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An Execution and a Miracle

Name: Lauren 15th May 2007
why did they chop off his feet
Name: Diane 15th May 2007
Lauren - Often the punishment was made to fit the crime and thieves sometimes had their hands chopped off. In this case, it was decided he was guilty of a severe crime and they wanted to give a more severe punishment, and also cut off his feet. The Law was much harsher back then. But it was certainly a very severe punishment.
Name: Emily 28th July 2007
so is that story true and is that what they would do to most poeple if they were found guilty?
Name: Talea,Olivia 20th November 2007
we dont like the part where they chopped off his legs and hands and scraped out his eyes but we like the part where he got back his body.

great story thanks
Olivia and Talea
Name: Mina 20th November 2007
my favrit 10/10 - love it when his feet growed back
Name: Sophie 12th January 2008
Thanks. I saw it a week ago and thought it was rubbish. But my mum saw it and wanted me to send a comment.

Why was the law so severe in those days?!
Name: The Myths Team 13th January 2008
Sophie, Law and order in Medieval England was very harsh. It was thought that people would only behave, if they were afraid of what would happen if they did not. There were very few prisons, as keeping prisoners cost money. It was cheaper to execute someone, or punish them and then let them go.
Name: Chloe 13th January 2008
this is sooo cool when the hands n feet grow back thanks
Name: Helen Quinney 6th February 2008
good story liked the bit when they chopped his arms and hands off lol.
Name: Tor 20th February 2008
it a great story i think that people should go on this site for great fun.
Name: Madura 1st October 2008
super duper story.
Name: Anyesha 28th November 2008
it was really good and spooky!
Name: Mia 10th December 2008
it was grose and cool at the same time it was ok and cool!
Name: Hi 7th January 2009
it was great
Name: Adam 22nd January 2009
im glad he wasnt mean any more but the punishment served him right
Name: Josh 22nd January 2009
it was awsome i thought it was great i liked the part were his arms and legs got choped off
Name: Ellie 24th January 2009
i thought it was gross when his arms and legs came off yuck but it served him right.
Name: Kieran 24th January 2009
it was gruesome when his eyes got scraped out my dad heard it and said it was discusting it really made me realize about the olden day punishments great story kieran
Name: Rebecca 7th February 2009
hi wonderufll but gross my brother screamed and cryed when his legs got choped off and i got told off but snuck on later and watched it again well done
from rebecca xx
Name: Andrew 9th February 2009
it was relly grusome when his eyes got pulled out and legs and arms sored off but it was cool!
Name: Jasyendy 16th February 2009
that was horribly wrong i felt my hands and feet sawn off it felt bloody.
Name: Lucy 18th February 2009
that was my second favourite
Name: Chloe 20th February 2009
That is really gross!!
It is quite funny though! :)
Name: Chloe Xx 20th February 2009
Wow! That is a great story, even if it was gross! I am so glad they dont have punishments like that now. It would be really scary!

love Chloe Brownlie. xxx
Name: Megan 25th February 2009
very good but i feel sorry for ailward!!!
Name: Tegan 25th February 2009
that was awsome but it was a bit weird in some bits.
Name: Hazel 27th February 2009
Name: Zainub 5th March 2009
I think it was good but it was wierd on some bits.
Name: Courtney Babe 5th March 2009
that was cool but i feel sorry for ailward thats not fair for him
Name: Charlie 13th March 2009
Brill and soooo gross
Name: Aimee Mason 14th March 2009
i loved that story it was cool
Name: Secret 16th March 2009
we have to do this for school homework and its SO boring i have to write a 1,200 word essay about it :(
Name: BeBe 16th March 2009
i though it were wiked - do some more
Name: Cherry Lee 16th March 2009
i read this all the way i liked the feet being sawn off xx cherry
Name: Ellie Brundan 30th March 2009
i thought it was a very good story and i think some people would learn a lesson from it
Name: Jackson 3rd May 2009
very nice
Name: Borja 28th May 2009
Its moral says you should not disapoint the gods and listen to what they tell you
Name: Alisha 6th June 2009
i thought it was a very good story nd it was rather sad but a great ending!!
i think people will learn good lesson from it!!
Name: Jessie 13th June 2009
i think this website is really good. Lots of people should make a story. I got told about this program from school because we are doing myths and legends. I made a story at school in english. It is called Joe and the bone snatcher
Name: Georgia 19th June 2009
That was soooooooooooo freaky!!!!!!!!
Name: Mitchell 22nd June 2009
Name: Rory 23rd June 2009
It was gross!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Name: Selena Gomez 1st July 2009
Name: Nick Jonas 1st July 2009
wow wow wow amazingo luv it
Name: Demi Lovato 1st July 2009
me and selena are big fans this story is fantastic
Name: Brittney Spears 16th August 2009
i totally LOVED THIS STORY! it broke my heart! (touchingly!)
Name: Jannah 24th September 2009
i know a story called the murder of thomas's really good.
Name: Tyler Meadows 29th September 2009
i like it very much its good very good
Name: Aki Emily. 15th October 2009
This is a very nice story. I wish miacles like that really did happen!
Name: Chill 14 19th January 2010
OMG... if only that can happen in real life i would be asstonished , could it possibly happen?
Name: Melissa Jer 24th January 2010
i wonder if that would ever happen to someone in 2010
Name: Kerry Pearson 28th January 2010
wiked story love it
Name: Lucy Blair 30th January 2010
I thought that it was ghastly when they took out his eyes and sawed off his hands and also I would not repeat not like to be him.
Name: Lydia 12th February 2010
weird when his arms got chopped of and his eyes sick but good story
Name: Mimi 18th February 2010
it was a bit gory but i enjoyed it .Thank god that i am not him!
Name: Meemee 18th February 2010
my dad once told me a ghost story and it was very similar to this one apart from the fact that it is a woman who owns a black cat. she gets her eyes gouged out and only her feet get cut off because they think she is a witch. Before she is harmed she curses the water she is put in to see if she will float or sink. she says whoever drinks or bathes in the water shall die the way i die!

It scared the life out of me and i kept on having nightmares about it. which is why i remember it so clearly.
Name: Naomi 20th February 2010
I had a dream like this once! CREEPY!
Name: Roanis 8th March 2010
it is so intersting bacause of the certis in the book.
Name: Lilly 21st April 2010
i had a dream too like this one Naomi!
but my friends' ears and arms came off to!
Name: Isabel 30th April 2010
Ithopught it was really good, and a indervidual idea
Name: Isabella 12th May 2010
really good
Name: Feday 31st May 2010
really good and i enjoyed it i could watch it again :)
Name: Kacper 4th June 2010
i think it was middle because it was short.
Name: Angel 5th July 2010
This story is good for the naughty peopole who do this and I liked it
Name: FizaNoor 20th September 2010
It was a really good story.I liked it very much and I all so enjoyed it!
Name: FizaNoor 23rd September 2010
Superb!!!A good story.Ailward was not fair.
Name: Eva 6th November 2010
it was really good but a bit scary
Name: Aziza 16th December 2010
Name: Diamond2857 4th January 2011
I think its a bit scary when his eves are pulled out and his hands and feet are sawn off. Ughhhhhh!?
Name: Ash 13th January 2011
I think it's nice that his arms and legs came back !
Name: Alysia 28th January 2011
Thats one big miracle!
Name: Alysia 28th January 2011
I think its kinda sad
Name: Unknown 7th February 2011
i thought everything hapend for the good.
Name: ABSTER 9th February 2011
that was disgustig and Ailword didnt deserve another chance
Name: Amelia 11th February 2011
Ia m glad that was not me.its so sad and
not sweet.
Name: Aiza 12th February 2011
I love it yehhhhha
Name: Josh 13th February 2011
I agree with Abster, it is disgusting! (He doesn't get a chance when he is thrown in the water)
Name: Dylan 9th March 2011
Havent Seen this in a while, But i know it will be good!
Name: Aisa 10th March 2011
that was quite a gory myth
Name: Manasa 27th March 2011
cool story i but gross too I hope I don,t have a nightmare about this and i am just like secret i also am doing about myths and legends but i am older than her she is in year 3 and i am year 6 she is 8 and i am 11.
so i have to write more i have to write 4 full pages of A4 paper.
Name: Aswad Khalid 30th March 2011
I Love this story but quite grusome!!!
Name: Henry 31st March 2011
Correction, Aisa, this is a LEGEND, not a myth.
Name: Leah 1st May 2011
really good story but a bit GROSS!!!!!! hmm, i enjoyed it
Name: Shannon Xoxo 28th June 2011
realy good but a but gross but i liked it !!!
Name: Doug 20th July 2011
I like this story. A bit gross but pretty cool i must admit
Name: Cherrypop123x 23rd July 2011
This story was well good,I loved it,miricals can happen you know,they can
Name: Angleena 2nd September 2011
Excuse me if I am intropropting but miricles like this never happen now!
All the prophets could be told how to do this. But now a days no miricle like this can come true!
Name: Angleena 7th September 2011
Sorry if I said they won't true were miricals but now i belive with all my heart that miricals are wat they are and they are ocationlly truer. {But remember miricals are no ordnary so please chose right swhen miricals ever happen to u!}
Name: Julia 4th October 2011
It was a fine story and I was freeked out when his eye sockets grow new eyes and when his arms and legs grew back. The kids and adults will love this wonderful great story( well it is true).
Name: AM 7th December 2011
The drawing of Ailward with no hands, feet and eyes is really scary!!!!!!! And there is no way you could still be alive after having everything taken out.
Name: William 13th January 2012
i like this a wonderful website and my sister yasmin will go on this website just for me.
Name: Fifi 20th January 2012
I thought this was really freaky but at the same time a good a story!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Name: Tobisi 21st January 2012
how can you still live after having your eyes. hads and feet choped off!But still really good!
Name: Bethany 28th January 2012
I loved this but thought how they took his eyeballs out was disgusting
Name: Me 31st January 2012
what happened to the fulke guy...
Name: Joe Brown And Jakob Cross 2nd February 2012
We thought the story was great but it was a bit gory for young kids. We thought the gore was amazing though.
Name: Amelia 3rd March 2012
i thought it was a bit too gory for kids but i thinkit is a good story
Name: Deandre 29th March 2012
that was a great story.
Name: Nayla 29th March 2012
It was a good story but a little scary for my little cousins but i loved it it taught me not to cheat others. especially if they are good to you. yes i do belive in miracles espically more now that I have seen this legend.
Name: Quan 29th March 2012
hey what about the miracle
Name: AnnaliseJacques 31st March 2012
great, loved the whole story
Name: Adam 20th April 2012
it so cool.
Name: William 4th May 2012
this was very gruesome, and i loved it!
Name: Esther 30th May 2012
very goood
Name: Serena 5th June 2012
it was very good
Name: Grace 5th September 2012
cool story
Name: Logan 6th November 2012
Name: H.j 12th November 2012
Name: The Shadow 12th November 2012
i think it was a bit grotesque when they sawed off his hands and gouged out his eyes, but it didn't detract from the fun of the story.
Name: I 10th January 2013
nice and naughty things happened to ailward;nice was the miracle but naughty was getting drunk and being selfish.
Name: Kkkkkk 1st February 2013
it was quite a weird story
Name: Ishmamah 19th April 2013
This story teaches a good lesson.
Name: DCKteam 17th May 2013
It was a bit gory but an excellent moral.
Name: Lily-Mae 13th September 2013
Very Very Good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Name: Erin 26th March 2014
bleurgh!! not nice seriously not nice!
Name: Skye 16th July 2014
wow. such a good moral! fantastic! :)
Name: Tyrone 26th July 2014
hi i have a story to i would like to submit
Name: Rose 27th November 2014
wow,i love myths and legands ever since i was 9 and now im 11 and still love them but to be honest this is a bit scary
Name: Emily 6th December 2014
I really love myths and ledgends I like this video but I think the sound effects were quite grewsome in parts which kind of put me off a bit.Also I think that their should be more for older children that perhaps arnt so bloody
Name: Merliah Summer 14th May 2015
a bit scary
Name: Emily 6th November 2015
Name: Emily 12th January 2016
i love this book its epicccc!!!!
Name: James 19th January 2016
this book is good and scary!!!
Name: Pete 26th January 2016
the real book is much better but i can understand and this is good for a computer animation!
Name: Peterson 9th February 2016
i love this book its wonderful but i can sure understand why ther so much blood! :)
Name: James 16th February 2016
I love this book its wonderful, marvellous and brilliant.
Name: Pankaj Sharma 7th June 2016
Like this site, like stories related to sky culture any part of the world, may i see or read more stories on sky, stars, like medusa and perseus.

Name: Max 14th April 2017
this one is soooooooooooooo good. I grew up with this one
Name: Carlie 15th August 2017
I am 21, have a degree in history and I still watch these because they are so good! Please make more?


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