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The Legend of Kipi Kipi island

Name: Armaam 19th October 2012
it was a good story
Name: Cameron Bannon 19th October 2012
pritty good well done mate :)
Name: Pinehillschool 28th October 2012
Well done Karlien this is a great story. I am certain that you will become a great author
Name: BFF Liv 28th October 2012
Fav story! Few mistakes though. :). I think this should be published.
Name: Hannah Lippo 2nd November 2012
that is such an awesome story!!!!!! i read it over and over again about 20 times! i really enjoyed it and you should become an author. you would defentley become famouse!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Name: Karlien 8th November 2012
thanx you every one for say those nice things dont wory i am writing a new one called LOVE CAN BREAK ANY CURSE its about friends, villains, heroes and true love some is based on a true story
Name: KARLIEN 22nd May 2013
I loved this it was amazing
Name: Caroline 26th May 2013
that was an amazing story
I remember you last year writing it
;) nice
Name: Hannah 11th June 2013
I loved this story; nice.
Name: Erica 5th November 2015
that story was amazing


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