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The Treasure of Callow Pit

Name: Lauren 15th May 2007
what was under the water and why did it want the treasure chest?
Name: Diane 15th May 2007
I think this is part of the mystery, nobody really knows. What do you think?
Name: Oak Island Treasure 9th October 2007

I really enjoyed this story! I run Oak Island Treasure, a website dedicated to the mysterious Money Pit mystery in Nova Scotia Canada. It is similar to your legend of Callow Pit and I think you might be interested in reading up on the tale.

Visit for all the latest news - yes, people are still trying to recover the treasure from the booby trapped pit!
Name: Emma Bolingbroke 16th April 2009
very creeeeeeeepy
Name: Derek 15th July 2009
Name: Niamh 23rd September 2009
i thought the story was abit short but it was still really good
Name: Lewis Wood 11th November 2009
reel ace but can you make it a little longer plz and email me if you want me to make any story's
Name: Mite Yete 11th November 2009
ive got the story the heroes
Name: Dolly 12th November 2009
cool and ace but if you could make it a little longer
Name: Anne Age 10 15th February 2010
I think it should be longer
Name: Holly 22nd June 2010
i like this story it is very funny and sad

Name: Holly 30th July 2010
this is a great tale i love scary stories
Name: Gabriel 2nd September 2010
the devil put his hand out of the pit awsome
Name: Rimsha 20th September 2010
I LOVED TH BIT, WHEN DEVIL HOLD THERE HAND! But i think it was a bit sourt! 3 stars!
Name: Rimsha 22nd September 2010
I like it but, it was too short!
Name: FizaNoor 25th September 2010
Wow!!!That was awesome.The devil put his hand out of the pit.My hart was pupping fast and fast when I saw the devil's hand.
I knew nothing about what was going to happen.
Name: Olivia Page 29th September 2010
It was okay but it didn't scare me and it was to short
Name: Jessica 22nd October 2010
i like it but too short
Name: Marie 28th November 2010
It was so coolllllllllllllllll that I like the bit when the boys got the treaerse I give it 8 out of 10 beacuse it was to shot.
Name: Ashinjhijo 10th December 2010
I really liked it.
Name: Max 7th July 2011
I liked the Devil part , but not to upset you , but I think it would be cooler if there was a whirlpool instead of the Devil , and how could the Devil reach out if the pit was about 3ft deep?!
Name: Camelia 3rd November 2011
i loved it great story i like the part where the devil takes the treasure imazing but i think the story is a bit to short but well done 7/10 great job!!!!
Name: Savhanna 6th November 2011
Is it a myth or legend !!!!!!
Name: Tadhg 22nd February 2012
I enjoyed this story. I would have liked it to have been a bit longer.
Name: Millygeorgia 21st September 2012
is it a myth or legend?????
Name: AKWASI 8th January 2013
is it a myth
Name: Chris 15th January 2013
it is great.
Name: Xenia Stonehouse Gusewski 3rd June 2013
I think it was rather good but kind of freaky espiecally the part when it is said that a headless horse man cam across a river
Name: Charlie 20th June 2013
this was amazing i learnt so much !
Name: Denial 1st February 2014
It is a wonderful story!
Name: Billy 10th May 2016
this myht was really good
Name: Yahya 8th April 2017
Love it!
Name: Treasure Hunter 29th May 2017
Wow! It's really mysterious, and I like it!! I'd want to see the ring left behind the chest. I wish to see what was inside it.


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