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The story of King Midas

Name: Rimsha 8th September 2012
The story also had that Midas turned his daughter into gold. Anyway good way of turning it in your own words. I'll give this story 3 stars.
Name: Anonomus 29th November 2012
you need a little more detail about the curse to give a sense of sadness and annoyance to the gift. other than that, i liked.
Name: Jayson Franz 11th January 2013
i need some details for this story because it is my report
Name: Gwen 17th April 2013
the name is marigold.
Name: Jojo 18th June 2013
Name: Annonomus 3rd July 2013
I heard that they didnt have a happy ending and that King midas hugged his daughter and she turned into gold
Name: Hater Of Hw 7th July 2013
thanks for the help
Name: Suddendisaster 21st February 2014
This is very incorrect. Midas' daughter was named Marigold. Also, Midas found Silenus in his wine fields. Your last bit of incorrect information was when you said King Midas lived happily ever after; his daughter hugged him and turned to gold. I doubt that would be a happy ending at all.
Name: Khadija 23rd March 2014
King Midas was a very greedy guy.Did you know that myths and legends weren't always true,ayesha
Name: Lol 24th March 2014
very helpful
Name: Elena 29th March 2014
Midas does get donkey ears BUT doesnt loose his touch
Name: Hfit 22nd April 2014
Fiirst he sees the sun then makes a wish
Name: Batman 8th May 2014
He goes to a river and washes it of but rest of story is true
Name: Majedul Islam 9th October 2014
where is the part of king midas\' daughter ???

by the way thank u . it helped me in my studies.
Name: Hunter 5th November 2014
i wish there was a video
Name: Grace 24th November 2014
i loved how u rote it and all of it sounded grate
Name: Zues 31st December 2014
Nice Story But what happen to kind miads
did he die Or did He live From Pepole Feeding him
Name: Josh 18th January 2015
ive based my homework on this
Name: Emaan 21st January 2015
wonderful :)
Name: Noah 3rd February 2015
Not The actual story, knig Midas didn\'t get the curse removed. He died.
Name: MARZ 10th February 2015
guess what Noah he did get the curse removed
Name: Maanav.s.r 24th February 2015
Name: Nicole 9th March 2015
Didn't get curse removed
Name: Kaila 21st April 2015
It is not a spell.It is a curse.
Name: Sophie 8th May 2015
It is amazing but it is marygold
Name: Shontelle 12th May 2015
This was really helped me with my script for drama
Name: Josh 23rd May 2015
Midas was actually a king, he helped a satyr in trouble, Dionysus gave him a wish, he chose the golden touch. He found running water reverses the spell, and had everything covered in water. Then he died and enjoyed the underworld. He never gave up the blessing.
Name: Cows 31st May 2015
What about when he hugged his daughter and SHE turned into gold?
Name: Jake 2nd June 2015
thank you this really helped with my homework
Name: Josh 3rd June 2015
midas was in a duengeon when the god of the grapes and harvestcame to him i read 25 different books about him
Name: Lily 22nd June 2015
thanks this really helped with my homework about the retelling story of king midas and his daughter.


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