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The Hand of Glory

Name: Stephine 1st November 2012
Creepy and cool at the same time! i would like it if there were more new stories here!
Name: Ella 5th November 2012
Name: Luke J 5th November 2012
Very good - are incantations spells
Name: Nevq1 27th November 2012
supurb very creepy
Name: Emma 29th November 2012
Wow! That was very creepy. Great story!
Name: Arthur 2nd December 2012
sick!!! It's awsome, and I love it
Name: Mollie 2nd December 2012
there is no sound that story is lovely but I'm shore it does have sound and Emma it is not scary at all
Name: Izzy 9th December 2012
that was SO brill i love it
p.s i think u should send it to simon cowll LOL
Name: Nikita 9th December 2012
very scary
Name: Meggymo2004 30th December 2012
not good for bed time
Name: Val Coombe 6th January 2013
it was very good it was right to put the two men hanging from the string it was cool. not good before bed time
Name: Laura 8th January 2013
some of this story is just gross!
Name: Jamie B 9th January 2013
Name: Emily Staude 10th January 2013
Cool story!!!!
Name: Farid Mifthahul Rozaq 11th January 2013
Name: Sarah 12th January 2013
oh this looks well cool !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Name: Emily 15th January 2013
scary and cool
Name: Eloisa 25th January 2013
that girl was so brave and now i know not to do that and it made me shiver at the end (creepy)
Name: Rianna 30th January 2013
this is scary i am not matching this ever in my life
Name: Lola 30th January 2013
very very cool
Name: Amaan 3rd February 2013
iv read many scary stories and im not scared
Name: Anon 6th February 2013
This story was really good, and the animation was fantastic. I hope soon I can make something like this!
Name: Sagara 20th February 2013
that was so so very brillant and fantastic
Name: Jess 19th June 2013
Fab fab fab
Name: Epic Guy 22nd June 2013
really good story with a spook and fright all i can say about it is that it is...EPIC
Name: Colby 12th July 2013
That was one of the best myths I ahve ever herd. I loved it!
Name: Jack 26th July 2013
Very intriguing vocabulary in this haunting legend.
Name: Kayleigh 30th July 2013
I just love it love iittt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Name: Amelia Wesner 5th September 2013
That was not actually as creepy as I was expecting it to be... still creepy though.
Name: Josh 16th September 2013
Name: Rebecca 14th October 2013
Name: Michael 21st November 2013
Name: Theia 21st December 2013
it is a very good story if this story had rating then i'd gyve 5 stars
Name: BB 21st January 2014
Name: Rolo 31st January 2014
vry very very gud 5 out 5
Name: William 31st January 2014
id say 3 because it was to scary for me.
Name: Jodhi 7th February 2014
vry kool
Name: Aleisha 10th February 2014
lol sad though
Name: Ishika 15th February 2014
i'm 14 and this wasn't scary but i can understand if younger people become scared!
Name: Tony Beable 18th February 2014
man this is really scary and im 14!!!
Name: Paul 21st February 2014
Name: Wiktoria Girzynska 23rd February 2014
I just watched it and it was not to scary as I thought it would be. This is like a bed time story for campers or little kids to be scared
Name: Mandy22 5th March 2014
i thout it was vwey good an well written with lots of description xxx
Name: HOLLANDIA 12th March 2014
Name: Fiddle Dee 18th March 2014
oh man did it roooooooooooooooooooooock
im watchin it again
Name: Gorge Of The Jungle 24th March 2014
it was very niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice
Name: George The Guy In The Jungle And He's A Black Person 25th March 2014
aaaaawwwwwweeeeeessssssooooommmmmmeeeeIM WATCHIN IT AGAIN
Name: Super Penguin 26th March 2014
# Penguins can fly
Name: Konke 28th March 2014
this story looks a bit scary but a myth must be intresting like this one
Name: Emily 2nd April 2014
Looks soooo interesting
Name: Swimcool:) 11th April 2014
this myth is super scary i am going to have nightnares now :(
Name: Girl 13th April 2014
It is so scary but interesting
Name: Chloe 25th April 2014
deadly interesting details with a scare og horror that ive never heard so quietly i whisper the glory light of hand
Name: Brent Ratt 28th April 2014
Great story love the intenceity
Name: Jj 30th April 2014
this story is SO intresting !It teaches you that weird things happend in history just like magic. we have now been saved!!!!!
Name: SOz 30th April 2014
Name: Cart 1st May 2014
WOW this is amazing
Name: Coolguycoco 14th May 2014
Can u make one story with the three roman gods Zeus Hades and Posidan
Name: Medusa 19th May 2014
Name: Kat 22nd May 2014
Name: Louise 24th May 2014
Best story ever. I love the mystery and action throughout the whole story.
Whoever wrote this is a genius!
Well Done!
Name: Skye 18th July 2014
Name: JUMPire_2007 7th November 2014
I think this is absolutely amazing! But, i think it needs a little more creepiness to it! (Ok, its just me loving creepy gory stuff, sorry) Still genius!!
Name: Zara 22nd February 2015
I love it whoever wrote is a geu
Name: LegendLover 14th March 2015
Wow! Great story. The woman's voice reading it is so soft and creepy. The servant girl is great.
Name: Me 26th May 2015
Name: Ameya 5th June 2015
It was a nice story.The servant girl was brave.
Name: II 2nd July 2015
This is amazing by far the best on the site, I fully recommend it
Name: Eshal 22nd August 2015
This story was seriously creepy!
Name: Noremac 15th September 2015
Name: Cole 2nd October 2015
the music isnt going away
Name: Tonya.dhillon 20th October 2015
I thought it was creepy and kinda wired didn't like the story.
Name: Nila 25th October 2015
absolutely awsome
Name: Jessica 1st December 2015
omg this is sick
Name: Keira 14th December 2015
Name: Eleanro 15th December 2015
OMG I love this it has so much detail and sends a shiver down your spine!
Name: Liba 21st December 2015
The last time I heard of the hand of glory was in the Harry Potter series. only gives light to the holder
Name: Kellie 24th December 2015
This myth existed long before JK used the idea of the hand in Harry Potter. Her use is just one there are several stories where the hand puts people to sleep this is one of the best.
Name: Ruby 29th January 2016
I think this story is a bit creepy but cool at the same time. Ide love it if you get more myths and legends like this one!
Name: Amro 2nd February 2016
Name: Abigail 4th February 2016
That was a awesome tale
Name: Ash 13th February 2016
really gruesome but,i like it!
Name: Lucas 15th February 2016
so creepy
Name: Corinne Genge 17th February 2016
Um this is so scary I\'m going to tell this to my friend Izzy when we go to our next sleepover!
Name: Sky 18th February 2016
Quite gruesome but really educational too! Thank you!
Name: Riley 18th February 2016
That's not scary at all :,)
Name: Juman 22nd February 2016
that is soooooooooooooo scary!!!!!!!!!!!!
Name: Coolyocreeps 24th February 2016
This was soooooo epic and kinda creepy like me hehe I loved it! 😜😜😜😎😎
Name: James Fisher 25th February 2016
This is the scariest myth that I have ever heard in my whole life. (Especially the two parts were the bodys were hung up and the hands cut off. Yick. And also the story itself. Scary and yick. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Name: Arjun Satarkar 9th March 2016
Perfectly written, with strong vocabulary and full of horror. Great.
Name: Jordan 5th April 2016
Great story! Best of all!
Name: Emily Cooke 19th April 2016
OMG Sooooooo Scary! I'm going to have nightmears Tonight!!! Good job!
Name: Leiutf 3rd May 2016
so scary
Name: Rythfut 3rd May 2016
so scary
Name: Johnn Plee 3rd May 2016
it was really scary
Name: Aythsutily 17th May 2016
Name: NotScary 30th May 2016
I'm Younger Then 15 Year Old Students But Was So Creepy
Name: Lucianna 24th September 2016
i found that story very helpful you need to make more of these stories i love these kinda stories they are so interesting especially the way it was told just one question are these stories real ?
Name: Aralyn 14th March 2017
OMG LUVVVV IT!!!!!!!! Wait is it REAL!?!??!?!
Name: Raghav 27th May 2017
Name: Ben 22nd January 2018
wow imscared now
Name: Luv Legends 28th January 2018
wow i loved this legend


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