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The Legend of Red Riding Hood

Name: Keirabelle 7th November 2012
Different to one's i've heard but it's good.
Name: Robert G. Morgan 27th November 2012
Thank you, Keirabelle. I am glad that you think my legend is good.
Name: Saffron 2nd December 2012
is this a real one because i just done this for my homework
Name: Robert G. Morgan 8th January 2013
Actually, Saffron, there are many versions of the story in which Little Red saves her Grandmother. So, this is a real version of the story. Thank you for asking, my good man!
Name: Werewolf 9th May 2013
this is yuk i do not like violence
Name: Lil Devil 29th October 2013
y don't u like the violence i think its a FANTASTIC story with all the violence
Name: Dasia 6th March 2014
I thought it was fine but a machine gun, really?
Name: Alicia 21st January 2015
I think that little red riding hood is a fabulous fairy tale
Name: Sonic Lover 29th January 2015
Would you really carry a machine gun to see your Nanny? Ugh, you'd think they're a murderer!
Name: LISA MARK 8th May 2015
that will be really ummm,you know
Name: Anonymous 21st September 2016
Machine gun? I don't remember hearing THAT part of the story. -_-
Name: Kayla Lewandowski 18th December 2017
I don’t remember the machine gun part
Name: Lola 2nd February 2018


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