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Robin Hood and the Silver Arrow

Name: Shola 19th March 2013
Exciting and clever. Amazing win again for Robin.
Name: Shola 20th March 2013
Name: Shanel 11th April 2013
this is a cool story.
Name: Matt And Ben Lmdc Pri 23rd April 2013
It was good put some more ful stops
Name: Celine Mbeki 23rd April 2013
I think it was very ,very ,very awesome.
Name: EVA 2nd May 2013
Name: Oliver 10th May 2013
Great story
Name: Harvey 11th May 2013
Very cool story
Name: Mia 17th May 2013
very cool
Name: Awesome 20th May 2013
very great story
Name: Epic Guy 4th June 2013
Really good story. well crafted but was very confusing at the end. Good plot and an overall good story!
Name: K_dunn 24th June 2013
Robin was a hero.
Name: Harry Long 3rd July 2013
Robin ain't that heroic compared to Marion. Most women would run and scream in those days. Marion is a true heroine and Robin is a complete idiot. I would NEVER enter a competition hosted by my worst enemies; even in disguise cause i know i wouldn't stand a chance even if i won!
Name: Pandora 5th July 2013
this guy did great to me the backround and moral words epic ;)
Name: Jay 19th November 2013
This story is freaking awesome .
Name: Ibs 24th November 2013
This was too good to be true
Name: Bethany Smyth 1st December 2013
It's so good!But it only pused when Guy
was dancing with exitment when it was the day of the contest
Name: Amelia 15th January 2014
this is an amazing video
Name: Nick 6th February 2014
i have read a lot
Name: Afrah 1st March 2014
i like this story i heard it so many times and it is a bit funny that robin hood cheated with the sherif.
Name: Tony 11th March 2014
I love this story so much.
Name: Tamia 19th March 2014
this is a story that can be tole to people but fun story
Name: JAMIN 22nd April 2014
whats the moral??
Name: Holly 22nd April 2014
sooooooooooo epic BUT it shold have been longer.
Name: Fawwaz 3rd May 2014
So bad skurrrr
Name: Jojo 6th May 2014
loving the music
Name: Lilly 28th May 2014
I liked the story but it was to short.
Name: Anthony Lebabo 23rd June 2014
i like all the storie and wish i was part of those man in those days
Name: Mohammed 29th July 2014
i love robin hood
Name: Callum 5th September 2014
I like it but its abit short if it was longer then ig would be bettder
Name: J 2nd December 2014
TO LONG MAKE IT SHORTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Name: Alijah 9th December 2014
It was a good story
Name: Nathaniel 9th December 2014
Way too long!
Name: Mia 10th December 2014
Tooooo loooong
Name: Trinity 16th December 2014
the story was ok but why did the women want to get involved?
Name: Max 14th January 2015
This was a great story .And I loved it.
Name: Dheep 16th January 2015
good story
Name: Ethan 20th January 2015
GREAT STORY MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Name: Qusai 21st January 2015
This is weird the animation and stuff lol. I'm 8 year old..
Name: P 21st January 2015
really good
Name: Julianna 27th January 2015
robin hood is a really go book like to just here it like that but the pics are kind of bad.
Name: Christian 24th February 2015
I like that book a lot I use to read books like this but I do not read them anymore.Anyway robin hood and the silver arrow is a very good book.I am going to read it again.later, not right at this moment.But who ever made this book is a very good book writer.
Name: Gage 27th February 2015
only if he had some more men he could take over
Name: Alex 23rd March 2015
I liked the topic of this story but i wished they would have put more action in the story
Name: Kaiya 3rd September 2015
Cool story for school projects too.
Name: ***** 11th September 2015
Nice story! I enjoyed it!!
Name: Max Lacey 6th October 2015
what is the theme
Name: Will Studholme 17th October 2015
I really enjoyed this
Name: Tyler Celli 20th October 2015
i liked it 4$$$$$
Name: Angelica 2nd November 2015
Thanks for putting this up.I have never heard this one before and I really liked it.
Name: Blake 2nd November 2015
in the middle when they thought they could trick robin hood, wasnt very smart like come on robbin hood is smarter than that ok ive seen his shows and stuff like that
Name: SollanMchees123 28th November 2015
I loved it!

It was really good and I like Robin Hood so double that!
Name: Joshua Ortiz 1st December 2015
mrs johnston i think that was violent because they tried to kill robin hood
Name: Tyler 1st December 2015
I think they thought out side of the box by having a shooting comptishen to get Robinhood, but they didn't get him, but they were so close.
Name: ABF 4th December 2015
this is an amazing story
Name: John 8th December 2015
very helpful
Name: HK 5th January 2016
Is this a myth or legend?
Name: Memememe 27th January 2016
i love the robin hod
Name: Megan 12th March 2016
I love myths and legands and my favourite one is robin hood and the silver arrow
Name: ELISHA 25th March 2016
I love prince john
Name: Cay 13th April 2016
I love this story. Thank you Myths and Legends team!
Name: Cay 14th April 2016
Go Robin Hood! Stay away Sherrif! Don't come neer us Guy of Gisborne!
Name: Chai 19th April 2016
I love this story
Name: Ayla 3rd May 2016
Name: Thomas 4th May 2016
I like it.
Name: Tut 12th May 2016
I like this story
Name: Savannah 15th May 2016
I love this story
Name: Nathaniel 27th May 2016
I love this story.
Name: Trinity 15th June 2016
nice story really love it but need to add more details.
Name: Euan 11th July 2016
I love this story, does require a bit more detail, though..
Name: Bruh 18th August 2016
Cool or something
Name: Spencer 28th September 2016
I have to read this in school, somebody pls halp
Name: Boi 29th September 2016
Name: Jamie 3rd October 2016
It has a really bad word ! I wish they`d get rid of it
Name: Duncan 9th November 2016
sounds like it was a really good fight
Name: Emmy 10th November 2016
loved it I'm actually an archer to I take archery lessons so I watch anything to do with bows and arrows
Name: Lisa 25th November 2016
I cant hear it please fix it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love Lisa
Help new Brainstorm School
Name: Newbee 19th December 2016
I clicked ' play story' and it worked fine. Maybe they have fixed the problem now?
Name: Ryan 15th January 2017
it hasent been fixed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Name: Heloo 16th February 2017
its broken
Name: Robin Hood 1st May 2017
What? I am in the story?
Name: Great Archerist 18th May 2017
I like the sound of the [ Silver Arrow ]. I think Robin & Robin's women are soooo, clever!!! It's so cool!!
Name: LOL Its Not Good 17th October 2017
OMG its broken it dosent let me hear!
Name: LOL LOVE TO READ 2nd March 2018
i like it
Name: Emma 🌹🌷🌸🌺🌈 8th March 2018
I absolutely love this story! I read it all the time and I also watched the animal version of it and it was so funny πŸ˜†
Name: Kp 18th April 2018
so good love the part with the women saving the men love it!!!


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