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Name: Sharran 13th September 2012
how come you got more votes than usual
Name: Britney 25th September 2012
Very interesting Im A Myth Girl Because My School Is Called Mythhh Scholll! :) Myth's Ataually Mean = You Dont Know If Its True Or False! :D x
Name: Jasmine Lal 27th September 2012
well done josh, its fab
i told the computer that u should defintly get urs puplished
Name: Shushu 1st October 2012
soooooooooooo cool i learnt it in skl u must be clever
Name: Robert 13th June 2013
this is good
Name: ISAIAH 30th September 2013
My favorite god out of all of them.
Name: Jasmine 16th October 2013
i think Zues is mean!!!!!!!1
Name: James Jonhson 24th March 2014
zeus is nuts who would give his father a potion he is crazy but i understand him mi father is crazy like cronos so go zeus!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!#zeus fan for ever
Name: Maddy 1st April 2014
I am doing a project on zeus what myth should I pick???
Name: Madeline 1st April 2014
ir so descriptive
Name: Good Myth 1st May 2014
Thet was a good myth
Name: Delbert 9th May 2014
this was very helpful thank you
Name: Taylor 9th May 2014
The person that wrote this blog spelt Kronus
Name: Nicole 28th May 2014
This myth helped me on my project by giving good info, yet there were many spelling errors & in the story you went straight to "she". I knew you meant Rhea due to my studying yet other people may have misunderstood the story. I highly encourage you to write another story,myth,or legend but you should look over it a few times. Thank you for the information given. (:
Name: Joe 30th May 2014
thank you really helped on my project
Name: Slamm0425 6th July 2014
thank you verey much
Name: Firnando Halepino 30th August 2014
This was great, this should really be published. Good work, I actually enjoyed it. :)
Name: Shayne 7th September 2014
At the begging you should have said who "She" was but other than that it was really good.
Name: Liyah 19th September 2014
really cool!!
Name: Matthew Lee 24th September 2014
Good job you should be a writer
Name: Bryan 26th September 2014
You forgot to add the mother's name
Name: Nick 1st October 2014
good but a feew forgot to name rhea, the titan mother of zeus. you also dindnt mention zeuses nursing mades, which would number five, beginning with amalthea and ending with the shepherd. atlas doesnt hold up the eart, but rather the sky.also you forgot to mention the lots drawn to decide which god was given rule of which domain.
Name: Flippy 16th November 2014
best story I have ever seen!!!
Name: David 23rd November 2014
cronus is spelled with a k naot a c
Name: Aaron 18th December 2014
I like it but Zeus brothers Poseidon, and Hades where not eaten!!!
Name: Shawn 23rd January 2015
this site is no good for school research
Name: Dyl 18th February 2015
Posedon and Hades were swallowed, and Cronus was spelled 2 ways so u guys really don't no a thing about greek mythology I'm only 12 and i know more than u!
Name: Valencia 22nd February 2015
If u hv read Percy Jackson u would know that Cronus did swallow Poseidon and Hades according to the myths. Apparently Rick Riordan spells it Kronus. Anyway HAPPY GREEK AND ROMAN MYTHOLOGY[ Percy Jackson covers both sides Venus= Aphrodite, Minerva= Athena etc
Name: DD 2nd March 2015
This site need more reliable information. This did not help my school project. I feel it was a waste of my time even clicking on this site. Just sayin.
Name: GABBY 9th March 2015
Name: Bob 12th March 2015
need the information a project in school
Name: Kieran 22nd March 2015
Name: Mathabo 25th March 2015
Zeus myth is really great .I believe in myths yhooo this is cool
Name: Emily 6th April 2015
It's Kronos, not Cronus
Name: John Green 8th April 2015
It was really helpful thanks
Name: Preston 9th April 2015
Stepping on the beach
Name: That One Guy 12th April 2015
the brothers tricked Hades
Name: XinZhu 12th June 2015
This story doesn't use good English. Needs better spelling and tenses.
Name: That One Kid 20th August 2015
you need to go further intodetail
Name: Jojo 21st August 2015
Good but she, who is she. And 'bother' it's brother
Name: UNKNOWN 3rd January 2016
Name: Yrregeneri Reyes 5th January 2016
Name: Yo Mum 20th January 2016
This was a really good myth. It helped with my Greek project. It had a couple of mistakes though. Other than that it was good.
Name: Maniac Gaming 28th January 2016
lol it was ok
Name: Anecia Gust 18th February 2016
It is a really interesting myth.
Name: Dannicka 26th February 2016
it is so interesting
Name: Dilleian 1st March 2016
I was so helpfullllll
Name: Yo 2nd March 2016
Name: Lui 21st March 2016
Name: Hi 22nd March 2016
Nice but the fourth paragraph has a misspelled word.
That word is "brother" but you spelt it "bother".
Name: Hello 30th March 2016
what that guy said. you spelt brother wrong
Name: Lachlan Batinic 31st March 2016
lol swag/10
Name: Riley 11th April 2016
Good story overall, few spelling mistakes. Interesting legend and thanks for the help.
Name: Hank The Stone 14th April 2016
the story was beautiful and there are a lot of spelling errors and i rate it a 5
Name: Crystal 20th April 2016
Um... The father threw up the children after ate the rock because the mother enchanted it. but good story.
Name: Dajeyf 21st April 2016
Ah need two make da owder todayyyyyy! I give you fye-hundred dollars.
Name: Lady Luna 21st April 2016
I really enjoyed the myth there were spelling mistakes but overall fantastic job
Name: Zyzy101 27th April 2016
story great
Name: Zeus 6th May 2016
i need help im doing a project for school and its about zeus can u help me
Name: Aspen 24th May 2016
I need help with Zues project so what is his myth?
Name: Kfo 24th May 2016
I need stuff to write about for Zeus
Name: Desmond 26th May 2016
meaning Zeus is the one we call heavenly father... So great
Name: Gabriel 1st June 2016
Name: Jay 16th June 2016
love the story smart gods I`m doing a project on gods
Name: Random Person 28th June 2016
why would someone eat there own babies?
that is just weird as hell
Name: Darren 12th July 2016
it was useful
Name: Jghfrcn 1st September 2016
Name: Cady 4th October 2016
Name: Zach 7th October 2016
the reason Kronos or Saturn in his roman form ate his children is because his father Uranus (the sky) cursed him saying that his children will overpower and imprison him so as a result he ate all of his children. Their mother Gaia is the most cruel mother of all. She was the one who nurtured kronos into the heartless ruler he was. And later Zeus was cursed the same way but fate altered that curse. Athena was destined to take over Olympus but when he found out mitis (the current queen of the heavens) Zeus had tricked her into transforming into a dragonfly while he became a eagle and ate her. Later on Athena was born from Zeus's split skull and became his war advisor
Name: Happy 14th November 2016
On some of them you spelled Cronus wrong you wrote Cronos.
Name: Jenny Goldstone 30th November 2016
it helped me on my project.
Name: Landon Pouliot 6th December 2016
Thanks for helping me with my project!
Name: Blah 9th December 2016
Helped me at school
Name: You Help A Lot 19th December 2016
it helped a ton for my project at school. Thanks!
Name: Snankhunt42 10th January 2017
this really helped me with a school project
Name: Kayleigh 10th January 2017
love this website helped at shcool
Name: Sophia 12th January 2017
Wow,this is a good link
Name: Keegan 19th January 2017
this website is awesome
Name: Teagan 2nd February 2017
I love this website it helped me with my school work.
Name: Manit 5th February 2017
Did my homework.tancks
Name: Darbar9000 9th February 2017
this didi my homework
Name: Destiny 27th February 2017
Thanks for the help
Name: Nunya 2nd March 2017
cool beans
Name: Jack 3rd March 2017
if it did your homework good job A
Name: Hey Y'all 7th March 2017
So you didn't really explain in depth and it was kinda confusing, but overall nice job :)
Name: Mahtab Chowdhury 8th March 2017
This helped a lot thank you
Name: Not Telling You 15th March 2017
its ok
Name: Hector 15th March 2017
helped me a lot
Name: Your Momma 20th March 2017
it was great sorta
Name: David J Thompson 23rd March 2017
Wow this was a lot of help. Thank you for letting other people read this. I'm from New York City wondering if you would like to work for the New York Paper writing.
Name: Spatzz 12th April 2017
Should have mentioned the wife's name.
Name: Richard 27th April 2017
no offense but you should of mentioned the name of the myth but otherwise it was great
Name: Alannah 23rd August 2017
You should have mentioned the name of the myth otherwise it was really good.
Name: Seth 6th October 2017
The wife's name is athena and the name would have been good information but otherwise it was great
Name: Imurbaddaddy 20th November 2017
this is funny
Name: Niaiga 18th January 2018
hi i need help with myths the important myths
Name: Kirusanth YR6 21st January 2018
this was very useful for my homework
Name: Jeorme 31st January 2018
good myth.
Name: Kiomo 6th February 2018
Great myth! Thank you!
Name: Defne Zeybek 15th February 2018
This was very useful! Thanks
Name: Tristan Magnum 17th February 2018
this was kinda usefull but u should kinda give the summary and stuff thank you
Name: Maya 25th February 2018
Very Useful and very interesting
Name: Kristopher Mumphrey 2nd March 2018
This is a helpful story


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