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The Hitchhiker

Name: Shamran 25th August 2012
this is cool
Name: Chris Black 17th September 2012
Wow! A great story, beautifully told. A wonderful new addition to the other myths on this site.
Name: Ranny 26th September 2012
love it love it love it
Name: James 11th October 2012
Name: Loloage 11th October 2012
Name: Nick 23rd October 2012
oh yeah, and i liked the story.
Name: Jimmy 1st November 2012
hahaah funny and creepy
Name: Christina 31st December 2012
that was a real creepy story !!
Name: Katie 5th January 2013
Name: Joshe 16th January 2013
wow last year cool england I live there
Name: Joyce 2nd February 2013
when I found out the girl had been dead for 30 or 40 years I was freaked out! it was weird!
Name: Lalah 8th February 2013
Awsome epic....
Name: Liam H 8th February 2013
ive heard a tale like this before but not as well done thanx
Name: Misty Bee 8th February 2013
Spooky in the nicest possible way xxx
Name: Heidi 12th February 2013
i really love this
Name: Dengdeng 13th February 2013
Name: Dale 13th February 2013
I really like this myth!
Name: R And C 22nd February 2013
Its so sad and the myth was awesome.
R and C
Name: Rolly 26th February 2013
so sad but wierd
Name: Sophie 2nd March 2013
best one!
Name: Jessica 6th March 2013
That story was amazing but really sad because emily died.
Name: Zoe 6th March 2013
Sad story, true, but toally awesome story. keeps you wondering who and what is the girl. really nice ending, just that i wish he could speak to her one last time.
Name: Casey 15th March 2013
I think it is a sad story but
good as well
Name: Perki 15th March 2013
Name: Sophie 18th March 2013
Its a good story but it is sad
Name: Ellie 18th March 2013
Huh woลต that was good
Name: Lol 31st March 2013
i freaked out
Name: Morgan 1st April 2013
It's a real urban legend. There is a book I'm reading about facts and stuff and I read about it. Sad that the girl was dead though.
Name: Katie 6th April 2013
OMG i freaked out lol x
Name: Rimsha 12th April 2013
Nice one! :)
Name: Eshal 13th April 2013
I just could'nt belive it when the old man said Emily was dead! I freaked out!
Name: Kishora 14th April 2013
WOW! Maybe Emily was a ghost.
Name: Kelsie 15th April 2013
OMG that is so sad and scary at the same time !!!
Name: Lily P And Lily R 16th April 2013
it was sad but so freaky at the same time i felt like i was going to cry but i had my hand over my mouth in shock:-o
Name: Aisha 18th April 2013
this was soooo super scarey . she was a ghost for sure
Name: Ashely 19th April 2013
o my thats sad.
Name: Madie 19th April 2013
Name: Cutecandy567 20th April 2013
omg this is sooo scary and a bit confusing
Name: Mr Cherryman 22nd April 2013
its so cool
Name: Your Mum 22nd April 2013
This was like super creepy, I won't be able to sleep tonight! LOL
Name: Lemon Twister 22nd April 2013
Ahhhh! This Is Really Scary! I Was Amazed At This! Amazing! I Rate This Five Stars!
Name: Mark 24th April 2013
omg i cant sleep thats wrose than the slender story thing
Name: Megan 27th April 2013
Gr8 story xxx
Name: Orapeleng Gaeilwe 28th April 2013
i luv wat i had 2 day! Thnxks 2 al
Name: Chirs 1st May 2013
XD i love scary stories
Name: Bhahbabahebq 12th May 2013
I Love it!!!
Name: Eleanor 15th May 2013
Cool! Luv it! but kinda confuzeing
Name: KFC 16th May 2013
amazing story
Name: Courtney 17th May 2013
i had read a booka bit like this it is called madman's corner
Name: Lily 20th May 2013
this is an amazing story! it is very sweet and yet sad!
Name: Cooper John Peck 21st May 2013
Is there a app for this????
Name: Susan Lepore 21st May 2013
i love this story/movie type of thing. By susan 7th grade
Name: Zidaejah Pugh 22nd May 2013
This was so sad because he looked and he was a good person for picking somebody up from the side of the road and then he had give him a ride to were she had needed to go so that is why i had comment on the story.
Name: Chanel 26th May 2013
Wow its a real mystory .
It is really sad
Name: Sydney 29th May 2013
I didn't realize the girl was a ghost , seriously . That was sad and creepy.
Name: Katie 31st May 2013
Aww i thought this wou;d be scary instead it's tearfilling :')
Name: CATH 8th June 2013
whoa..what a nice story..feel sad but its nice
Name: Vinnie 11th June 2013
I was petrefied! I would hate to be Jacob!
Name: Alex 22nd June 2013
sad story but nice and well thought out. jacob would be scared as hell
Name: Megan 23rd June 2013
So sorry for Jacob I would hate to be him. How weird though.
Name: NIGEL SNIFF SNIFF 25th June 2013
VERY predictable but good animation.
Name: 120174lk 27th June 2013
very strange but very very good story i loved it g8 animation
Name: Joseph Gazzillo 12th July 2013
Very good story but quite scary
Name: Steph 19th August 2013
that was an incredibly scary but ummm nice in a way story and my dad's birthday is 8th October.
Name: Zoya 4th September 2013
i really like it but i don't understand that how can jacob's jacket be on the gravestone when emily died 40 years ago when he only gave the coat to her few day before.
Name: Nirjan 9th September 2013
I did not understood how come she died in 1972 I think if she was riding with Jacob!
Name: Jghghgjdr 6456453 19th September 2013
Name: Matilda 30th September 2013
I really enjoy theys storys before I go to bed
Name: Mubarak 30th September 2013
everyone she was a ghost thats why she disspeared
Name: Destiny Maxwell 7th October 2013
This is a beautiful yet haunting tale. My favourite on the website. Reminds me of a friend of mine who died in a car crash. RIP Mackenzie
Name: Chloe 10th October 2013
I loved this story It touched my heart because he laid a yellow rose down on her grave in a sign in thankyou
Name: Lucy 16th October 2013
thanx this is great story very good morel
Name: Amy 17th October 2013
its a fab story love love love it xoxooxoxox
Name: Molly 19th October 2013
made me cry more like a ghost story
Name: Morgan 23rd October 2013
I love this story because its like the story's my mum used to tell me
Name: Anisah 27th October 2013
Love this story 10/10!!!!!
Name: Courtney Cline 31st October 2013
Great story, but really sad.
Name: Ophelia 4th November 2013
Aw... That is really sweet and so sad, poor Jacob!
Name: Sarah 9th November 2013
it was good
Name: Kai 11th November 2013
Name: Madhawy 20th November 2013
so sad poor Jacob . soooo saad
Name: Darryl 4th December 2013
This story is kind of creepy because of the lady standing on the road
Name: Kade Weller 4th December 2013
Name: Kevin Dean Mayse, Jr 6th December 2013
Name: BIGDCOWBOYS 6th December 2013
this story was creepy
Name: Rawwwwr! :) 18th December 2013
This was grate. :) So happpppppppyyyyyyyyyy

Name: Nathan 10th January 2014
this was wierd
Name: Akbr 11th January 2014
Name: Eryn 13th January 2014
I'm shaking.
Name: Ella Pearl 14th January 2014
I'ts alright... not realy a myth
Name: JennaRose 21st January 2014
supurb absolutly best on site
Name: Marla 21st January 2014
you give me nightmares loved it sooooooooooooooooo scarey
Name: Milly B 31st January 2014
Name: Chloe 6th February 2014
love this story so much!
Name: Kay 10th April 2014
this story is scary
Name: Jj 30th April 2014
soooo sad!!!!!!
Name: Fatemah 10th May 2014
Kind of sad story
Name: Elmo 22nd May 2014
Name: Chelsea 12th June 2014
That was such an interesting story. I loved it!
Name: Levi 14th September 2014
Very good story. I wish Emily had more of a back-story though.
Name: Ben 18th September 2014
Really good story, I really enjoyed it.
Name: Keegan 8th October 2014
it was good but kinda predictable
Name: C 8th October 2014
I would of liked to know emily's background
Name: Suraya 14th December 2014
why is he driving too far?
Name: Ellie 12th January 2015
Sweet story. I've heard part of it before, and now I know the whole story.
Name: Temidayo 21st January 2015
it is really good cause it makes you wright like it
Name: Trinity 26th January 2015
why can't we see the drivers face and that person the hichiker why did he die that many times
Name: Abbie 29th January 2015
Cool Story Creator but a bit confused about it! Good story otherwise!
Name: Pamtasker 30th January 2015
This is a beautiful, moving story, very well told.It is sad,but, reasuring that someone was watching over him.
Name: Jhon 3rd February 2015
Name: Da Linh 4th February 2015
this story was so good and im sad about emily died but im confused about the guy drive at night and emily was there i dont know it is real emily are emily that dead
Name: Locat 17th February 2015
its good
Name: Limecat 17th February 2015
its ok
Name: Lolcod 3rd March 2015
real creepy
Name: Sam 3rd March 2015
love it
Name: Prayag 7th March 2015
It is kinda good did not get a few bits, though
Name: Rhys 3rd April 2015
my mom has seen the scary one but not this one i like it
Name: Kayla 8th April 2015
so sad almost cried
Name: Molly 10th April 2015
It Was Very Interesting And I Like That At The End It Was A Mystery; No Happy Ending, But No Sad Ending.
Name: Goldie 15th April 2015
It was so sad! I was almost about to cry
Name: Peyton 17th April 2015
i liked how it ended with the jacket on the stone of her grave yard
Name: Soni 11th May 2015
D story is really a nice 1 with a good message tht v should take care while driving... cz sometimes it hurts us n sumtimes to somebody else...
Name: Emily 22nd May 2015
I dont really understand this story,
But i liked it some how.
I liked the part when jacob put rose on the grave
Name: Dan 26th May 2015
Jacob killed her I think.
The crash happened within the first seconds and was entered into a coma.
Name: Cheng Medalla 6th June 2015
its really great and amazing, i could easily understand those story because of this site thanks!!! and i hope many of us can use and share our imaginations too...
Name: Yosore 14th June 2015
I think it was amazing but I think Jacob killed her and he forgot
Name: Kary 20th June 2015
Name: Leesha 1st July 2015
Loved this story! I like that its modern yet spooky in ways, thanks!
Name: FINNBOT 6th July 2015
good story :)
Name: IISWII 27th July 2015
It was a very good story but I never knew that Emily past away. So sad at the end.
Name: Kaotic Man And Pika Guy 28th July 2015
spooky and sad but great- kaotic man
interesting, sad and spooky.- pika guy
Name: Evan Lykan 4th August 2015
If the girl died forty years ago, how on earth did she even get his jacket. Did he time travel?
Name: Aloka 11th August 2015
she didn't time travel she was a ghost dahh. any way i heard this story may times however all the other stories was a little bit different
Name: Audrey Thomas 12th September 2015
This sure was a freaky story! My god she died years back and returned as a ghost!!!!!!!
Name: Malin 23rd September 2015
Wired story
Name: Ced 28th September 2015
Its weird
Name: Tulsi 7th October 2015
Name: Emily 13th October 2015
so creepy I am thinking he is falling in love with her so you know what I am talking about.
Name: Jeremiah 15th October 2015
Name: Ded 18th October 2015
creepy as hell
Name: Mariam 4th November 2015
Name: Emily 6th November 2015
is she a ghost or....I dunno
Name: ... 18th November 2015
she is a ghost
Name: Annette O'Flynn 7th February 2016
Thank you so much for your site. I am a teacher exploring Myths and Legends of Britain with a group of ALDD learners, and your site has been invaluable!
Name: Corinne Genge 28th March 2016
i don't understand it, the same girl died and then came back to life. Or did he travel back in time because her father said she died 40 years ago, and he also said that she died of a boy driving too fast so i dunno.
Name: Corinne Genge 5th April 2016
After my sleepover my friends and I decided that the myths and legends team make or find more stories like this.๐Ÿฑ๐Ÿ‡๐Ÿฐ๐Ÿฏ๐Ÿฌ
Name: Elaine Cheung 12th April 2016
I love this. I think this is very mysterious and interesting. Maybe the girl's spirit came to life to help and warn others that this is a dangerous road. It's very mysterious.
Name: Joshua 6th October 2016
Did she save Jacob, and did she come back to life?
Name: Tyler Cuykendall 24th October 2016
This myth is crazy scary!
Name: BOB 3rd November 2016
Name: Alan 4th November 2016
This was sad but did Jacob see Emily again?
Name: Ahmed 18th November 2016
I think Jacob met Emily's twin could explains the reason why she was clutching her book tight
Name: Scarlett 19th November 2016
did he ever see her again so what happened to Emily because he cant just see someone who looks exactly like her I need more details.
Name: Prophet Williams 22nd November 2016
Did Jacob see Emily Again
Name: Mo 22nd November 2016
This was sad and creepy but very entertaining
Name: Evie M C 30th December 2016
OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVED THAT STORY!!!!!!!! THAT WAS LIKE THE BEST STORY IV EVER READ!!!!!!!!!!! LIKE TOTALLY You Only Live Once!!!!!!
Name: Evie M C 30th December 2016
but, why was it called the hitchicker?
Name: Evie M C 30th December 2016
yh maybe her spirit came back because she says "becareful, Jacob, this is a dangerous road.

its sad cuz she died on her bday, just like William shakespear

Name: Jay Harris 9th January 2017
Name: Trevor 9th January 2017
i love ur game
Name: Iwillnotbenamed 9th January 2017
Jacob must have been the one driving when she died.
Name: Olivia 17th January 2017
I love this book! It's prob. my favorite book out of all of them.I love scary books but this was freaky lol
Name: Keiona 24th January 2017
good book but sad
Name: Jazzy 25th January 2017
i loved this book
Name: Colleen 31st January 2017
nice storys
Name: Someone. 4th February 2017
Good story, but there is a mistake, on his driving licence it says his name is Charles Gardner whist his name in the story is Jacob.
Also, the fact she was dead creeped me out...
Name: Kyra 10th February 2017
I loved this book it was fantastic!
Name: Warren 22nd October 2017
What kind of stupid cop is he not Jacob
Name: Tomasz 10th January 2018
One of the best stories


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