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Baba-Yaga and Vasilisa the Fair

Babar Yaga is also the name of a boss in Tomb Raider. 21st July 2018
Baba Yaga very creepy person init 10th July 2018
coooooool22nd May 2018
I loved this story because it has magic.
The part that mostly scared me was the part that the skull burning the step mother and the 2 step sisters.
22nd May 2018
so cool
18th May 2018
Very Interesting!14th May 2018
It's so cool!!!1st May 2018
i love it19th March 2018
Amazing, love it!14th March 2018
Very good13th March 2018
I found this story very interesting.I am bound to watch it again!10th February 2018
love it2nd February 2018
The very best 1 on here2nd February 2018
This is a really nice story
19th December 2017
I love the story17th December 2017
this good14th December 2017
Weirdest story ever 14th December 2017
i really enjoyed reading the story i was very different but i loved it who ever made this well done it was awesome.:)
22nd November 2017
I think it\'s amazing 😉 4th October 2017
That was a totally random story xDDDDDD29th August 2017
Russian fairy tales are very cool.27th June 2017
i liked it it was interesting very cool and weird.30th May 2017
Weird18th May 2017
nice15th May 2017
Very creepy but I liked it.It was cool. The Tsar was the creepiest of all the characters though.10th May 2017
i loved the character Baba Yaga, this story reminded me of a fairytale I do very well love called Cinderella. I did think that the skull bit at the end was a bit creepy though. I love the idea of Baba Yagas' house. 3rd April 2017
Very nice20th March 2017
good,peace full and creepy31st January 2017
tsar means king
6th January 2017
i love this story because typically im in high school and i used it in an book review and i got a grad a+ so i'd recommend this story its so so so fantastic 9th December 2016


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