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Name: Alicia Lai 2nd October 2008
I like this story because it's short and sweet and i like the bit about the sun being a lamp! But if the sun was a lamp think how big that wizard was!!!!!!
Name: Elizabeth 12th November 2008
oh i just love it.well done
Name: Alex 25th January 2009
I think this is a really good story I will think diferently next time I look at a sky full of bright stars
Name: Connor 9th September 2009
Very Clever I like It
Name: Maria 10th November 2009
The story was to short but at the time it was good
Name: Abner 10th November 2009
its really good thats why im going to read it every minute
Name: Lydia 18th February 2012
This is a really clever idea I will think of your story ever night and if I were you then I would be very proud of yourself because you have a good imagination?
Name: Riyaana 11th March 2012
I really like this story it is very short and very imaginative but i think it would be better if you make it a bit more scary so it could match the title
"NIGHT"."carry on the clever work".
Name: Myles Kallum Rhys 5th December 2012
Name: Rimsha 21st October 2013
Nice idea... :)
Name: Maria 5th November 2015
I did a similar one
Name: Rlove 29th December 2015
well,this story is good for my HM but i still don't get how they made it up. How could a person made up a good fake story?


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