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Tom Hickathrift and the Ogre of the Smeeth

Name: Jean 7th February 2007
This may be a repeat of an earlier request but I may have sent it to the wrong place. We are doing a Marshland St James village information website and I would like to put a link to your site and the story of Tom Hickathrift and the Ogre of the Smeeth. It is a great story but too long for the site but it would make a great link. The site has advertising of local businesses but only to pay for our hosting costs and not for profit - any money left over goes to the village hall funds.

Many thanks

Name: Georgia 23rd November 2007
It is good Tom and the Ogre but you need to add games
Name: Aaron & Sasha 7th January 2008
A great story we really enjoyed it make sure it makes sense
Name: BILLY 11th March 2008


Name: Charlie 12th March 2008
tom i like your story but what country are you in.
Name: Abbey 9th November 2008
I liked that myth it was cool but not as good as some other myths

Love XxxABBEYxxX
Name: Carl 9th November 2008
Realy interesting and keeps you guessing the next bit. Best bit was the fight with the ogre
Name: Emma Bolingbroke 16th April 2009
very good

keep it up
Name: Maxmillion 4th May 2009
lol very funny haha :)
Name: Diego 28th May 2009
This a good myth about an ogre. I think this is a really good myth because you made it intertaining and with no bad words. Hope to see more myths.
Name: Chloe Hambrook 13th June 2009
lol vary funny!!!!!!!
Name: Josh 30th June 2009
lol best sory on here
Name: Niamh 23rd September 2009
i think that was incredible
Name: Nihad 26th November 2009
not bad not bad at all
Name: Solara 2nd December 2009
Name: Bethany 10th January 2010
i thourgt it was a bit gross
Name: Laura 12th January 2010
I dont like it, it dose'nt let you exit it or go back or go forward.
Name: Elli 14th January 2010
very good
Name: Melissa Jer 17th January 2010
it was funny when the ogres head came of and i think Tom was very brave
Name: Rhianna 24th January 2010
coollllllllllllllll lol
Name: Libby 26th January 2010
I liked the part where tom choped the
oger's head off.
Name: Libby 29th January 2010
Coooooolllllllll man
Name: Omar 12th February 2010
cooooooooooooooooooolllllllllllll man
Name: Morganzz X 18th February 2010
that was a lovey storyy x
Name: Eve 23rd February 2010
Name: Chelsea 25th March 2010
i have heard this while i was molly dancing true story dont you know
Name: Dosbarth Arian 19th April 2010
Good story, but as Ricardo pointed out, the axle is still on the cart after he has used it as a sword. Keep up the good work
Name: Megan 20th June 2010
well i think that this story was made by a giens who every did it give you a round ofa claws
Name: Courtney Wales X 17th July 2010
This is true, i live near tilney (marshland) and theres a sign up as you drive into the village of a ogre and tom. plus we did this story at school and acted it out, very good, true story! x
Name: Rimsha 24th September 2010
Thats a nice story!
Name: Rimsha Noor 10th October 2010
Can you tell me the of this author?
Name: Danny 24th November 2010
this is a good story it helped me for my project
Name: Faye 7th January 2011
that was nice
Name: Tom 20th January 2011
i like it cheers for that
Name: Noor 11th August 2011
Woah he is one giant of a man! A nice myth/legend! And I thought only greeks had such imagination!
Name: Lisa 26th August 2011
I loved this myth it was great who couldnt like it?
Name: Lily 22nd October 2011
Name: Chloe 5th January 2012
I duno But I kinda wanna look at the inside of the grave
Name: Turquoise 6th January 2012
I think I too want to look at the inside of the grave?I know it sounds a bit weird, but it's not, it's just curiosity!
Anyway, I also thought some of the myth was weird.Most of you also think is weird!LOL!
Name: Katie 11th February 2012
OMG what a mean wich.

Name: Natasha 23rd February 2012
Wow this is a really good story. I read it at school.
Name: Millie-mae 26th April 2012
its very good
Name: Ashly 3rd May 2012
it was a great story to read.It wasan't
what i was expecting.
Name: Terry Fielden 11th June 2012
My sister Chloe would LOVE this!
Say hi to Keith&Dorothy for me!
I love this story as well
It's awesome
Name: Dalton Edgell 30th August 2012
I loved that story! It was amazing! I like how the boy outsmarted the ogre, but I thought he was partly an imbecile when he took the short path.
Name: Gkjhkjhkjhjklhkj 18th October 2012
Slide 7 on this story is awesome the monster looks smoking
Name: Kyron Dunn 6th November 2012
it was ok
Name: Bonny 3rd December 2012
i liked it how he outsmarted the ogre. it was amazing
Name: Eleanor 9th February 2013
This is a awsome tale but why must every tale with a orge in end with the hero finding treasure? (Because ogres horde treasure! - The Myths Team)
Name: DEE 19th September 2013
Name: Emmanuel 27th October 2013
i liked this story
Name: The XD Dude 12th February 2014
This is a awsome tale but why must every tale with a orge in end with the hero finding treasure? (Because ogres horde treasure! - The Myths Team) ??? why do they horde treasure anyway this was a great STTTTTTTTTTTTTORY whoever made this MAKE MOAR
Name: Green Shagy Hair 23rd March 2014
cool myth
Name: Shamany 11th May 2014
Name: Kent Bussell 13th October 2014
it was amazing
Name: Kaotic Man 456 29th July 2015
GGGGGRRRRRROOOOOOOOOSSSSSS good but gross. I like the bit where they fight .
:) :P smiley face mania...... (*o*).

Name: Pie Day 11th September 2015
i cant here anything
Name: Jayden 12th September 2015
Name: Ty 27th January 2016
cool fun to read or lisin
Name: Ava 28th January 2016
I liked liked it ill give it 3 stars
Name: Dd 7th April 2017
hahahah its funny
Name: Shrek 30th October 2017
Name: Rei'Ane Brady 9th March 2018
O,M,G!!!!! i love this story soooooooooooooooo much i could chop off a ogre's head!! WOO HEW!!!!!!
Name: Anna 16th March 2018
What kind of writing system does the greeks have? It the greeks writing system called phonetic? What other myth stories do you have? What is the greeks myths call?


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