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The Mermaid of Zennor

Name: Isbella 31st January 2013
hi like it
Name: No Use To You 7th February 2013
errh i like mermaids?????
Name: Eleanor 9th February 2013
That is my absolute favourite tale evr!!!!! I LOVE MERMAIDS! That was the best best best best best best tale I have heard.

Did I say it was the best tale I have ever heard?
Name: Carly 13th February 2013
i like all your pictrues and words
Name: No Of Ur Bis 24th February 2013
i love this
Name: Elisha 1st March 2013
My faviourite is the black hound story creepy but awome but dont get me wrong tis one is good too
Name: Alysha 16th March 2013
Name: Maryam 28th March 2013
So romantic
Name: Malikah 7th April 2013
i love mermaids see there not bad
Name: Samira 9th April 2013
so wonderful
Name: Hehe 14th April 2013
It\'s a bueatiful , romantic and lovely story
Name: Goth Girl 22nd April 2013
this such a beautiful story. but the mermaid is topless thats not appropriate. the story is still good over looking that
Name: Liza 23rd April 2013
Hey, it's me again! Is it really romantic story? It kind of reminds me of Paris....... anyway i LOVE Myths And Legends! Go Myths And Legends Team! :D
Name: Alexa 14th May 2013
I really like it and it's so romantic
Name: Varshini 31st May 2013
I really liked it because it is romantic and it has mermaids and I like mermaids
Name: Josphin 11th June 2013
soo romantic i love this story
Name: Esther 16th June 2013
very interesting site. I want you to include about the ancient Greek Goddess.
Name: Tirany R. Tollet 28th June 2013
the music was so holy and beautiful I felt in heaven!

Name: Jada 24th July 2013
i love this story and when they sing it is sooo ramantic
Name: Geraldine 7th August 2013
good story.......
Name: Ayush2002 4th September 2013
good story I liked it a lot
Name: Molly 5th September 2013
Hello very scary lol :D
Name: Anchaliie 8th September 2013
Name: Vine 21st September 2013
cool luv mermaid and merman,but r dangerous..
Name: Haneen 21st September 2013
what is the message of the story?
Name: Katherine 1st October 2013
what was the point in teaching kids that? I did not get it...
Name: Hannah Sakshi 4th October 2013
it's nice
Name: Thomas 20th October 2013
This is a nice myth to listen to.
Name: Gabriella Griselda K 2nd November 2013
it is good story ilike it
Name: Ashley Williams 21st November 2013
it was a nice story to listen to but the graphics could be better
Name: Ally MOlette 22nd November 2013
soo good so romantic it is more than brill and exciting it is...ethuseastic

making me cry waaaaa really
Name: Lindsey 21st December 2013
this was really good... but I think the mermaid could be prettier!!1
Name: Amelia 17th February 2014
Very romantic.
Name: Libby-Jane 9th March 2014
Love it its very romantic
Name: Renesa 14th March 2014
Very lovely story!! Who ever made this is very clever!! 5/5
Name: Amrit 19th March 2014
lovley and romantic
Name: None Of Your Buisness 28th March 2014
ive always loved this story. don't delete it
Name: Beautiful 6th April 2014
it is beautiful, I LOVE IT!
Name: Rhea Ilanthirayan 29th April 2014
wow! its so beautiful and I can imagine it already! :)
Name: Jada 7th September 2014
i juse love this song is so touching to the herat that they found ture love and the singing is so bueatiul i love this store
Name: Cristabelle 22nd September 2014
This story is amazing so fantastic
Name: Ornela 15th October 2014
this is a romantic love story and there is mermaids and they have a baby aww
Name: Alexandra 14th January 2015
It\'s great! I enjoyed the story. It\'s all interesting!
Name: Julianna 11th February 2015
that is a good story I was waiting for the mermaid and when I seen her I was like reading at school so I was like "she is so pretty no wonder but how did he be come a merman"?
Name: Samiya 3rd March 2015
yeah how did he?
Name: Cherille 11th March 2015
Name: Trevae 28th April 2015
Cool I Like it

Name: Zahra 13th May 2015
My sister loves mermaids so this is the best for her
Name: Angeline 17th July 2015
really nice and cute but mysterious at the same time
Name: Lester The Molester 22nd July 2015
would you tap that
Name: MemeMaster 22nd July 2015
I am upset that i couldnt run this on ultra graphics in 4k in 60fps
Name: Mary 7th August 2015
very nice story... I give it a 2 thumbs up
Name: Jada 3rd September 2015
this is such a beautiful story I would love to become a mermaid and have such a beautiful voice like that.(I LOVE THIS STORY SO MUCH!!!)
Name: Abby 3rd November 2015
this is so cool! i am going to rewright this into a "legend"
Name: Humaima 12th November 2015
I really loved this story just like my husband lol.
Name: Scarlet Hopkins 24th November 2015
this is long but you gotta read it, don't hesitate because it's long but it's great going to use it for my myths and legend homework- we had to research myths and legend so i did and i found this great website with these great myths and legend!
Name: Jrssica 16th December 2015
l loved when at the end mathuew and his girlfriend singed like a angle ;;;
Name: Briana Nokes 29th February 2016
i love this site and i love miths
Name: Keira Hughes 21st April 2016
i have to do this for a english project
Name: Maryann Ligas 19th May 2016
i like the story very much
Name: Lola 1st October 2016
well reading

p1 to end
Name: Joshua 12th October 2016
I love mermaids so much!!!!!!!!!!!!
Name: Jena 8th March 2017
Name: Beauty Of The Voice 23rd May 2017
It's really mysterious, and romantic!! I would like to hear thir song, even once is okay. [The beauty of the story, I can never forget. Seeled by the waves, you can not see them. Still you'll dream to see the beauty. So far so deep, never untouched.]
Name: Warsaw Mermaid 7th June 2017
its a traditional legend about two mermaids
Name: Kayla 15th June 2017
Aww... I love this story ♥♥♥
Name: Hussein 17th November 2017
It is so romantic
Name: Madelynn 12th January 2018
Name: Jada 18th January 2018
This is a lovely story 💖❤💗💞


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