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I am just using this site for research in school please do not sue me but so far it is really good keep up with the good work and maybe many people go to this site23rd May 2018
Good story 17th May 2018
this was grate for my school project
6th May 2018
good job19th April 2018
This is a helpful story 2nd March 2018
Very Useful and very interesting
25th February 2018
this was kinda usefull but u should kinda give the summary and stuff thank you17th February 2018
This was very useful! Thanks 15th February 2018
Great myth! Thank you!6th February 2018
good myth.31st January 2018
this was very useful for my homework21st January 2018
hi i need help with myths the important myths18th January 2018
this is funny20th November 2017
The wife's name is athena and the name would have been good information but otherwise it was great6th October 2017
You should have mentioned the name of the myth otherwise it was really good.
23rd August 2017
no offense but you should of mentioned the name of the myth but otherwise it was great27th April 2017
Should have mentioned the wife's name.12th April 2017
Wow this was a lot of help. Thank you for letting other people read this. I'm from New York City wondering if you would like to work for the New York Paper writing.23rd March 2017
it was great sorta20th March 2017
helped me a lot15th March 2017
its ok15th March 2017
This helped a lot thank you8th March 2017
So you didn't really explain in depth and it was kinda confusing, but overall nice job :)7th March 2017
if it did your homework good job A
3rd March 2017
cool beans
2nd March 2017
Thanks for the help 27th February 2017
this didi my homework9th February 2017
Did my homework.tancks5th February 2017
I love this website it helped me with my school work.2nd February 2017
this website is awesome19th January 2017
Wow,this is a good link12th January 2017
love this website helped at shcool10th January 2017
this really helped me with a school project10th January 2017
it helped a ton for my project at school. Thanks!19th December 2016
Helped me at school9th December 2016
Thanks for helping me with my project!6th December 2016


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