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The Black Nun

Name: Lorane 11th November 2012
This isn't the best story ive ever heard i didn't really understand it and it just could of been slightly changed!
Name: Abbas 6th December 2012
Weldone Mr Mronwen Davies and Anna Baldeh both have written a perfect myth but you change the story slightly changed :):):):):).......
Name: Rimmy 21st December 2012
Mysterious story!.. :)

Name: Amelia Hallett 23rd May 2013
omg i went to the urdd centre this week and i heard about it and i am soo creeped out x
Name: Kh 28th June 2013
i went to llangranog and all over the beds there was the black nun is coming and all of that my fried were so scared xx
Name: Eloise Welsh 17th January 2014
Omg I just come back from that place it is too creepy for me but yet the room that is most haunted is room 104 omg too creepy!!!!!!!
Name: Josh 5th March 2014
OMG just got back me and my friends could not sleep the first night it is true there is doors slamming and peeps screaming so spooked out
Name: Laura 25th March 2014
I went to Llangrannog and nothing bad happened but there was writing on the bed that said that the Black Nun was coming for you but it also said that the White Maid will protect you from the Black Nun I didn't believe it and had a great time.
Name: Brian Smith 11th April 2014
I was there in 1981 and the Black Nun story was doing the rounds, we also added the Purple Pope, the Brown Bishop and the Ruby Reverand.
Name: Holly 16th April 2014
I went to Llangrannog in Febuary and its true! All night the lights were going on and off and doors were slamming. On my bed it said "The back nun will get you, I don't know if its real or not because
we left the bathroom lights on. O.o
Name: Caitlin 10th May 2014
I loved it was spooky and freaky
Name: Teya Barton 7th June 2014
Wow can\'t wait I\'m going to llangranog in 2 weeks I\'m sooooo excited and can\'t wait
Name: Witness 18th June 2014
I went to glan llyn/urdd centre and people claimed to see her and then others claimed to have writing on their beds and a boy had to go home as he claimed she was coming for him... Spooky stuff


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