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The Black Nun

Name: Lorane 11th November 2012
This isn't the best story ive ever heard i didn't really understand it and it just could of been slightly changed!
Name: Abbas 6th December 2012
Weldone Mr Mronwen Davies and Anna Baldeh both have written a perfect myth but you change the story slightly changed :):):):):).......
Name: Rimmy 21st December 2012
Mysterious story!.. :)

Name: Amelia Hallett 23rd May 2013
omg i went to the urdd centre this week and i heard about it and i am soo creeped out x
Name: Kh 28th June 2013
i went to llangranog and all over the beds there was the black nun is coming and all of that my fried were so scared xx
Name: Eloise Welsh 17th January 2014
Omg I just come back from that place it is too creepy for me but yet the room that is most haunted is room 104 omg too creepy!!!!!!!
Name: Josh 5th March 2014
OMG just got back me and my friends could not sleep the first night it is true there is doors slamming and peeps screaming so spooked out
Name: Laura 25th March 2014
I went to Llangrannog and nothing bad happened but there was writing on the bed that said that the Black Nun was coming for you but it also said that the White Maid will protect you from the Black Nun I didn't believe it and had a great time.
Name: Brian Smith 11th April 2014
I was there in 1981 and the Black Nun story was doing the rounds, we also added the Purple Pope, the Brown Bishop and the Ruby Reverand.
Name: Holly 16th April 2014
I went to Llangrannog in Febuary and its true! All night the lights were going on and off and doors were slamming. On my bed it said "The back nun will get you, I don't know if its real or not because
we left the bathroom lights on. O.o
Name: Caitlin 10th May 2014
I loved it was spooky and freaky
Name: Teya Barton 7th June 2014
Wow can\'t wait I\'m going to llangranog in 2 weeks I\'m sooooo excited and can\'t wait
Name: Witness 18th June 2014
I went to glan llyn/urdd centre and people claimed to see her and then others claimed to have writing on their beds and a boy had to go home as he claimed she was coming for him... Spooky stuff
Name: Alexa 27th April 2015
omg im going in 1 day(ish) cant wait but also scared about the rumours of the black nun but im exited X)
Name: Catrin And Cushla 2nd May 2015
I cant wait to go to glanllun to see if the black nun is real!from cushla
We are going to glanllun with school and Im exited but very scared to help cushla see if the black nun is real but im up 4 it!from catrin
Name: Catrin 14th September 2015
i think its real i feltsomething on the bottom bunk
Name: Ali 17th October 2015
our teacher spoke about this in I.T and said that she murdered 2 year 7 boys
that's why I looked at this story.
Name: Sapphire 26th December 2015
I'm going here with school next month 😨
Name: Lyndsey 13th February 2016
I rememeber going to glan llyn when i was in year 5 i'm now 17 i rememeber the story of the black nun this girl who stayed in the room above the canteen told me one of the dorms were shut of because thats the room the black nun was in and it was room 13 i rememeber being showed it there were things carved into the bunk beds about the black nun and the girls i stayed in a dorm with we all shared a bed with each other because we were all frightend but i never saw a black nun i so want to go back now haha
Name: Violet 24th February 2016
This is not a true story so don't be scared by it. I am going with my school soon and I am looking forward to it very much.😁
Name: Poppy 5th March 2016
My friends have just been there and they got a creepy letter
Name: Tylert Green 7th March 2016
i seen the black nun at glan llyn the doors of the dorms were banging and all of a sudden there was lightning and there were children screaming
Name: Yoyo 16th March 2016
Name: Beca 6th May 2016
ye but I went there when I was 8 I there was nothing creapy all we did was eat candy but there was one thing creapy the light were going on and off
Name: Charlie 22nd May 2016
im going there on wednesday this \"black nun story" has frightened me ill probably forget a bout it though,this is an intresting story.
Name: Ffion 25th May 2016
heard about this legened in llangaranog
Name: Aleisha James 29th June 2016
I went this year about 2 months ago on the walls there were black lines on it and they got bigger each night
Name: Emma 6th July 2016
I went to bala and loads of people started crying beach use of the story and me and my friends went in a haunted shed in the woods and we we ant in cabin 13were the black nun slepps
Name: Lowri 10th July 2016
yep good story but this story was exactly what happened last year in langrannog so I am going to llangrannog this year and I am going to face my worst fears of all time!!!!!!
Name: Joe 12th August 2016
Yeah I went a few years back in cabin 13 with a couple of mates and each day one of our names were marked into the door. ( our names were carved into the door)
Name: Jacqui 28th September 2016
I visited Llangrannog in the early 1980s (yes I\'m that old) and we heard stories of the Black Nun then.
It\'s nice to know that the Legend continues
Name: Ugh Oh 7th March 2017
oh no i can wait for it my friends told my about it! oh no
Name: Tilly 6th May 2017
Llangrannog isn't a haunted place to me I've been there a few times now and I'm going tomorrow so I don't believe any of this (not being rude) but I don't I think it's a non true story just to have a laugh or something because how's there gonna be a black nun In your dorm if u say tha thing there's only apparently one person who is doing it and loads of ppl say it. Even though I'm only 12 still just saying well I'm 11 but 12 this year and who ever made this has a cool story to it 😂
Name: Chantelle 8th May 2017
I have went to llangrannog lots of times been about 5-6 times since I was 8 and love it enjoy my time there I have heard that storie and nothing has happend to me yet touch would I don't think it is true as far as I knorw
Name: Anonymous 7th August 2017
When I went to Glan-Llyn, I heard rumors about room 54 and 55. Well, me and my friends got room 54. When it was breakfast time i woke up late and told the girls to go without me and id catch up. When i was in the room on my own, I was putting my pyjamas away in my suitcase when i felt a something brush past my neck. It was cold and felt like flesh. When I turned around, there was no one there... (True Story)
Name: Niamh 4th December 2017
I often travel to wales( usually penarth) and my cousin told me about this!
Name: Lala 5th December 2017
Wow I was doing a quiz and it mentioned black nun this is ...interesting Ltd leave it off there yep interesting
Name: Megz 16th December 2017
I don't believe this no offence to who wrote this


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