February 2009
I really liked the story it was a good story
Name: Freya 5th February 2009
I really liked It but that is just so me beacuse I love horses!
Name: Motazz 13th February 2009
gud story btw babayaga looks weird and he narator speaks in a weird accent
Name: Maria 17th February 2009
this story is nice but a bit scary! i love little vasilisa but baba yaga is defiantly scary
Name: Florence 18th February 2009
I really liked baba-yaga and vasilisa the fair because it was really interesting and the best bit and my favourite bit was when she had the the magic doll and she used it like a shinny shimmering magic wand
Name: Lucy 18th February 2009
i thought that that was the best story i have red so far because i love witches and i love dolls.
Name: Noor-ul-ain 18th February 2009
i liked this story because it was very interesting baba-yaga was a bit scary i also think this myth is the best myth out of the lot!
Name: Chloe! :) 20th February 2009
Ahh, that story is so sweet! Baba-Yaga looked very scary!
Love Chloe.
Name: Naya Lot 20th February 2009
I like this web sight because gives a lot about John Chapman.
Name: Charley 25th February 2009
I Thought This Story Was Exciting. I Also Thought Baba-yaga Was Scary :) x
Name: Bethany 3rd March 2009
it was great i all so was very scard of baba yaga i like it fantastic is the word
Name: Elias Jones 3rd March 2009
good russian legend a baba yaga is scary
Name: Mug 3rd March 2009
i love it!!!! it has loads af scary bit and i love the charicters !!!!!

Name: Tolu 5th March 2009
it is a bit scary but it is an interesting story
Name: Aarti 9th March 2009
it good i like the tittle
Name: XcloeX 10th March 2009
its a sad story because my mum has only just died
Name: Declan Duane Andrew Stirling 17th March 2009
I like the accsent and the men are clever and baba yaga is so funny by the way she speaks and and i get so sad when the young girls mouther dies because my nana has died in november I had to go to her funeral and I started to cry when my mam started to cry and my sister was crying when got through the door and my brothers weren't crying at all I thought that they didn't care about our nana and me and my sister didn't stay for the cromation.
Name: Tes 18th March 2009
Ilove this story
Name: Gt 20th March 2009
wawa poor vasilisa bad stepmother and kids

good vasilisa and old lady and prince
Name: Freya 26th March 2009
I think that was such a great story,I would rate that***** of Five! Other people should see this story,And I hope they like it!!!!!! But that was just so me because I am a girl and I have that kind of mum at the moment.I mean she is just really nice to me just because I am her daughter!!
Name: Onkar 30th March 2009
it was a nice story but could make it longer.
Name: Megan 5th April 2009
very good story. baba yaga looked really wierd and a bit scary.
Name: Pika24u 25th April 2009
ive seenit its good
Name: Leah Pluves 27th April 2009
That story was very very good
Name: Vasilisa 28th April 2009
My name is vasilisa and I feel proud 4 havin that name now
Name: Jane Bell 16th May 2009
it is a great story it really makes you want to read it over and over again!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Name: Elle 19th May 2009
it is vrey good !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Name: Artimus 11th June 2009
exellent the best fantasy ever
Name: Jasyendy 14th June 2009
That was cool I am gonna take the doll na not really she is better with it I do wish i could see her or her doll.
Name: Aaliyah 23rd June 2009
it was a very good going to tell all my friends!!!!
Name: Sophie 1st July 2009
I really liked it
Name: Kunle 8th July 2009
that was really fantatic because vasilisa kept the doll if she would have be killed by her stepmoter she died with the doll ...
Name: Lauren 10th July 2009
it was good.
Name: Caylie 13th July 2009
Omg I LURVVEE This Story Cuz It Was SOOO Interesting I Mean Without This We'd Still Have Another Myth To Find, Wont We? Anywayz, LURVVEEEEEE It Thankz Myths & Legends.

Name: Harry 14th July 2009
you made a big mistake with the mum and the child haha
Name: Poleina 5th August 2009
ireally did like the story but it was abit scary and sad.
Name: Katie 22nd September 2009
there is a story like this called cinderella
Name: You No Me, Chop Stick 25th September 2009
i loved it it was a bit ike cinderrela but alot beta got 2 go .....
Name: Jigger 27th September 2009
long story great acting
Name: Ellie Louise Phillips 11th October 2009
cool this story is super long , but it is definatley worth while reading
Name: Aki Emily. 15th October 2009
It was a really long story, but i liked it a lot. SOO COOL!!!
Name: Sheelah 26th October 2009
sooo goood plse do another
Name: Sara 6th November 2009
great story
Name: Sofia 15th November 2009
It was a really good story - my mum and I enjoyed it but it was a bit too long
Name: Caitie 17th November 2009
the story was fantastic but to much was added.
Name: Lorna 18th November 2009
WOW WOW a really great story i played it 3 times until my mum told me to stop
Name: MALISE 23rd November 2009
Name: Malise 23rd November 2009
best story ever made!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Name: Courtneyxxx 26th November 2009
omgodness that was the most best story i have ever heard even though ive got it drummmed nito my head
Name: Sdsd 15th December 2009
very good story i liked so much !!!!
Name: Artie Palafox 15th December 2009
What's a Tsar?
Name: Cooper 15th December 2009
I think your story was very amazing. I like the part where the skull turned the evil women to dust.
Name: Abdullahi 15th December 2009
the most awsomest story ever but i think i herd it some were.
Name: Rachel J 16th December 2009
Its really cool I think its one of the best I've heard so far!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Name: RJ 16th December 2009
A Tsar is like a king by the way... I like the part when the old woman died because she died painfully and mournfully I hated her but that bit was so cool!!!!!!!!
Name: Riana 4th January 2010
It was a great story. It was the best story out of the lot!
Name: Dian 7th January 2010
well done!!!!!!!!
nice story
Name: Fcw 21st January 2010
that was cool
Name: Hue-Mai 24th January 2010
Cool, how magic is that?
Name: Jharesa 25th January 2010
that was awsome dude.:)
Name: Uzzy Ash 26th January 2010
mint story!!!!!
well done!!!!! loving it!!!!!!!!!!!!
Name: Neemai 27th January 2010
i made my own video and i like the website
Name: Kerry 28th January 2010
wik story
Name: Flora Jay 28th January 2010
Loved it! Just found this website, it's ace (:
Name: Sophie 28th January 2010
well you could do better
Name: Zaynab 28th January 2010
great vasilisa was the best.
Name: Zaynab 28th January 2010

Name: Jess 28th January 2010
it was wered cuz myths are wierd buut this site is cool
Name: Ayat 29th January 2010
I liked this story a lot because it is scary, but not scary enough for me not to enjoy it. It proves that blessings do live forever which is also what i believe in.
Name: Lola 29th January 2010
this is so long but so cool
Name: Kate 30th January 2010
I don't myths but I like this one
Name: Megi 30th January 2010
thats sooooooo cool!!!!!!!!!!!!
Name: Emmmm 31st January 2010
cool story
Name: Adam 2nd February 2010
it is so cool yow
Name: Mr.forgot My Name 2nd February 2010
This video/story is fab! they should publish it into a tv programme ! :):):)
Name: Ollies1 2nd February 2010
O my good that story was good all of it especily the part when they got married
Name: Bob The Frog!!! 3rd February 2010
it was alright i guess but i think the person whos talking should use more expression when someones saying someing.
but hey i would'nt mind doing it alough im only a child!!!!
Name: Arzy99 3rd February 2010
It wasn't bad. Baba Yaga spoke quite funny and the skull was cool. from arzlan
Name: Muppet 4th February 2010
i loooove it!!!!
it is really cool and has great ideas and thought put into it.
Name: REBECCA 5th February 2010
Name: Paigehannon 5th February 2010
them stories whar very good
Name: Naim 5th February 2010
the story was sooooooooooooo amazing i absoultly love and adore this website
Name: Leah 5th February 2010
That was really good. Loved it. Kept me fixed to the screen
Name: Lucy 6th February 2010
very very ssssssssssssoooooooooooooooo good best on yet
Name: Aladeng 7th February 2010
I like this
to the myth and lengend
Name: Ahol 7th February 2010
Name: Katie 8th February 2010
I really like this story . ;) Its good
Name: Ellie Mae Birkinshaw 8th February 2010
I think it was very,very,very,very,cool and really exiting I couldnt wait to read the end
Name: Myra Shae!!!!!! 8th February 2010
i like this story it was awsome hehe!!!! cant wait to write my own
Name: Whitney 8th February 2010
this was a very great story!!!!:)
Name: Lisa Battles 8th February 2010
This is a really great myth story(:
Name: Liam 8th February 2010
i like this story from myths and legents
Name: Megan + Rhiannon 9th February 2010
awesome story!!!
Name: Tunny + Megan 9th February 2010
i love this story but its very long thax story writers
Name: Cameron And Ben 10th February 2010
We liked the story idea but was vey long!
Name: Hailey Burnett 11th February 2010
it was awsome
Name: Ryan R 11th February 2010
this story was great
Name: Elle 12th February 2010
i loved the story
Name: Elle 12th February 2010
i love baba yagag i is a wicked story
Name: Jennifer.h 13th February 2010
wow so cool and scary
Name: Yhuwy 14th February 2010
its so cool. i want more. can you do this for a second time again?
Name: Hello 14th February 2010
Name: John 15th February 2010
cool site, it would have been a treat to have this site, when i was a child
Name: Leah 15th February 2010
I really think it was superb.
Name: Steph And Charl 16th February 2010
hi me and my friend think this is good but very scary since we are having a sleepover tonight charlotte lives oposite a grave yard so well done you have scared the living life out of me!!!
Name: Joanne 18th February 2010
i like the video
Name: ELLA 20th February 2010
Ilove it
Name: Ashley 20th February 2010
i love it
Name: Megan 22nd February 2010
It was great
Name: Jessica 22nd February 2010
great great great !!! love it !
Name: Farris 22nd February 2010
it is so lovley and sad
Name: Demilea 23rd February 2010
Name: Jo 23rd February 2010
abserloutley brilliant
Name: Web 23rd February 2010
Name: Jay 23rd February 2010
It was good
Name: Sam And Morgan 25th February 2010
We think it was a brilliant story and nearly cried at the end. If made into a film however i might not watch it. Also we want to know what did the horseman have to do with the witch?
Name: Eboni 25th February 2010
is that all wow
Name: Luke 25th February 2010
I thought this story was great
Name: Millie 25th February 2010
i think it was smashing
Name: Megan 26th February 2010
omg this story is sssoooo borin
Name: Sarah 26th February 2010
thats really good i enjoyed that
Name: Millie B 26th February 2010
Name: Lewis 26th February 2010
this is a great story
Name: SHEA 27th February 2010
Name: Josefina 28th February 2010
Name: Beth 28th February 2010
Name: Christine 28th February 2010
I like know more about this story
Name: Janice 1st March 2010
That is so good! i loved it!
Name: Cerys Powell 1st March 2010
Name: Mille 2nd March 2010
it was a very good story i like it so much
Name: Eloise 2nd March 2010
I enjoyed the story but it was abit scary
Name: Olivia Sutherland 3rd March 2010
That was a very good story althogh i think i have heard it before.
Name: Joseff 3rd March 2010
i like this story because i like the backround and the girl vasilisa was kind to everybody. THe words were easy to follow.
Name: Tionne Williams 6th March 2010
i dont like baby-yaga because its is quite boring and dosn't really come across to me as a myth more like a haloween story, not to be rude or anything, but the one thing i do like is the part where her mother gives her the doll , thankyou, your sincerly Tionne Willams - (edited sorry we cant print email addresses through the site for e-safety purposes - The Myths Team)
Name: Missy M 6th March 2010
i love this its good to see a eastern european myth not just Greek ones
Name: Harry Richardson 7th March 2010
I thought the story Baba-Yaga was Fantastic
I am 91 years old this year and I loved stories like this
when I was a child.
Stories from other parts of the world always seemed more exciting to me. Harry.
Name: Niamh Mc Keating 8th March 2010
A very exciting story with lots of explanation.
Name: Sarah 8th March 2010
I really enjoyed the story.
I think Vasilisa is very kind and the Baby - Yaga does not looks very evil she looks very funny.
Name: Leo 8th March 2010
it was a good story because very scary
Name: Charlie 8th March 2010
I think it was cool because of the idea about the magic doll
Name: Yoojeong 8th March 2010
i love this story, because it was scary at first time but it going interesting.And i like that part a doll helping the girl
Name: Aiden G 10th March 2010
i adore it. it was and amazing story and i was hooked in until the end 20/10
Name: Ericka107 12th March 2010
IT was a very goood story
Name: Kayleigh 12th March 2010
I think that this story is ok im in an english lesson right now!!!
Name: Pamela 12th March 2010
I think that it's sad but also bringing emotions to people which is sweet.
Name: Isabella Ballerini 13th March 2010
i think this story is so great my class
is starting to read this book it and it is a great myths and legend book.
Name: Berfin 14th March 2010
I like your story but the step mother
could hve been scarier
Name: Karandip 15th March 2010
I think the story was alright and it was a bit scary.
Name: Samuel Petines 15th March 2010
This story of babayaga is very interesting. Im think that vasalisa was a brave girl to face a witch.
Name: Hannah 16th March 2010
I think this was a really good story amd i love all the work that the author put in to the story.
Name: Sarah 17th March 2010
It was my favoutite story.
I liked it very much.
It was quite scary when Vasilisa met Baba- Yaga.
Name: Yuvraj 17th March 2010
i think the story was great and i think the girl was brave to go to the witch.
Name: Cheska 17th March 2010
I think the story was interesting and i think it was a very good idea to put in a magic doll.
Name: Bullen 17th March 2010
I thought the story was kind of entertaining and fun to listen to because you don't have to move anything, all you have to do is sit down and listen. On the other hand it was annoying because in some parts it froze and didn't work that i had to restart it.
Name: Samuel(awesome Dude) 17th March 2010
that was probably the most boring story i ever heard,it was also kind of annoying
Name: Dean 17th March 2010
i think it was a good story with a bit of detail.
Name: Kyle 18th March 2010
it was really good and the effects were awesome
Name: Nigel 18th March 2010
this was the best story i have read so far cause of the storyline and the effects
Name: Jomar 18th March 2010
this story is the best story out of all 3 because the story has a good story line and has a great ending and story
Name: MaryGrace 18th March 2010
i think these stories are quite good and interesting though i think they need a little bit more detail. In the picture
Name: Glyzelle 18th March 2010
I think this story was ok but I would recommend more horror and action. This story was a little bit boring but for others, it could be alright.
Name: MEGAN 19th March 2010
wow i love this story its good it will lern me a but more than i aredy no so i like it xx
Name: Tahlia And Georgia 19th March 2010
I think this is really good I am very impressed.
Name: Lily 21st March 2010
This is a very good myth!
Name: Dionne 22nd March 2010
I really love myth and stoys i love it a lot and my sister like it as well my mum give 100 out of 100 and me 100 out of 100. Well done
Name: Aubrey 22nd March 2010
WOW!! Awesome Story! :)
Name: Lolly 22nd March 2010
wow! what can i say! It was brilliant! Have you made any more?
Name: Lolly 22nd March 2010
Did Vasilisa have any children?
Name: Angela 23rd March 2010
awsome story! keep on writing it's good work
Name: Kane 25th March 2010
need more scary parts in it.Good story about vasiliesa.Did she have a baby?Make more myths about vasiliesa.
Name: Nora 25th March 2010
ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmm i actually realli enjoyed that story but just wanted 2 no wat kind of illness did the mum have
Name: Demi 26th March 2010
that is really good and really may want to put in a bit more acsons.
Name: Megan 26th March 2010
I thought the story was good. you should write more storys about vasiliesa and the Tsar.
Name: Lucy 27th March 2010
I loved the story!!!I only found this site at school and my class thought it was fantastic.I made a story called the fight with the spikeatee and theseus.Please read it!!!
Ta ta.Lucy
Name: Anonymes 28th March 2010
where was her father when she moved out.
Name: Tia Grove 31st March 2010
how do you make dvd's like that it was awsome
Name: Rose10 1st April 2010
omg!i love it do you hope so like like it
Name: Issi 2nd April 2010
its a bit like hansel and grettel but how do you make storys like that
Name: Fouzia Rahman 4th April 2010
your story is awsome!!!!!!!!
Name: Vaughany 5th April 2010
wow that was good make another i really liked it :)
Name: Hamad's CLass 8th April 2010
My students enjoyed this story, but it was a little too long.
Name: Kenny 9th April 2010
this was a mazzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzing
Name: Elizabeth 10th April 2010
this was a very exiting strory i loved it so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Name: Christy 11th April 2010
I loved it i wached it over and over
Name: Holly 14th April 2010
i coudent stop waching it
Name: Shaleen 15th April 2010
this story is a really scarey story but please bring even more scarier stories but it was really exciting
Name: Mollie And Bart 15th April 2010
it was good it was soo amazing i loved it xxx
Name: Jenna 18th April 2010
I like it I love it
Name: Ambrose 19th April 2010
It's not very long, but it is so lovely and very nearly brought tears to my eyes. I'm so happy she had a ' Happy Ever After '.
Name: Sarah 20th April 2010
This was alright , i think maybee theree should be moree horror for entertaainment (:
buut otheer thaan thaat i likeed it
thaanxx , iit madee my boring daay aat schoool better. woooot. byee xxxxx
Name: Alana 23rd April 2010
mmm, quite good, I liked it
Name: Patrick 27th April 2010
Really interesting!
Name: Saraah2 (: 27th April 2010
oooooo i liked it , the last slide was really sweeeet
Name: Rebecca 28th April 2010
it was brillyant really it was
Name: Theresa 30th April 2010
i loved the story, i'm glad our teacher reccomended it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Name: Dumi 30th April 2010
they was the most happiest story ever it makes me wanna cry
Name: Charlotte 1st May 2010
this was good i liked it ccccoooollll
Name: Mohammed Shahrukh 3rd May 2010
This was a good story
Name: Dumi 4th May 2010
Name: Anne 4th May 2010
This story is brillant.I love it so much.Thank You
Name: Billie Anne 4th May 2010
Ha ha that is fun
Name: Friend 6th May 2010
This story is the best that im doing a project on it!!!
Name: Omg 6th May 2010
that was sooo boring
Name: Leaf 6th May 2010
this was so kool
Name: Rima 7th May 2010
i love it its cooooool
Name: Rebecca 8th May 2010
wow that story was awsome
Name: Maria 8th May 2010
baba yaga is a russian witch and im russian too!! anyway...great story i loved it.
Name: Audrey 10th May 2010
it was really good and sad
Name: Allysha 10th May 2010
this was cool!!!!!!!!
Name: Sam Lovelock 14th May 2010
its was amazinggg i love it
Name: Rebzx***x 16th May 2010
this story is cooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool
Name: Harley.a.& Monica.s. 17th May 2010
that was ok but a bit boring. if it would of had deaths and more romance it would be better . more dramicat scences would of been great xx overall it was fine.
Name: Leah 17th May 2010
WOW i love this is was wel cool and exciteing xxx
Name: Megan Hastings 18th May 2010
This story was RUBBISH! It was WAY TO LONG!
Name: Kaito 19th May 2010
nice.i think i began to like baba yaga.
Name: Vanesa 19th May 2010
cool picter and story
Name: Caila 19th May 2010
A very good story! I was happy because she had a blessing with her all the time....
Name: Jake 20th May 2010
Name: Jamie-leigh 21st May 2010
Name: Sherry Fang 24th May 2010
This was a very good story. I was a bit frighten of the way BaBa Yaga looked but everything else was good.
Name: Harry 24th May 2010
Name: Ffi1 24th May 2010
really good eye catching your story is faboulous and cool
Name: Brodie Johnson 25th May 2010
This story was really eyecatching and i enjoyed it.:)
Name: Philis 25th May 2010
this story moved me. its a very good story i love it!
Name: Nick 26th May 2010
Name: Stephanie 26th May 2010
ccccccccccooooooooollllllll i never foght that woul happen
Name: Lollypop 27th May 2010
your story was well good can u do some more please!!!!
Name: Chloe 28th May 2010
it was a lot of righting but i understood it at the end shame wat happend to da wonam n 2 kids ha ah
Name: Melaniegirl01 5th June 2010
Cool page, It's really sweet and sad.
Name: Bel 7th June 2010
i love the baba yaga story its well presented
Name: Arizona Barrett 7th June 2010
I love the Baba-Yaga.It's very sad and mean, but also touching!
Name: Hannahbanana 9th June 2010
the story was brilliant,, hope to read more xx lurv u baba-yaga
Name: John 10th June 2010
I Like your page
Name: Francesca 10th June 2010
I loved that story it was well sweet and i liked the baba-yaga part
Name: Lisa 11th June 2010
Name: Reet 11th June 2010
this is a wonderful story its so sweet
Name: Sddrules 11th June 2010
that story is really sad and the doll is really creepy
Name: Cherl 13th June 2010
Baba yaga was such a fantastic stroy.
Name: Fubbles 15th June 2010
the doll creeps me out :)
Name: Harry 16th June 2010
a very good myth
Name: Lucymc 23rd June 2010
this is the best storii eva!!!
Name: Caitlin 27th June 2010
i feel sad about the woman who died IT MADE ME SOOOO SAD
Name: Popii 4th July 2010
This is a wonderful story about how the good overtakes the bad....
Name: Me Xxx 8th July 2010
Vasilisa was brave. I loved the story full of bravery and confidence.
Name: Fiza Noor 19th September 2010
Your story was so good!I loved your story.At first when I saw this story I thought it will be best then all of the stories!And that is true!From my opinion I'll give you 5 stars!
Name: Shannon 19th September 2010
good all ways overcomes evil i love the little doll i want one
Name: Rimsha 21st September 2010
That story was so good that I keep on reading it again and again! 5 stars! Tautly awesome!
Name: FizaNoor 24th September 2010
What a fantastic story!I loved your story.I was imagining that I was going to babayaga.It would be so scary to go to babayaga
Name: Brendan 25th September 2010
I love this it is an epic story. in some ways it is like the story you have on your website called the abandoned children of the wailing woods. because they both get sent to a relative after a relative died and both get sent into the woods though this was ended out better and the other ended out sad. though good myth and keep up the good work.
Name: Izzul The Awsome 26th September 2010
Name: FizaNoor 26th September 2010
I loved your story soooooooooooooooooooo much!!!Thanks for this wonderful story.
Name: Catsruletheworld 28th September 2010
it was scary. i love it.
Name: Brendan 29th September 2010
You have just made my project better be proud.
Name: Trakiyah 6th October 2010
i really luv your story
Name: Rimsha 10th October 2010
I am the fan of who ever made this fantastic, story! I would just like to know, the name of him or her, that made a, great effort! Please reply to me,PLEASE, even if, it takes a bit long, please do! And I hope it comes tomorrow! Thanks!
Name: Fiza Noor 10th October 2010
Really nice story, I loved this story. I have one question,can I please know how did you get these scary pictures from? Please answer this question, I don't care for how ever long it takes. I just want to know how do you get these scary pictures from. THANKS
Name: Sophiecasle 28th October 2010
I think she was a good mum becuse she cherrishd the girl until the day the mother died
Name: Dan 30th October 2010
Name: George 5th November 2010
Really Good Story :)
Name: Farida 8th November 2010
this is a great story
Name: Maya 10th November 2010
I realy enjoyed it i realy liked the story line for it coooooooooooooooooooooooooooooollll!
Name: Cooldude54 13th November 2010
really great story and it is so terific i could read it loads of times!!! :):P:D
Name: Miss Peace Y5 18th November 2010
Name: Fiza Noor 18th November 2010
I really love this story that's why I keep on reading and commenting on this story.The mother was nice that's why she gave Vasilisa the doll as a blessing and the doll really helped Vasilisa.Well done who ever made this story,keep up the good work and keep on writing stories like that. THANKS.....From Fiza Noor aged 9
Name: Liz 19th November 2010
This is a good story. I am adding this to my myth and legend log book :)
Name: Rae Head 21st November 2010
i loved the story i'm russian so i already KNEW LOTS ABOUT THE STORY.
Name: Dylan 21st November 2010
i saw the wich in story crater 2
Name: Eleanor 28th November 2010
cool story
Name: Maddy,Izzy 2nd December 2010
The story is great and we love it but also was a very long story.
Name: Khaykashah 18th December 2010
i absoulutly loved it !!!!!!! , but it was toooo long
Name: AG8 22nd December 2010
coooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool!!!!! story i can say that nealy a 1000 times! but it,s a bit similar to cinderella.
Name: Rahaf 28th December 2010
i love it i can belive a little girl have this good idias well done if i was your teacher i will make it the best story in the school!
Name: Meghan 21st January 2011
i liked that story i also liked the magic doll.The story is very long.
Name: James Lanmon, Teacher 25th January 2011
Thank you for this website. It is very informative and well-done. The story of Baba Yaga is one of the most interesting tales. It is full of symbolism, suspense, and great values. I applaud you for publishing such high quality material.
Name: Natasha 28th January 2011
I loved the story!

It was extremely sweet and had a lovely plot, it was one of the best stories that I have ever read!

But I do have to say that Cinderella was inspired by it (or maybe it was inspired by Cinderella, but I think this is older).
Name: Alex 29th January 2011
i really enjoyed this story
Name: Aya 8th February 2011
it was a beatiful story i enjoyed it it was lovely sooo sweet
Name: Amelia Leonard 9th February 2011
I love this story and I thinkit is sooo
Name: Kacper 16th February 2011
it was spooky
Name: Njillan 16th February 2011
i think it is a really good story and also romantic
Name: Baba 18th February 2011
yehh scary though about baba yaga is this true
Name: Kiera 24th February 2011
it was a bit scary
Name: Lucy 10th March 2011
this is really good story I loved the ending
Name: Enya 12th March 2011
I love this story its a bit scary but i like it. I would recommend this story one of the best
Name: Tehani 20th March 2011
it is really good
Name: Charlotte 12th April 2011
you can really feel the emotion from every thing!!!
Name: Esther 16th April 2011
i found quite amusing.
Name: Leoni 26th April 2011
great story bit long tho
Name: Shyalun 26th April 2011
i liked this story i did not like baba gaga htough she seemed very cruel
Name: Lois 30th April 2011
Hahahaha :) love the whole story thought it was very funny and I want to meet baba yaga she sounds nice
Name: Gemma 4th May 2011
wow that was an amazin story i like the majic doll
Name: Kaitlin 19th May 2011
so far that is the best myth i have ever heard. i hate baba-yaga though since she wants to eat the inocent child vasalisa.
Name: Bethan Robins 23rd May 2011
it was really good:)x
Name: Lauren Age 10 7th June 2011
I thought tthis story was good but Baba-Yaga was a bit scary.
Name: Harry 27th June 2011
Very good, but why does baba-yaga live on a house with chicken legs?
Name: Alice 3rd July 2011
i am very fritened of this!
Name: Tom Nethercott 4th July 2011
e2bn u better add this comment that story was funny as but i was hidin under my bed as it was a bit scary
Name: Zoey Age 10 6th July 2011
what a wonderful story finaly somrthing both me and my sisters can agree on)ox
Name: Jack 19th July 2011
it was good hope to watch it again
Name: George Nadal 19th July 2011
Name: Sherie 24th July 2011
love this, so does my little sister"
Name: Sarah 8th August 2011
Ilove this.
Name: Heeh 14th September 2011
is kool
Name: Casey 19th September 2011
Name: Jessica AKA 21st September 2011
i like it but i want to
see where she died
love uuxxxxxxxxxx
hello guys
Name: Julia 2nd October 2011
wow i like this one its one of my favourites i like this website overall
Name: Bree H. 17th October 2011
This was a good story about a girl whoe's mom left her a doll before she passed.The doll helped her with things. It helped her with her chores when she was staying with her step mother and sisters.
Name: Name 23rd October 2011
It was a fantastic animation,realy nicely animated and narrated.This is one of my favourite stories.
Name: Shona 3rd November 2011
i whish i was there
Name: Megsuperkev 14th November 2011
cool story
Name: Sara 26th November 2011
It is really good
Name: Bonnie 1st December 2011
your story was so cool
Name: Valentina 1st January 2012
I loved your story and enjoyed reading it.
Name: Amber 2nd January 2012
is amazing breleyont and fablos
Name: Rikky 2nd January 2012
it was scary but beautyful i wish icould of saved her mother what happened to he father?
Name: Vibhuti 4th January 2012
This story was a bit sad and a bit happy. The story was sad because Vasilisa's moter died. I wish I could help her survive. The happy bit was when Vasilisa got married to a handsome prince.
Name: Brinson 8th January 2012
wow this is one of my favorite stories on this website keep up the good work!
Name: Annis 12th January 2012
it was a happy endeing
Name: Leah 25th January 2012
It is a nice story/ending
Name: Oliver,Adam 2nd February 2012
Adam says it was a briliant myth and oliver agrees with him but thinks it fitted well together.SO WELL DONE
Name: Katie Owen 11th February 2012
OMG what a mean witch
Name: Ann 14th February 2012
its good
Name: Nandini,Karan 18th February 2012
this is a very good story and my brother,Karan also liked it.
Name: Zakaria Mohamed 21st February 2012
good story i loved it
Name: Mikala Mort 24th February 2012
I thought it was creepy but wonderful and I loved it
Name: Anna 17th March 2012
It was a little scary but I loved it.
Name: Taryn 29th March 2012
It was a good story i likes how the author led the plot along
Name: Tekken6.7 11th April 2012
how was baba thingy so thin she should be fat coz she ate so many people
Name: Anna 18th April 2012
nice story
Name: Kaaa2756 27th April 2012
Name: Shadowolf335 28th April 2012
wow this story is brilliant
Name: Will 3rd May 2012
I want to see the flim~~
Name: Kelis 10th May 2012
exelent fantica
Name: Emily 15th May 2012
Name: Pork Chop 24th May 2012
I think this story has has a sence of humor.And its own type of style
Name: Dominica 25th May 2012
I think it is to short :- [
Name: Emmy Rose 30th May 2012
I used to read the story of Vasilisa and the magic doll when I was little but this is a different version. It\'s still one of my favourite tales though.
Name: Holly 2nd June 2012
it was amazing beatiful
Name: Cecilia 4th June 2012
Very nice story!
Name: Hello 24th June 2012
The story was beautiful!!
It really touched me :)
Name: Awwwwwww 6th July 2012
Omg thats is the nicest story i have ever heard!!!!
Really touched me!!!
awwwww (L)
Name: Eisha 10th July 2012
this story was very nice baba-yaga funny name
it touched me
Name: Ariana 26th July 2012
Baba yaga is a great legend. I really like it.
Name: Mahdiya 22nd September 2012
I am just saying that I love ,yah and legends
Name: Mozhda 26th September 2012
Name: Shivani 28th September 2012
i tried to watch this but it wouldnt work!
im soooooooooooooo annoyed.
Name: FaZe Temperrr 1st October 2012
i loved it
Name: Katie 2nd October 2012
Name: Gwenllian 5th October 2012
great story I almost believed it there was also brilliant vocabulary in it
Name: EJ 10ys 16th October 2012
Brilliant work I loved it.My sister is doing Myths and Ledgends for a project.
Name: Kashaf 24th October 2012
good i need to do somthing about myths and legends
Name: Maya 6th November 2012
i am working on myths and legends.
Name: Sarah 12th January 2013
i am learning about greek mythology at school i love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Name: Jennifer Jenkins 27th January 2013
Name: Laiba 28th January 2013
Name: Paulina.p 1st February 2013
sad that her mother died
Name: Sara 4th February 2013
I grew up in a very small Russian village, where the locals strongly believed this. I grew up hearing all kinds of stories about Baba Yaga. Too many to count :) anyway, I was very happy to see this story included.
Name: Aloka 16th February 2013
i liked that story because it was
intresting to hear
Name: Eleanor 2nd March 2013
Cool :-) ☻☺☻☺☻☺☻
Name: Lasi 3rd March 2013
it rocks
Name: Akasyea 9th March 2013
Sweet and sour the best thing I've ever heard about a wicked wich so fumes up to you and your story is awesome
Name: Alysha 16th March 2013
Wow! i loved that story it
was the best!!!!!!!!!:)
Name: Viktor 5th April 2013
WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!That's from my contry.
Name: Maria 7th April 2013
Great Story! I read the book for this story when I was younger, and this was told exactly like the book! Good Job!
Name: Arnav 25th April 2013
I realy cant her the story
Name: Gianni 25th April 2013
It was very mischievous and I wish I had a doll that could help me and do my stuff.
Name: Regan 15th May 2013
That is a good lesson to kids.
Name: Kayleigh 5th August 2013
OMG!!!!That was sooo cool!!!!!!!!!!!
Name: Leon 12th August 2013
... nice
Name: Neurofen Jensen 28th August 2013
Name: Halley 11th October 2013
Ok... The doll that talks is creepy
Name: Adrian 12th October 2013
this kind of sounds like Cinderella.
Name: Adrian 12th October 2013
this story was all kinds of crazy.
Name: Chelsea 28th October 2013
i wish i could have a magic doll
Name: Paulajasmine 28th October 2013
Good story.Rubish ending..
Name: Garfuncal 6th November 2013
I think this is amaz guys 😀😀😃😃
Name: Bob 7th November 2013
Name: Manaal 26th November 2013
Nice story! Except that Vasilisa isn't such a common name so I didn't know how to pronounce it!
Name: Super Max 26th November 2013
intresting story
Name: VICTOR AWSOME 26th November 2013
Name: Supa Rangers 26th November 2013
Name: Super Gilon 14th December 2013
really, really good
Name: Yru Ru 9th January 2014
amazing best one
Name: Richard 9th January 2014
fine very fine
Name: William 28th January 2014
what a lovely story- a clasic
Name: Gurpreet 28th January 2014
I love it...😃😃😃
Name: Hiya 31st January 2014
Lovely story
Name: Zoey 4th February 2014
I think this is a good story because of baba yaga the witch
Name: Anna 7th February 2014
I love this story. we have been studing it at school!
Name: Anna 7th February 2014
I think Cinderella is like this story. Love them both. thank you
Name: Liam 11th February 2014
this story realy touched me thankes for doing baba yaga thats my faverit story
Name: Katherine 11th February 2014
This was AMAZING!
Name: Chelsea 3rd March 2014
fantastic story i rate 100/100
Name: Gideon 4th March 2014
she is so evil cers u baba yaga y do u eat kids i am a kid my self if u ate me i will kill u.but this story is sooooooooooooooooo coooooooooooooooool
Name: Akram 4th March 2014
it is a good story cant baba-yaga eat her self instead
Name: Aria 6th March 2014
I love this story! Eat urself Baba!
Name: Jorix 11th March 2014
nice :)
Name: Nayab 26th March 2014
Name: Matt 27th March 2014
This really helped me with a school project and this stuffs cool. Useful information
Name: Hannah 31st March 2014
Name: Kaitlin 10th April 2014
really helped me with my litracy work
Name: Simo 1st May 2014
my granny used to tell me this story when i was little
Name: Yu 2nd May 2014
me too
Name: Yashu 3rd May 2014
where do you get this work
Name: Kiyara 19th May 2014
Really awesome i liked it a lot!!!!
Name: Fiona 24th May 2014
scary but love it
Name: Kayleigh 30th May 2014
The story was really good and I loved the way it was told!!!!
Name: Lol 13th June 2014
Name: Ammy 1st July 2014
i love this story its my
Name: Ashenputtel 13th July 2014
I cannot believe that the first story I click on, turns out to be one of my favorites!

I absolutely adore the story of Cinderella.
Name: Violetta 13th July 2014
I liked the end bit I loved it
Name: Nick 18th August 2014
the ending was really unnecessary
Name: Luke Markovic 5th October 2014
I really liked it although the ending was unnesery.
Name: Yolk 16th October 2014
Name: Vickvick 23rd October 2014
the story was amazing in some books i love had baba yaga in it
Name: Eleanor 9th November 2014
It reminds me of cinderella a little because of the bueatyfull daughter with a stepmother and two stepsisters who hate her and make her do all the hard work.
Name: Aspen 3rd December 2014
great story and it reflects multiple folk tales and a little fairy tales
Name: Eviliynn 22nd January 2015
Thank you for uploading this great legend you have helped me with my homework!
i love this story.
what happened to the doll? were is it now?
Name: Ayesha 27th January 2015
very good
Name: Faith Dunne 5th February 2015
I really liked this story it was very good, baba-yagas voice was really weird
Name: Charley Lewis 12th February 2015
My mom tells lots of vasalisa stories and Ivan. There's the golden bear, and fool of the world, and the King winsissloss. And the cursed princess.that one has a frog. You should come listen to her she's good.
Name: Andrea 8th March 2015
This is a very good story. Good Job.
Name: Mario 26th March 2015
there is a similar story to this. You might not know it, but it's called "bony legs".
Name: Po3a 16th April 2015
This story reminds me of Cinderella a little bit
Name: Trinity 27th April 2015
great story
Name: Lorenzo 5th May 2015
That was a very good story i wish i could do that like write story's how u do it
Name: NS 15th May 2015
Good Story
Name: Donkey 19th May 2015
AWESOME myth love baba yaga!!!!
Name: Mia 14th June 2015
good and wonderful!
Name: Goerge 19th June 2015
Name: Eli.gnarazan 1st July 2015
Name: Dylan 24th July 2015
Interesting but kind of a copy of Cinderella and Hansel and gretel
Name: Liana Shuman 12th August 2015
this was a great story
very educative
bit creepy
but interusting
loved it
thanks alot
ps wonderful
Name: Abbey 17th September 2015
I love the girl because she is bueatafuil. I love her name aswell
Name: Dipika 20th September 2015
i thought the story was okay and it should be more of horror!!!!!
Name: Vicktoria 30th September 2015
it's too much like snow white and
i would of prefered a bit more horror
Name: Mary 5th October 2015
I really liked this myth.
Name: Tom 8th October 2015
Good Myth
Name: Simone 9th October 2015
oh my that was really good
Name: Chuck Morris 2nd November 2015
shrek was better
Name: Zeb 2nd November 2015
That was a amazing story it was also very interesting
Name: Hello 4th November 2015

Name: Noah 8th December 2015
it is a very good story. who wrote this?
Name: Bhuran Telan 27th December 2015
I like Vasalisa because she has a good
heart, patient and she never gives up.
Name: Alice 9th January 2016
good nice animations
Name: Nadia 13th January 2016
I liked the story
Name: Zoe 26th January 2016
what a beautiful story when reading time was over i had to beg my teacher to let me read again the story. Vasalisa is so kind caring and i like it how she never gives up.
Name: Candy 26th January 2016
I thought the story was amzing
Name: Max 26th January 2016
Sooooooooo good the best story ever
Name: Ava 27th January 2016
This story was very suspenseful,
I also liked how Vasalisa never gave up!
This story reminds me a little bit like Cinderella.
Name: Louis 4th February 2016
I like this book because I. Ended with a happy ending
Name: Fatma 8th February 2016
I like this book because it is so intresting
Name: Arabella 24th February 2016
so good;D
Name: Belinda 26th February 2016
This is a really interesting book but I have read this book so many times it is really good
Name: Edie Procter 15th March 2016
I really liked this book this is the second time I\\\'ve read it but they have changed it slightly
Name: Reilly 3rd May 2016
i loved reading this story.i could read it a million times more.
Name: Molly 12th May 2016
Name: Savannah 15th May 2016
This is a great story
Name: Enoch 17th May 2016
this book is very funny!!!!!
Name: Elisabeth 11th June 2016
sweet Wonderfull Lovely and
The step mother and step sisters were meen

Name: Sarh 9th July 2016
Baba-Yaga scared me but the rest of the story was amazing.
Name: Shahirah 7th October 2016
i lov the story :)

Name: Elsie 12th October 2016
I loved it!!
Name: Yar 28th October 2016
mother yar was bad she was not treating vasilissa right i hope baba yar eats them they are bad people
Name: Braeden Campos 8th November 2016
Name: Helen 11th November 2016
I LOVED IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Name: Rohan 9th December 2016
i love this story because typically im in high school and i used it in an book review and i got a grad a+ so i'd recommend this story its so so so fantastic
Name: UNICORN 6th January 2017
tsar means king
Name: Keiona 31st January 2017
good,peace full and creepy
Name: Vian Samuel 20th March 2017
Very nice
Name: Billie 3rd April 2017
i loved the character Baba Yaga, this story reminded me of a fairytale I do very well love called Cinderella. I did think that the skull bit at the end was a bit creepy though. I love the idea of Baba Yagas' house.
Name: Dank Meme 10th May 2017
Very creepy but I liked it.It was cool. The Tsar was the creepiest of all the characters though.
Name: Bob 15th May 2017
Name: No 18th May 2017
Name: No 30th May 2017
i liked it it was interesting very cool and weird.
Name: Nina 27th June 2017
Russian fairy tales are very cool.
Name: Brett 29th August 2017
That was a totally random story xDDDDDD
Name: Elan 4th October 2017
I think it\'s amazing 😉
Name: Bianca 22nd November 2017
i really enjoyed reading the story i was very different but i loved it who ever made this well done it was awesome.:)
Name: Jonah 14th December 2017
Weirdest story ever
Name: Mariyah 14th December 2017
this good
Name: Lillian 17th December 2017
I love the story
Name: Madeleine 19th December 2017
This is a really nice story
Name: Jade 2nd February 2018
The very best 1 on here
Name: Nihalah 2nd February 2018
love it
Name: Mila 10th February 2018
I found this story very interesting.I am bound to watch it again!


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