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Daedalus and Icarus

i like this myth its the best
1st July 2019
This is a good Myth right?28th June 2019
I like this myth18th June 2019
nice21st May 2019
I feel sad for the boy who feel but didnt father even try to save him?10th May 2019
There has always been rules and regulations that needed to be followed in my home. I never seemed to listen to the rules and did the opposite of what I was told as a child. Now that I have grown into a young adult, I reflect on my past and I wish I had changed my was. My mother and I relationship has grown and things are good and well. If I had not changed my ways over the years, I don't know were I would be today. 27th March 2019
cool21st March 2019
This is an exciting but sad story21st March 2019
this is a great story sad and happy thats my feelings10th February 2019
wow this is truly sad how the son died.
30th January 2019
This is a great story love it.
28th January 2019
I realy thought it was cool
16th January 2019
wow that's interesting10th January 2019
WHy Icarus WHY!!!!8th January 2019
Wah the boy die why not dad7th November 2018
That's just.... Wow. 6th November 2018
it was ok6th November 2018
I will not load for me and I don’t know if it’s because I’m on a mobile device.6th November 2018
It won't load.
6th July 2018
it is sad how the boy died.12th June 2018
wow12th June 2018
it there supposed to be sound?6th June 2018
Icarus is stupid

4th June 2018
omg i am amazed. i know the moral of the story dont listen to your parents if you want to be in a mythology book.
4th June 2018
I liked the stor,but the sadest part was when the son dies.25th May 2018
it is a good story but sad when his son dies29th April 2018
I thought the son was supposed to be handsome23rd April 2018
best book ever16th April 2018
I can't hear it why16th April 2018
cool22nd March 2018
Great story15th March 2018
uhhhhhhh this is a wierd stroy but um funny to when the boy dies x3
13th February 2018
nice12th February 2018
This story is great and educational for learning children.4th February 2018
cool16th January 2018
SOOOOO SAD12th November 2017
this cool 10th November 2017
you need sound
2nd November 2017
Ithink you should keeep it as it is because it is fun1st October 2017
I like it its very factual
26th September 2017
Nice and it about Greek and I know about Zeus and Zeus is a powerful god and he has lighting powers
25th September 2017
I love myths and legends because my teacher Mrs dowie puts this on at the of the day
18th September 2017
its great8th June 2017
its nice! can i download it for our lesson in school? so children can enjoy the story? thankyou.8th June 2017
#Do Orpheus and Eurydice
28th May 2017
i like this 18th May 2017
Its kinda sad that it had to end that way, but i loved the graphics, and how you didn't have to turn the pages, and be read to.14th May 2017
I loved it!1st May 2017
😉 19th April 2017
Amazin19th April 2017
it really cool
3rd April 2017
This webiste is great, although it doesn't have all the information I need.3rd April 2017
wow so cool I relay likes it yay so fun24th March 2017
9th March 2017
I did'nt finished this myth at school
7th March 2017
I have already seen it but it is still awesome28th February 2017
now i love this story28th February 2017
i really love the story it was perfect for kids who don't want to read28th February 2017
This is fantastic!

9th February 2017
This is brilliant 4th February 2017
it was good for school work2nd February 2017
thx for the myth it helps me with my school work
25th January 2017
want stories on myths and legends15th January 2017
Great story for learning and writing also reading 15th January 2017
THIS IS REALLY HELPFUL FOR MY SCHOOL PROJECT THANKYOUTHANKYOUTHANKYOUTHANKYOU!!!!!!!!!! :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) 18th December 2016


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