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Anansi Brings Stories to the World

it amazing how a spider thinks.21st September 2019
30th April 2019
Good story, very accent27th March 2019
Great story. Does this site have any other anansi stories?26th March 2019
! love this book it is very interisting20th March 2019
I always use to read this story when I was 613th March 2019
Amazing 8th March 2019
neat story7th March 2019
good book 26th February 2019
cool4th February 2019
spider man existing that long ago wow23rd January 2019
i love it20th December 2018
cool10th December 2018
I liked the "Foolish" part.

5th December 2018
Good job 19th November 2018
i love anansi anansi is my lifeblood and my reason to live i dream of anansi every night i read the stories and perform them to myself as a religious ritual every night9th November 2018
its cool2nd September 2018
Wie hei├čt Anansi's Sohn? Ich habe viele legenden um anansi gelesen, in denen sein Sohn vorkam, jedoch sein Name nie genannt wurde. Schon mal danke.22nd June 2018
This story is basically a Ghana version of the 12 labours of Heracles. 25th May 2018
I love hearing about myths.15th May 2018
iss ok10th May 2018
coooooooooooooolllllllllllllll1st May 2018
coool so thats how da stories came to be26th April 2018
I liked this myth it was sooper cool and amazing.23rd April 2018
Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwww blah17th April 2018
7th April 2018
Great very funny and crafty
26th February 2018
very intresting1st February 2018
I enjoyed reading this story31st January 2018
I love this story. It truly brings out the truth behind all spiders and what they do behind the scene. I know that cows dont do much because I raise them all day long5th December 2017
this was a good story and anansi is very smart22nd November 2017
is anansi meant to be popular!20th October 2017
I thought the story was really good :)13th June 2017
loved it31st May 2017
he is that strong.10th May 2017
what a weird but cool story!!!

%1oo awesome

29th April 2017
I have herd this book before 26th April 2017
very very good story nice and simple and easy to listen to!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)6th April 2017
Very good story but the narrator was very hard to understand 15th February 2017
Ok14th February 2017
That was weird
14th February 2017
Good story14th February 2017
It was intresting4th February 2017
it was really good19th January 2017
best story ever 9th January 2017
I realy liked this book.
6th December 2016


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