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Baba-Yaga and Vasilisa the Fair

Amazing 26th March 2019
love it19th March 2019
It was great, but a little bit scary. The message, though, was very clear and I loved the audio option.7th March 2019
Very interesting story. My favorite part was when she did all the work for Baba-Yaga so quick because of her doll.4th March 2019
this story is amazing please type back if you find anything like this because i will be more than willing to read it2nd March 2019
Baba-Yaga was a Russian Witch who was related to the devil in some way, The different accounts vary, Some say she is the bride of satan, others that she is his daughter, it's all very difficult to pin down 29th January 2019
loved it
28th January 2019
nice story25th January 2019
am looking for hybridized myth as the result of interrelationship between Africa and America during slave trade, help me please.19th January 2019
:)17th January 2019
TEAM BABA-YAGA 12th November 2018
Love it!8th November 2018
Why did Baba Yaga throw Vasilisa out of her house just because she said that her mother's blessing helped her?26th September 2018
18th September 2018
Babar Yaga is also the name of a boss in Tomb Raider. 21st July 2018
Baba Yaga very creepy person init 10th July 2018
coooooool22nd May 2018
I loved this story because it has magic.
The part that mostly scared me was the part that the skull burning the step mother and the 2 step sisters.
22nd May 2018
so cool
18th May 2018
Very Interesting!14th May 2018
It's so cool!!!1st May 2018
i love it19th March 2018
Amazing, love it!14th March 2018
Very good13th March 2018
I found this story very interesting.I am bound to watch it again!10th February 2018
love it2nd February 2018
The very best 1 on here2nd February 2018
This is a really nice story
19th December 2017
I love the story17th December 2017
this good14th December 2017
Weirdest story ever 14th December 2017
i really enjoyed reading the story i was very different but i loved it who ever made this well done it was awesome.:)
22nd November 2017
I think it\'s amazing 😉 4th October 2017
That was a totally random story xDDDDDD29th August 2017
Russian fairy tales are very cool.27th June 2017
i liked it it was interesting very cool and weird.30th May 2017
Weird18th May 2017
nice15th May 2017
Very creepy but I liked it.It was cool. The Tsar was the creepiest of all the characters though.10th May 2017
i loved the character Baba Yaga, this story reminded me of a fairytale I do very well love called Cinderella. I did think that the skull bit at the end was a bit creepy though. I love the idea of Baba Yagas' house. 3rd April 2017
Very nice20th March 2017
good,peace full and creepy31st January 2017
tsar means king
6th January 2017
i love this story because typically im in high school and i used it in an book review and i got a grad a+ so i'd recommend this story its so so so fantastic 9th December 2016


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