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The Mermaid of Zennor

Name: Isbella 31st January 2013
hi like it
Name: No Use To You 7th February 2013
errh i like mermaids?????
Name: Eleanor 9th February 2013
That is my absolute favourite tale evr!!!!! I LOVE MERMAIDS! That was the best best best best best best tale I have heard.

Did I say it was the best tale I have ever heard?
Name: Carly 13th February 2013
i like all your pictrues and words
Name: No Of Ur Bis 24th February 2013
i love this
Name: Elisha 1st March 2013
My faviourite is the black hound story creepy but awome but dont get me wrong tis one is good too
Name: Alysha 16th March 2013
Name: Maryam 28th March 2013
So romantic
Name: Malikah 7th April 2013
i love mermaids see there not bad
Name: Samira 9th April 2013
so wonderful
Name: Hehe 14th April 2013
It\'s a bueatiful , romantic and lovely story
Name: Goth Girl 22nd April 2013
this such a beautiful story. but the mermaid is topless thats not appropriate. the story is still good over looking that
Name: Liza 23rd April 2013
Hey, it's me again! Is it really romantic story? It kind of reminds me of Paris....... anyway i LOVE Myths And Legends! Go Myths And Legends Team! :D
Name: Alexa 14th May 2013
I really like it and it's so romantic
Name: Varshini 31st May 2013
I really liked it because it is romantic and it has mermaids and I like mermaids
Name: Josphin 11th June 2013
soo romantic i love this story
Name: Esther 16th June 2013
very interesting site. I want you to include about the ancient Greek Goddess.
Name: Tirany R. Tollet 28th June 2013
the music was so holy and beautiful I felt in heaven!

Name: Jada 24th July 2013
i love this story and when they sing it is sooo ramantic
Name: Geraldine 7th August 2013
good story.......
Name: Ayush2002 4th September 2013
good story I liked it a lot
Name: Molly 5th September 2013
Hello very scary lol :D
Name: Anchaliie 8th September 2013
Name: Vine 21st September 2013
cool luv mermaid and merman,but r dangerous..
Name: Haneen 21st September 2013
what is the message of the story?
Name: Katherine 1st October 2013
what was the point in teaching kids that? I did not get it...
Name: Hannah Sakshi 4th October 2013
it's nice
Name: Thomas 20th October 2013
This is a nice myth to listen to.
Name: Gabriella Griselda K 2nd November 2013
it is good story ilike it
Name: Ashley Williams 21st November 2013
it was a nice story to listen to but the graphics could be better
Name: Ally MOlette 22nd November 2013
soo good so romantic it is more than brill and exciting it is...ethuseastic

making me cry waaaaa really
Name: Lindsey 21st December 2013
this was really good... but I think the mermaid could be prettier!!1
Name: Amelia 17th February 2014
Very romantic.
Name: Libby-Jane 9th March 2014
Love it its very romantic
Name: Renesa 14th March 2014
Very lovely story!! Who ever made this is very clever!! 5/5
Name: Amrit 19th March 2014
lovley and romantic
Name: None Of Your Buisness 28th March 2014
ive always loved this story. don't delete it
Name: Beautiful 6th April 2014
it is beautiful, I LOVE IT!
Name: Rhea Ilanthirayan 29th April 2014
wow! its so beautiful and I can imagine it already! :)
Name: Jada 7th September 2014
i juse love this song is so touching to the herat that they found ture love and the singing is so bueatiul i love this store
Name: Cristabelle 22nd September 2014
This story is amazing so fantastic
Name: Ornela 15th October 2014
this is a romantic love story and there is mermaids and they have a baby aww
Name: Alexandra 14th January 2015
It\'s great! I enjoyed the story. It\'s all interesting!
Name: Julianna 11th February 2015
that is a good story I was waiting for the mermaid and when I seen her I was like reading at school so I was like "she is so pretty no wonder but how did he be come a merman"?
Name: Samiya 3rd March 2015
yeah how did he?
Name: Cherille 11th March 2015
Name: Trevae 28th April 2015
Cool I Like it

Name: Zahra 13th May 2015
My sister loves mermaids so this is the best for her
Name: Angeline 17th July 2015
really nice and cute but mysterious at the same time
Name: Lester The Molester 22nd July 2015
would you tap that
Name: MemeMaster 22nd July 2015
I am upset that i couldnt run this on ultra graphics in 4k in 60fps
Name: Mary 7th August 2015
very nice story... I give it a 2 thumbs up
Name: Jada 3rd September 2015
this is such a beautiful story I would love to become a mermaid and have such a beautiful voice like that.(I LOVE THIS STORY SO MUCH!!!)


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