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Anansi Brings Stories to the World

Name: Riham 24th September 2011
Name: Retale 27th September 2011
Anancy and the sky god has an exact story just different title and middle
Name: BOB 28th September 2011
That was interesting.....
Name: Phoebe 28th September 2011
wow i loved it loads!!!
Name: Cerys.siabhon.adams 3rd October 2011
that was intresting....

i think

love cerys.a from cwm derwenXX
Name: Rimsha/Muhammad/Fiza 5th October 2011
We loved this story!
Name: Dylan 5th October 2011
i have read anansi books and they\'re so funny; i hope this will be a good one.
Name: Kum 7th October 2011
Name: Courtney 7th October 2011
really good story anasi is a good man
Name: Maddie 9th October 2011
i think anansi is a very challenging god
Name: Andie 24th October 2011
i like it but a bit boring
Name: Tori 25th October 2011
I loved this story
Name: Mohammed 3rd November 2011
I like all the story
Name: YK 4th November 2011
The story was exeptionnaly brilliant!!!! I loved it so much!!!!

Name: Nana 4th November 2011
Did you know that this story of Anansi is from my country,Ghana!
Name: Naifn 7th November 2011
that was exelant
Name: Amrin 7th November 2011
is the sky god real and is the story real
Name: J.c.m 7th November 2011
cool nice one
Name: Maddy 8th November 2011
that was a wonderfull story i shall have to listen to it again soon
Name: Saffron 10th November 2011
This is a really good stories that kids at school can think about and write there own story. Very well presented, I like that story for everyone in Primary School.
Name: Fritz 10th November 2011
that story was lovely!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Name: Jessica 11th November 2011
wow i loved that story
Name: Amy 11th November 2011
Hey my school listens to these stories we got it for homeword
Name: Julia 14th November 2011
I loved it very very very very a hundred veryes MUCH!
Name: Amelia 15th November 2011
that was good i like that story :)
Name: Dogs2332314 15th November 2011
great story. loved the ending
Name: Michael 16th November 2011
It was a great story. I would love to hear it again.
Name: Bula 16th November 2011
it is really worth and this is an excellent program children who are young
Name: Mike 18th November 2011
cool story it is good for young people
Name: Kobina Ankomah 18th November 2011
the story is fron ghana my country i have heard lots of anansi stories but not this one
Name: Jennette Mccurdy 21st November 2011
fun and cool story
Name: Hop 23rd November 2011
it is a good story :)
Name: Chelsea 26th November 2011
really funny and it made a laugh come from my bro
Name: Zain 28th November 2011
Name: Pop 3rd December 2011
i really like when it says i see what i see what remains remains thats realy funny
Name: Vanessa 3rd December 2011
i like the story

Name: Mustaqeem 18th December 2011
coooooooooool blood
Name: Liz 19th December 2011
I'm impressed as i am an award winning student in English and i loved the language!:)
Name: Eliza 19th December 2011
i loved it ! i absolutely LOVED it ! You are a true writer !
Name: William 13th January 2012
i like this story
Name: Mustaqeem 13th January 2012
cooooooooool blood
Name: Don 16th January 2012
Not so Good
Name: Kevin 19th January 2012
I actually liked this story, hope there is more like this.
Name: Tia 19th January 2012
wow!i luv Anansi stories! so inspirin even doe im in yr 10 now,i still luv dem n luv readin dem 2 my lil sis wen she goaz 2 sleep!!lol i rate dis 2 any 1 hu luvs readin!!
Name: Gemma 22nd January 2012
Name: Mubeena 22nd January 2012
i think the anansi storys are amazing because they are detailed and are extreamly detailed and tbey have put it in a way that all kids in all ages can understand
Name: Jenny 23rd January 2012
Name: Courtney 23rd January 2012
thst wasmore great than i have ever imagend
Name: Tincan24 27th January 2012
anansi is a realy good story because me and my friends are doing stories from other cultures at our school. we all go thankyou anansi at the end!
Name: Connor 2nd February 2012
I thought it was very creative and I liked the way that he tricked them.
Name: Lewis 18th February 2012
I thout it was relly good.
Name: Paxton 22nd February 2012
This story rocks even thought it\\\'s fake
Name: Jordan 5th March 2012
it is good
Name: Racheal.a 13th March 2012
love it
Name: Tom.c 27th March 2012
love it
Name: Maral 4th April 2012
it is so good
Name: Nikki 22nd April 2012
i just love it :D
Name: Ilovehorses 12th June 2012
i really liked the story it is very nice and lovely story i think there should be more stories a bit like this because when kids go on here they will have love it

Name: Laura 25th June 2012
I really enjoyed listinin to that story it was so good I would of liked to write it myself.
Name: Tanne 18th September 2012
i think the stroy was really gd.
Name: Tianne 25th September 2012
this story was awesome no better i have read about anansi.
Name: Linda 26th September 2012
the story is interesting
Name: Serffg 22nd October 2012
awsomeeeeeeeeeeeeee story
Name: Gabrielle 31st October 2012
I am from Ghana that is why I watched this to see if it is intresting
Name: Chelsea 7th November 2012
i am from ghana story is very goood!
Name: Persia 13th November 2012
it was amazing i was so excited it was so interesting i was so happy for him. ;0)
Name: Lauren 27th November 2012
Anansi stories are very interesting and exciting.I am from Ghana so I wanted to see if it was exciting.I would have liked it anyway.
Name: Lisa 30th November 2012
veeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeery ggggggggggggooooooooooooddd
Name: Natasha S 8th December 2012
Awesome... the sky god sounds like my dad
Name: Yasmine 9th December 2012
I really liked it it's amazing!
Name: Alia 3 13th December 2012
i really liked it it was nice a nd funny
Name: Ed 4th January 2013
This was good. Very good.
Name: AKWASI 7th January 2013
Name: Hana 13th January 2013
i really enjoyed this storie that i just
hear i want to hear another diffrant storie
Name: Cheniah 22nd January 2013
This is really really really FANTASTIC! I did not know this story and guess what my dad came from there and it is REALLY really really Jamaica.
Name: DeShawn 24th January 2013
I come from Ghana
Name: Samantha 28th January 2013
i loved this story. my favorite part was the fairy part
Name: N'sia 29th January 2013
This myth is perfect for me to read.I love
the sense of mine.
Name: Cameronwaddel 1st February 2013
wow this is good i will have to read this again thank you for this story
Name: Luchana 1st February 2013
this story is so good. i read this in 4grade and its still good.
Name: N'sia 1st February 2013
I love the ending of anansi.
Name: Aliza Delgado 1st February 2013
i love this story
Name: Hae Eun 28th February 2013
It's cute.... kind of.
Name: Eleanor 2nd March 2013
I ♥ this story. I like animals that are fictional.
Name: Styles 7th March 2013
love the website
Name: Callie Rae 15th March 2013
Name: Hitler 16th March 2013
good but not too good
Name: Eman 2nd April 2013
Awesome story, I remember reading Anansi Stories but I have never heard this one!
Name: Jastej Singh 7th April 2013
I saw this in school it is epic and it was so funny when the bad fairy said answer or I will slap you on the face and the the gum thing said stop or I will hit you back
Name: Ana 7th April 2013
This story is awful and is not the real one
Name: Liz 18th April 2013
i loved the story as i am a Ghanaian.
Name: Raihan 27th April 2013
favourite character
Name: Treasure 11th May 2013
I think that was one of the best stories I've heard so far.
Name: Regan 13th May 2013
That was a great story
Name: Regan 22nd May 2013
Great I wached it again thank you!!!
Name: Shruthi 29th May 2013
i loved it :)
Name: Serine 7th June 2013
It was very easy for Anansi to pay the price.
Name: K_dunn 24th June 2013
Spider who read stories. AWESOME
Name: Asha Uddin 5th July 2013
a spider who read stories wierd !
Name: Angeles 17th July 2013
kinda weird
Name: Lol 29th July 2013
Name: David 23rd August 2013
weird and crazy
Name: Kevin 25th August 2013
reely nice
Name: Don 26th August 2013
Long but very nice
Name: Mwanakombo 30th September 2013
ilike this story alot
Name: Emily 6th October 2013
This story was very cute. It also helped write an essay about Anansi.
Name: D 20th November 2013
Name: Liz 26th November 2013
i actually quite like this. It has helped me with my progect

Name: Michael 13th December 2013
I really like this story because ther\'s a God
Name: Eleanor 3rd January 2014
I like this story because i love all the non-existant creatures. It's funny how the bad-tempered fairy sounds a bit bit like a school bully. ;D
Name: Shaun 8th January 2014
I really like Anansi and Nyame the sky gox
Name: Ella Odonnell 10th January 2014
I like it because anansi is helpful and friendly also he is awesome where he goes on adventures and saves the world!! ;) :) ;) :)
Name: Zoe 17th January 2014
Name: Abi And Jabez 24th January 2014
it was a very interesting and weird story!
Name: Heath And Ian 30th January 2014
Lol! Its so weird im creeped out, Ian\'s mom reads it everyday to him!
Name: Eve 20th February 2014
this story was very interesting but weird at the same time very confusing :,
Name: Keah 21st February 2014
I love the stories about Anansi I love the stories about Anansi & how crafty he & his wife are & all the brilliant ideas they come up to fool all the other animals.

Name: Shell 14th March 2014
I love this story!!! I will haveto share it with my whole family!
Name: Rogo 27th March 2014
Similar to other stories, but another very good version.
Name: Jj 30th April 2014
I love this story because anansi is just so clever and it is from my home continent !!!!!!!!
Name: Brianna Cipriani 30th April 2014
i love this story
Name: Cammi 15th May 2014
I think this is a very good story because its so amusing to me!!
Name: Stupid 13th June 2014
i have learned about anansi
Name: Jimmy Savel 16th June 2014
I loved it
Name: Anagha Sajeevan 17th June 2014
Its very nice but still i would like to have the rest of the stories plzzzzzzzzzzz

The Myths and Legends Team
Name: Bella Boo 14th July 2014
this is sooooooooooooooooooooooooo good it helped me loads
Name: Mita 15th July 2014
fariy tales?
Name: Tom 5th October 2014
This is one of my favorite Myths and Legends, love it!
Name: Stinky Cheese 8th October 2014
Wow! AMazing this is sooo cool I am inspired
Name: Big Mama 25th October 2014
whoa awesome
Name: Lara 8th November 2014
Really good story
Name: Chenu 20th November 2014
fascinating I have not heard this one from my dad yet
Name: GIGI 29th November 2014
my oldest grandchild is 34 years and still remembers me reading about Anansi stories. i read about Anansi to all my grandchildren
Name: Gem 7th December 2014
Really interesting story :)
Name: Lisa 2nd January 2015
i had to read a play version o this story. The original story is better.
Name: Akofa 4th February 2015
I loved the story but i agree the original version is way better. Plus Il really like how cleaver Anansi and his wife are because i bet it is really hard and courageous to stand up too things that can eat and kill u.
Name: Poo 5th March 2015
Name: Jeremiah 8th March 2015
I love the story because I am half Uganda and half Ghana
Name: Jeremiah 8th March 2015
How dare you say that the original version is better this one is better lisa
Name: Cherille 25th March 2015
Such a coooooooooooooooooool story
Name: Moseth 13th April 2015
i loved looking at the spider for ages it made feel like a rhino it made me dream of trolls. this is love this is life
Name: Gabriel 19th April 2015
Epic story, the spider is the best.
Name: Agastya 24th April 2015
One of the best stories I have ever read I love he spider because he is brave and open hearted
Name: Alexandra 2nd May 2015
anansi the spader was a good spader .... the story was very good...
Name: Alexandra 2nd May 2015
its coooooooooool......
Name: Afshan 8th May 2015
This is very scary and very cool
Name: Neidei 12th May 2015
nice hey
Name: Noor 29th May 2015
this is an awesome website we use it all the time for school
Name: Abini 26th September 2015
Loved it!!!
Name: Bailey 3rd November 2015
i love it was amazing and funny you could even use this for your homework or something like that.
Name: Sami 4th November 2015
Name: Joshua Ortiz 5th November 2015
ansie is a strange but cool story.:]

sincerely Joshua Ortiz
Name: Courtney 12th November 2015
Awesome for school work
Name: Zaynah Abbasi 4hs 17th November 2015
I like legends because they explain about why something appeared in the world and I also like the fact that some of them are made up too
Name: 🍎+⛑ 4th December 2015
How can a little spider bring storys to the world and you can NOT shoot a web to the gods good try myths and legends but you need to try a lot more to fool 🍎+⛑
Name: David 10th December 2015
Anansi can shoot a web to the gods and he actually did bring stories to life
Name: Lilly 25th January 2016
how do it just cause of a spider
Name: Lina 26th January 2016
I really like how Anansi tricked the animals
Name: Max 28th January 2016
SOOOOOOO really good I love it the best
Name: Emma 28th January 2016
I loved the story and how Anansi got the stories for the humans.
Name: Yoda 9th February 2016
Name: Alex 9th February 2016
good story
Name: Madelyn 10th February 2016
Name: Hi 10th February 2016
Name: Chris.g 10th February 2016
this is a awesome story to read a lot of people should read this story
Name: Minneldy 10th February 2016
This is a ver terrific story Anansi never gave up on anything
Name: Madelyn 11th February 2016
This is the best story I ever read!!!!:)
Name: Wilson L 11th February 2016
wow lol
Name: Darth Vader 11th February 2016
Name: Amina 27th February 2016
I love this it is great xxx
Name: Arjun Satarkar 9th March 2016
told interestingly
Name: Samantha 14th March 2016
it was cool
Name: Kaydence Lindon 23rd March 2016
so cooooooool man
Name: Nyomi Angelnia Oliver 25th March 2016
So cool! I will listen to this forever because it is so cool and also so insterting!
Name: Sana Khalid 26th March 2016
nice and cool
Name: Ch9 9th April 2016
I am not keen on this myth because I do not like spiders
Name: Jaden 25th April 2016
this helped alot
Name: Thn 28th April 2016
Name: Nightwhisker17 5th May 2016
Anansi is awesome! These are my favorite kinds of stories- like the ones where witty animals (Fox, Crane) and non-witty animals (Coyote, sometimes Anansi) get outsmarted and outsmart others. So clever!
Name: Grace 7th May 2016
i am from ghana
Name: Rishika 6th August 2016
this is a really good story, and I would recomend it to anyone who likes reading and stories.
Name: ANTWON 7th August 2016
I love the ananse story its soo interesting all though I'm 13 I still enjoyed it
Name: Dylan 6th December 2016
I realy liked this book.
Name: Bob 9th January 2017
best story ever
Name: Justin 19th January 2017
it was really good
Name: Chris 4th February 2017
It was intresting
Name: Lanhisia 14th February 2017
Good story
Name: William 14th February 2017
That was weird
Name: Jordan Tester 14th February 2017
Name: Mckayla 15th February 2017
Very good story but the narrator was very hard to understand
Name: Korey 6th April 2017
very very good story nice and simple and easy to listen to!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)
Name: Victor 26th April 2017
I have herd this book before
Name: Daisy 29th April 2017
what a weird but cool story!!!

%1oo awesome

Name: Gavin 10th May 2017
he is that strong.
Name: Nia 31st May 2017
loved it
Name: Samuel 13th June 2017
I thought the story was really good :)
Name: Tan 20th October 2017
is anansi meant to be popular!
Name: Nermeen 22nd November 2017
this was a good story and anansi is very smart
Name: Charles 5th December 2017
I love this story. It truly brings out the truth behind all spiders and what they do behind the scene. I know that cows dont do much because I raise them all day long
Name: Charlotte 31st January 2018
I enjoyed reading this story
Name: Charlotte 1st February 2018
very intresting


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