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Arachne the Spinner

Name: Stephanie Blake 30th October 2007
I thought it was good and kind and nice.
Name: Bel 14th November 2007
i like the story
Name: Kialka 2nd February 2008
i dont like spiders but like aracne good story
Name: M 2nd March 2008
This is the most interesting story in greek mythology. I've read every version of this story to put together the true thoughts of the greeks.
Name: Daniella 5th April 2008
wow! great story!! it is written and illustrated in a form that is easy for children to understand. my younger sister used this site 4 her assignment and all was well. thankyou
Name: Sophie & Gracie 14th November 2008
This was really helpful for our english projet thankyou!!
Name: Sara 13th December 2008
So the moral of this story is not to think you are the best
Name: Elektra 14th December 2008
The myth originates from Greece not Turkey hence the greek goddess Athena and mount Olympus, as well as the greek word arachne(meaning spider)
Name: Sonya 7th January 2009
I've heard that story before but in a different way
Name: Chloe 16th January 2009
I once did that in English at school
Name: Carys 17th January 2009
I really enjoyed that one and it's the best so far
Name: Cc4g 19th January 2009
Name: Sasha 19th January 2009
I heard a story called spider woman
same meaning but she turns into a big coulerful spider and no one can see the webs in a good way.
Name: Megan Duck 27th January 2009
it was really good but why did she come back as a spider.

Name: Hannah Hussain 30th January 2009
I was truely touched but still afened because I like the storys of the gods.
Name: Freya 31st January 2009
I think it was alright but I think Arachne was cheeky beacuse I think gods are Inportant!
Name: Morgan 31st January 2009
Why did she come back as a spider she didnt have any special powers
Name: Sall 10th February 2009
good but wierd
Name: Nunu 16th February 2009
it was very fun and intresting but it is quite wierd and scary!!!!!
Name: Brandi .B. 18th February 2009
its a good thing arachne got what she diserved she shouldnt have questioned athena also she became a spider because she hung her self from a thread (whiched turned into a wed) and she became a spider
Name: Lucy 18th February 2009
i thought she got what she deserved after she questioned the great god athena because she insulted the gods when she threaded the gods being drunk.
Name: Chloe! 20th February 2009
That is very random where Arachne becomes a spider but is a clever idea.
By Chloe. xx
Name: Kristina 21st February 2009
She got what she deserved when she turned into a spider. I sorta still feel sorry for her though for some reason...........
Name: Brianna 26th February 2009
I think this is a very clever story!!
Name: Georgia 26th February 2009
i thought that was realy intresting but it was very a bit shocking when arachne turned ito a spider
Name: Iman 26th February 2009
hi Im Iman and this stroy we read it at school today and this site is wonderful absolutly brilliant for my students. i rate it 100% and all teachers should listen to all these superb stories!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!it is the no.1 site for pupils and teachers.
Name: Nunu 2nd March 2009
this is a good story for because it is fun and intresting!!!!
Name: SAUGAT 6th March 2009
it is really funny
Name: Year 5 The GDST Hamlets 26th March 2009
This myth teaches us two things, first not to be boastful and second, how spiders first came to be in the world (now we understand why spiders are called arachnids!). Year 5, at the GDST Hamlets, really enjoyed this story. We thought Arachne was too boastful, but we felt sorry for her when she was so ashamed that she killed herself. We thought that Athena was a kind goddess who was willing to give humans another chance! Our class opinion is divided about whether we like spiders more or not after reading this myth.
Name: Alexis Nunez 29th March 2009
i really like this story its really interesting it was my fav myth its awesome it was a great story for one of my ten stories for my myth progect i rated it as a 10 out of 10 *LUV YA FOREVER* =) =) =) =) =)(= (= (= (= (=
Name: Jake 30th March 2009
thank you for such a short myth! i needed something quick to type up on my myth homework an ended up really liking this story!
Name: Anisah 30th March 2009
this story was very good, i enjoyed it, and it was very exciting
Name: Simran 30th March 2009
I've already read this story and i read it again cus it is really good.
Name: Alexis 30th March 2009
i really really llike this story
Name: Cesar 24th April 2009
this is cool
Name: Corrigan 20th May 2009
very intresting and scary
Name: Lyra 25th May 2009
This is ok but i have seen WAY better. Put in a better effort next time will ya!
Name: Jane 26th May 2009
Nice story. Could use more animation to be fun...
Name: NAVDEEP 27th May 2009
no its not scary like that its not scary its good i like
Name: Alize 9th June 2009
A real but pretend story a very fantastic story in TURKEY!
Name: 8nas 25th July 2009
the story is cute and great,
Name: Wendy 28th August 2009
I really liked this story
Name: Molly 28th August 2009
it is a nice story our teachers showed us them at school this is the best one its a little sad were she tried to hang herself thoght
Name: Mattea 4th October 2009
I love this story !
Name: Laura 6th October 2009
Hi, I liked this story but thought it was a bit stupid when she boasted to the god(Athena) and I though it was a bit sad to hang yourself. Imagine hanging yourself because you're ashamed. I don't like spiders so the spider bit I found a bit gruesome.
Name: Clare 6th October 2009
i loved the book peace out ila
Name: Brandi Aucoin 13th October 2009
I love this story a lot and I love the pictures a lot!!!!!!!
Name: Nick 14th October 2009
It is not the way I know it. It is a bit stupid to hang yourself!
Name: Alexis 7th November 2009
that was a good lesson to learn,and sad,and a happy one.
Name: Matepokemon1 7th November 2009
amazing loved it
Name: Sarah 16th November 2009
amazing story. It was sad for some people
Name: Michelle Medvec 3rd December 2009
A very interesting story indeed
Name: Shaniese 11th December 2009
very good
Name: Chloe Joyce 5th January 2010
exellent but could be better.

Name: Matin 7th January 2010
it was very good.
Name: Alice 14th January 2010
it is horrible at the end
Name: Casey Lau 16th January 2010
it is briliant set for the end bit
Name: Joe Eden 21st January 2010
Now I know were the word Arachnaephobia or fear of Spiders comes from and I thought it was a bit violent.
Name: Yvette Dupree 5th February 2010
it was a good myth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
though arachne was a bit rude
Name: Michael Huck 6th February 2010
Name: Anya Pooley 7th February 2010
Great myth!i liked the pictures on the tapestries!
Name: Ruby 16th February 2010
So awesome!
Name: Ruby 17th February 2010
The myth was great!
I think this is the only one I'm going to see!
Name: Jennifer Lee 19th February 2010
It's a great myth.
Name: Hasnain Arshad 22nd February 2010
this is a great myth
Name: Sophie 24th February 2010
wow this is te best myth ive read!!
Name: Valorie Esquilona 25th February 2010
i really love this story..actually this is my most favourite tale among the rest of ovid's metamorphoses..i'd played the role of athena,actually it's minerva because it's part of roman literature,way back in my highscool days.yah,it's so cool!
Name: Katie 27th February 2010
I like it
Name: Cam 1st March 2010
its fun
Name: Bruce 1st March 2010
Name: Tanatsha 2nd March 2010
Name: Tanatsha 2nd March 2010
its not like my version
Name: Teresa 9th March 2010
i liked it and i also heard it in school and it is similar to anaccy the spider
Name: Calista 10th March 2010
I enjoyed this myth SO much!!!!!!
Name: Carmen 18th March 2010
I think you have a great imagination.please can you do some more myths because arachne the spinner was really good!
Name: Jessica 19th March 2010
This is really GOOD x
Name: Kimi 28th March 2010
weird but good, lots of info
Name: Emily G 8th April 2010
Name: Rinu 9th April 2010
Really good and interesting
Name: SSS 18th April 2010
This is not the best of stories/myths/legends but it will do. I found this very educational. I am 12 and I am doing an essay on Ancient Greece and Greek myths/legends etc. so I found this site very helpful. Don't worry, you can call me a geek if you want to.
Name: Tegan Berry 22nd April 2010
Name: Jenna Marie 30th April 2010
wow! great? its awsome the way she gets turned into a spider well cool!
Name: Farzana 3rd May 2010
i like the story it was entertaining and it kept me's so cool when she turns into a spider.
Name: Shamina 3rd May 2010
i like this story.:)
Name: Cj 24th May 2010
It is a great story
Name: Cool 53 27th May 2010
i reely liked it cos she was turned into a spider
Name: Sophee 30th May 2010
Name: Salsa 17th June 2010
wow... even i got angry ^^
Name: Joey 23rd June 2010
this all about be carefull what you say my school is lerning about myths and legends and this was the first on I worder if it a myth or a legend hmmmm
Name: Ashleigh 24th June 2010
i really like this story its one of my best stories
Name: Lauren 25th June 2010
It was cooooooool
Name: Loziee 28th June 2010
this story is ace
Name: Lewis Horton 5th July 2010
wicked man
Name: Lewis 5th July 2010
i realy liked this the end was the best.
Name: Alisha 5th July 2010
I like this story because it has a very good meaning to it
Name: Olivia And Abbie 5th July 2010
this story is very imaginative. we like the part when she challenges the goddess. we prefer athenas painting. Awesome story.
Name: Me Xxx 8th July 2010
Sounds good to me it all seems so real
Name: Marga 4th August 2010
good work...
Name: Rachael Gregson 6th September 2010
i think it was alright but it could of been better sorry x
Name: Kanak 16th September 2010
i just love this story becuese i wanted to become a spinner like Arachne.
Name: Sam Quinn 1st October 2010
I thought the story was very good. It made my day.
Name: Zara 3rd October 2010
Cool story.
Name: Shannon Simpson 16th October 2010
I thought the story was very good but i did not like the part about when Arachne thought she was better than a godess no human being should think like that bout overall it was a delite to read.
Name: Stacy 16th October 2010
i thought the story was cool and i wish i can write such good storys when i grow up i have read alot of storys in my lifetime and i would definetly say this was the best and whoever wrote this story should get sat down and start another sorry for whoever who read this i now it was a long comment but i get carried away sometimes
Name: Alicia.v.h 22nd November 2010
i fink this is a orsome story i think it shoud be the famuse one ever
Name: Ronan 9th December 2010
It is an Ancient Greek myth!
Name: Saoirse 15th January 2011
it is ok
Name: Molly 19th January 2011
I think the ending could be improved. But I loved everything else. Please keep making good stories!!!!!!!!!!!!I love this website!!
Name: SAMAR 22nd January 2011
It is a nice intrasting stoy I love myths.
Name: Amani 24th January 2011
i realy liked it
Name: Amani 24th January 2011
i love it lol!love WEBsite! BRING IT ON!!!!
Name: LUCCILE!!XX 24th January 2011
Name: Evie 29th January 2011
i likes this so much i love this WEBSITE ahhhh!
Name: Imania 5th February 2011
this is way good
Name: Baba 8th February 2011
wow didn\'t know that
Name: Daniel 11th February 2011
nice and scary
Name: Emmmily 12th February 2011
very good but i don't think this is true because only allah the god can do such a thing
Name: Brianna 18th February 2011
i get it was cute.
Name: Olivia 20th February 2011
i think its really good lol!
Name: Lydia 4th March 2011
It is set on my name yesss
lov edveryone here
Name: Molliex 15th March 2011
Hey how are you i think you need to work on the charetars more but part from that it's graet
Name: Ume Kulsoom Shah 30th March 2011
I love this story but when minerva felt sorry for arachne why did she change her into a spider instead of human form
Name: Rawan 1st May 2011
I thought it was verrrrrrrrryyyyy amousing and intresting and the part when tnhe people said Wow! to Arachne.
Name: Samantha 19th May 2011
There was the story about Athena's and Poseidon's rivral about Athen.
Name: Kareena Thummanah 20th May 2011
It's really good! I love this story!
Name: Onur 21st May 2011
Name: Obe 23rd May 2011
i love this story..... its great
Name: Daniel 24th May 2011
this is an excellent and brilliant site! keep it up!
Name: Mimi 7th June 2011
i love greek myths!
Name: Jane 11th June 2011
I like this story... but I didn't know that Arachne took her own life.
Name: Nadia 13th June 2011
This is Great! Interesting Too.
Name: Hamish 14th June 2011
it's great
Name: Katrina 12th August 2011
all of them are really good
Name: Kee Song Yang 30th August 2011
interesting and very good. I like it
Name: Billy-Jo 7th September 2011
Great Job Mate ;)
Name: Lily Harris 6th October 2011
i lke this story but i don't like it when the lady turns her into a spider.
Name: Hi 15th October 2011
good story
Name: No Name 17th October 2011
i have a friend called tim who eats spiders
Name: Timothy 24th October 2011
i love spiders so much i also live in a elf tree with my hobit friend and work in the coal mines
Name: Hola 7th November 2011
i hate spiders their nasty
Name: Martha 10th November 2011
spiders r nasty... ick!
Name: Maria 12th November 2011
hate spiders before hate them even more!
btw im in yr 7!
Name: Dogs2332314 15th November 2011
I like this story. It shows that you shouldn't boast. It also tells us how spiders were made in the term of the "gods". Like I said earlier, I like this story but I dont belive in the background of the story. Basicly I'm saying is I don't belive in the way that they are using the word "god".
Name: Fatimah 15th December 2011
i love this story and i made one same to this for my english assessment but i changed it a little and i got 5B :)
Name: Alison 10th January 2012
@Fatimah, by "changing a little", how much did you change because if you only changed a few words, that's still like plagiarizing this story.

I like this story, except that when I saw the slide she hanged herself it was creepy.
Name: Turquoise 10th January 2012
What a wonderful, but somehow weird story!Why did Arachne hang herself?Bit weird, but I guess that sometimes Myths and Legends are a bit weird.
Name: Brogan 11th January 2012
I like this story........
Name: Lucia 14th January 2012
I did not like the slide with her hanging herself i got scared ......
Name: Ellie-may Yates 21st January 2012
i liked this myth as i think it shows not to judge a book by its cover and it was based on my english assesment.
Name: Stephanie 22nd January 2012
I think that this story is fab.


Name: Bobby 1st February 2012
cool story!
Name: David And Max 2nd February 2012
Name: Lucy12 2nd February 2012
this is such a good myth
Name: ABC 3rd February 2012
This is a great myth! But i still think Athene was a little too harsh, to turn Arachne into a spider.
Name: Zahra Dad 13th February 2012
Really cool problem is just arache was just sooo mean to put a cloth of the gods getting drunk
Name: Zoe 16th February 2012
Wow even though i no this tale like off by heart, it still astounds me!!!
Name: Tanya 17th February 2012
Arachne was the goddess and acting all sassy and bossy.
Name: Shanon 18th February 2012
Arachne was really arrogant but she didn't deserve to die...
Name: Zaineb 23rd February 2012
i luv that it made me show not to be a show offff
Name: Matthew 29th February 2012
arachne was very tallented but she didnt deserve to die
Name: Alcids 1st March 2012
Name: Alex 5th March 2012
what is the central conflict
Name: Katy 7th March 2012
A very nice story, but I don't think Arachne should have made fun of the Gods and Godesses and Athena shouldn't have destroyed Arachne's work! and Arahcne shouldn't have hung her self... but she still weaved and all her life as a spider!
Name: Bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb 7th March 2012
Name: Sarah 9th March 2012
why was aracne so stubbon and boastful i like athena best! but i like the story though. My mum dint know the story and i am nine (9). Have a nice day!!!!
Name: Dan 10th March 2012
Wel do any of you guys read the Percy Jackson series because if it wasn't for this story we wouldnt see annabeth freak out and by the way its a myth so we don't know if it's true
Name: Jamol 16th March 2012
why did athena felt sorry for her
Name: Joe Harry 21st March 2012
cool story
Name: My Cal 22nd March 2012
cool story
Name: Hollie-Lee 28th March 2012
In school we did this greek thing and we were given greek names and i was given Arachne. To read this story made me feel more pleased about my name to say i was a splendid weaver instead of a spider changer
Name: Trina Mariampillai 30th March 2012
I did this story in the ICT room when we were learning about Greek myths and we were reading about Arachne the Spinner. I like Arachnes character because she is very talented but I dont like when she is very arrogant. We really enjoyed, it was cool.
Name: Shena 18th April 2012
the Trojan horse as i really like the story but when i did a project on the greeks i could not find it anywhere.
thank you.
Name: Elise 19th April 2012
I liked it because it was realy interesting
Name: Pj 19th April 2012
It was a very sad story because she got turned into a spider.
Name: Chloe 19th April 2012
I love it because it so cool and magical!!!!!.
Name: Shannon 19th April 2012
It was amazing and exiting for me.It is my favorut story now.Its the best story in the world.
Name: Tanisha 19th April 2012
Ilove it fantastic.
Name: Logan 19th April 2012
I thought the story was verry good.
Becase it was exciting
Name: Thomas 19th April 2012
It was good because she turned the other person in to a spider.
Name: Erin 20th April 2012
I love that myth and heres a fact, 'Arachne'phobia means your scared of spiders and Arachne turned into one
Name: Becki 25th April 2012
The story was cool!!!
Name: Jenny 25th April 2012
Well Erin, 'Arachne' itself is another word for spider.
Name: Joshua_k 26th April 2012
Name: Matt 26th April 2012
Arachne is short for arachnid
Name: Jade 26th April 2012
I think it is a touching story i wept so much! it was so romantic!
Name: Leona 2nd May 2012
I love this
Name: Lexie 6th May 2012
this a relly good story how spiders came to be .
Name: Moo 12th May 2012
Name: Lemon 12th May 2012
This is so Rubish I hate the story
Name: Lisa-Marie 12th May 2012
Very touching story. My mum brings spiderwebs down from the wal. Lol
Name: Olivia 15th May 2012
i love this story .
Name: Tamsin Hunter 16th May 2012
this is amazing
Name: Bhavdeep Singh 22nd May 2012
This myth as a lot of deeply rooted in human anviety about death and extinction. This myth is cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Name: Jesse Ramirez 22nd May 2012
this story makes me not want to kill spiders
Name: Gooey 6th June 2012
my favourite story!:)
aracne should not have underestimated the gods(i am not greek)
Name: Anna 28th June 2012
i think this story i very good and i liked it
Name: Spider Girl 24th July 2012
i love spiders i chosse this legend for our play @ schol :)
Name: Aprodite 23rd August 2012
this story tells us that were not supposed to boast about something were good at because it might hurt someones feelings
Name: Woody 30th August 2012
I like this story because it taught me to think before I act.
Name: Legends 4th September 2012
This is a good myth or legend!
Name: Connorwebb 18th September 2012
Name: D 25th September 2012
great story
Name: A 25th September 2012
Great story!!!!
Name: Y 1st October 2012
learn this at school
Name: Abc 11th October 2012
this was great for my homework!
Name: Stweev 14th October 2012
i do like cobwebs there cool so i'll think of arachne.
Name: Amanda Rushly 24th October 2012
This was really good i really liked it!
Name: Katy Millington 29th October 2012
it was ok. At my school we watched it.It was a bit sad when she hung her self. But it was funny when she sewed all the godess drunk and doing bad stuf!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Name: Gabrielle 31st October 2012
Great story I have to say
Name: Lola 1st November 2012
the story is pretty fun because you discovery where the spider came ..........:)
Name: Ananya 9th November 2012
it was good
Name: Kim 9th November 2012
I liked this legend.
Name: Victor 11th November 2012
I thouroughly enjoyed this fantastical mix of myth and magic.
Name: Www 13th November 2012
seemed wrong for kids
Name: Liyylemissme! 15th November 2012
people above!lols great its kwl:)enjyed it loadssssssssssssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Name: Lily 19th November 2012
the myths and legends are brilliant!!!
Name: Chloecoolcat 7th December 2012
Awesome story!!! Simply loved it!!!!!
Name: Datguy 10th December 2012
lol this was a good variation but this wasnt the way the legend went at all.
Name: Bobby0609 12th January 2013
please could you make sure your weblinks still work, because I could not get onto the story, it said the web page was not found. i tried several times, but even though I didn't get to watch the story, I am sure it was great. Thanks! (Link checked and working - The Myths Team)
Name: Kittysoftpaws 22nd January 2013
omg this was really cool but she should have not done that... =)
Name: Kittysoftpaws 22nd January 2013
I loved the story because Athena gave pity to a mortal.
Name: ALex12345:) 22nd January 2013
This is a good story!!!!!
Name: Ryan Major 29th January 2013
it was a very interesting story. but good.
Name: Drobertsongeorg 5th February 2013
It's intersting. I do like the gods and all.
Name: Bobby 7th February 2013
i like this story very much
Name: Eleanor 7th February 2013
A amazing tale! I wish I could produce beautifull cloth. Then again I wish I was the goddess!
Name: Hihi.... 13th February 2013
Name: Derekwithabritishaccent 15th February 2013
i love this tale. it is my favorite out of all the greek myths you have here
Name: Matilda Aged 9 21st February 2013
Name: Aloka 22nd February 2013
that was fantastic and brilleant for my homwork
Name: Isabella 15th March 2013
this story is awsome
Name: Monica 20th March 2013
Name: Jasmine 26th March 2013
does this story tell us know a spider was made???
Name: Ethan 27th March 2013
Name: Jane 10th April 2013
you don't tell us how arachne becomes a spider
Name: Steven 17th April 2013
Name: Jasmine WZ 29th April 2013
I im not sure the ending about going into the forest is true as i haven't read about that bit or the part about Athena breaking Arachne's stuff in any other versions of this myth. Though I think the part hr being turned into a spider is true.
Name: Yogeeta 15th May 2013
Name: Shainuja 19th May 2013
Name: Soph 21st May 2013
well I think it was spectacular and I could think of many words to describe it.
Name: Efremovski Dimitar 5th June 2013
this is very good story...
Name: Linsnouaj 5th June 2013
well, good story! I LOVED IT!
Name: Ellie 9th June 2013
I think it was awesome
Name: Shruthi 17th June 2013
The story was awesome!!!!!!!!!!!
Name: K_dunn 24th June 2013
Good show
Name: Jess Varley 30th June 2013
I think tis story was asowome I have watched it and scoohl.I love it.
Name: MJ 5th July 2013
#awesome bruv
Name: Francesca 29th July 2013
Name: Cake 12th August 2013
Name: JJ 27th August 2013
cool story
Name: Badboy 30th August 2013
cool story though
Name: Cy 28th September 2013
in the story athena turned her into a giant spider after she saw the tapestry,not after she killed herself
Name: Chelsea 28th October 2013
wow i think its true actually
Name: C 3rd November 2013
actually Athena called the competition between them because she heard that Arachne said she was better than her, and when the competition started Athena weaved the power of the Gods, and what they are capable of, while Arachne weaved all the joyful things: flowers, meadows, children playing etc. when the town saw Athena's the fell to there knees and cried, remembering the power of the gods and goddesses. When Arachne saw it she turned her head and went into the forest, and hung herself from a tree. Athena went after, and when she saw her, she felt pity for her, so she turned her into a spider, the rope holding her became as skinny as thread, her arms became longer and hairy, and she soon came to be a spider (Arachne)
Name: AJ 6th November 2013
LOL I even like it but I think it 's a myth.
Name: Ss 7th November 2013
love this story
Name: Sarah 10th November 2013
it was good
Name: MYTH GIRL 14th November 2013
It was pretty cool
Name: Maddie 14th November 2013
Very thoughtfull and I liked the part were she turnd into a spider.Next time please make it a bit less scribbly on the lovely cloth.
Name: Alyssa 6th December 2013
Name: A Myths Supporter 21st January 2014
best greek one
Name: Noah 22nd January 2014
This is a great story that reminds you to be respectful.
Name: Rachel 27th January 2014
Respect the gods always.
Name: Rosie 1st February 2014
Always Respect gods
Name: G 1st February 2014
Name: Abigail 2nd February 2014
I think this myth is great as it really helped me with my homework ,it is also very good that they have a video to show the different voices
Name: Dominique 11th February 2014
it was great
Name: Eve 20th February 2014
could no mange to get it on :( all well I bet it was gr8:,still not so happy about not being able to get it no :
Name: Cerys 2nd March 2014
wow I would not like to be arachne because I am not a spider fan but atleast she could still spin
Name: Chelsea 3rd March 2014
wow i bet its true infact i rate it 100/100 just for special ones
Name: Sissi 8th March 2014
I loved it
Name: Lauren 9th March 2014
I can't believe she hung herself!!!!!!!!! x(
Name: Bob 14th March 2014
she hung herself why
Name: Amber 4th April 2014
When I say this I am not trying to be rude but you have the wrong story.
Arachne's parents boasted about her beautiful work and so she let it go to her head. One day she got a comment on her artwork that it was as good as the godess Athena's. When Arachne shouted that out loud, the goddess Athena heard and came down from Olympus. ATHENA THEN CHALLENEGED ARACHNE TO A WEAVING COMPETITION, because Athena is the goddess of war strategies, wisdom, and weaving. After a few days they were done, but everyone in the town could see that Arachne's was way better than Athena's work. Athena was so annoyed, upset, and jealous than she punished Arachne by saying "YOU WANT TO WEAVE DO YOU? WELL NOW YOU CAN WEAVE ALL YOUR LIFE!" And then she turned her into a spider.

And that, My friends, Is how the story goes.

Sorry if it was rude to say this.
I apologize if it was.

- Amber :D
Name: Keegan 18th April 2014
I thought that Athena gave mercy to Arachne when she hung herself so she turned the rope to string and gave Arachne a spider potion...but I'm willing to take your word for it!
Name: Blue 2nd May 2014
Actually myths are like rumors you never know the truth UNLESS you ask Athena or Arachne
Name: Isabella 8th May 2014
Beautifully written
Name: Jordan 13th May 2014
Name: Bibitibobaty 13th May 2014
this is a good book and its good for children
Name: Mia 26th June 2014
I love it apart from the spider
Name: Aki 3rd July 2014
Name: Tala 13th July 2014
This story is good
Name: Jodi 19th July 2014
Name: Lexie 5th August 2014
i liked it, but is that the actual story? I know Athena turned arachne into a spider, but I have heard many different versions of how she came to be a spider.
Name: Athena 3rd September 2014
I loved this story. I like how it shows where spiders came from. I am the creator of the spider! :(
Name: Aphrodite 13th September 2014
wow she is a great wever but she is not compared to athena the god of wisdom and beauty athena is the greatest and she should be proud of that she is a great wever but to athena oh thats to much.
Name: Tar Car 17th September 2014
Name: Dan 29th September 2014
I did not like it
Name: Jayden 8th October 2014
it was ok but the was some bits missing
Name: Raisa 16th October 2014
i liked this story about the moral of how spiderwebs came to be
Name: Bluewow212 20th October 2014
I like this story because it has a snotty girl getting punshished
Name: Kat Marks 29th October 2014
There is a couple of other stories in Greek mythology that are good but this is one of my favorites. 😋
Name: Anonymous 12th November 2014
Hi. I really liked the Arachne the Spinner myth and I decided to write a musical about it. Thank you for the inspiration.
Name: Melany 21st November 2014
Its cool

Name: Melany 21st November 2014
Hi i liked it. Its cool
Name: Lightning Tail 9th January 2015
COOL!!!!I like how the story goes!
Name: Jaskaran Shoker 13th January 2015
awsome cool and very good for learning new stuff
Name: Jessica 27th January 2015
1.what does Athene do to Arachne? 2.what traits does a spider have that Arachne? 3.what is the lesson?
Name: Michael Cubbin 4th February 2015
Name: S 6th February 2015
Name: P 17th February 2015
Very talented
Name: Dodges 25th February 2015
Name: Clara 28th February 2015
Cool story, it also shows how good gods and goddesses are
Name: Vhfede 11th March 2015
Name: Reyanna 7th May 2015
the story was great. I thought that she shouldn,t have died like that and come back to life as a spider.
Name: Jorja! 18th May 2015
This story was weird
Name: Ernest Ngai 24th May 2015
Spinning things Forever!
Name: Tyler Doward 18th June 2015
good myth loved it
Name: Nina 2nd July 2015
We are doing about the ancient Greeks at school so I watched the Greek myths and liked them all. It was really good although it is a shame that she was turned into a spider and not a bird or something
Name: Neonnel 28th July 2015
Who is the author? (Autor is - Diane Earl, the Myths team)
Name: Keira 6th September 2015
athena did not turn her into a bird or anything like that because arahcne liked spinning and weaving so athena turned her into a spider cause spider weave and spin

Name: Munaza 20th September 2015
I think that she deserved her punishment and Athenas was really clever when she turned Arachne into a spider because a spider also weaves
Name: Nevaeh 2nd October 2015
I like the details on this wonderful video and I thought I wasn't going to watch this video because I live in Hawaii!
Name: Grace 23rd October 2015
That was really smart of Athena turning her into a spider but she deserved what she got
Name: Nick:) 2nd November 2015
The reason why spiders spin webs
Name: Lily 30th November 2015
This story ends in a thrilling ending of Arachne getting turned into a spider. I guess that the word Arachnid came from greek name Arachne
Name: Krax 7th January 2016
The legend was not like the legend that I found on google.
Name: Victoria Gonzalez 28th January 2016
This is not like the first one I found.
Name: Emma 28th January 2016
I think Arahcne was very rude.
Name: Hailey 3rd February 2016
this cant be the legand
Name: Nujhat 5th February 2016
This is a very good story
Name: Ashleigh 14th February 2016
it was good but short though
Name: Aepril Legaspi 17th February 2016
One great story. It helps me a lot :)
Name: Yle Nhoj Yanih 22nd February 2016
a really great story :)
Name: Darthdasiy10 1st March 2016
tis very compacted
Name: Breyla 1st March 2016
Name: Arjun Satarkar 8th March 2016
interesting-very well told
Name: Pia 2nd April 2016
a very good moral
Name: Dynamic 20th April 2016
This was helpful.
Name: Kayli Breaux 26th May 2016
Wow! That was a great story! can't wait to read more!
Name: Watermelon 4444 7th July 2016
Cool story really like it
Name: Kara 9th July 2016
this was hilarious
I wish there was a second chapter of this story!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Name: Kara 10th July 2016
Never mess with gods and goddesses.
Name: Connor 19th September 2016
The myth is to never make fun of the goddess or mess with them
Name: Andy 27th September 2016
NEVER mess with anyone, especially the goddess Athena!
Name: Kittie.1235 28th September 2016
Name: Demi 30th September 2016
Love this!
Name: Peri 1st October 2016
cool story, good moral Kara
Name: Ava 11th October 2016
Incredible story ! That kind of teaches peoplenot to be show offs ain't it or to make fun of the gods that true
Name: Sam 26th October 2016
That is really good but why woulf she hang herself😕
Name: Sos 6th November 2016
I am learning this in school so this is fun to learn!
Name: Sasa 16th November 2016
Name: Lauryn 21st November 2016
Thanks for the useful information!!
Name: Julia 16th December 2016
this soooooooooooooooooooooooooo cool
Name: Keiona 31st January 2017
good and strange book.
Name: Tyric 2nd February 2017
all she ever did was make things I wish I known how to make things it would be so cool
Name: Dylan 2nd February 2017
Name: Hayden 16th February 2017
Name: Dniyah 2nd March 2017
love this story
Name: Sarah 7th March 2017
glad i wasn't there! spiders are scary!!!!
Name: Kile 9th March 2017
i loved this story
Name: Marissa 10th March 2017
love the story
Name: Celine 1st April 2017
it's nice though I was looking for scary ancient greek myths.
Name: Seiran 2nd May 2017
That is the story of spiders?
Name: Arachne 2nd May 2017
I am a spider now!
Name: Gavin 3rd May 2017
I like it because it is long
Name: (unavailable) 15th May 2017
very greek like. Typical Athena argument.Ha ha ha!
Name: Raghav 18th May 2017
Name: Wyatt 5th June 2017
thinks,this book is good loved it !!!!
Name: Edward Washington 12th September 2017
The Story is Great I love it
Name: Pippy 6th November 2017
I really enjoyed reading this myth


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