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The Legend Of Mollie Sandez

Name: Rimsha 3rd September 2012
I will give you 3 stars for this story.
Name: Dino 7th September 2012
I'll give you 5 stars
Name: Alicia 8th September 2012
I really liked that myth it was amazing.
you should make it into a book
very well done
Name: Laurie 20th September 2012
this was great im giving you five stars
Name: Lina 25th September 2012
This is scary but really good is it actully real?llllllllloooooooollllllll
Name: Lucy 7th October 2012
I got inspired to read and write by my english teacher mrs bayley and im sorry bout sayin it were real when it weren't hahahah lol but im glad people liked my story when I PERSONALY MADE IT UP ARGHHHH!!!! i never thought i was good at writing!!!!!!!!!11
Name: Lucy.w 8th October 2012
awww thank you soooo much for the nice comments For MY PERSONAL STORY!!!!! ARGHHHHHH!!!!!! :)


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