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The Hitchhiker

Name: Shamran 25th August 2012
this is cool
Name: Chris Black 17th September 2012
Wow! A great story, beautifully told. A wonderful new addition to the other myths on this site.
Name: Ranny 26th September 2012
love it love it love it
Name: James 11th October 2012
Name: Loloage 11th October 2012
Name: Nick 23rd October 2012
oh yeah, and i liked the story.
Name: Jimmy 1st November 2012
hahaah funny and creepy
Name: Christina 31st December 2012
that was a real creepy story !!
Name: Katie 5th January 2013
Name: Joshe 16th January 2013
wow last year cool england I live there
Name: Joyce 2nd February 2013
when I found out the girl had been dead for 30 or 40 years I was freaked out! it was weird!
Name: Lalah 8th February 2013
Awsome epic....
Name: Liam H 8th February 2013
ive heard a tale like this before but not as well done thanx
Name: Misty Bee 8th February 2013
Spooky in the nicest possible way xxx
Name: Heidi 12th February 2013
i really love this
Name: Dengdeng 13th February 2013
Name: Dale 13th February 2013
I really like this myth!
Name: R And C 22nd February 2013
Its so sad and the myth was awesome.
R and C
Name: Rolly 26th February 2013
so sad but wierd
Name: Sophie 2nd March 2013
best one!
Name: Jessica 6th March 2013
That story was amazing but really sad because emily died.
Name: Zoe 6th March 2013
Sad story, true, but toally awesome story. keeps you wondering who and what is the girl. really nice ending, just that i wish he could speak to her one last time.
Name: Casey 15th March 2013
I think it is a sad story but
good as well
Name: Perki 15th March 2013
Name: Sophie 18th March 2013
Its a good story but it is sad
Name: Ellie 18th March 2013
Huh woĊµ that was good
Name: Lol 31st March 2013
i freaked out
Name: Morgan 1st April 2013
It's a real urban legend. There is a book I'm reading about facts and stuff and I read about it. Sad that the girl was dead though.
Name: Katie 6th April 2013
OMG i freaked out lol x
Name: Rimsha 12th April 2013
Nice one! :)
Name: Eshal 13th April 2013
I just could'nt belive it when the old man said Emily was dead! I freaked out!
Name: Kishora 14th April 2013
WOW! Maybe Emily was a ghost.
Name: Kelsie 15th April 2013
OMG that is so sad and scary at the same time !!!
Name: Lily P And Lily R 16th April 2013
it was sad but so freaky at the same time i felt like i was going to cry but i had my hand over my mouth in shock:-o
Name: Aisha 18th April 2013
this was soooo super scarey . she was a ghost for sure
Name: Ashely 19th April 2013
o my thats sad.
Name: Madie 19th April 2013
Name: Cutecandy567 20th April 2013
omg this is sooo scary and a bit confusing
Name: Mr Cherryman 22nd April 2013
its so cool
Name: Your Mum 22nd April 2013
This was like super creepy, I won't be able to sleep tonight! LOL
Name: Lemon Twister 22nd April 2013
Ahhhh! This Is Really Scary! I Was Amazed At This! Amazing! I Rate This Five Stars!
Name: Mark 24th April 2013
omg i cant sleep thats wrose than the slender story thing
Name: Megan 27th April 2013
Gr8 story xxx
Name: Orapeleng Gaeilwe 28th April 2013
i luv wat i had 2 day! Thnxks 2 al
Name: Chirs 1st May 2013
XD i love scary stories
Name: Bhahbabahebq 12th May 2013
I Love it!!!
Name: Eleanor 15th May 2013
Cool! Luv it! but kinda confuzeing
Name: KFC 16th May 2013
amazing story
Name: Courtney 17th May 2013
i had read a booka bit like this it is called madman's corner
Name: Lily 20th May 2013
this is an amazing story! it is very sweet and yet sad!
Name: Cooper John Peck 21st May 2013
Is there a app for this????
Name: Susan Lepore 21st May 2013
i love this story/movie type of thing. By susan 7th grade
Name: Zidaejah Pugh 22nd May 2013
This was so sad because he looked and he was a good person for picking somebody up from the side of the road and then he had give him a ride to were she had needed to go so that is why i had comment on the story.
Name: Chanel 26th May 2013
Wow its a real mystory .
It is really sad
Name: Sydney 29th May 2013
I didn't realize the girl was a ghost , seriously . That was sad and creepy.
Name: Katie 31st May 2013
Aww i thought this wou;d be scary instead it's tearfilling :')
Name: CATH 8th June 2013
whoa..what a nice story..feel sad but its nice
Name: Vinnie 11th June 2013
I was petrefied! I would hate to be Jacob!
Name: Alex 22nd June 2013
sad story but nice and well thought out. jacob would be scared as hell
Name: Megan 23rd June 2013
So sorry for Jacob I would hate to be him. How weird though.
Name: NIGEL SNIFF SNIFF 25th June 2013
VERY predictable but good animation.
Name: 120174lk 27th June 2013
very strange but very very good story i loved it g8 animation
Name: Joseph Gazzillo 12th July 2013
Very good story but quite scary
Name: Steph 19th August 2013
that was an incredibly scary but ummm nice in a way story and my dad's birthday is 8th October.
Name: Zoya 4th September 2013
i really like it but i don't understand that how can jacob's jacket be on the gravestone when emily died 40 years ago when he only gave the coat to her few day before.
Name: Nirjan 9th September 2013
I did not understood how come she died in 1972 I think if she was riding with Jacob!
Name: Jghghgjdr 6456453 19th September 2013
Name: Matilda 30th September 2013
I really enjoy theys storys before I go to bed
Name: Mubarak 30th September 2013
everyone she was a ghost thats why she disspeared
Name: Destiny Maxwell 7th October 2013
This is a beautiful yet haunting tale. My favourite on the website. Reminds me of a friend of mine who died in a car crash. RIP Mackenzie
Name: Chloe 10th October 2013
I loved this story It touched my heart because he laid a yellow rose down on her grave in a sign in thankyou
Name: Lucy 16th October 2013
thanx this is great story very good morel
Name: Amy 17th October 2013
its a fab story love love love it xoxooxoxox
Name: Molly 19th October 2013
made me cry more like a ghost story
Name: Morgan 23rd October 2013
I love this story because its like the story's my mum used to tell me
Name: Anisah 27th October 2013
Love this story 10/10!!!!!
Name: Courtney Cline 31st October 2013
Great story, but really sad.
Name: Ophelia 4th November 2013
Aw... That is really sweet and so sad, poor Jacob!
Name: Sarah 9th November 2013
it was good
Name: Kai 11th November 2013
Name: Madhawy 20th November 2013
so sad poor Jacob . soooo saad
Name: Darryl 4th December 2013
This story is kind of creepy because of the lady standing on the road
Name: Kade Weller 4th December 2013
Name: Kevin Dean Mayse, Jr 6th December 2013
Name: BIGDCOWBOYS 6th December 2013
this story was creepy
Name: Rawwwwr! :) 18th December 2013
This was grate. :) So happpppppppyyyyyyyyyy

Name: Nathan 10th January 2014
this was wierd
Name: Akbr 11th January 2014
Name: Eryn 13th January 2014
I'm shaking.
Name: Ella Pearl 14th January 2014
I'ts alright... not realy a myth
Name: JennaRose 21st January 2014
supurb absolutly best on site
Name: Marla 21st January 2014
you give me nightmares loved it sooooooooooooooooo scarey
Name: Milly B 31st January 2014
Name: Chloe 6th February 2014
love this story so much!
Name: Kay 10th April 2014
this story is scary
Name: Jj 30th April 2014
soooo sad!!!!!!
Name: Fatemah 10th May 2014
Kind of sad story
Name: Elmo 22nd May 2014
Name: Chelsea 12th June 2014
That was such an interesting story. I loved it!
Name: Levi 14th September 2014
Very good story. I wish Emily had more of a back-story though.
Name: Ben 18th September 2014
Really good story, I really enjoyed it.
Name: Keegan 8th October 2014
it was good but kinda predictable
Name: C 8th October 2014
I would of liked to know emily's background
Name: Suraya 14th December 2014
why is he driving too far?
Name: Ellie 12th January 2015
Sweet story. I've heard part of it before, and now I know the whole story.
Name: Temidayo 21st January 2015
it is really good cause it makes you wright like it
Name: Trinity 26th January 2015
why can't we see the drivers face and that person the hichiker why did he die that many times
Name: Abbie 29th January 2015
Cool Story Creator but a bit confused about it! Good story otherwise!
Name: Pamtasker 30th January 2015
This is a beautiful, moving story, very well told.It is sad,but, reasuring that someone was watching over him.
Name: Jhon 3rd February 2015
Name: Da Linh 4th February 2015
this story was so good and im sad about emily died but im confused about the guy drive at night and emily was there i dont know it is real emily are emily that dead
Name: Locat 17th February 2015
its good
Name: Limecat 17th February 2015
its ok
Name: Lolcod 3rd March 2015
real creepy
Name: Sam 3rd March 2015
love it
Name: Prayag 7th March 2015
It is kinda good did not get a few bits, though
Name: Rhys 3rd April 2015
my mom has seen the scary one but not this one i like it
Name: Kayla 8th April 2015
so sad almost cried
Name: Molly 10th April 2015
It Was Very Interesting And I Like That At The End It Was A Mystery; No Happy Ending, But No Sad Ending.
Name: Goldie 15th April 2015
It was so sad! I was almost about to cry
Name: Peyton 17th April 2015
i liked how it ended with the jacket on the stone of her grave yard
Name: Soni 11th May 2015
D story is really a nice 1 with a good message tht v should take care while driving... cz sometimes it hurts us n sumtimes to somebody else...
Name: Emily 22nd May 2015
I dont really understand this story,
But i liked it some how.
I liked the part when jacob put rose on the grave
Name: Dan 26th May 2015
Jacob killed her I think.
The crash happened within the first seconds and was entered into a coma.
Name: Cheng Medalla 6th June 2015
its really great and amazing, i could easily understand those story because of this site thanks!!! and i hope many of us can use and share our imaginations too...
Name: Yosore 14th June 2015
I think it was amazing but I think Jacob killed her and he forgot
Name: Kary 20th June 2015
Name: Leesha 1st July 2015
Loved this story! I like that its modern yet spooky in ways, thanks!
Name: FINNBOT 6th July 2015
good story :)
Name: IISWII 27th July 2015
It was a very good story but I never knew that Emily past away. So sad at the end.
Name: Kaotic Man And Pika Guy 28th July 2015
spooky and sad but great- kaotic man
interesting, sad and spooky.- pika guy
Name: Evan Lykan 4th August 2015
If the girl died forty years ago, how on earth did she even get his jacket. Did he time travel?
Name: Aloka 11th August 2015
she didn't time travel she was a ghost dahh. any way i heard this story may times however all the other stories was a little bit different
Name: Audrey Thomas 12th September 2015
This sure was a freaky story! My god she died years back and returned as a ghost!!!!!!!
Name: Malin 23rd September 2015
Wired story
Name: Ced 28th September 2015
Its weird
Name: Tulsi 7th October 2015
Name: Emily 13th October 2015
so creepy I am thinking he is falling in love with her so you know what I am talking about.
Name: Jeremiah 15th October 2015
Name: Ded 18th October 2015
creepy as hell
Name: Mariam 4th November 2015
Name: Emily 6th November 2015
is she a ghost or....I dunno
Name: ... 18th November 2015
she is a ghost


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