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The Sword in the Stone

Name: Kila 24th November 2012
COOL!I heard this story before!
Name: Niamh 29th November 2012
outstanding story that is my fav myth and legend
Name: Luke 5th December 2012
is it a myth or ledgend
Name: Maddie 5th December 2012
Name: Beth Topp 9th December 2012
really cool are there others like it
Name: Amal 10th December 2012
Whats the difference between a myth and a legend.
Name: Asma 16th December 2012
They are pretty much the same,Amal.
Name: Angelina 30th December 2012
I loved this story because it had a good beginning and end. I liked the way they introduced each character and the way Merlin told the story to Arthur. It was great!
Name: Luc 13th January 2013
really good, definatley a legend
Name: Grace Puntha 13th January 2013
The story was ok. It was a bit babyish and the faces were weird (Grace aged 6).

I thought the good thing about the story was that it gave a lot of detail (Helen aged 32).
Name: Bryony Smith Aged 9 14th January 2013
there was too much detail so it got a bit boring!
Name: Maria 17th January 2013
i love it
Name: Fredddddddy 23rd January 2013
best ive ever seen caught my eye on home page cool!
Name: Charlotte 8th February 2013
well done but i like theseus and the minotar better wl done though
Name: May 12th February 2013
cool :)
Name: Paislee 25th February 2013
its really goood
Name: Aaliyah 3rd March 2013
this story is the tale of merlin set in camerlot you can watch it on cbbc every sunday.

but i still liked it very much,it is one of my favourite stories
Name: Hamza .a 4th March 2013
I liked this story a lot.But it was too long
Name: Stacey 13th March 2013
wow love this story
Name: Nadia 14th March 2013
wow amazing i love this story

Name: Teni 14th March 2013
this story is so awesome
Name: Lisette 15th March 2013
This is actually cool! (even if is an boys story!)
Name: Fleur 20th March 2013
Wow, this story is really good. Its great for hw and stuff.
Name: Holly 23rd March 2013
wow amazing story I've seen the movie too. Well done Myths and Legends team.
Name: Mikey 27th March 2013
I would give this legend 10 out of 10.
Name: Aafyab 28th March 2013
cool! Arthur really thought about how to get the sword out of the stone!
Name: Aesop 4th April 2013
heh,heh I once tried to make a model of it lets just say it did not work
Name: Dragon Princess 10th April 2013
A handsome sword? Haven't heard that one before.....
Name: James 14th April 2013
it is wierd
Name: Tylor Fontana 16th April 2013
i kind o like it because i never seen the site lol!!!!!!!
Name: Fantasygirl 18th April 2013
this sites quite cool and hi edwalton school if u see this :D
Name: Eden 23rd April 2013
Name: Love 27th April 2013
Amazing story
Name: Michelle 29th April 2013
Thiis is a every good story for me because thi make me Know more history. Thank you
Name: Morgan 30th April 2013
I like this story because i'm learning myths and legends in school.
Name: Nerf Gun ( Ten Years Old) 1st May 2013
amazing story!!!! next time i come across a sword stuck in an anvil i wont dare to read the script writtin on it!!!

thanks for the story!!!

nerf gun
Name: Jimmy 2nd May 2013
i liked this story because it had dragons in it. even though the dragon wasn't red, i still thought it was quite good. This story could be improved by selecting better dragon colours. At my school we are doing myths and legends and i have never seen yellow dragons. Also Arthur had brown hair.
Name: Justin Tuileva 5th May 2013
I really like your story five stars for you
Name: Husain 14th May 2013
I enjoyed this tale of King Arthur and give it 4 stars.It was a bit confusing at the end though
Name: Tahmedur Rahman 15th May 2013
This story is from merlin and it is so cool that I like it.
Name: Alex 19th May 2013
Outstanding and splendid work!
Name: Salwah 20th May 2013
This is a cool story!!!
Name: Chelsea And Abigail 23rd May 2013
I didn't like much but it looks good
Name: Jayden And Shay 23rd May 2013
I thought the story was good
Name: Damon 24th May 2013
this is a great story thanks for sharing it to us
Name: Adam Owens 2nd June 2013
u spelt britain wrong
Name: Xenia Stonehouse Gusewski 3rd June 2013
It is a good story but it got quite long so I got bored
Name: Xaldior 4th June 2013
long story. spelt britain wrong. quite a nice story though
Name: Sameul Ullah 7th June 2013
it was a quite nice story i liked it a lot
Name: Emma 10th June 2013
Cool story! I loved it
Name: That Is Kool 11th June 2013
it was terrible
Name: Josphin 11th June 2013
i liked this story its nice actualy its realy nice
Name: Cris12 19th June 2013
nice story!
Name: 123456789 24th June 2013
cool!:) story
Name: Bobbie Mcintyre 8th July 2013
Tjis is so cool
Name: Minnie 10th July 2013
It is told nicely.
Name: Chelsea 16th July 2013
My Teacher Goes On This xx
Name: Niyah 8th August 2013
I loved this.
Name: Leah 12th August 2013
Tintagel castle is in north Cornwall. It is a ruin by the sea and I'm hoping to go there next week with my grandma.
Name: Tihah 31st August 2013
nice..^_^i can use it for my english test
Name: Tiffany 7th September 2013
i love it too.
Name: Leah 9th September 2013
I love it
Name: Holly 11th September 2013
love the story but sadly t goes on for ever.....!
Name: Josh Thompson 13th September 2013
it was very ggod........
Name: Maliha 17th September 2013
I found it quite interesting the illustrations are excellent and the story has a good meaning
Name: Akbar 20th September 2013
Name: Joey 23rd September 2013
I know you all hate long speech but I\'m just saying its a very long story and its quite weird but its very nice I\'m fasanatated of there speech [yes I know I spelled a word wrong] good job.My rating is 4/10 thank you. joey
Name: Heather Coolio 25th September 2013
Name: Alicia 5th October 2013
that was really long but awesome and i knew that story but i just wanted to remind myself so good job. thank you. alicia
Name: Ahmed 16th October 2013
it was so good but the i wish it was me who pulled the sword out of the stone.
Name: Aiden 17th October 2013
Name: Thomas 20th October 2013
This is cool
Name: Eliza 24th October 2013
amazing history ;)
Name: Bella 28th October 2013
Its a pretty long story. i had to do a theathre script for it and it was like 5-6 pages long but other then that its a very great story
Name: Renesmae 30th October 2013
Name: Raul 3rd November 2013
this was a good story but i got dizzy for a moment there
Name: Sienna 5th November 2013
I loved this story it was one of my favourite ones I got dizzy for a moment.
Name: Matthew Lukwago 8th November 2013
it was awesome
Name: Benjamin 9th November 2013
Sienna and raul how could you get dizzy
sorry but its true why get dizzy
Name: Ebony Ford 10th November 2013
Boring worst story ever!
Name: Alex Russo 11th November 2013
Great Story!!:):):):):):):)
Name: Jeevan 13th November 2013
Name: Jervais 13th November 2013
good story
Name: Elliot 17th November 2013
too slow
Name: Taema 17th November 2013
good & scary
Name: Jdfxjgedhre 19th November 2013
too short
Name: IRONMAN 19th November 2013
just like king arthur
Name: Billy 11th December 2013
cool still good
Name: Alp 12th December 2013
toooooooooo looooong man toooo looong!!!!!!!
Name: Samgoorange 13th December 2013
A llittle bit too long but was cool
Name: Alexis 22nd December 2013
The stories could be quicker but I like that it has pictures to explain the story.
Name: Book Judge From NE26 22nd December 2013
It was okay but could have been a little to interesting I will tell my company about this book to say what they think also I think it was pretty good actually .

Inform soon as possible from my company
Name: Ellie Malone 20th January 2014

What a wonderful,stunning story that is the best story I have read/watched so far.
Well done sweetie 😀

Bye bye 😘
Name: Anna 7th February 2014
i hope this is good!
Name: Anna 7th February 2014
Not as good as i was hoping to be honest
Name: Mia Kelly 15th February 2014
Cool how did you do that !!!
Name: Julia Karin Colinet 20th February 2014
wow love it can you show me how to do that how did you add the sound and the pictures
Name: Khushi 24th February 2014
Wow amazing how can you do that.
Name: Briony 16th April 2014
Cool how on earth did you make that man alive awesome
Name: Lucy Richards 28th May 2014
I was wondering if this story was a legend or a myth
Name: Izzy 9th June 2014
omg need bigger pics
Name: Teamita 17th July 2014
nice bed story for kids, is it a myth or a legend?
Name: Chloe Adair 28th August 2014
Hey the picture needs to be improved so the writing isn't in the way of it
Name: Keshav 13th September 2014
it is bad story is noting get paused if have to draw a scene as you all give homework to student how they do it
Name: Kaymon 18th September 2014
Nice story really but a lot of faults.
Name: Kelsea 29th September 2014
the worst
Name: Brandon And Tobi 1st October 2014
i love this story
Name: Kate 16th October 2014
This is kinda cool with some of the older scariest stories
Name: Daniel Li 22nd October 2014
this story is my favorite!!!!!!
Name: Linda Platt 24th October 2014
i love this story well cool
Name: Allanna Riley 5th November 2014
I heard this story when I was in year two.
Name: Ryan 6th November 2014
it is ok
Name: Anna 1st December 2014
Pretty cool
Name: Dane K 5th December 2014
ItS funny that they use the same puppets in many stories, Arthur is same puppet as the one from how the troll was tricked I believe but over all this story was good.
Name: Paul 7th December 2014
Nice, but I really coud've done with the entire legend. That's OK though. I understand how hard it must be to fit all of that on this website.
Name: Hamsa 22nd December 2014
This is very educational and supportive to young children who struggle with English. this is also a very fun way of wanting to read. this may influence young children to love reading, by hamsa muse
Name: Jessie 30th December 2014
this is really educational!!!!! :)
Name: Amy Xu 15th January 2015
Name: Jillian 23rd January 2015
this is awkward but I like it
Name: Jake 31st January 2015
this story is quite good but too long
Name: William 3rd March 2015
Lol i liked it but so weird
Name: Harlem 8th March 2015
It was cool as because it was so distinctive and I wanted to learn more about what happened with the sword in the storm now I'm going to get the movie and watch it. LOL!!! That is very interesting
Name: Olivia 31st March 2015
It was awsome
Name: Cameron Bevens 7th April 2015
It's a really good story. It's also very interesting.
Name: I Forgot 17th April 2015
good story just kidding
Name: Is Poop 23rd April 2015
I like it
Name: Paris Perry 24th April 2015
Wow!!!! This is really good
Name: Stuart Pid 25th April 2015
Name: Prince Trapskent 30th April 2015
I agree with Paris, really good story. My favourite by far!
Name: Esha 5th May 2015
wow!!!!!!!!!! interesting
Name: Lily Jones 15th May 2015
Name: Justin Beiver 19th May 2015
Name: Amy 1st June 2015
really cool story though we had to re-write it at school
Name: Daven Wong 18th June 2015
Man, great story I loved it
Name: Batman 23rd July 2015
Name: Rockman655 4th August 2015
Name: Portgas D. Ace 14th August 2015
great story
Name: Loona Chick 30th August 2015
this text was a very unusual one because it is very weird.

your sincerely
Name: Maleeka 11th September 2015
I loved it
Name: Chris 12th October 2015
whats going on with there faces its just weird
Name: Amy 10th November 2015
this is confusing
Name: Ana 16th November 2015
It's strange when they talk
Name: Xx_mlgnoscope_xX 13th January 2016
This wuz swag
Name: Max 27th January 2016
the best one I have read (lisened to) yet so good not to long and it all made sence.
Name: Blake 28th January 2016
i l;ike it but why did it stop at the end of the old story
Name: Shante 19th February 2016
Great story
Short and concise
Just how I like it
A great old legend from Britain😛
Name: Emily 28th February 2016
Very educational. It helped my with my Geography, if my lessons are correct.
Name: Emily 1st March 2016
Good website but really bad because you have to pay! Discraceful!
Name: Ruby 6th March 2016
It's really good. well done
Name: Iona 7th March 2016
Really good helped me with my English homework.
Name: Gideon 15th March 2016
cool website and I got it for free
Name: Gogy 30th March 2016
This is horrible
Name: Noah 5th April 2016
I loved it because i love myths and legends because they are kid books but not to kiddish... if that makes sense.
also i live them because it brings out the best of your imagination
Name: Eilidh 22nd April 2016
It\'s alright, at least I need to know the story.
Name: Sparky233 ⚾️ 🤑 26th April 2016
I liked the story but I have known it since the 3rd grade
Name: Putu 27th April 2016
Name: Jackson 28th April 2016
Wicked story!!!!!!!!!
Name: Ahmad Chafei 9th May 2016
I like King Arthur soo much thanks for making an audio book
Name: C-3P0 20th May 2016
I find this story slighty off track
Name: Filip T 9th June 2016
Bad walking graphics
Name: ASHLEIGH 22nd September 2016
WOW!!!!!!!!! LOVE IT
Name: Nicole 24th September 2016
hey how do you make this vido
Name: YOU DONT NEED TO KNOW 31st October 2016
Not bad story. Certainly helped me with my high school homework though. For improvement, better graphics and walking animation.
Name: Radi 9th January 2017
I loved it 😩😩😩
Name: Reece 11th January 2017
Awesome more walking graphics and better inscription also need to go deeper into authors past
Name: Charlie 10th February 2017
Awesome!🤓Amazing myths loved it😉
Name: Charlotte 19th February 2017
I really enjoyed this story.
Name: Mason 1st March 2017
It\'s awsome
Name: Andie 10th March 2017
Awesome! Amazing myths love it
Name: Seiran 27th March 2017
Wow, that was cool.
I like the part he pulls the sword.
Name: Luke 28th April 2017
Name: Jake 15th May 2017
It's a good book to read
Name: Katie 24th May 2017
really really good
Name: Llewelyn 11th July 2017
Name: Lorena 11th July 2017
This book/story is really good read it
Name: Roman 6th August 2017
dont read listen
Name: Doesn't_matter123 21st September 2017
can someone tell me how someone came up with this?
Name: Kynan Crossley 17th October 2017
yeah pretty good
Name: Roman MAN 8th November 2017
This was cool and like yeah
Name: Nice12345678 8th November 2017
nice story to hear very unique
Name: Amelia Vineberg 9th November 2017
Amazing but more detail
Name: James Potter 22nd January 2018
love the myth
and try to make charecters walk a bit less wobbely
Name: Lola 2nd February 2018
Name: Crispin 7th March 2018
I like the story. Audio is great, but wobbley characters is a no no.
Name: Bob 7th March 2018
Love it
Name: Raymond 23rd March 2018


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