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Phineas and the Fox

Name: Samia 4th November 2011
I feel the myth should be a bit more adventurous
But well done!
Name: Emily 12th November 2011
I think the myth was brilliant! Well done Tanner!
Name: Caitlyn 13th November 2011
I love this story! It has a great level of suspense!
Name: Sage 19th November 2011
best thing i've ever read,and I like reading!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Name: Martha 22nd November 2011
wow that is a verry verry verry lon story but is it a prince or a boy called phineas?!
Name: Ryan 23rd November 2011
this is good
Name: Callum 23rd November 2011
I thought it was quite good and also I thought the bit at the end was quite good as well.
Name: DANE 26th November 2011
wow a very long story,but really good,i'm giving it 5 out of 5
Name: Arryan 29th November 2011
That is amazing
Name: Ehelsan 29th November 2011
it was a fantastic stories and i loved the stories
Name: Keira 1st December 2011
the best story ever
Name: Chloe 11th January 2012
i like to make stories so i wold like to make one creative storie on here and i hope youre looking forward to you reading this storie
Name: Zakaria Mohamed 21st February 2012
why is this story so long
Name: Pandora446 29th July 2012
fantastic stor one of the best story of the year!
Name: Ryan 1st September 2012
good thought could have been a little longer 4/5
Name: Ellie And Jaspreet 5th December 2012
This is a great adventure story but there wasn\'t a struggle to solve the problem therefore it could be better.
Name: Liam, Josh And Mark 5th December 2012
The myth was a bit long and bits didnt make sense but it was a good story
Name: Ben,kiera And Jamielea 5th December 2012
it was a great story,i could picture all the things you discribed and well done on a very good story
Name: Courtney,Elysia And Megan 5th December 2012
very interesting, but a bit too much information. furthermore, we belive this is the best myth of the year!It had lots of varied sentences.could have more speech.


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