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Mary Mary Mary

Name: Kim 4th October 2012
I love this myth its so amazingingly entertaining!! Seriously lol can I steal it??
Name: Lisa Brillion 5th October 2012
Thankyou and yeah thats fine steal it :)
Name: Megan 8th October 2012
i love it i reallly want to listen to the end of it but i reall wanna more on it
Name: Lisa Brillion 8th October 2012
The second one will be posted today :)
Name: Bloody Mary Is Creepy 11th October 2012
OMG that is creepy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Name: Teupoko 15th October 2012
yea thats freaky
Name: Richard 15th October 2012
yea thats freaky.omg

Name: Mimi 17th October 2012
wow really scared she dosent exsist
Name: Hazel 17th October 2012
Scared me. I believe she is real. I would never say her name 3 times !!!!
Name: Kate 19th October 2012
i love it!!! the ending is awesome!i would really like to publish my own book about scary stories. i hope you take up the ocupation of being a writer.
Name: Kate 19th October 2012
oh and i do not believe she is real, but that doesnt mean that her stories dont scare me! never going into the bathrrom alone again!!! lol. :) you are an awesome writer btw.
Name: Scare 25th October 2012
Name: Connor 1st November 2012
good work !
Name: Precious 13th November 2012
dont do that keep it real
Name: Luvvbug 16th November 2012
sorry dont belive you
Name: Shereef 20th November 2012
how did mary come to life
Name: Serena 17th January 2013
very spooky and i wanted it to carry on it was like the actual thing though it's not real so i rate it 10/10
Name: Archana 19th January 2013
It is spooky! Is it real? Is It a myth or a legend?
Name: Shereef 2nd February 2013
i belive bloody mary
Name: Maree 27th February 2013
That was so scary!!!
Name: YoLo 24th October 2013


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