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Name: Lucy 9th December 2011
An exceptional mythical story including ambitious vocab and a superb beginning, middle and end. The ending connects the beginning and everything is written perfectly. Everything is ticked from the interesting auther check list. Well done!! By the way, I would love a few extra paragraphs!!
Name: Talia 10th December 2011
it was good but i would love to read more!
Name: Luke 13th December 2011
Gian, great story, brilliant use of imagery, I enjoyed reading this and considering your 10 years old and producing work of this high standard, it gives us authors something to worry about!
Name: Thomas 13th December 2011
An exceptional, well written 'grab your attention' story with a beautifully written use of imagery and words, any more paragraphs would have made this story too long and you managed to wrap the beginning, middle and the end remarkably well.
Name: Ema 14th December 2011
that was.... was...was... AMAZING ONLY IF U COULD HAVE MORE RATINGS I WOULD GIVE U 1000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I AM NOT JOKING I WOULD CAUSE THAT STORY MADE ME SHIVER SO MUSH I NEARLY FELL OF THE CHAIR and it was amazing and i want moreeeeeee !!!!!!!!!! xxxxxxxxxxxx
Name: Fatimah 23rd December 2011
this was an amazing story!
can i use some parts for my own story?
Name: Rebecca 24th December 2011
It made me shiver!(that is a good thing)! I want MMMMMMMOOOOOORRRRRRREEEEEEEE
Name: Adam 27th December 2011
Name: Vicky2011xxx 31st December 2011
Good Story but the thing that i dont get is how can a ghost lift up children
Name: Hessie 4th January 2012
Thats really gr8!
Name: Jason 6th January 2012
Name: Yasmin 17th January 2012
love it and the language
Name: Ddiizzii 18th January 2012
i was absoulutely great
Name: Chloe 19th January 2012
That was cool!
Name: Minna 21st January 2012
Really good story.
Name: Callum 24th January 2012
I would love to read more
Name: Halima 24th January 2012
i so want to read more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Name: Alyna 28th January 2012
It's really good
p.s You can do another and i know you can do it much spookier.
Name: Aqsa Noor Rashid 28th January 2012
Wow That Is An Awesome Story Please Make More !!! xx
Name: Vale 30th January 2012
This is AWESOME!, I felt like if I was IN the story, you should make more and MUCH MORE spookier, I LOVED it!!! =)
Name: Tony 31st January 2012
this is awesome
Name: Layla 31st January 2012
I like it!
Name: Diya 31st January 2012
Name: Sylvie Dulson 3rd February 2012
I am a English Literture student and this is amazing, so much in it and the tension is very good. All they way throught I cringed and I love the description, great vocabalury.
Name: Libby 8th February 2012
I LOOOVEDDD this story! It was so freaky,that i did not waant to read on,but,of course I read on,other-wise, I would not be commenting!
Name: Harley Line 10th February 2012
This is awesome right keep making some up bruv xxxxxxxxxx
Name: Nato1 10th February 2012
It's really cool! I like the description! Keep up the good work!
Name: Niamh 11th February 2012
weid i made a story
Name: Lila157 13th February 2012
WOW! I lurv it! Plz write a sequel!x :
Name: Ella 15th February 2012
i really love it.I want some more.The discription is very very very good and i used some for my myth in school and read it in our class asembly.thankyou for diong these story i would like some more spookie one pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeas!!!
Name: Najma 17th February 2012
this is a very nice game
Name: Oprincess7 22nd February 2012
that story was amazing, but freaky! plzzzzz write another one and i really want to know if anyone does find the mysterious figure???
Name: Megan 26th February 2012
OMG! that was soooo realistic that should be a Published book......
Name: Benlee 2nd March 2012
that was greet
Name: Ali 3rd March 2012
goooooooooooooooooooooooood book or stoyyyyyyyyy
Name: Alice 4th March 2012
that was awsome! but im sure ive heard it before!
Name: Diamonde 9th March 2012
I've heard that before! Still, Great effort!!
Name: Jakeyypoos 14th March 2012
Really good story, well done
Name: Froggy Alexandra 15th March 2012
gooooooooooooood story
Name: James 17th March 2012
this was abit good but it would of been beter if you made it on story creater 2
Name: Moheira 19th March 2012
a beautiful story
Name: Courtney 19th March 2012
Hi i like the story scary and great please make a another :) :) :)
Name: Rachael 24th March 2012
Wow! That was awesome it was really good!
Name: Helloguy 26th March 2012
EPIC!! Well done you.
Name: Anna 26th March 2012
Pretty good!
I wonder if they've written any other stories?
Name: Molly 30th March 2012
It was amazing,however I foun some mistakes. But it is very good.
Name: Libby 31st March 2012
wow that was really good and freaky
Name: Morgan Hardman 1st April 2012
WOW! Gr8 story. Ive got a better idea for the ending though. The man could of kept the children captive until the police came to search the house two years later
Name: Lolo 1st April 2012
gooooddddddd read mine too its called wolf boy
Name: Not Saying 2nd April 2012
i quite enjoyed! well done! bravo chum
Name: Kezi 8th April 2012
this was a great story thanks xxxxx
Name: Keisha 10th April 2012
Very exciting have they done anymore its a good story, wait not good SPECTACULARLY AWESOME!
Name: Noga 15th April 2012
I really liked this story, it was well put together with an interesting and intense flow. I nominate GianC for the Nobel Prize!
Name: *********** 24th April 2012
very not scary.
Name: Eleanor 26th April 2012
awsome story dude
Name: Stuff 26th April 2012
I thought that the actual layout was good, and the story idea was great! The only thing I would say is that if you just found out that your daughter is trapped in an old, spooky house with a freak, you wouldn't really say "Don't worry love"
Overall, great x
Name: Alianna 26th April 2012
awesome story
Name: Alice Courtney 27th April 2012
this is so good i kind of actually got scared in that.
Name: Jay 28th April 2012
Good a lot of imagination
Name: Alic 2nd May 2012
Awesome story dude, just what i was looking for!
Name: Jade 3rd May 2012
this is an awesome story.I\'d love you to write more
Name: Jorga 10th May 2012
I think I`m scared to death now! But hey I love pettrifing things!!!!
I would love that to happen to me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Name: Jasmin 14th May 2012
Awesome i love it ! really scary !!
Name: Zainab 18th May 2012
this story is great it is better than other story well done
Name: Alexandra 21st May 2012
Name: Hannah 28th May 2012
Name: Liam 2nd June 2012
very exiting
Name: Lauren 4th June 2012
I thought it was good discriptive writing
Name: Honor 5th June 2012
wow cool story ............
Name: BOB 7th June 2012
Name: Ella 8th June 2012
I love that story. II want tothank the person who made it
Name: Eloise 12th June 2012
I got scared to death!!!
Name: Sophia :) 13th June 2012
Interesting but scary :P very good discription though
Name: Darcy 14th June 2012
that was super good!
Name: Ema 15th June 2012
Cool !!! xxx ♥ I was scared the frist time !!! But its fine now xxx ♥
Name: Lorna 22nd June 2012
Apsalutley loved it better then any of my stories :@)
Name: Kimberley 24th June 2012
that is really good
Name: Lolarose 25th June 2012
just kidding awsom
i loved it
Name: Errin 30th June 2012
That made me scared
Name: Stella 6th July 2012
best story ever!!!!!!!!!!!!
they should make more stories like this!
nice story Gianc!!!!!!!
Name: Milly 8th July 2012
It was good but it\'s a mystery at the end and I want to now if they caught him.
Name: Rosie 14th July 2012
so funny! LOL./!
Name: Alina 14th August 2012
That was a great story.A bit spooky and would be better as a movie.
Name: Areisah 24th August 2012
your story is really fun fun i want to read MORE.
Name: Megan 26th August 2012
Like the story but, it was too short and had a little less describtion on how the man looked! but still it is a good story. :)
Name: Jordan 29th August 2012
I love it its imaginative and inteeresting
Name: Ryan 1st September 2012
really good 5/5
Name: Amy 3rd September 2012
love it but i couldnt get a image in my head
Name: Baylee 10th September 2012
its scary but jumpy aswell
Name: Morgan 16th September 2012
I think this story is really good and you have good imagenery
Name: Jessica 16th September 2012
its was good and very imaginative however i could get a picture of the real story in my head maybe or picture-istic words to help picture the scene in my head
Name: Erin & Olivia 22nd September 2012
it was good but a bit long
Name: Lulu 28th September 2012
This story is fantastic i love your imagination you need to become a storywriter good job and if you like writing stories dont stop you should really make more ;)
Name: Naomi 19th October 2012
This was absolutely brilliant. Icould picture everything you said in my head. I think this story deserves to be put into a well earned published book.
Name: Angelika Varadiova 23rd October 2012
its cool
Name: Priya 30th October 2012
Name: Loisea 6th November 2012
Ithink it is a good story but i would of made up the name myself.
Name: Riley 7th November 2012
its realy cool i loved it i hope you do more
Name: Jordi 11th November 2012
Good storyline with an unexpected twist! But i think you could have shortened some of your sentences and prehaps described the situation a little more. All in all, great description and interesting idea, i could have kept reading! ;)
Name: Keera 13th November 2012
it is great
Name: Ing 21st November 2012
Great story!
Name: Caitie 2nd December 2012
that was awesome! i am a fan
Name: Katie Johnson 6th December 2012
That was a cool story,it had good detail in it
Name: Random 7th December 2012
What an awesome story - inspires me to write more often!
Name: Ellanor 21st December 2012
i loved the story im definitely a fan whoa i love it it just caught my attention im fascinated
Name: Lolage 21st December 2012
that was a awesome story it was quite scary too i think you should make more stories i tihnk they will be just as good
Name: Saathveekan 23rd December 2012
good story
Name: Cher Bbz Xxx 2nd February 2013
pritty scary stuff
Name: Shannon 2nd February 2013
Well that was a good story which is good for telling on Halloween so tell it on Halloween ok.make more stories and remember
YOU ARE SO GREAT well done to GianC
Name: Lucy 7th February 2013
It was a realy scary story freaked me out neerly al of the way threw it.
Name: ##### 10th February 2013
it was an exelent story
Name: Coolguy 11th February 2013
It was a brilliant story and because you used lots of descriptive verbs the story was fantastic! Keep it up!!!
Name: Jack 15th February 2013
Name: Emily 22nd February 2013
Name: Joanne Talbot 25th February 2013
I LOVED that story it was so cool
Name: Courtney 4th March 2013
wow brilliant story you are the best can ya post somw more cos they are awesome you should be an author you are that good well done and congratulations bravo bravo mbravo
Name: Clo 5th March 2013
that picture is sooooooooooooooooo scary:0
Name: Angelica Kissme 10th March 2013
awe this was really good but why is there a picture of a guy like that he isnt scary but whteva it was (kinda) good
Name: Miss Cherry 10th March 2013
It was a great story!
Name: Alex 19th March 2013
that was a really great story

excellent job
Name: Someone 25th March 2013
Great story! Well done.
Name: Ben Cowlrick 26th March 2013
cool myth guy lo xd xd xd xd lol lol lol lol lol xd xd xd xd
Name: Mia 30th March 2013
That's amazing. No mistakes or any spelling errors. That was a fantastic showcase. Well Done!
Name: Bryan 10th April 2013
was that a real myth?
well, it was really good!!
Name: Lokios 10th April 2013
i like this story
Name: Alysha 11th April 2013
Excelant!!!! That was so so good!!!!!!!!!!
Name: Sarah 13th April 2013
That was a very good story.
Name: Me 16th April 2013
Name: Caleb 23rd April 2013
Awesome, perfect, absoluetly amazing. No problems a tall!!!!
Name: Chloe 27th April 2013
well done this story is awesome.
Name: Thebestcommenta 9th May 2013
i loved that story! so cool
Name: Elli Rebecca Barrott 12th May 2013
All i have to say about this story is... BRILLIANT! That story sent shivers down my spine the whole time, i almost felt like i was going to fall off my chair, well done.
Name: Ella 17th May 2013
this is a program from cbbc not a made up one
Name: Nice 18th May 2013
i love the picture and also the story you had really tried hard.
Name: Gorgeous 21st May 2013
congrats because makes an interesting story ^^
Name: Charlotte 1st June 2013
this sooooooo fasinating read this people
Name: Victoria Hazelwood 5th June 2013
This is a amazing story!!!! You should read this as it has great adjectives, and words so good I had to google the meaning!!!! (I mean that in a good way!)You should be really proud and I bet one day you will be a fantastic story writer!!! :)
Name: Emily 8th June 2013
great story. really interesting and straightforward.
Name: Benjamin 24th June 2013
its wonderful good work
Name: Emma 2nd July 2013
it is really good, very descriptive words in there and a very cold and mysterious story.
Name: Lauren 22nd July 2013
wow interesting story
Name: Ashley 22nd July 2013
Name: Toby 30th July 2013
Epic! :)
Name: Bob 2nd August 2013
Awesome story! :)
Name: Tahlia 12th August 2013
This story is very scary and depessing in a way. I love it!
Name: Hii 15th August 2013
I loved it
Name: Bee 17th August 2013
I loved it it was intersting
Name: Mythmaker 26th August 2013
This is a very scary and spooky story
Name: Paris 26th August 2013
rate my story please
Name: Dannii 31st August 2013
Very good
Name: Suhas 16th October 2013
veeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeery creepy shivered me
Name: Rimsha 23rd October 2013
So interesting and spooky! :)
Name: Hinako 3rd March 2014
Nice story
one thing i don't get is; how is it a myths and ledgends story.
Name: Miranda 29th April 2014
very nicely written c:
Name: Whitney 9th September 2014
Does this story have like a beginning middle and end? Does it have enough information for a dialogue?
Name: Gianc 27th November 2014
Thnks guys
Name: Mariam 30th March 2016
That was an amazing story!! I really enjoyed it. It included lots of adjectives and adverbs. I could imagine the picture in my head!!


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