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Daedalus and Icarus

Name: Jedah1212 4th June 2008
Wow that was awsome!!!
Name: Sophie Jones 29th June 2008
Hi again, this is like Theseus and the minortaur but in a sequel version.
Name: Stan Siale 21st August 2008
I think this story is cool because we are learning about it at Papatoetoe Intermidiate school
Name: Leanne 14th September 2008
Name: Usha 26th September 2008
This site is simply FAB. I am a new teacher in this country of UK. I was to teach MYTH AND LEGENDS the coming week and was just browsing the net when i accidentally peeked into this site. Awsome... is not the word. it would of great help for my class kids viewing it and analyse the story,

Thankyou very much.
Name: Melekia 17th October 2008
We did this at my school
Name: Natalie 21st October 2008
my school have been doing plays about daedalus and icarus.
Name: Anand 25th October 2008
Name: Caitlin Heard 4th November 2008
Y5 at St.Catherines had this story for their homework. We all thought it was brilliant! We are going to write our own myths tommorow and i can`t wait!
Name: Allana Francis 11th November 2008
my school have been gr8 fans of Icarus
Name: Vicki 13th November 2008
wow that really helped me understand what actually happened to them i never got it before i watched this
Name: Samuel 16th November 2008
This story is really good it helped me with my home work.
Name: Garrod 16th November 2008
what was the sea called that icarus fell into
Name: Andrew 17th November 2008
this was a really good legend and it helped me with my home work
Name: Regan 17th November 2008
In English we are learning about this myth so this helped me a lot with homework
Name: Andrew 20th November 2008
i need a legend and fast because i need to bring my home work in tommorow
Name: Raquel D. 27th November 2008
This is a very cool website! Who ever made this was a genius!

Name: Sabrina 12th January 2009
it was very sad he lost his son and i lernt alot about never being ignorent
Name: Cameron Skinner 16th January 2009
this video was just brilliant!!!!!!!
Name: Maegan 16th January 2009
aww it was really sad when the went near the sun and the son died aww
Name: Carys 18th January 2009
Quite sad really
Name: Kitkat 18th January 2009
I don't like myths but this 1 has changed my mind!!!! LOL :-)
Name: Megan 21st January 2009
i am learning about this in school i love it
Name: Shreya 22nd January 2009
Name: Thilsi 25th January 2009
im am in year 7 and this story is one il learnt in yr 2
Name: Sian Binks 31st January 2009
i'm learning about myth and legends in school i am in year 5 st ethelberts
Name: Aimee 5th February 2009
it was a very clever to make wings i'm learning about myths and legdends in school and i've wrote my own myth cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i am 8 years old
Name: Paul(8-0 6th February 2009
wat a kul story (8-0
Name: Mark 7th February 2009
Hej! IΒ΄m a filipino but i live in sweden for almost three years now.

I saw this movie last week and i really love it. ItΒ΄s a myth with a good meaning or intention. But now this is our homework to retell the story and find some similar movies of this.

Can anyone tell me some movies which i can compare to this?
Name: Greg 12th February 2009
Name: Lucy 18th February 2009
Name: Rohail 23rd February 2009
This website is a good website this really going to help me in my writing.
Name: Tommy Barnes 23rd February 2009
My class love this website.Its so friendly and i like the idea that someone reads the storys aloud.
Name: Brianna 24th February 2009
Great story! I really like the animation!
Name: Roe Lee 11th March 2009
We loved this.
Name: Jabyn 26th March 2009
Name: Kendra 31st March 2009
This was a really cool video about Daedalus and Iracus.
Name: Rebecca Hughes 3rd April 2009
I love the myths and legends!
Name: Madura 4th April 2009
it was brill
Name: Emily Rose 18th April 2009
I think it was the second best greek myth i have ever heard 9/10
Name: Faizah 18th April 2009
I think it was the second best greek myth i have ever heard, the first best greek myth is the twelve labours of hercules.
Name: Matt 22nd April 2009
Great animations and a great story
Name: Bubbles 22nd April 2009
i think that this was a great story really good interesting!!!
Name: Annonumus 28th April 2009
omg It is so sad I'm glad it was a myth not a legend

Name: Henry 1st May 2009
I think it was really good but a bit sad at the end.
Name: Ella 1st May 2009
It was so sad i'm just glad it's a myth and not a legend.
Name: Isabella 4th May 2009
It is good
Name: Bold Red 6th May 2009
Name: Marcus 8th May 2009
that story taught me to listeento your parents or something will happen
Name: Riana-rose 8th May 2009
I thought that it was cool,but discusting!!!!
Name: Devin 14th May 2009
listen to ur parents
Name: Rhyley 20th May 2009
The stroy taught me about to awalys listen to my parients. And my familiy and it was brillent.
Name: Isabella 20th May 2009
That story taught me that u should listen to ur parents as much as they listen to u
Name: Stella Iannace 20th May 2009
I find it very cool and special to me but also it is very Interesting because it means alot to me it reamins me of my dad

Name: Courtney 20th May 2009
i liked the end bit
Name: Luca 22nd May 2009
this story tells you that you shood listen to your partens or something might go rong and you might get hurt
Name: Peppi Panuccio 26th May 2009
the web is cool
Name: Peppi Panuccio 26th May 2009
you rock
Name: Ryan 26th May 2009
The Coolest Part was when all
the people came along and
the Muinotour ate One Of the
Solders, But I did'nt like
When Icaarus Flew too close to
the sun.
Name: Darss 26th May 2009
all the story's is totle awsome evry will love them.
Name: Danni-Elle 27th May 2009
GO!!man u people know great and i mean GREAT myths!! I read this in spelling
at school. That was GEAT!! tHANKS FOR THE GREAT MYTH!! TOODLES!!!!
Name: 7g SPHS 24th June 2009
better than King Minos and the Minotaur.More details, better read, more scary than Minos. the best story
Name: The Minator 27th June 2009
good scary funny but the one i'v herd of has a diffrent seting.
Name: Jhon Asso 3rd September 2009
I like to read and heard all the stories that you wrote and put them on internet.So, I would like to tell you my story on internet.
Name: Rosie 4th September 2009
good myth. links with the greek myth: thesus and the minotaur
Name: Maya 9th September 2009
this myth is good seen it in school and with making our own like this similer to thesus and the minotaur.
Name: P.d 24th September 2009
Name: Sarah 24th September 2009
Brilliant website!!!!!!!!
Name: Chiamka 6th October 2009
Brillent web site and i love it
Name: Tdcgghukbvct 16th October 2009
i loved it but it took so long to finish
Name: Becky 17th October 2009
A fab website!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Name: Stef 24th October 2009
such a gd website love it!
Name: Cocok12 12th November 2009
this wesite is fantastic!!!!!!
Name: Nitin 16th November 2009
i think it is brilliant
Name: Sera 20th November 2009
It was wiced aspeshly the big splash
Name: Neha 26th November 2009
I love the story!
Name: Alana 26th November 2009
It's soooo cool!
Name: Karam 28th November 2009
It was brilliently coooooooooool!
Name: Tasha 28th November 2009
cool yep
Name: Callum 30th November 2009
I find the story really funny but at the same time interesting.
Name: Ronan 2nd December 2009
what a good srory!!!
Name: Abdullahi 12th December 2009
hope he goes to helllllllllllllll
Name: Osama 19th December 2009
what a nice story but wy kill nphew
Name: Junior 27th December 2009
Its not his fault he should have listened to his father
Name: Hannah 7th January 2010
Name: Matilda 10th January 2010
It alright.
Name: Rachel 16th January 2010
Name: Chloe Acton 18th January 2010

Name: Amz 20th January 2010
like this website, also
Name: Shannon 22nd January 2010
i think it was gd
Name: Donna 23rd January 2010
i wish i could fly
Name: Melissa Jer 24th January 2010
i felt so sorry for the father and i really whish i could fly as well
Name: Owen 25th January 2010
Name: Sweety 28th January 2010
i really felt sorry but it was a bit
like scary.
Name: Bill 1st February 2010
mazes are great and this was fantastic
Name: Tia 2nd February 2010
i seen it in school i thought it was very sad and its deadilous fault
Name: Alice 3rd February 2010
LOL!!! that is a cool story :P
Name: BETHAN! 6th February 2010
Name: Katie 9th February 2010
dat was a weaked video rock on
Name: Omar 12th February 2010
hope he goes to helllllllllllllll
Name: Logan The Brave 15th February 2010
I think Daedalus did the right thing helping Theseus/Ariadne, but Minos was stupid to put him in the maze with no beast and knowledge of how to get out. I'm in love with Icarus too, he had cool wings and nice hair. He reminds me of another legend, Edward Cullen.
Name: Monica 25th February 2010
this was really cool!!!!!!!!!!!! :)
Name: Grace 11th March 2010
really SAD!!!! don't knoew what he was think?
Name: Beckiie 11th March 2010
i am doing homework for this thing and i think it is a great way to learn it!!! thanks youu
Name: Rowa 13th March 2010
this website is amazing, i have to do an essay on this and it really helps!
Name: Kim 15th March 2010
The ending was sad
Name: Lilly 16th March 2010
hi this sis a good story it shows you to listen to your parents
Name: Gabriel 17th March 2010
it was funny when he shouted father help me!
Name: Nathan 18th March 2010
it was funny when theseus snapped the minotaurs head.
Name: Frankie 20th March 2010
I heard of this story before... Can't remember where though.:(
Name: 23rd March 2010
it was the best have you seen theues and the minator
Name: Dillon 30th March 2010
tht cant be true
Name: Ghostie2010 11th April 2010
this story teaches me a leson....
Name: Sheckler 16th April 2010
hey dillon its true
Name: Daniel 24th April 2010
it is sad
Name: Mohaned 27th April 2010
Icarus deserved it because he did not listen to his father.
Name: Grade 5/6 Class (Mr. Linhares) Ontario, Canada 4th May 2010
Our class thoroughly enjoyed this story! There was a lot of detail, like the descriptive language used to describe the Minotaur! The narrator's voice was enthusiastic and very effective in capturing our attention. We look forward to "reading" more of your stories!
Name: Molly 7th May 2010
Name: Miaow 10th May 2010
Icarus is thick lol
Name: Amy Bradfield 11th May 2010
Name: Isabelle 11th May 2010
icarus deserved it because he did not
listen to his father
Name: Star 25th May 2010
This was weird! :D
Name: Callum 26th May 2010
Name: Aiden 17th June 2010
he only wanted to fly
Name: Eve 18th June 2010
Good story
Name: Marleon 24th June 2010
Very enjoyable and a good story.
Name: Kimberly 30th June 2010
i know he did desver it lol
Name: Olivia And Abbie 5th July 2010
this story is very interesting but we think that icarus deserved it!!! WEbsite is very child friendly.
Name: Harry 6th July 2010
i like the ideas, they're fantastic.
Name: Meg 14th August 2010
me and my sister liked this one we thought that it was really good!
Name: Amy! 11th September 2010
this storys alright not the best:/
Name: Kamile 26th September 2010
i love this story it has a good moral
Name: Kai 27th September 2010
i fort it brileent
Name: Lucy Watson 2nd October 2010
I thought it was sad because Icarus died.
Name: Tim 6th October 2010
It is coooooolllllllll.
Name: Jaaaidex 12th October 2010
this story is COOOOL!
it is great for what we are doing at school about mythical creatures!
i love this story!
Name: Coco 17th October 2010
really good and useful :)
Name: Timathy 21st October 2010
This story is excellent. It has a very good problem in the story.
Name: Gima 24th October 2010
it's so cool dude!
Name: Afia 2nd November 2010
i like the story very much it is my teachers second favourite
Name: Tane 14th November 2010
Greek myths are the best myths EVAR
Name: Sarah123 30th November 2010
i love this story its so cool
Name: Daisy 11th December 2010
It is so cool.

Sad about the falling part :(
Name: Rebecca 23rd December 2010
Well, He should have listen, then he wouldn't be in that sititation.
Name: Jlouis 19th January 2011
I need help on my daedalus and luarus homework
Name: Lilie-rose 20th January 2011
cool myth
must be sad for his farther
Name: Davidzz12 20th January 2011
a very good myth
Name: Timshannon 23rd January 2011
very good story, sad ending
Name: EMILY 2nd February 2011
I thought that it was brilliant but it is very emotional!
Name: Aisling 3rd February 2011
I thought that was a good myth but very sad.
Name: Jarod 4th February 2011
i like this myth
Name: Aisha 5th February 2011
Amazing! But very sad i do not think it has a happy ending!
Name: Electra 13th February 2011
This is awesome!
Name: Amanda 15th February 2011
I think it has a good message about the importance of listening.
Name: Daniel 15th February 2011
It was good but it has a sad ending.
Name: Keiran 15th February 2011
It was a good but the ending was sad
Name: Ella 15th February 2011
I think it was realy good and my favourite part was when they built the wings.
Name: Aishah Khursheed 16th February 2011
good story !!! i can write this story for my school work :)
Name: Lou123 17th February 2011
i like this story! im doing this for my homework it very usefull.
Name: Abigail 18th February 2011
it was like another extension from theseus and the minotaur!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Name: Amy 21st February 2011
ive read it before it was good
Name: RainOfAsh 9th March 2011
This is very helpful for my presentation!
Name: Callum 20th March 2011
I thought it was very good help for my homework presentation!!!! thanks!!
Name: Carson 21st March 2011
I read it in the Sea of Monsters.
Name: Kaya 24th March 2011
this story is good
Name: Bethany R 24th March 2011
Wow fab story
Name: Lydia 27th March 2011
That was a sad ending but a happy begining
Name: Hannah 4th April 2011
it was alright but ive seen better ways to make it interesting.
Name: Thobster 1st May 2011
complicated and very fab
Name: Rohan 9th May 2011
Daedalus shouldn't be to excited to much or he would die
Name: Hannah The Great 11th May 2011
i like that story because i have seen theseas and the minotour and this was fab
Name: B.o.b 12th May 2011
Name: Hafsa Mohamed 12th May 2011
Remember to listen to your mum and dad because you need to make use of there words.
Name: Chase 16th May 2011
very funny well i dont listen to my parents soo this relates to me
Name: Lorna The Great Godess Of Music 17th May 2011
this story is very sad and upsetting we watched it as a class and no-one spoke at the end!!
Name: M 19th May 2011
i dont like it
Name: Chloe Houghton 19th May 2011
it is cool
Name: John 24th May 2011
this is mint
Name: Tom 7th June 2011
its all right
Name: Anonomys 8th June 2011
Great. I loved it
Name: Sam 8th June 2011
this is mint mann
Name: Tina 9th June 2011
This story is cool
Name: Milagros 15th June 2011
I just love the stories, I remember i use to read this last year.I didn't remember the name of the story but now all the information came back. p.s.~ great way to tell the story
Name: Kyle 28th June 2011
wow love it
Name: Katrina 28th June 2011
I really enjoyed reading this story! It was exactly how i remember it!
Name: Kushmitha 19th July 2011
same story is in our English literature text is awesome.i will tell my friends to visit this website
Name: Erf4getg 25th July 2011
hello that story was really boring
try make them a bit more interesting
Name: Erika 31st July 2011
i really love the story>>>>>>>
Name: Renee 2nd August 2011
I couldn't watch it because my sound wasn't working
Name: Nancy Pickford 11th August 2011
I've just stumbled on this site and am really excited as this is exactly what i've been looking for. My Y5 in September need to write a myth after working on the Daedalus and Icarus myth; using your creater software is brilliant.
Thank you so much.
Nancy Pickford
Name: Manaiil 23rd August 2011
This is 1 of my fab stories!!
Name: Kathrynaw 31st August 2011
Name: Mitch 7th September 2011
that was a really good story/legend. i enjoyed reading it and listening to it.
Name: Jeremy Simpson Jr 7th September 2011
i liked it
Name: Keisha 15th September 2011
It was pretty much Theseus And The Minotaur

Why People, Why?!?!? HELP ME FROM THIS AHHHHH!
Name: Hannah 15th September 2011
i think this storey is great and so is this website.
there are loads of storeys to litsen to.
Name: Bridie Rogers 16th September 2011
I've worked on this story at school and it's really interesting! Our class is going to write a myth related to Icarus and Daedelus and I'm massively excited!
Name: Bridie 20th September 2011
awesome and cool.
Name: Haleigh 28th September 2011
i love this one so much
Name: Bob 3rd October 2011
i think this story is coooooooooool
Name: Grace 3rd October 2011
I really love this story.
Name: William 3rd October 2011
I really enjoyed this story! One of my favourites!
Name: Ricardo 6th October 2011
Not the smartest of people :P. Lol.
Name: Jj 12th October 2011
realy sad at the end
Name: Ab 16th October 2011
random.. didn't realy make sense
Name: Niceone 24th October 2011
it is qutie sad
Name: Beef 24th October 2011
dahlia doesnt like this
Name: Feifei 25th October 2011
It is a good story
Name: Beef 31st October 2011
Nice story its funny
Name: Issie 1st November 2011
LOL! funny story
Name: Persephone 2nd November 2011
absoloutley stunning graphics it inspires me .... thankyou for this oppourtunity that you have given me thankyou, your sincerley persephone
Name: Rahin 2nd November 2011
thats so kewl
Name: Eric Mayo 3rd November 2011
great story!
Name: Dave 3rd November 2011
cool stoooooooooory
Name: Ponedthe2nd 3rd November 2011
rofl soo funny!
Name: Madmaggie992 4th November 2011
not very cool when you dont have any sound to listen to it when your sis has her music on full blast but very nice
Name: Miniclip 4th November 2011
I don't understand the story
Name: Logan 8th November 2011
it a fun story to learn about , i recomend it !!!! :)
Name: Pintoh 14th November 2011
Name: Joshua 14th November 2011
i like the story, its very easy to understand and its very interesting but with a sad ending.
Name: Millie 24th November 2011
Fantastic as fantastic can be
Name: Katie 5th December 2011
it was pretty good the myth is exelantly portrayed
Name: Oenone 9th December 2011
Name: Sana Khan 5k 16th December 2011
Name: Mollie 17th December 2011
This is a awesome!!! MYTH............
Name: Paddy 1st January 2012
i read this at school. and its a great way of telling children myths and legends :)
Name: Kyle 11th January 2012
this is wiked andgood for every one :)
Name: Maryam 15th January 2012
kinda sad at de end!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! good!
Name: Slad 16th January 2012
it is cool
Name: Lucy 19th January 2012
it is too long but good though some of it is irrelevant
Name: Fifi 22nd January 2012
Daedalus must of felt like killing HIMSELF
after his son died. It was a very sad ending. I love the wings idea though!!!
Name: Benjamin 24th January 2012
i wonder how theasus felt once he slayed the blood thirsty minotaur?
Name: Benjamin 24th January 2012
i can not belive that there is another story of this.i wonder why icarus killed himself?
Name: Bethany Miles 26th January 2012
i think its pritty good acctually i know the story of by heart any way so i dont need to be on this site
Name: Nicole 2nd February 2012
it was the best story ever but it was sad
Name: Madeleine 2nd February 2012
Iloved the story it was exciting .
Name: Ulga 20th February 2012
very good!
Name: Cardenal 4ΒΊb 23rd February 2012
tis is copy of theseus and the minoutor
Name: Ellie 28th February 2012
shorten the story but other than that it was brilliant
Name: Sophie 2nd March 2012
u could of made it just one vidio no writing
Name: Lola 3rd March 2012
Name: Shannan 4th March 2012
it fasnating but to shot but it need mor chartes
Name: Lauren 5th March 2012
this story is so good you have to read this and if you are doing this for your home work this is good for your home work
Name: Lauren 9th March 2012
A great story!
Name: MrDuncan 12th March 2012
great book xx
Name: Chloe Stone 14th March 2012
this is a good site
Name: Jane Ward 14th March 2012
im learning bout this story in school soooo cool u should read it 2
Name: Devon 20th March 2012
this is a cool story
Name: Mark Beer 24th March 2012
Thank you for telling this ancient story. Very enjoyable .
Name: Sanjeeda 24th March 2012
this is a scary story
Name: Deivi 25th March 2012
well this story has help me do my English homework....
Name: Sarah Marquand 26th March 2012
i loved All the storis even thogh i have read them 3 or more times each
Name: Jabb 13th April 2012
i thought it was sad when the boy died it eteaches a lesson to obey people who are smarter than you are
Name: Marwan 16th April 2012
Great story! I felt really sad when the boy died but he deserves it because he did not listewn to his wise old fathers words
Name: Jaques Strap 17th April 2012
it were rely good i readed it 5 times it were rely good
Name: Jim Bob 17th April 2012
thought it was very detailed.
Name: Eleanor & Milly 19th April 2012
We like this story because the characters look really cool!
Name: Emz 20th April 2012
Absulutely brilliant.
Was on the edge of my seat the whole time!Very well detailed as well!
Name: Josh 25th April 2012
really good
Name: Meee 26th April 2012
Nice, love the voices
Name: Hattie 29th April 2012
nice,cool voices. I loved the whole story!
Name: Xamse 29th April 2012
very good story indeed!
Name: Zeus 3rd May 2012
Wow! The video can be of great help in so many ways! Thanks for creating this.
Name: Ooo 7th May 2012
Name: Bradley 9th May 2012
hi it was good
Name: Fluffy 12th May 2012
hi it is all right could be a little bit better
Name: Jake 12th May 2012
WOW AWESOME story it really helps with my homwork
Name: Keosha 14th May 2012
wow that was a really good story i wish i could write that detailed don't you?
but why did'nt Icarus listen to his father, then his father would of had Icarus and Icarus would still be alive not in modern days but in ancient greek times. yeah so that's how i think of it.
Name: Stella Lambrou 26th May 2012
Thank you very much
Name: Mahria 28th May 2012
That minotour bit is really scary!!
I really like this story because it is good for boys by the fighting bit and good gor girls by the love!!
I hope other people like it too..
Name: Lydia 12th June 2012
this is a great website xxx
Name: Voltaire 13th June 2012
i like this book
Name: What 17th June 2012
this the best story ever
Name: Oooo 17th June 2012
good story man
Name: Mace1259 21st June 2012
its a very good story and i like it very much but it is a bit hard to belive
Name: Oscar 25th June 2012
it was cool
Name: Rolo 12th July 2012
very strange no one could fly any were near the sun they would die i dont like it sorry :)
Name: Akira 26th July 2012
yeah, we know that its hard to believe but its just a myth, a legendary story.. ha-ha! that was cool..
Name: That Guy You Hate 29th July 2012
... he got what he deserved considering the actual myth says Icarus killed his brother anyway...
Name: Heyyyyyy 1st August 2012
its ok
Name: Marissa J, Taguinod 24th August 2012
I like it. Can I download so I can show it to my children? Thanks.
Name: Gemmarose Marcial 25th August 2012
the story is simple but full of essence "obey your parent as they don't bring you to demise"
Name: Kyle 3rd October 2012
heard about this like 5 years ago its just stupid theres no way the wax would melt or even that they could fly using that contraption
Name: Anna 7th October 2012
i LOVED this story
Name: Amber 10th October 2012
i need to know the myth of icarus and deadalus
Name: Amy 11th October 2012
i need to know the story for home work!!!!!!!!
Name: Amber 11th October 2012
this is such a good story
Name: Sophie 14th October 2012
this a good story
Name: Aa 15th October 2012
I love this story.
Name: Ellie-Tia 15th October 2012
I'v learnt it at school!
Name: Amira 16th October 2012
I like this story although it is a bit sad.
Name: James 19th October 2012
I liked it very much Icarus should have listened to his father.
Name: Eszter 20th October 2012
i learnt about the minotaur and theseus
and this story is a bit the same
Name: Mehar 27th October 2012
Icarus should have listened
Name: Daniel 31st October 2012
Icarus got what he should get
Name: Bella 2nd November 2012
Good story
Name: Gina 7th November 2012
I learned about this at schoolnand Icures should have listend also noe i know how Adriane got the ball of thread
in Theusas and The Minotaur
Name: Arianna 10th November 2012
good story i actually learned sumting
Name: Patricia Nicole B.otico 12th November 2012
more morals and things that we need to do
Name: Bek 12th November 2012
this is so cool me and my friend used have to do myths and legends storys
Name: Jenna 4th December 2012
This is the greatest story I have readed in my life
Name: Tia 5th December 2012
love this story been working on it at skool we made clay people n made a move maker out of it
Name: Tanatsa 6th December 2012
best book ever and we looked at it in school.
Name: Sara 10th December 2012
best book Iv ever heard in my life I wish I could see it in real life
Name: Sara Rihova 10th December 2012
this story is good and funny I really like it we did some work on it to. we all so wrote abut it was a bit similar to are story we did it a bit longer
Name: Nate Kaufman 13th December 2012
Icarus is really stupid!
Name: Kaylie Roberts 26th December 2012
I did Pandora\\\'s box play when I was at first school it was epic I was the main character pandora it was an outstanding performances
Name: Jennifer Jenkins 27th January 2013
it was ok and i did like it.

Name: Eleanor 7th February 2013
I do like this myth but it is a little sad...

P.S : I love greek myths too bad there is only four
Name: Natalie 13th February 2013
this was better than reading it for myself i understand i clearly now.. i can finnaly past the mythology test
Name: Siobhan Ryan 20th February 2013
This is terrible I watched it and it seemed to start half way through.
Name: Milla 22nd February 2013
It kind of gives you an idea of the story's ending, I don't really like it too much.
Name: Racheal 28th February 2013
this is great my children loved this and just want more they are learning and dont realize it
Name: Tessa Bailey 9th March 2013
What a sad story, I will always take heed of my parents' warnings!
Name: William 10th March 2013
what was icras thinking?
Name: Allanah 12th March 2013
nice story when icarus dies it's a shame
Name: ALEXIS 12th March 2013
cool i like the last line
Name: Frances 13th March 2013
Icuras was very foolish to forget his fathers words!
Name: Christine 16th March 2013
Didnt watch it all sad for the children
i watched it before at school sorry
to sad got to the 2nd page naly cryed
as a child i would turned it off!!!
Name: Tilly-may 16th March 2013
Sad story i say because children got eaten cry,cry and the monsterus creacher was frightening after all its not true.CHILDREN THIS IS SCERY IF YOU ARE BRAVE YOU WILL SEE IT ALL!ARR LOOK!!
Name: Remi 17th March 2013
that was amazing the best myth ever

Name: Sophie 22nd March 2013
it is a sad but amazing story, i like the bit where the Minotaur dies
Name: Millie Sampson 26th March 2013
i think the
Daedalus and Icarus myths are the best myths ever.
Name: Joel Grimley 16th April 2013
that story was great
Name: John 1st May 2013
this story shows you should listen to your parents!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Name: Charlie 11th May 2013
It features the story of 'Theseus and the Mintotaur.' but with a little twist, it is much better!!!
Name: Jessica 13th May 2013
loved it read it loads
Name: Eimear 15th May 2013
its really good,I used it for a little project! :) and guess what I got? an A+ !!! :)
Name: Lmariahnna 16th May 2013
this story is so funny,and sad.
Name: Regina Falange 3rd June 2013
lol icarus is such an idiot
Name: Kevin 13th June 2013
This is great! I love the animations it makes it easy and fun to understand!
Name: Chrish 16th June 2013
... awesome... story and very nice animation.. thanks it helps me a lot.. to understand thestory..
Name: The Comentari Guy 20th June 2013
the end was a sad end but I use this for my homework, thanks
Name: Hollie 24th June 2013
lovely story it keep's coming in my head its AMAZING.Love it so GOOD I MEAN IT!!
Name: K_dunn 26th June 2013
Icarus need to listen
Name: Asha Uddin 5th July 2013
om telling every body about this story its on fire
Name: Catrin 4th September 2013
I like this story
Name: Lyndell 11th September 2013
I like this story.
Name: Buni 12th September 2013
HE's such an idiot, seriously, show did he not hear his father?
Name: Aldwin 16th September 2013
i like this because its important to my studies!
Name: Jessie 30th September 2013
Don't swear about it and he could not hear his father because he was to high
Name: Jackson 3rd October 2013
Name: Sophie 3rd October 2013
this is complete rubbish!!!
Name: Divya 5th October 2013
Amazing story, I never fail to wish I were a bird, every time I read this story. =D
Name: Finlay 6th October 2013
there is no point of this stupid story
Name: Dudey 12th October 2013
This is the weirdest story ever
Name: Luigi E . Cato 15th October 2013
Name: Bob 24th October 2013
what the hell is this
Name: COOLKID1028 24th October 2013
this is so cool what do u think
Name: AKira 30th October 2013
I like this story!
What a shame for icarus he must really listen to his father but it's to late.
Name: Karina 4th November 2013
this STORY is so for babies
Name: Imad 5th November 2013
this story is very fantastic
Name: Lauren 5th November 2013
I like this story but it is sad at the end .
Name: Riley 9th November 2013
I thought it was really coooolllll!! It taught me to listen to my brilliant parents!
Name: Rahnuma 10th November 2013
It\'s kind of said at the end but still
Name: George 12th November 2013
Name: Tom 1st December 2013
I like this video my daddy is sometimes telling me off but i dont mind because otherwise i could get burnt by the sun too
Name: Jess 6th December 2013
this is stupid
Name: Kate 10th December 2013
I like this story but I still think that it is really sad because the story says that if we are bad then they will die and I think that this is a bit severe :)
Name: Ellie 10th December 2013
I like the story but it's sooo sad. I blame Ariadne.
Name: Hello 13th December 2013
This is my favourite Myth. I really like it because it has a really good storyline's just epic!!
Name: Tatenda 17th December 2013
My mother found thought this story was a lesson or children to listen to their parents.
Name: Blessing 11th January 2014
This is a sad story and it has good detail in it so i would rate it five!
Name: Maikel Zarif 15th January 2014
Your work is Really Great, The sound, acting and your language is so simple to understand and the story also is nice, Keep Going :)
Name: Zak 17th January 2014
A very good story that reminds you to listen to your parents!
Name: Erin 19th January 2014
this never gets old
Name: Olivia 22nd January 2014
It is an exciting story.
Name: Keira 24th January 2014
were doing this story at school and is really good.
Name: Josh 3rd February 2014
wat a good myth # 7,8,9
Name: Mia 3rd February 2014
those 2 characters have very, very weird names and why are they called that anyway
Name: Matthew Riley Watson 12th February 2014
Cool story
Name: Daisy 12th February 2014
I like the story it is interesting
Name: Matthew Rains 17th February 2014
I i didn't like this story, but to be honest the only reason i read it was because my english teacher made me read it and as it turned out it was not a very good story in my opinion its awful and its terrible to read im sorry im being so negative but it was honestly a terrible story and ill never read it again in my entire life. My mother recently killed my pet puppy and this story was almost as bad as that experience in my life. DO NOT READ NOT WORTH IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Name: Jorja B 21st February 2014
Really this story didnt grab me but had to read it as was part of science homework on Flight
Name: Sara 1st March 2014
It was OK
Name: Neena 1st March 2014
I have been learning about them
Name: Lindsy Hermes 3rd March 2014
Daedalus had warrned his son but he did not listen
Name: Sarah 3rd March 2014
loved the story it was wonderful
Name: Chelsea 3rd March 2014
It was OK but not much interesting I like the other stories better so I would rate it 5/10
Name: Jaquan Williams 5th March 2014
great story
Name: PickledPotato 14th March 2014
wow I loved it. Not as much as I like Potatoes, and pickles.
Name: Yena 17th March 2014
i know this story! but it is a bit different not bad though i have to admit.
Name: Moose 19th March 2014
this story is awesooommmeee
Name: Star123 22nd March 2014
when i was at school y3 listend to this this story and afew more
Name: Yourmummie 31st March 2014
The scream on the end was really moving
Name: Dudly 1st April 2014
i loved what you did and the show especially when the person went through the maze.
Name: Eddie 3rd April 2014
That was dramatic πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ
Name: Jamboy 3rd April 2014
That was really good :)
Name: BillyBob 4th April 2014
pretty good story
Name: Caden 4th April 2014
Name: Bailey Davis 4th April 2014
it was a little veg on the starting details
Name: Timothy Damiani 8th April 2014
okay in this comment i have to be rude i mean deadulus's son just dying this is THE WORST MYTH EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Name: Catherine 10th April 2014
Daedalus was Icarus's UNCLE.
Name: Trequel 10th April 2014
it pretty good
Name: 1D Lover 16th April 2014
eh Its okay and all, but i like myths were the kid becomes ruler
Name: Maddison Todd 22nd April 2014
Amazing, used it to help my with my Ancient Greek project from school
Name: Leah 26th April 2014
Myths and legends is fantastic and people will love to come on to this website and know all the Legends and Myths people would be happy to know all of the stories. thank you
Name: Grantaday 6th May 2014
Name: Ella 16th May 2014
I watched this at school and teacher stopped it half way through.Wanted to see the rest. Now showing mum and dad.Really enjoying myths and legends.
Name: Nadia 22nd May 2014
i love this story its so interesting in yr 3 my teacher was mr mcinerny and we had to do a big write about it and draw a picture of waht the den could be like if the minatour had one but anyway i still find extemley captivating
Name: Ukh 5th June 2014
great ambition story
Name: Maleficent 7th June 2014
amazin stry
Name: Kamryn 9th June 2014
its ok
Name: Sanjay Menon 8th July 2014
awful stuff
Name: Phoebe Jones 15th July 2014
I like the story of Icarus and Daedalus
because it ends on a cliff hanger.
Name: Ananda 26th July 2014
too sad
Name: Angelito Cuaresma 1st August 2014
I really like the story but could you add on the ending. Thanks and more power
Name: Lukemao 6th August 2014
cool, awesome dude! you should read it.
Name: MICHAEL VALENCIA 4th September 2014
Name: Conroy 2nd October 2014
I wonder if this story inspired Iron Maiden to create the flight of icarus song? Nice read, very interesting!
Name: Cupcake 10th October 2014
Name: Skyler L. 14th October 2014
Really sad story... Still great though!
Name: Cupcake 16th October 2014
Name: Lol 3rd November 2014
Name: ENRIQUE VILLAR 7th November 2014

sad but a super great lesson about listening to our father and mom .super great story .Who ever wrote it I want to give a hug
Name: Willity 12th November 2014
never heard this story before , very sad
Name: Azam 13th November 2014
really good story because were learning about it and it might come in handy.
Name: Alisa Perne 7th December 2014
Excellent story! Loved it! The story was so touching...
Name: Kotoha Hanaoari 10th December 2014
Name: Hannah 8th January 2015
Name: Cool 9th January 2015
Name: Ella 11th January 2015
Name: Elements III (Year 4) 14th January 2015
We really enjoyed listening to this story in our English lesson!
Name: Abigail 14th January 2015
does this actually show all of the story
Name: CT 15th January 2015
This is brilliant. I'm teaching grade 5 this story next week and I think they'll find it incredibly useful.
Name: Jules 15th January 2015
Icarus shouldn't have gone near the sun.
Name: Lol 21st January 2015
bad kid!
Name: Logan Lightsey 26th January 2015
Name: Alyssa J. Krueger 26th January 2015
i would of done the same thing but he still was bad lol
Name: Stupid 27th January 2015
Good story
Name: Hugo 28th January 2015
I watched this at school during an English lesson
Name: Stupid 123 3rd February 2015
Cool story!
Name: Crazy Birds 3rd February 2015
Wicked story man
Name: Lily 5th February 2015
I think it\'s a really good story to retell to other people. It reminds me of those times I didn\'t listen to my mom and got a really bad grade on a test or something.
Name: Sulemac 19th February 2015
Awesome. Story loved it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Name: Flynn 26th February 2015
wow whats 9+10=
Name: Bob 27th February 2015
Great story
Name: Jack 27th February 2015
Story with brilliantly layed out and perfect for school πŸŽπŸ”‹πŸ”β˜ΊοΈπŸ˜‰πŸ˜
Name: MY NAME IS JEFF 5th March 2015
I LOVED IT. IT WAS GREAT. 21!!!!!!!!!!
Name: Nicolas 18th March 2015
it was good but put a video on there
Name: Norris 23rd March 2015
It was amazing
Name: Jeffery 11th April 2015
Name: Anna 28th April 2015
lol/it was awesome

Name: Enzo 28th April 2015
Name: Hulk 9th May 2015
Such funny animation
Name: George 15th May 2015
I liked the bit where the half man and bull got the man when he fell other
Name: Sarah 15th May 2015
Wow i learn stories like this at Holy Cross!!!!
Name: Yolo 28th May 2015
Loved it
Name: Mary Joy Tampus 1st June 2015
this kind of legend or myths ..this is so interesting for me
Name: Bubbleface 2nd June 2015
Helped with homework
Name: Rhea Lyn Miranda 5th June 2015
i love love it
Name: Hamzah Shah 18th June 2015
helped with homework it is great!Thanks a lot, carry on
Name: Alyssa 22nd June 2015
πŸ‘πŸ‘ very cool! And very good
Name: Janice 8th August 2015
yeah its very cool
Name: Faith 18th September 2015
Name: Tristen 23rd September 2015
Name: Jayaudrey 10th October 2015
i like the stories
Name: Alyssa Mae :) 10th October 2015
Aww This is soo sad ;(
I would be crying like forever for my son to be lost...
(if I had one!) my heart would drown like him ;(
at least he had escaped the evil you know who. and had a great life with his great father :)! hope will still be here if he and his father were still alive :)!
Name: Malin 21st October 2015
Sad πŸ˜₯ but hey his father is still alive πŸ˜€ but the kid died 😡 there is a level for a game that is basically this story
Name: Fild 26th October 2015
quit sad
Name: Derek 30th October 2015
this is pretty good
Name: Blake 2nd November 2015
this was very interesting and sad with some exitement in it. i think this was a great story.
Name: Angelica 2nd November 2015
Thank you for putting this up I
really liked it.
Name: Me 3rd November 2015
Name: JOSHUA ORTIZ 6th November 2015
Name: Cool Story Bro 16th November 2015
it was so amazing please make another
Name: Lauren 18th November 2015
Its really weird and strange but I liked it.
Name: Blargh 18th November 2015
That dad was innovative as hell
Name: Alex H 30th November 2015
it was ok i liked it
Name: Joshua Ortiz 30th November 2015
i think that was silent because of the blood
Name: Zeb 1st December 2015
That was a really good story
Name: Bill 3rd December 2015
super sad story
Name: K.w 3rd December 2015
I thought when icarus hit the water he would wash up ashore.
Name: Anna 27th December 2015
I liked the story it was sad but gues what the saddest stories there are the best stories there are
Name: Sammy 18th January 2016
Very sad
Name: Trevon 28th January 2016
he should never flew high but very sad
Name: Sanoja 3rd February 2016
Sssssssssssoooooooooooo sssssssssssaaaaaaaadddddddd
Name: Stan 5th February 2016
Name: Zoe 12th February 2016
that is the saddest thing
Name: Ash 12th February 2016
we lissen to it at school it is realy good
Name: Lexi 13th February 2016
Good book
I like it
Name: Leeyah 21st February 2016
I think there needs to be more action
Name: Me 1st March 2016
really good
Name: Tasnim 9th March 2016
it is related to Theseus and the minotaur
Name: William 23rd March 2016
I listened to this at school and lots more stories!!! But this one is a favourite!!! It is similar to Theseus and the miniotour?
Name: Morgan 29th March 2016
Name: Rowan Atkinson 21st April 2016
Wow! I read this and I loved all the detail and I think it was just an amazing piece of work by the author
Name: Hayley 26th April 2016
I can't hear the narration...any idea why?
Name: Grace 27th April 2016
he wd die if he went that close to the sun, anyway.
Name: Nicola 5th May 2016
Name: Yusra 6th May 2016
Name: Yusra 6th May 2016
wow he fell
Name: Anisha 10th May 2016
he actually did not listen to his parents
Name: Taylor 10th May 2016
what! He left his son and didn\\\\\\\'t even bother to jump in to help! I need to know what he did next he wouldn\\\\\\\'t have ever ended his life like that. Would he? He really should have listened to his father in the first place I surppose so it wasn\\\\\\\'t his fault. He told his son to stop and. WOW. What a fall! All the way from the sun. I agree, no living man crush I\\\\\\\'ll survive a fall like that. GOOD STORY! Another!
Name: Haiderkhalid 11th May 2016
it's not that good
Name: Mia :) 16th May 2016
Guys it\'s just a myth... Stop saying he should\'ve listened to his parents
Name: Nobody 18th May 2016
This is literally so over the top. The voice acting. The story. Minos's angry face. That's what I like about this animation.
Name: Jack 4th July 2016
was that the real story?
Name: Garroth 22nd July 2016
its a good story
Name: Richard 6th August 2016
Excellent...I like that previous comment "Is this a true story?" OF COURSE IT IS!!! You would've thought however if Daedalus was such a good inventor he would've designed a parachute too!
Name: Kenneth 9th September 2016
I\'m learning about this it is sick.
Name: Yolo 14th September 2016
This is not true
Name: GirlyMythLover 30th September 2016
Love it
Name: Shakira 12th October 2016
i read this book at my school it is very intresting
Name: Amy Campbell 2nd November 2016
I like learning about Greek gods and I`m doing it at school.I liked the story.
Name: 123 8th November 2016
It was good
Name: Ross 17th November 2016
what is dis
Name: Lola56 21st November 2016
thank you for this, very helpful for school projects
Name: Ben 29th November 2016
Its really good for school projects and im lerning it in school
Name: #Fun 18th December 2016
Name: Ella 15th January 2017
Great story for learning and writing also reading
Name: ADEBAYO Gbenga 15th January 2017
want stories on myths and legends
Name: Ally 25th January 2017
thx for the myth it helps me with my school work
Name: A.J 2nd February 2017
it was good for school work
Name: Basil 4th February 2017
This is brilliant
Name: Nckray 9th February 2017
This is fantastic!

Name: Katty 28th February 2017
i really love the story it was perfect for kids who don't want to read
Name: Katty 28th February 2017
now i love this story
Name: Jax 28th February 2017
I have already seen it but it is still awesome
Name: Fabian 7th March 2017
I did'nt finished this myth at school
Name: 222222 9th March 2017
Name: Cool Duudeo 24th March 2017
wow so cool I relay likes it yay so fun
Name: Evan Anagostopoulos 3rd April 2017
This webiste is great, although it doesn't have all the information I need.
Name: 8216 3rd April 2017
it really cool
Name: Jeff 19th April 2017
Name: Jeff 19th April 2017
Name: Catlover.17 1st May 2017
I loved it!
Name: Sophie 14th May 2017
Its kinda sad that it had to end that way, but i loved the graphics, and how you didn't have to turn the pages, and be read to.
Name: Leon 18th May 2017
i like this
Name: DogGirl 28th May 2017
#Do Orpheus and Eurydice
Name: Paui Diaz 8th June 2017
its nice! can i download it for our lesson in school? so children can enjoy the story? thankyou.
Name: Computer 8th June 2017
its great
Name: Myla Coxs 18th September 2017
I love myths and legends because my teacher Mrs dowie puts this on at the of the day
Name: Kieran And Serat Singh And Peet Kaur 25th September 2017
Nice and it about Greek and I know about Zeus and Zeus is a powerful god and he has lighting powers
Name: Student 26th September 2017
I like it its very factual
Name: Argont 1st October 2017
Ithink you should keeep it as it is because it is fun
Name: Blah 2nd November 2017
you need sound
Name: Jade 10th November 2017
this cool
Name: Nabeel 12th November 2017
Name: Cool 16th January 2018
Name: Katie 4th February 2018
This story is great and educational for learning children.
Name: Fakme 12th February 2018
Name: 21savage 13th February 2018
uhhhhhhh this is a wierd stroy but um funny to when the boy dies x3
Name: Tyler 15th March 2018
Great story


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