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The Hand of Glory

Name: Stephine 1st November 2012
Creepy and cool at the same time! i would like it if there were more new stories here!
Name: Ella 5th November 2012
Name: Luke J 5th November 2012
Very good - are incantations spells
Name: Nevq1 27th November 2012
supurb very creepy
Name: Emma 29th November 2012
Wow! That was very creepy. Great story!
Name: Arthur 2nd December 2012
sick!!! It's awsome, and I love it
Name: Mollie 2nd December 2012
there is no sound that story is lovely but I'm shore it does have sound and Emma it is not scary at all
Name: Izzy 9th December 2012
that was SO brill i love it
p.s i think u should send it to simon cowll LOL
Name: Nikita 9th December 2012
very scary
Name: Meggymo2004 30th December 2012
not good for bed time
Name: Val Coombe 6th January 2013
it was very good it was right to put the two men hanging from the string it was cool. not good before bed time
Name: Laura 8th January 2013
some of this story is just gross!
Name: Jamie B 9th January 2013
Name: Emily Staude 10th January 2013
Cool story!!!!
Name: Farid Mifthahul Rozaq 11th January 2013
Name: Sarah 12th January 2013
oh this looks well cool !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Name: Emily 15th January 2013
scary and cool
Name: Eloisa 25th January 2013
that girl was so brave and now i know not to do that and it made me shiver at the end (creepy)
Name: Rianna 30th January 2013
this is scary i am not matching this ever in my life
Name: Lola 30th January 2013
very very cool
Name: Amaan 3rd February 2013
iv read many scary stories and im not scared
Name: Anon 6th February 2013
This story was really good, and the animation was fantastic. I hope soon I can make something like this!
Name: Sagara 20th February 2013
that was so so very brillant and fantastic
Name: Jess 19th June 2013
Fab fab fab
Name: Epic Guy 22nd June 2013
really good story with a spook and fright all i can say about it is that it is...EPIC
Name: Colby 12th July 2013
That was one of the best myths I ahve ever herd. I loved it!
Name: Jack 26th July 2013
Very intriguing vocabulary in this haunting legend.
Name: Kayleigh 30th July 2013
I just love it love iittt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Name: Amelia Wesner 5th September 2013
That was not actually as creepy as I was expecting it to be... still creepy though.
Name: Josh 16th September 2013
Name: Rebecca 14th October 2013
Name: Michael 21st November 2013
Name: Theia 21st December 2013
it is a very good story if this story had rating then i'd gyve 5 stars
Name: BB 21st January 2014
Name: Rolo 31st January 2014
vry very very gud 5 out 5
Name: William 31st January 2014
id say 3 because it was to scary for me.
Name: Jodhi 7th February 2014
vry kool
Name: Aleisha 10th February 2014
lol sad though
Name: Ishika 15th February 2014
i'm 14 and this wasn't scary but i can understand if younger people become scared!
Name: Tony Beable 18th February 2014
man this is really scary and im 14!!!
Name: Paul 21st February 2014
Name: Wiktoria Girzynska 23rd February 2014
I just watched it and it was not to scary as I thought it would be. This is like a bed time story for campers or little kids to be scared
Name: Mandy22 5th March 2014
i thout it was vwey good an well written with lots of description xxx
Name: HOLLANDIA 12th March 2014
Name: Fiddle Dee 18th March 2014
oh man did it roooooooooooooooooooooock
im watchin it again
Name: Gorge Of The Jungle 24th March 2014
it was very niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice
Name: George The Guy In The Jungle And He's A Black Person 25th March 2014
aaaaawwwwwweeeeeessssssooooommmmmmeeeeIM WATCHIN IT AGAIN
Name: Super Penguin 26th March 2014
# Penguins can fly
Name: Konke 28th March 2014
this story looks a bit scary but a myth must be intresting like this one
Name: Emily 2nd April 2014
Looks soooo interesting
Name: Swimcool:) 11th April 2014
this myth is super scary i am going to have nightnares now :(
Name: Girl 13th April 2014
It is so scary but interesting
Name: Chloe 25th April 2014
deadly interesting details with a scare og horror that ive never heard so quietly i whisper the glory light of hand
Name: Brent Ratt 28th April 2014
Great story love the intenceity
Name: Jj 30th April 2014
this story is SO intresting !It teaches you that weird things happend in history just like magic. we have now been saved!!!!!
Name: SOz 30th April 2014
Name: Cart 1st May 2014
WOW this is amazing
Name: Coolguycoco 14th May 2014
Can u make one story with the three roman gods Zeus Hades and Posidan
Name: Medusa 19th May 2014
Name: Kat 22nd May 2014
Name: Louise 24th May 2014
Best story ever. I love the mystery and action throughout the whole story.
Whoever wrote this is a genius!
Well Done!
Name: Skye 18th July 2014
Name: JUMPire_2007 7th November 2014
I think this is absolutely amazing! But, i think it needs a little more creepiness to it! (Ok, its just me loving creepy gory stuff, sorry) Still genius!!
Name: Zara 22nd February 2015
I love it whoever wrote is a geu
Name: LegendLover 14th March 2015
Wow! Great story. The woman's voice reading it is so soft and creepy. The servant girl is great.
Name: Me 26th May 2015
Name: Ameya 5th June 2015
It was a nice story.The servant girl was brave.
Name: II 2nd July 2015
This is amazing by far the best on the site, I fully recommend it
Name: Eshal 22nd August 2015
This story was seriously creepy!
Name: Noremac 15th September 2015
Name: Cole 2nd October 2015
the music isnt going away
Name: Tonya.dhillon 20th October 2015
I thought it was creepy and kinda wired didn't like the story.
Name: Nila 25th October 2015
absolutely awsome


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