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The Legend of Robin Hood

Name: Poppy 15th June 2012
i love the story of robin hood,but i am not sure its true
Name: Sharran 3rd July 2012
best one in the world know i know more about robin hood
Name: Flo 5th July 2012
No offense, but his is kind of lame stroy.
Name: Rik 11th July 2012
frankly his companions were only three not four.His original name was Robert Longstride
Name: William2 11th July 2012
best legend in the world no legend better
Name: Roo 13th July 2012
I like the creativity, but, because I've heard the story so many times before, I thought it could have been livened up a bit.
Name: Lary8 17th July 2012
Name: Dadu 17th July 2012
cool awesome mythical storie
Name: Pavandeep 19th July 2012
this is cool i read the whole story its a cool story :) read it its so coool.
Name: Ella 22nd July 2012
That was such a coooool movie i\'ve never seen it before and now i no what it is like. Ican\'t wait to watch it again sometime.Xxxxx
Name: Tia1234 29th July 2012
I love it ive seen the kiddy version but that was SICK im looking foward what will happen next lol xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Name: Melissa Small 5th August 2012
this is a very good story i
Name: IZAK 8th August 2012
Name: Jelena 9th August 2012
this sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo good and really intresting
Name: Ballington1234 11th August 2012
Awesome story havn't heard this one in ages... good job
Name: Jess 25th August 2012
I'm sorry but I didn't enjoy this one much. I love Robin Hood but it was too detailed and not to the point at all :(
Name: Kitty223 4th September 2012
dont like it. not the whole story. 3/10 ):
Name: A.k 17th September 2012
this is a really good stroy thanx it helped me a lot
Name: Sali 26th September 2012
i like the story we read it in school
Name: Noha66 9th October 2012
I really like this story it is a very famous legend
Name: German 16th October 2012
this helps me on my project
Name: Kila 23rd October 2012
Ive heard somany tales of Robin Hood its
hard to keep track of them!
Name: No Name 8th November 2012
This is different than the one my school did as a production
Name: Erin 8th November 2012
i've heard so many i even made my own up
Name: Grace Mcgarity 11th November 2012
I love this story
Name: Abcdefg 13th November 2012
nice story but the characters can be much better
Name: Markus 15th November 2012
nice aim
Name: N 26th November 2012
i did not think t his story is intresting for children.
Name: SHARMAKE 8th December 2012
nice story but It wasnt the full story
Name: Zamzam 9th January 2013
i love this is like the king of all websites
Name: Ra 10th January 2013
great web love to go on it queen of all websites hi zamzam bye
Name: Yusra 12th January 2013
great stories hope it continues
Name: Imaan 13th January 2013
Name: Grace Puntha 13th January 2013
The story was good (Grace aged 6).
Name: Chandler 16th January 2013
I herd of a book called BATMAN and Roobine hood
Name: Cookie 18th January 2013
Hey this book is cool
Name: Xxx 22nd January 2013
Name: G 22nd January 2013
best book ever
Name: Freddddddy 23rd January 2013
so cooooooool
Name: Giacomo 26th January 2013
Amazing stories!!!
Name: Jajksk 1st February 2013
good show
Name: Ali 7th February 2013
An awesome story
Name: Omar 13th February 2013
Very good
Name: Umar 13th February 2013
is sheriff of notthingham there
Name: Izzy 18th February 2013
dosent ardly tell u anything :(
Name: Isaac 23rd February 2013
i think its really bad caz in the real 1 the king comes back gets the fact that the sheriff of nottingham is bad and he gets dumped in jail so robin and that get a well done and live happy ever after or sommething like that. and there r 3 not 4 other men
Name: Britney X 23rd February 2013
Not Sure Its Okay But Needs More Facts & What Its About?
Name: Claire 28th February 2013
This is good:D
Name: Lezza 4th March 2013
love it xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo
Name: Abbie 7th March 2013
i liked the website however i think it needs more facts/information to make it even better as the layout and every thing is perfect but it needs more info
Name: Nathan Dixon 9th March 2013
I thought that this was really good and I really enjoyed it.
Name: Dania 11th March 2013
this story is not based on the life of robin hood the writter should add more detail into the story or addy more to make the story accurate.
Name: Dlynn 17th April 2013
I liked it, it was not bad

Name: Leonce 18th April 2013
Name: Nicole 18th April 2013
good but not that bad !!! >_
Name: Epic 18th April 2013
not bad
Name: Awsome 29th April 2013
helped me with my homework
Name: Yeah Boiz 30th April 2013
Good but it wont speak to us :'( very disappointing
Name: Telamon 1st May 2013
Name: Shhwaa 20th May 2013
Name: Grace And Tamara 23rd May 2013
We thought it had good detail and vocabulary
Name: Harry 23rd May 2013
Very good
Name: Luke And Sol 23rd May 2013
We think the ledgend is super but it is too long!
Name: Jericho 9th June 2013
so nice
Name: Henry 22nd June 2013
ummmm cool but very long indeed
Name: Henry 22nd June 2013
Name: Charlie 26th June 2013
Name: Swagmcswaggy 16th July 2013
omg i luv it!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Name: Brandon 18th July 2013
Name: Mr Swag 21st July 2013
Name: Ain't Nobody Got Time For That! 21st July 2013
Robin Hood is my hero! Joking but he's cool. I love the video, but the narrator reads it too slow...(:
Name: BOB 11th October 2013

Name: Hh 14th October 2013
narrator reads it too s l o w l y
Name: Libby Woodward 20th October 2013
it was a real good legend story and were learning about myths and legends in school I will tell my teacher tomorrow
Name: Hanadi 31st October 2013
good for kids
Name: Danielle 6th November 2013
i think its really good because i love robin hood thank you for reading it
Name: Micheal 6th November 2013
I think it was great because i love robin hood and the film

Thank you for reading it
Name: Jame 7th November 2013
it is really good
Name: Yolo 14th November 2013
Name: Tinkerbell 30th November 2013
Name: Raygunkian 1st December 2013
cool :)

Name: MARIAM WAS HERE... 5th December 2013
It has helped me create a very good role play. I could have done nothing without it.
Name: Meeeee 20th December 2013
It was amazing needed your help
Name: Euan 21st December 2013
I do not like this story.It is lame and boring.
Name: YOLO WOZ HERE 17th February 2014
Terrible story; didn't explain much and ended with BAD cliff hanger. I think it was a bad story.
Name: Gena 15th March 2014
It was such a mindblowing story which has several moral lessons but has not enough information however I like it .
Name: Rosie 24th April 2014
this is bad
Name: Nani 25th May 2014
cool and helpful
Name: Shinae 8th June 2014
Thank you
Name: Penny 23rd June 2014
Name: Bob 27th June 2014
Name: Amna Faiz 7th September 2014
thank you so much for your information. it was.....AWESOME.
Name: Amelia 17th September 2014
Name: Evie 4th October 2014
Not good didn't help with my homework.
I need to do a British myth for it and I thought robin hood but it didn't help one bit.
Name: Ruby 6th October 2014
this was a good help for some times
Name: Micheal 30th October 2014
Name: Amelia 31st October 2014
Myths and legends this is a nice website
Name: Tyla 31st October 2014
Yeh Myths and legends are the best website in the world and its epic and its so wonderful.
Name: Tayyibah 8th November 2014
myths and legends are wonderful
Name: Jennifer 20th December 2014
I loves it but it is really not so funny make it more funny
Name: Awwsome 12th January 2015
I dont rlly like it much...
Name: Lol 17th April 2015
i dontlike it i love it
Name: Micth 21st April 2015
I don't love this
Name: Fall 4th May 2015
This wasn\'t very entertaining. Wanted to stop reading right away. Sorry
Name: Cherrypie099 11th May 2015
This did not help at all I'm sorry it was so boring I disliked it.
Name: Jacko 8th June 2015
Im sorry but this was so boring
Name: Paint Bfigebisbbfgvf 23rd July 2015
great kids one all the way got more better also best kids turning website and hope that more people want to watch it. THANK YOU
Name: Soccerperson03 11th September 2015
This was so boring. Sorry
Name: Bailey Chong 7th October 2015
this is a good book. I liked the bit where robin killed 2 people
Name: Someone 26th October 2015
i thought this was a story
Name: SOMEONE 28th October 2015
I thought that this story was quite gooooooood
Name: MEEEEEEEEEEE 30th October 2015
this helped me with my homework!! thank you!!!
Name: CHLOE JOHNSON 10th November 2015
Name: ROBINHOOD 30th December 2015
hi im robin LOL .. i love this story
Name: Ellie 19th January 2016
This helped me with my homework thanks.
Name: Hi 5th April 2016
great thanks for help
Name: ??? 25th April 2016
this didn't help me at all
Name: Best Ever 26th April 2016
This story is so awesome :-) LOL So fun highly reccomended
Name: Robin Hooder 6th September 2016
good but this website was not was i was looking for i went to this website anyway:-)
Name: So Much Work 6th September 2016
this dosent help anyone
Name: Great! 10th October 2016
I loved the action!
Name: Joshua 12th October 2016
That was awesome so awesome!
Name: Ike Kingdom 16th October 2016
please post the full story of robin hood
Name: Daddy Meme Master 69 4th November 2016
This was awesome and robiny

Name: Meme Death 17th November 2016
Name: Lucy 5th December 2016
bad story didn't even tell the story
Name: Becca 1st January 2017
This is useless, it's not even the story of Robin Hood. Waste of my time//
Name: Bianca 1st January 2017
This is cool could be better though :)
Name: Chloe Nisbet 8th January 2017
brilliant myths and legends on this
Name: Briana 9th January 2017
i came here for the story of robin hood but thats not what i got
Name: Jairuhshaan 15th January 2017
Name: Poppy 15th January 2017
Name: Abdi 10th February 2017
fake story. i don't believe it
Name: Beaheafdas 22nd February 2017
Good but scary
Name: Poppy 4th March 2017
Name: Lily 8th May 2017
This does not relate to the other legends of robin hood and is more a story than a myth or a legend. Maybe you could write story that tells a bit more about the well known legends and stories. I do like the story and the wording you chose
Name: Dan 22nd May 2017
lily you are wrong this IS A myth and I LOVE IT
Name: Rhi And Char 10th July 2017
no no no no no no I have to do workkk
Name: Rayan 1st October 2017


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