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Name: Sharran 13th September 2012
how come you got more votes than usual
Name: Britney 25th September 2012
Very interesting Im A Myth Girl Because My School Is Called Mythhh Scholll! :) Myth's Ataually Mean = You Dont Know If Its True Or False! :D x
Name: Jasmine Lal 27th September 2012
well done josh, its fab
i told the computer that u should defintly get urs puplished
Name: Shushu 1st October 2012
soooooooooooo cool i learnt it in skl u must be clever
Name: Robert 13th June 2013
this is good
Name: ISAIAH 30th September 2013
My favorite god out of all of them.
Name: Jasmine 16th October 2013
i think Zues is mean!!!!!!!1
Name: James Jonhson 24th March 2014
zeus is nuts who would give his father a potion he is crazy but i understand him mi father is crazy like cronos so go zeus!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!#zeus fan for ever
Name: Maddy 1st April 2014
I am doing a project on zeus what myth should I pick???
Name: Madeline 1st April 2014
ir so descriptive


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