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Sir Rowland Alston's Soul

Name: Moz Waters 30th April 2007
This is really good idea for improving literacy and involving young people in technology. I had problems with the audio. might be my pc. I'm a teacher in Australia. thanks
Name: Breezy 17th May 2007
I really liked this story i am a girl but im into this stuff im wierd like that but any way I like loved this story. im not emo or goth or anything i just like stuff like this idont know why.
Name: Person??? 2nd July 2007
it was a goodish idea!!!!
Name: Thomas 23rd December 2007
i have been doing myths and legends at school this story was great
Name: Chelsey+alyssa 7th January 2008
It was good and scary at times but it would need improving at the end.
Name: Jackdavies 17th January 2008
i love this myths and legends and would like to see and hear more! jack aged 8
Name: Larissa 19th January 2008
I think the story is very well told.I have heard this story before a few times Tjis way is by far the best.
Name: Caitlin 21st January 2008
i think that this story was the best ever ever ever ever ever and i really like the devil
Name: Caitlin 21st January 2008
i think that it was the best story in the whole wide worldxx ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever eeve rver ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever .....
Name: Sylvie 13th February 2008
good ghost story really coooool
Name: Melissa 7th August 2008
my dad was scared
Name: DrewDrew 17th September 2008
Name: Rebecca 12th November 2008
this story was so good a man with a devl soul cool
Name: Sophie 27th November 2008
I think when Sir Alston reached the church in time and went inside but he probably fainted or had a heartattack from the terror and that's how he died. I live near the church...the story is true.
Name: Estelle 18th January 2009
I think sir alston probably got so much of a shock when he was being chased and when the devil was chasing him that he had a heart-attack from being so alarmed.
Name: Danny 19th January 2009
That was scary when the devil came to scare sir rowland
Name: Sophie 31st January 2009
Name: Scotty 21st February 2009
sooooooo cool!!!
This website rocks!
This is the best one yet!!!
Name: Amywheeler 13th March 2009
i loved it
Name: Clancy 29th May 2009
not as spooky
Name: Florence Talbot 23rd August 2009
it was a good story out of 10 i would give it 10
Name: Nikola 28th September 2009
7 of 10
Name: 549 18th October 2009
I would like more stories set in Bedfordshire.
Name: Voltye 5th January 2010
my dad has seen a ghost just like that
it stood at the window a kept repeating
its coming faster and faster
Name: Rbex 19th January 2010
this is a fabulous story. i personally loved it!
Name: Jessica O'callaghan 15th November 2010
this is verry good and i am outstanding
Name: Marx165 15th December 2010
Looks like alston luck ran with the devil....
Name: Nisha 27th January 2011
I get a chill up my spine when I read this!
Name: Lizzy 1 12th May 2011
this is a creepy story
Name: Legoking1 15th May 2011
but why cant the devil go on holy ground
and would sell there sole to the devil
Name: Draven 20th May 2011
the devil look so creepy in the back of the story i like it
Name: Dylan 29th June 2011
i love your stories
Name: Crystal 18th July 2011
Loveditbut the devil scared me!
Name: Riham 1st September 2011
Sounds a bit like 'A ride with the devil' and also 'testing the witch finder genral'.
Name: Owen AKA The Real Black Shook 7th March 2012
i think the stranger looked like the reaper you know the grim reaper
Name: Chloe D 21st July 2012
just brill
Name: Minty 4th September 2012
Name: Liloj 2nd October 2012
Name: Lollypop123 11th December 2012
It was creepy especially when the eyes popped out
Name: Laura 8th January 2013
wow he must have made a pretty bad deal
for all that to happen
Name: Danielle 3rd February 2013
the picture at the end is scary and it frightened me because it just popped up
Name: Heebeejeebees Dude Comes Again 27th April 2013
Ok so he had luck because he would give his soul to the devil? baaad idea
Thats kinda silly to do that dont you think?
Name: Mihnea 28th April 2013
A very nice story, I really liked it.
Name: Clarense Omega 8th October 2013
Name: Hulan 22nd January 2014
the best so far 5/5
Name: Lol 11th February 2014
what is the picture of
Name: Yo 14th March 2014
10 out of 10 best myth ever
Name: Mitchell 9th June 2014
This story is the best
Name: Ahmed 5th March 2015
I relay like myths and legends books!!!!!!
Name: Anwaya 17th April 2015
name anwaya scary and cool like it i do love myths and legend. SO DOES MY SISTER anvathya
Name: Rosa 29th January 2016
Name: Ash 13th February 2016
amazing tale
Name: Ash 13th February 2016
cool story
Name: Vanessa 23rd March 2016
Cool Love it
Name: Corinne Genge 12th May 2016
Really cool story but it sort of made me "WET THE BED". So I don't really want to listen to it more at night. Bye! P.S It really is just a cool story!
Name: Jamie 4th November 2016
That was SCARY.
Name: Joshua 4th November 2016
That was AWESOME and SCARY.
Name: Niki 4th January 2017
...Um Nice...I think...actually I don\'t know how to explain was kind of a Very..intense ...and very Mhm...WAIT D YOU KNOW THE LITTLE GIRL IN TOMARROW LAND THE GIRL ROBOT SHE RAN AS FAST AS THAT MAN ..well I think that girl in the movie was very fast ...Anyways who watched it
Name: Shanice 6th April 2017
I really liked it and it was so scary.
Name: Morgan 12th September 2017
so intense that i didn't finish the story! i feel like i got a heart attack!
Name: Jalyn 19th November 2017
it's a nice story


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