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The Myth of the Spider

Name: Annie 10th March 2008
Fantastic cool - please write some more
Name: Lilah 6th August 2008
Name: Caitlin 24th September 2008
I Like the story very much, but i got confused.
Name: Diane 4th October 2008
I love the story but it may be a little deep for my class of year 3s
Name: Yash 13th October 2008
It is a fantastic story and my class would like it.
Name: Sekou 14th October 2008
The story is instructive because let us to know that hapiness it must precious thing we always have to look for.
Name: Chloe 14th October 2008
what a spiffing tale
Name: Eleni 15th October 2008
900% fab
Name: Millie 24th October 2008
This story is great for happy people in life
Name: Rhiannon 31st October 2008
The greatest myth ever.
Name: Alex 17th November 2008
I think this story is interesting because the moral included a spider.
Name: Janet Boozinger 7th November 2010
i like this myth it will help me for my art project
Name: Norm 31st October 2012
That's a great myth, and it leaves you with a warm feeling. This is my favorite spider myth hands down!
There's this funny Halloween spider myth I saw on you tube
Name: Charlotte 20th December 2012
I don\\\\\\\'t like spiders.
Name: Ashley 20th February 2013
i like this also this myth will help me....
Name: Jim 5th June 2013
Looking for greener pastures may be fun but watering you own land is more rewarding.
Name: Ian 23rd June 2013
nice myth
Name: Supergirl 27th June 2013
nice nice nice nice
Name: Symon 27th June 2013
nice story
Name: Zee Nab 30th June 2013
Very interesting
Name: Insirah 4th July 2013
it so wonderful you can get googd moral
Name: Gian 27th July 2013
very nice myth on me very interesting
Name: Thryss Adrian Alli 27th July 2013
Nice myth and very long myth
Name: Rainhell 28th July 2013
very cool
Name: Aralyn Veridiano 28th August 2013
this is good for our filipino because this have related to our culture
Name: Vivian, Grade Six 17th September 2013
This myth has many useful information. It doesn't have grammar or punctuation mistakes. I liked how you used your word choices and added lots of details/descriptions. Nicely done!
Name: Susan 20th September 2013
I am a believer in Myths and Legends, I have encountered spiders in unusual ways, I can't help but feel this Myth has a bit of truth attached, we all should pay attention. Sue
Name: Zejth Visaya 29th September 2013
I really really like the story.It was very interesting and I know that even as young as 3 years old will it too.
Name: Mico Grade 5 5th November 2013
i like it.
Name: Ulul Fauzi 10th November 2013
thank you for your myth....
Name: Mark John 23rd December 2013
nice!! i like it!!!

Name: Precious 6th February 2014
Name: JUSTINE 12th March 2014
Name: SpiderWomen 10th April 2014
Very inspirig lengend
Name: LIZZY EDMUNDZ 14th April 2014
I believe this is not just a story but an inspirational write-up. I've really learnt the lesson of my life. Thank you.
Name: Chokee 4th May 2014
Thanks for such good lession.
Name: Abdull 19th May 2014
i like dis 1 it is good very ghood alluha akbar
Name: Salma 26th May 2014
Name: Jac 6th June 2014
Good Story, could use more detail and better use of grammar though.
Name: Gabe 9th June 2014
wonderful story it really made me think
Name: Aki 22nd June 2014
Hehe .. helped me a lot in my homework ..
Name: ShaemePendy 25th June 2014
Thanks for the info ..
Name: Omeje Obinna Victor 29th June 2014
I so much enjoyed this story because i needed something to teach my students with. i guess this is the best for me to use on them with a nice moral to begin with
Name: Beautiful One 22nd July 2014
very facinating,interesting and written.
Name: Jewel Umambac 22nd July 2014
it helps my homework very much!!^_^
Name: Bea Vianca Albino 27th July 2014
this story is help a lot of my project..:)
Name: Alyssa Kimberly 27th July 2014
this is a nice story
Name: Ken Moldez 29th July 2014
this story is good i bet this story has a nice autor
Name: Mec 2nd August 2014
nice story
Name: Einah 4th August 2014
i like this story because this is the i favorite story aspider
Name: Raqueliza 19th August 2014
Verygood, nakatulong ito para sa aking project.
Name: Vilolru 23rd August 2014
I would have wanted a vedio
Name: RIA 2nd September 2014
I LIKE MUCH!!!!!!!!!
Name: Antonette Jean 6th November 2014
very nice story
Name: 4th December 2014
i love it
Name: Jojo 12th December 2014
wow! i really really like this story. who is the author of this story because i need some more story from You.hehehehehe. keep up your very nice work.Thank you.
Name: Catherine Cortez 4th January 2015
wow this is the moral story:)
Name: Elma Casuyon 5th January 2015
I love this story☺ can you please write more stories like this? Thanks.
Name: Laiza 24th February 2015
Name: Nikita 2nd March 2015
I wold like more of these myths


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