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The Legend of the Unicorn

Name: Sever 20th October 2012
I wish it would be read out loud.
Name: Jamie 24th October 2013
The was absolutely beautiful!
I love it!
Name: Laura 15th December 2013
Name: Hazeline 27th January 2014
Just beautiful
Name: Arya 12th February 2014
This says nothing about unicorns!
Name: Anna 10th March 2014
I love unicorns I have one called uni
Name: Faith Neon 18th April 2014
Name: Dixie 7th May 2014
Name: Babylove 27th May 2014
i love unicorn me and my friends we ask my dont they exsite (if u now the enser say it :p)i wish that i can meet a unicorn one dayy !!! love the legend
Name: Minny 14th September 2014
Its not a legend,its a story.
Name: Lila 29th September 2014
unicorns are so real
Name: Sandi 24th October 2014
Thank you for your lovely rendition...I was searching for a story about Unicorns to tell one of my tutoring students. This is fabulous and something she will be able to understand and relate to.
Name: Jessie 27th October 2014
unicorns don't have black eyes they are either a deep ocean blue or a light lilac purple
Name: ? 5th November 2014
Unicorns aren't beasts!!!!
Name: Amelia 17th November 2014
thank you for my homework we had to research myths or legends and because i like unicorns i picked this one and it was great help
Name: Ella 29th November 2014
Yes like Amelia i had to research a myth and i couldn't find any other myth about unicorns but i really wanted to do one about unicorns coz they are fabulous!
Name: Pink Fluffy Unicorn 27th February 2015
thx this was a lot of help
Name: Unihorse 9th March 2015
Great site help me and my teacher annoying me about myths

Name: Marty 15th March 2015
I liked this stoy and would like to read more like this one and see a picture of the princess and the unicorn.,
Name: Cupcakelove 19th March 2015
I like unicorns and this story is so nice I love it!!!
Name: Melody 22nd April 2015
Nice! Definitely using this for my "best myth and why" Homework! :3
Name: Sara 29th April 2015
I loved it so much make a book.
Name: Millie2003 3rd May 2015
I LOVE Unicorns and stories about them!! This story is superb and I will never forget it! :) :) :)
Name: TOXIC 4th May 2015
its sweet..... I LOVE IT!
Name: DERKGIRL 5th May 2015
Oh. My. Grandma. I LOVE it!!! It helped me so much with my report.
Name: Mage 18th May 2015
It's a really nice is going to help a lot on my project. Bravo!
Name: Maryjuana 21st July 2015
thank you
Name: Rebecca2005 5th October 2015
it a beautiful story
Name: Arielle 6th October 2015
this is a great story but probably not help me on my essay about unicorns:(
Name: Mythicsmonsters 9th October 2015
Unicorns are actually from ancient china and are also monsters, not innocent lovely creatures
Name: Trina834 10th October 2015
I think that was a very good story
Name: Sidney 8th November 2015
very helpful and interesting, thanks
Name: Cow 11th November 2015
it won\\\'t help me on my project on mythical creatures
Name: BOBTHEBUILDER 25th November 2015
it was very very very very very very very very very very good. I like unicorns!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Name: Catman 12th January 2016
Thank you. I enjoyed it. Using this to illustrate the difference between fiction and non-fiction.
Name: Patricia Sanders 25th January 2016
I have always inquired about unicorns and praise those who share...
Name: Josh 27th January 2016
Iv'e always wonderd about the unicorns. Love this legend.


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