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The Legend of Robin Hood

there is not enough detail about Robin Hood
18th February 2019
Me likeyyyyyyyyyy 6th February 2019
A very interesting story 4/5 would read again
14th November 2018
Me likey this story 🍭 TT20th February 2018
I love Robin Hood. So so so good. I also love the childrens movie.👍1st February 2018
no no no no no no I have to do workkk10th July 2017
lily you are wrong this IS A myth and I LOVE IT22nd May 2017
This does not relate to the other legends of robin hood and is more a story than a myth or a legend. Maybe you could write story that tells a bit more about the well known legends and stories. I do like the story and the wording you chose
8th May 2017
4th March 2017
Good but scary22nd February 2017
fake story. i don't believe it10th February 2017
Good 15th January 2017
Good15th January 2017
i came here for the story of robin hood but thats not what i got9th January 2017
brilliant myths and legends on this8th January 2017
This is cool could be better though :)1st January 2017
This is useless, it's not even the story of Robin Hood. Waste of my time//1st January 2017


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