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Maud and the Dragon

Name: Alicia 7th April 2008
It is a sad story and it touches one's heart but then, did Maud die of depression? It is a 3/5
Name: Lilah 8th April 2008
So Kool 100/100
Name: Shannon 17th May 2008
it was great
Name: WOW 28th June 2008
cool much
Name: Victoria 5th November 2008
Name: Neeve 22nd November 2008
Name: Nathan 9th December 2008
wowwwwwwwwwww that was fun
Name: Taylor 10th December 2008
Those myths and legons are great!!


Name: Maisy 8th January 2009
i love this website
Name: Ethan 8th January 2009
thats so cool!!!
Name: Ryan Brennan 8th January 2009
woah woah what was that the hero dying i mean what its good yes but the hero dieng! NOW THAT JUST RUINS IT ALL the hero shuld've survived i mean c'mon
Name: Emel 8th January 2009
Name: Molly 12th January 2009
that was sad but also great!
Name: Callum 13th January 2009
this story is so cool
Name: Harry 13th January 2009
Name: Harry 13th January 2009
Name: Nikita Kumra 16th January 2009
cool animation i realy like your story
Name: Lizzie 17th January 2009
that was ok but cool as well!! LOL
Name: Tyler 19th January 2009
That was so cool and i like the amazing drogan
Name: Phoebe 20th January 2009
as it is good
Name: Jadon-Leigh 20th January 2009
That was so cool and a bit sad!
Name: Leena 21st January 2009
it was very cool but sad i think the dragen should live at the end but it was very gud anyway
Name: Levi 24th January 2009
very good
Name: Pelumi 24th January 2009
lovley bravo i loved your story
Name: Rebecca 25th January 2009
this is a very good story i enjoyed it i think the dragon should of lived it is very sad but very very enjyable well done
Name: Sareena 25th January 2009
The story was good, but the dragon should have lived or Maud should have found an egg,anyway brava! ciao
Name: Emma 27th January 2009
it was very cool and intresting
Name: Jade 27th January 2009
I love the story keep it up! more websites because it's intresting.
Name: Diana 27th January 2009
i think this story is brilliant!!!!!i really liked it
Name: Helen 28th January 2009
Name: Brad 29th January 2009
cool cool cool
Name: Tan 1st February 2009
Wow Wow Wow

With a smile on my face!!!
Name: Paige Brown 2nd February 2009
i think u should add more decribing words in to it bits of it is allright but some arent so i think u should put more in.
Name: -=marktroy=- 3rd February 2009
Name: Harleys Storys 4th February 2009
wow! brilliant! i think ive heard that story before though.
Name: Grace And Salisa 5th February 2009
Cool, it was alright but it could have been more interesting but we still liked it!!!
Name: Jksac 7th February 2009
cool one
Name: Chloe Hall 9th February 2009
this is a good site to look at for information.
Name: Faryal 9th February 2009
I really enjoyed the story because it was sad and I felt sorry for Maud because she had cared for the dragon so well. She never broke her promise did she?!
Name: Darlene 9th February 2009
That was a very good story but i dont like the bit where the dragon died but i was happy that Maude and the dragon got a long with each other as very good friends. It was a fascinating story. I enjoyed it very much.
Name: Char Cox 10th February 2009
hi i love it
Name: Abigail 10th February 2009
so cool but at the end i felt sorry for the dragon and maud any way why did you call the girl maud it is a boring name!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Name: Zoe 12th February 2009
It keeps stopping in the middle
Name: Philippa 12th February 2009
Hi this was cool!!!
Name: Jade 12th February 2009
Name: Lollypop 13th February 2009
it was really good
Name: Ellie 17th February 2009
Name: Lucy 18th February 2009
loved it it was very fiary
Name: Alison 20th February 2009
This is a very good and interesting story but it's just so sad. The Dragon died, the guy who killed it died and Maud was left without her best friend!!!!!
Name: Haikaili 21st February 2009
I really liked this story because it was unpredictable for me. I never expected the ending.
Name: Maddie 22nd February 2009
I liked it alot but it's just so sad.
I also wanted to say that the man telling the story should give us more expession.
Name: Maddie 22nd February 2009
I liked it alot but it was quite sad. I think it could of had a few more adjectives and description words.But i loved it all the same
Name: Taha 23rd February 2009
So sad,so nice and so violent,but i like it
Name: Ifraah Ibrahim 1st March 2009
Ilove this programme it is the best you can learn thingsto!!! thankyou makers of this!!!
Name: Marisa Jayme Adams 5th March 2009
whats the point of this story? Is it supposed to be educational or something? it really confuses me!!!!!!!! Some one please explain please!!! :)
Name: Chloe P 6th March 2009
Gr8 story I realy enjoyed thanx
Name: Anurag 11th March 2009
cool story
Name: Colton 17th March 2009
that was a gr8 story although i fell kinda sorry 4 the dragon
Name: Bob 17th March 2009
nice the girl was sad
Name: Selena_1992 19th March 2009
i loved it
Name: Penina 21st March 2009
Oh i feel sorry 4 the dragon
Name: Chloe 22nd March 2009
i feel sorry for the dragon
Name: Wooly:) 23rd March 2009
i thought it was awesome harsh luck for dragon eh?
Name: Clod 27th March 2009
hail maud for saving the dragon from being killed. the dragon died. hard luck maud
Name: Bubbles 27th March 2009
like awwwww! that dragon was soooo cute. maud was kind to the dragon. now she and i are crying at this moment in peace.
Name: Sophie 1st April 2009
Bad look for the dragon Maud is Brave though.
Name: Lily 1st April 2009
That story was excellent! BUT......
me and Maud are crying at this very second! great stor though!
Name: Patience 2nd April 2009
coooool myth its sooooooooo uniqe
Name: Jack 22nd April 2009
i love this story it made me cry
Name: Charlotte 22nd April 2009
cool website !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Name: Mae 24th April 2009
so sad
Name: Harry 25th April 2009
Name: Alex Rule 25th April 2009
this is okay for a child in yr 5
Name: Cj 5th May 2009
Name: Charlotte 7th May 2009
that was my favourite story so far!
Name: Alex 8th May 2009
My computer lab teacher forced our class to watch this but i guess its kinda good
Name: John 8th May 2009
Name: Mev.molly,kat,leanne 15th May 2009
this story was amazing :)
Name: Phoebe 16th May 2009
Good Story guys! :)
Name: Phoebe 16th May 2009
The only thing that is bad about this web, is that i cannot download anything on my computer, but only schools.
Name: Kira 18th May 2009
that was awsome !
Name: Corey 21st May 2009
Name: Can Not Say 24th May 2009
the story was cool.
Name: Linah 29th May 2009
I love your story very much.Thank you for your story!
Name: D Dot C 3rd June 2009
this is so great i watch this 5 times its cool.
Name: Meni Matai 5th June 2009
i think that the myths were very nice. i think that you should write a myth about twighlight because it is a very good story and its very feelingsable. if you dont want to than you dont need to though. and remember its just what its just what i think you dont need to do it. . .
Name: Foa Samuelu Elia 5th June 2009
Name: Jamoneeb 9th June 2009
I like the way you just picked certain things to put in your myth i enjoyed it
Name: Sung Jun Min 11th June 2009
Your story is excellent good explaining and also good video with alot of real facts. Well Done Who Ever You Are!
Name: Sammy Alex 14th July 2009
Ive got interested in your myhts and ledgens during class theme preparation in the mid of the year and it was very wonderful to know more about your ledgens.
Name: Teddy Kiss 19th July 2009
nice sweet and so sad I love iiiiiittttt!!
Is it a legend or a myth?
Name: Effi Averkiou 17th September 2009
Hollywood here we come! It was fantastic I thought the dragon was so cute!!
Name: Aki Emily. 15th October 2009
This is really intersting! The dragon idea was fab! And the poem and the stained grass part was cool!
Name: Macho Man 22nd October 2009
It was absoulutly awesome!!!!! Especially the dragon
Name: Sarah White 1st November 2009
Who is the author for this i am learning this at school and i need to know the author???

Hi Sarah the author is Dee Gray - The Myths Team
Name: Aaron 17th November 2009
The ending is kind of weird.
Name: Neha 18th November 2009
I love this myth because it
is such goooooooooood myth, and it
is one of my favourite myths.
Name: Rhianna Cronin 18th November 2009
hi i love that story. i am doing it at school.
Name: Balvir 11th January 2010
it is very good
Name: Sophie West 14th January 2010
i love this myth because i love the
first pitchure because it has a big green dragon its amazing! ***************************************
your a star*
Name: Jon Smith 21st January 2010
i like the story but i don\'t like the sounds,its the screaming,its scary!!!!!!
Name: Zara 22nd January 2010
it was really good
Name: Melissa Jer 24th January 2010
it was really sad
Name: Casey Lau 31st January 2010
that wus good
Name: Eve 6th February 2010
Its so good
Name: Imogen 7th February 2010
This was sssssss ooooooo
good i think you are going to be writer it was excelant how did you think of it!!!!!!!!!!! you are 10000 one million %ecellant
Name: EJ LOL!! 8th February 2010
that was sooooooooooooooo good, but I feel sad & sorry for the poor dragon!
Name: Chex 27th February 2010
i watched it with my class and we loved its really good
Name: Yeji 8th March 2010
I like dragon and little girl because they help each other
Name: Thomasg1 10th March 2010
nice story, wendy.My school loved it!
Name: Unknown 15th March 2010
Its good but is it a legend or Myth
Name: Hannah 18th March 2010
dragons aaaaaaaaaaaaa scarey
Name: Odd Bodd 11th April 2010
I think I've heard a story like that.....
Name: Limalau 2nd August 2010
It was a good myth
Name: Eloise Clover 23rd October 2010
Maud and the dragon is so good yet so scary. Love it
Name: Genevieve 28th October 2010
My favorite animal is dragons but this a rellllllllllllllllly good story writer you ROCK!!!!
Name: Megan 28th October 2010
poor dragon wwwwwhhhhhaaaaaa
Name: Chloe 16th November 2010
i like the bit when maud found the dragon. chloe xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Name: Sanjana 17th November 2010
Maud and the Dragon it is a very good story
Name: Shania 18th November 2010
i loved it so much but the dragon
Name: Shadow 5th December 2010
shadow here- gr8 stori, interesting ending but i with dragon painting was restored
:(. be cool to see that patch of mud huh?! shadow out.
Name: Filip 17th December 2010
it was sow sad ;(

Name: AG8 19th December 2010
A gr8 story
Name: Soph 12th January 2011
Enter Soph. I thought that this was a great story, sad nea the end though:( It didn't turn out how I thought it would which was surprising.
I would have liked to have seen the painting of the dragon on the church wall! :) Leave Soph.
Name: Hannah 20th January 2011
i want 2 see that wall with that dragon

Name: JzzWINNER 25th January 2011
it's alright i like the story
Name: Skips :D 26th January 2011
awww that was sad! i wish the dragon lived!! its a great story!
Name: Diamond2857 8th February 2011
I liked it but u shud hav addee mure description names like uh. Maud????? what kind of name is that? What yearare we in???? 1897?
Name: ABSTER 10th February 2011
hey diamond
read the top it says
1300 to 1400
Name: George Brogan 15th February 2011
I luv Reptiles i even have my own lizard and hearing this story made me quite upset! :(
Name: Melissa Cristina 23rd February 2011
this is a sad story we would not forget from how the dragon died
Name: Rainbow 26th February 2011
i love this story but i will feel sad about how the dragon died.
Name: Millie Urquhart 8th March 2011
I loved how Maud cared for the dragon but it was very sad to see the him die (he was quite cute).
If I were Maud, I would have been so angry with the criminal, but he was already dead.
Name: EMMA P 15th March 2011
I love that story I did not hate any of it


Name: Tyler 25th March 2011
Cool!!!!!! awesome!!!!!!!
Name: Matthew 26th March 2011
Well Good Story!!!
Name: Lydia 27th March 2011
that was really sad you guys shouldn't
say that was cool or awesome that was really sad and you should be ashamed of yourselfs you know it was sad so beleave it was sad
Name: Esther 29th April 2011
i found this story amazing it had pashion in it wow! i can not explain any more.
Name: Riham 1st May 2011
That was a sad story and it was kind of Muad I agree with Lydia. Please don t' do anything like this story...Pleeeeeaaaaaaaaaasssssssseeeee!!!!!!!!
Name: Riham 7th May 2011
Sorry if I have been mean about the story of Muad and the dragon but I really felt sorry for both of them.
P.S You can read my story it is called The curius baby! Sorry!!!!!!
Name: James 11th June 2011
This story was kind of scary but overall I liked it.
Name: Candycat7200 13th July 2011
it was soooooo sad!!!
Name: Paige 12th October 2011
Awwww soo sad :\'(
Name: Bharath 7th December 2011
but it was sad :-(
Name: Chloe 5th January 2012
This is really sad
Name: Dolly 18th January 2012
why did he kill the dragon
Name: Keira 19th January 2012
i hate that horrid man
Name: Phoebe 21st January 2012
You made that story so well but I really did not like it when the Dragon died.
Name: Awan 3rd February 2012
that was so cool man
Name: Thomas 13th February 2012
it was a sad story, my favourite part was when the dragon and maud met each other.
Name: Pinky 16th February 2012
I really liked the story but I think that the dragon shoud have surived
Name: Jetty 24th February 2012
i wished that the dragon would survive
Name: Tiara 28th February 2012
its sad
Name: MinJun 28th February 2012
The end is sad.

Name: N Frh J 11th March 2012
awwhh the ending is sooo sad for maud.
Name: Vinelly 15th March 2012
it is sad
Name: Keisha 10th April 2012
It`s very sad but it was creative
Name: Aleka 11th May 2012
It was sad but good
Name: Hi 16th May 2012
it was good but had a sad ending
Name: Serena 16th May 2012
it was really sad but it was a good myth
Name: Sonia 19th May 2012
I liked the story, it was fun.
Name: Pola 7th June 2012
orsam cool and amazing
Name: Year 5P 21st September 2012
Most of us think that too many people died in this but it's cool...we liked it!
Name: Jack 5th October 2012
Name: Ishmamah 6th October 2012
a lovely story!
Name: David 13th November 2012
It was sad and good at the same time.
Name: Leanor 16th November 2012
Boo to garstone!!!!!!!
Name: Ana 23rd November 2012
this is a great story!
Name: Lisa 24th November 2012
this story help me with my school work
Name: How 26th November 2012
Name: Tessa 7th December 2012
its ok
Name: Let 7th December 2012
this story is very good with helping with school work
Name: Holly 9th January 2013
i love myths and legends and we are doing this topic in sckool
Name: Lily 28th January 2013
i love this story very sad :(
Name: Eleanor 7th February 2013
A lovely tale I think it is one of my awsome tales!
I wish i had a pet dragon!
Name: Chris 21st February 2013
I like this site
Name: Lewis 2nd March 2013
i love this site
Name: Kousuke Ueki 14th March 2013
What's the moral value of this story? (Not all myths and legends have morals, unlike fables, they were told for many different reasons, this story does not appear to have one - The Myths Team)
Name: Fahad 26th March 2013
wow that was amazing
Name: Lian 28th May 2013
Great and sad story, but yeah it has to end this way. Majority wins almost every time..
Name: Basmallah 12th June 2013
I think this is a great story because its very interesting.I wish i was in the story
Name: Ozgul 13th June 2013
I loved the story it was awsome dudes!
Name: Oliver 18th June 2013
EPIC DUDE EPIC it was amazing sad at the end though very interesting and intriguing. :)
Name: Alex P 26th August 2013
I loved this story like I love food.
Name: A 2nd September 2013
Name: Akbar 23rd September 2013
Epic Epic Epic dudes the best o the best mates
Name: Roger Williams 21st October 2013
Right-O guys. This story was sad but rather interesting, I look forward to snapping at more. *Click Click*
Name: Anney 27th October 2013
This story is awesome
Also i LOVE this website
Name: Chelsea 1st November 2013
i don't like this story because its upseting
Name: Marianna 18th November 2013
why was the name called maud they have very weird stories from legends and this is the end
Name: Sam 10th January 2014
this is nice
Name: Ryan 21st January 2014
this made me cry the dargon should NOT have died
Name: Grace 11th February 2014
Why is the dragon always evil? #unfair
Name: Chelsea 3rd March 2014
i do feel sorry for the dragon but it is a myth i rate it 10/10
Name: Ailis# 9th March 2014
nice but sad
Name: Finley 13th March 2014
Poor dragon I felt sorry for it and Maud. But it was funny when Garstone made his dying sound effect. LOL
Name: S=HANAN 14th May 2014
Name: Shaikha 15th May 2014
hi iloved the story it was fantastic brilliant 100%! buti am really shocked and sad what happened to the dragon. sorrrrry maud the dragon died if i was you maud id go and kill who told GARSTON to kill him! iam feeling sad but this story is a moody story like you are sad then happy then embarssed then shocked! thankyou and i feel sorry for you maud and the dragon that died!..
Name: Abdelrahman 28th June 2014
it's not fact
Name: Emilia 24th July 2014
Poor dragon... And maud.
Name: Rachel 7th October 2014
hi I loved this story
Name: Lexi 3rd November 2014
i really like this story
Name: Kaiyu 5th November 2014
this story is awesome!!!
Name: Gurshan 21st December 2014
this story was awesome!!!!!!!!!!
Name: Hannah 8th January 2015
I love it i just live it.why do peaple KILL the dragon dragons are good but if you try to kill them then they are bad so Ya
Name: Ethan 12th January 2015
iLOVE this story but do you know the meaning
Name: Destinyb 16th January 2015
Lovely story sad for maud her friend.
Name: Lolingfun 17th January 2015
I love it but you should be able to read the story not play it (you can go into the text only version or turn off the sound - The Myths Team)
Name: Clare 19th January 2015
That story was so sad! If only Maud had a bit more courage and pursuaded everyone not to kill the dragon! :'(
Name: Sarah 20th January 2015
cool my pupils at school think its great,been trying to look for a dragon tale on the internet (couldn't find one).until my friend persuaded me to look on this excellent website. rate it 5 stars.
Name: Primokenny 27th January 2015
is soo cool
Name: Julianna 28th January 2015
that was a good story and at the end it was sad I will give this 5 stars.
Name: Rebecca 31st January 2015
I like that story and I\'ll give it 100 stars.
Name: Layeoo 11th February 2015
Name: Sophia 3rd April 2015
I LOVE DRAGONS!!!!! Cool subject
Name: Annabelle 4th May 2015
the dragon was scary !!!!!!!!!!!!1111!!!!11!!!!111111!
Name: Lol 4th May 2015
love dragons
Name: Victoria 12th May 2015
Name: Hannah 27th June 2015
Wow, that's a fierce dragon 🐲 🐉!
Name: Morgan 3rd November 2015
that was an awesome dragon and it was sad when it died.
Name: Alexzandria 4th November 2015
Is this a true tale?
Name: Pinkie Pie 28th January 2016
me love dragon
Name: Xx 1st June 2016
Name: Jeff 6th March 2017
Really good 😊
Name: Jeff Shs 8th March 2017
Very very good 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍😏📱📱📱📱📱📱📱📱📱📱📱📱📱📱📱📱📱📱📱📱
Name: Seiran 27th March 2017
Sad but Good.
It was cool...
Name: Maud 27th March 2017
Name: Haley 29th March 2017
its so sad why is it?????????????????????????
Name: Maddie 26th April 2017
amazing but sooo sad
it made you read on
found it really interesting
Name: Daisy 29th April 2017
i'm crying.

but its still omg!!!
Name: Nasim 14th May 2017
Name: Mera 13th December 2017
Name: Irish Girl 19th March 2018
This shows what kindness and loyalty we have in us and if we share it with others we can have world peace :)


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