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Robin Hood and the Silver Arrow

Name: Shola 19th March 2013
Exciting and clever. Amazing win again for Robin.
Name: Shola 20th March 2013
Name: Shanel 11th April 2013
this is a cool story.
Name: Matt And Ben Lmdc Pri 23rd April 2013
It was good put some more ful stops
Name: Celine Mbeki 23rd April 2013
I think it was very ,very ,very awesome.
Name: EVA 2nd May 2013
Name: Oliver 10th May 2013
Great story
Name: Harvey 11th May 2013
Very cool story
Name: Mia 17th May 2013
very cool
Name: Awesome 20th May 2013
very great story
Name: Epic Guy 4th June 2013
Really good story. well crafted but was very confusing at the end. Good plot and an overall good story!
Name: K_dunn 24th June 2013
Robin was a hero.
Name: Harry Long 3rd July 2013
Robin ain't that heroic compared to Marion. Most women would run and scream in those days. Marion is a true heroine and Robin is a complete idiot. I would NEVER enter a competition hosted by my worst enemies; even in disguise cause i know i wouldn't stand a chance even if i won!
Name: Pandora 5th July 2013
this guy did great to me the backround and moral words epic ;)
Name: Jay 19th November 2013
This story is freaking awesome .
Name: Ibs 24th November 2013
This was too good to be true
Name: Bethany Smyth 1st December 2013
It's so good!But it only pused when Guy
was dancing with exitment when it was the day of the contest
Name: Amelia 15th January 2014
this is an amazing video
Name: Nick 6th February 2014
i have read a lot
Name: Afrah 1st March 2014
i like this story i heard it so many times and it is a bit funny that robin hood cheated with the sherif.
Name: Tony 11th March 2014
I love this story so much.
Name: Tamia 19th March 2014
this is a story that can be tole to people but fun story
Name: JAMIN 22nd April 2014
whats the moral??
Name: Holly 22nd April 2014
sooooooooooo epic BUT it shold have been longer.
Name: Fawwaz 3rd May 2014
So bad skurrrr
Name: Jojo 6th May 2014
loving the music
Name: Lilly 28th May 2014
I liked the story but it was to short.
Name: Anthony Lebabo 23rd June 2014
i like all the storie and wish i was part of those man in those days
Name: Mohammed 29th July 2014
i love robin hood
Name: Callum 5th September 2014
I like it but its abit short if it was longer then ig would be bettder
Name: J 2nd December 2014
TO LONG MAKE IT SHORTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Name: Alijah 9th December 2014
It was a good story
Name: Nathaniel 9th December 2014
Way too long!
Name: Mia 10th December 2014
Tooooo loooong
Name: Trinity 16th December 2014
the story was ok but why did the women want to get involved?
Name: Max 14th January 2015
This was a great story .And I loved it.
Name: Dheep 16th January 2015
good story
Name: Ethan 20th January 2015
GREAT STORY MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Name: Qusai 21st January 2015
This is weird the animation and stuff lol. I'm 8 year old..
Name: P 21st January 2015
really good
Name: Julianna 27th January 2015
robin hood is a really go book like to just here it like that but the pics are kind of bad.
Name: Christian 24th February 2015
I like that book a lot I use to read books like this but I do not read them anymore.Anyway robin hood and the silver arrow is a very good book.I am going to read it again.later, not right at this moment.But who ever made this book is a very good book writer.
Name: Gage 27th February 2015
only if he had some more men he could take over
Name: Alex 23rd March 2015
I liked the topic of this story but i wished they would have put more action in the story
Name: Kaiya 3rd September 2015
Cool story for school projects too.
Name: ***** 11th September 2015
Nice story! I enjoyed it!!
Name: Max Lacey 6th October 2015
what is the theme


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